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Congratulations on the new addition to your family! You're having a baby or looking to buy baby decorations for a friend. Whether you're shopping for your own infant or getting ready for a friend's baby shower, you know that the theme is elephants. Children typically love elephants, and elephant baby decor is fun and cute, but what are the best Elephant Nursery Ideas for you? See if any of these ideas inspire you!

1) Bedding Set

Every nursery needs a bedding set or two for the crib, and it's essential that it be interesting since the baby will spend a lot of time in the crib. That means that you'll want to get an elephant bedding set like this blue one from Amazon, or a cute one in a different color. Look for calming colors like pastels and cool colors like blue and grey because they're calming and should help the baby sleep restfully.

2) Cell Phone Holder

Nowadays, people carry their phones everywhere, and the nursery is probably not an exception. When you walk into the nursery and pick up your baby to cuddle, change, or read to them, you're going to need to set your phone somewhere. Instead of setting it on a random table, get an elephant cell phone holder like this from Amazon. This way, your phone will always be in the same place so that you don't lose track of it, and the elephant holder acts as a decoration the rest of the time.

3) DIY Felt Crafts

Nurseries should be soft and cuddly places for your baby to rest, and they should have plenty of soft materials in play spaces so that they don't bump their fragile heads. That makes felt crafts a great way to customize the nursery with soft and cute elephant decorations that won't be dangerous to even a newborn. You can use this video by Lia Griffith to learn how to make felt elephants to use as nursery toys and decorations.

4) DIY Elephant Bookends

While babies won't be able to read, it's important to start reading to children at a young age. Even as infants, they can see the colorful and interesting covers of books and learn things about the world around them through books. Therefore, they'll need some bookshelves and bookends. Try making elephant bookends using cheap plastic toys from the dollar store. You can customize them like Cassie from hi sugarplum! did using the instructions in this article so that they look more like baby nursery decorations and work better as bookends.

5) Mama and Baby Lamp

Elephants are cute, and children often love animals and elephants in particular. There’s one thing that's cuter than baby elephants, however: baby elephants. In particular, baby and mama elephants together are adorable, and images of a mama and a baby elephant together are an excellent way to promote empathy in a baby. Think about getting an elephant lamp like this one from Amazon, or find a similar decoration that shows a mama and baby elephant together.

6) DIY Animal Laundry Basket

A nursery needs a laundry basket since babies soil clothes quickly, and it's essential to have a convenient place to drop the dirty clothes, sheets, and towels. Since the theme is elephants, or you're a fan of elephant decor, think about making an elephant laundry basket. You can use these instructions from The Lovely Drawer to make the basket. While the basket they made was a bear, you can modify the craft to make a similar basket as an elephant.

7) Grey

Since elephants are grey, you'll want to use some grey in the nursery with them, even if you have images of multicolored elephants around. If you have realistic elephants or elephant pictures and books, then you'll also want some grey to match them. You can paint the furniture of walls grey, but if you don't want an overwhelming amount of it, try getting pale grey bins like these ones from Amazon. You could even look for grey bins with elephants on them, depending on how much elephant decor you want.

8) Knit Table/Floor Decorations

If you're a crafty person and have some knitting skills, you can knit elephant decorations for the nursery. Try finding or designing a pattern for elephant decorations like the one in this picture, or talk to a friend with superior knitting skills to make a cute and fluffy elephant decoration like this. This is an excellent decoration because it's soft and will help cushion your nursery while making a soft feeling in the room to make your baby feel comfortable.

9) DIY Elephant Puzzle

Don't forget to think about what toys you want in the nursery. While rattles, dolls, and blocks might seem like obvious and generic toys, you can get elephant-themed toys like elephant puzzles for young children and toddlers. Your baby might not be putting together puzzles right away, but the puzzle will be an excellent decoration until they're ready to play with it. If you like the idea, you can use these instructions from Ugly Duckling House to make an elephant puzzle of your own.

10) Mobile

Mobiles are a vital part of a nursery since babies spend a lot of their time on their backs looking up at them, so you'll want to make sure the baby has a good one. You can get an elephant mobile like this one from Walmart, with realistic colors, or look for a thematic one, such as a pink mobile for a girl's room. If you want something even more interesting, try getting one with a variety of animals or with elephants in a few different colors. This one from Walmart has elephants, stars, and clouds.

