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Nurseries are sometimes themed after favorite children’s books and movies. And what better than one of Disney’s classic films, 101 Dalmatians? This nursery theme will surely spark joy and excitement with all the playful puppies around. But if you’ve been looking for decor for this theme, you might wonder, “Are there enough 101 Dalmatians decor pieces to decorate my child’s nursery?” You’ll be happy to know that there are. Let’s take a look at some 101 Dalmatians nursery ideas.

1) Dalmatian Shelf Sitter

This cute shelf sitter features Patch, one of the main dalmatians from the original 101 Dalmatians movie. As the name suggests, it would look perfect on a shelf, but it can really fit anywhere. Place it on a bookcase, dresser, or even on the walls using the hook on the back. You can buy this shelf sitter from Amazon.

2) Mini Dalmatian Figurines

You might not be able to get 101 dalmatians like in the movies, but with these little dalmatian figurines, you can still decorate your little one’s nursery with plenty of dalmatians. These figures can be used as accents, as part of a DIY scene, or even as tiered tray decor. You can buy these mini dalmatian figurines from Amazon.

3) Dalmatian Spotted Plant Pots DIY

These cute dalmatian spotted plant pots were inspired by 101 Dalmatians and feature classic dalmatian spots with collars on the rim. They’re super simple to make, yet tie into the 101 Dalmatians theme well.

4) Dalmatians Figurine

This cute dalmatian figurine features a few happy-looking dalmatians playing in a bone-shaped bowl. This would be perfect for displaying on a shelf or dresser. Also, it’s functional since the bone bowl can be used to store little trinkets. You can buy this figurine from Amazon.

5) Dalmatians Watercolor Prints

These watercolor prints feature some favorite puppies from 101 Dalmatians, including Patch, Penny, Lucky, and Rolly. The watercolor effect gives the prints a slightly abstract feel and a unique look. These would make a perfect addition to a nursery gallery wall or look great by themselves since they’re all coordinated. You can buy these prints from Amazon.

6) Dalmatian Personalized Sign

Add a personal touch to your little one’s nursery with this cute 101 Dalmatians-themed personalized sign. You can buy this sign from Etsy.

7) Dalmatian Wall Decal

This dalmatian wall decal has a super cute and playful look. Due to the large size, this wall decal would look perfect on the wall behind your little one’s crib. You can buy this wall decal from Amazon.

8) Dalmatian Lamp

This dalmatian lamp is as cute as it is functional. It would make a great piece of dresser decor during the day while being a nightlight at night. You can buy this lamp from Amazon.

9) Dalmatian Drawing DIY

Sometimes the best decor pieces are ones you make yourself, and that goes for wall decor, too. With a few markers and a piece of paper, you can create a cute marker drawing that’s ready to frame and put on your little one’s walls.

10) Dalmatian Plush

This dalmatian plush works as both a piece of decor and a fun toy for your little one. Due to the larger size, it can stand out no matter where you put it, whether it’s on a nursery rocker or a shelf. You can buy this plush from Amazon.

11) Dalmatian Laundry Basket

This dalmatian laundry basket is perfect for keeping all your little one’s laundry in one place. But it can be used for much more than just laundry, depending on your preferences. Laundry baskets are also great for organizing toys or baby essentials like diapers. You can buy this laundry basket from Amazon.

12) 101 Dalmatians Print

This super cute print features all of the dalmatians from 101 Dalmatians in one place! You can buy this print from Etsy.

13) Dalmatians Sheet Music Art

This sheet music art print features some of the dalmatians with the song “Dalmatian Plantation” in the background, a song that was featured at the end of the original 101 Dalmatians movie. You can buy this print from Amazon.

14) Dalmatian Door Sign

Make your little one’s nursery uniquely theirs inside and out with this dalmatian door sign. You can buy this sign from Amazon.

15) Dalmatians Wall Decals

Give your little one’s nursery a playful look with these dalmatian wall decals. You can buy these decals from Amazon.

16) Dalmatian Watching TV Figurine

This figurine recreates the scene from the 101 Dalmatians movie where Lucky is intently watching TV. This would make a cute piece of shelf, bookcase, or dresser decor. You can buy this figurine from Amazon.

17) Dalmatian Outlet Cover

Usually, when I think about decorating a nursery, I don’t automatically jump to the outlet covers. But this cute outlet cover allows even your outlets to look like lovely pieces of wall decor. You can buy this outlet cover from Etsy.

18) Dalmatian Spots Blanket

This dalmatian spots blanket is a great choice for throwing over your nursery chair or rocker to spruce it up and makes it more cozy-looking. You can buy this blanket from Amazon.

19) Dalmatian Print Throw Pillow Covers

Along with a dalmatian print throw blanket, why not add some dalmatian print throw pillows to match? These throw pillow covers allow you to do just that. You can buy these throw pillow covers from Amazon.

20) Dalmatians Drawing

This hand-drawn print has a minimalist look to it that looks great by itself or next to other pieces of wall decor. You can buy this drawing from Etsy.

21) Dalmatians Personalized Wall Decals

These wall decals are perfect for making one wall a focal point in your little one’s nursery, especially the wall behind their crib. It’s one way to make their nursery feel like it’s uniquely theirs. You can buy these wall decals from Etsy.

Summary and Top Picks

So, did you enjoy looking at these 101 Dalmatians nursery ideas? I hope they were able to give you some inspiration when decorating your little one’s nursery.

While I loved all of these cute ideas, I’d have to say these three were my favorites:

  • #6 Dalmatian Personalized Sign: This wall sign is both a cute and unique addition to your little one’s 101 Dalmatians nursery. 
  • #12 101 Dalmatians Print: I love how this print involves all of the dalmatians rather than just showcasing a few here and there. It’s a cute minimalist art piece that’s sure to work well with the other wall decor you have in mind. 
  • #21 Dalmatians Personalized Wall Decals: I love how large these wall decals are, they really stand out and make the wall pop.

But I’d love to know your thoughts. Which of these decor pieces were your favorites and why? Let me know in the comments!

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