11) DIY Book Holder

Books are an important part of little children's development, and it's important to read to babies, even if they can't understand it yet. Babies start learning about how books work at a young age, and they can look at pictures and learn to recognize animals and shapes. This means that you'll want to have book holders. While you'll want bookshelves, it could be nice to have a small book holder near where you read to your baby so that you can store favorite books nearby. Try getting or making an elephant book holder like the one in this picture.

12) Wood Figurines

Soft and fluffy things are great for a nursery, but wooden toys are a nice old-fashioned touch and a welcome alternative to cheap and breakable plastic. Try getting wooden toy sets with animals, including elephants, in them so that your baby will have cute animals to look at and then play with as they get older. Softwood toys should stand up to teething or being dropped as your child learns how to grasp things and begins to experiment with gravity.

13) Pink and Grey

Since elephants are grey, you'll want some grey elephant decorations so that your baby can see the correct color, but you might want a little more than plain grey. If you have a little girl, you can add in some pink by getting pink sheets like these with grey elephants on them. Pink and grey look good together and create a soft look that works well for a baby girl's nursery. Try getting light blue things with grey elephants for a baby boy.

14) DIY Wall Art

Wall art is an important part of decorating, but it can be expensive. If you want elephant decorations but don't want to spend the money, or if you prefer a homemade or old-fashioned touch, you can make your own wall art using these instructions by Jenne from Rain on a Tin Roof. The wall art looks old fashioned with a realistic picture of an elephant and texture that will interest your baby. Since you're making it yourself, you can customize the colors to fit the nursery color scheme.

15) Animals

You're looking for elephants, but who says your elephants can't have friends? While you'll want elephants to be the most common animal in the room, you can get sets of artwork like these pieces from Walmart that have several animals together in the same style. This way, the baby is exposed to a few different types of animals and gets to see the differences between those animals and elephants. It's also more natural to include a variety of animals for your baby to enjoy.

16) Chalk Paint

A lot of baby decor comes in chalky and pastel colors, and it's only fitting since elephants come in chalky colors. If you like elephant decorations, think about painting elephant decorations, cribs, and other furnishings with chalk paint. This should match any realistic pictures you have of elephants, and it'll go with a lot of baby decor. Chalk or milk paint is common for furniture, particularly if you want an old fashioned look, and you can use this video tutorial by Lifestyle by Jaimy to see how they painted a crib with chalk paint.

17) Baby Elephant With Balloon

Elephants are cute, at least when they're made into caricatures and put into nurseries. Look for cute baby elephant decorations like this adorable baby elephant wall art. The tiny elephant in this wall art is playing with a balloon, and the set includes inspirational messages for your little one to go with the adorable and determined little elephant. Since the balloon in the pictures is blue, the wall art fits best in a boy's room, but you can place it in a girls' nursery or get similar wall art with different colors.

18) DIY Fabric Letters

Lettering with a baby's name on it is a creative and fun way to make a nursery feel like it belongs to the baby. Instead of buying wall art from a store, you can make your own so that you can customize it. Use the instructions in this article by Jillian Warner from hello splendid to learn how you can make fabric letters for your baby's wall. Get cloth with elephants in it to customize it and make it into elephant-themed decorations.

19) Yellow and Grey

Since elephants are typically grey, you'll want some realistic-colored grey elephants in the nursery. This means you need to find other colors that look good with grey. Try getting yellow bedding with grey elephants like this from Amazon. The yellow and grey combination is gender-neutral, so you can use it in any nursery or reuse it if you have two children of different genders. Yellow and grey look good together, creating a soft color combination that will let the baby sleep restfully.

20) GIANT Elephant Plushies

Plush stuffed animals are a cute, cuddly, and soft thing to have in a nursery, and your baby will love cuddling them. Since elephants are huge, get huge elephant plushies! You can find stuffed animals that are big enough to use as chairs as the baby gets older, and a large stuffed animal is a cool decoration to have. As the child grows older, they may break or grow out of a lot of elephant decorations, but a giant stuffed animal will make their friends jealous for years to come.

21) DIY Clouds

If you're on a budget, you might want to create your own wall art, but elephants are a complicated thing to make on your own. You can use these instructions by Eileen from Just Measuring Up to make elephant wall art out of cloth. The cloth will make the art look softer and help expose your baby to different textures while softening the entire room. You can even use the same instructions for a few other animals to keep your elephant company.

Did any of these ideas inspire you? What do you want in an elephant nursery? Please tell us about it in the comments below.

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