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Of all the places to decorate in your little one’s nursery, the walls are among the most important. Wall decor naturally draws your eye when you enter the nursery, and the walls can feel bare without any. This is true for every nursery theme, from a minimalist boho nursery to a colorful floral nursery. Or, if you haven’t decided on a theme yet, some beautiful wall art can serve as inspiration. Check out these nursery wall art ideas to get started.

1) Woodland Animal Wall Art

Animals are always a favorite in nurseries since they’re super cute, and these woodland animal prints are no different. They’re perfect if you’re going for a woodland or a cabin in the woods theme nursery. You can buy these prints from Amazon.

2) Floral Watercolor Canvas Art

These floral watercolor canvas prints are perfect if you’re looking to create an elegant nursery. With the vibrant colors, they can add a touch of color if your little one’s nursery is feeling a little bland. You can buy these canvas prints from Amazon. 

3) Affordable Large Canvas Wall Art DIY

Large canvas art can create a dramatic look, but one of the main concerns with it is affordability. Some large canvas paintings can easily run for hundreds of dollars, which might not seem worth it if there are other decor items you want to buy. The simplest solution to this dilemma is to create your own DIY canvas art, which is fun to do with this tutorial.

4) Beach Landscape Art

If you’re looking to create a relaxing seaside nursery for your little one, these three canvas art pieces are perfect. These would make a stunning display on the wall behind your baby’s crib or above a wide dresser. You can buy these canvas prints from Amazon.

5) Aurora Borealis Art

Colorful wall art is perfect for creating a stand-out look, and one of the best subjects for that is the aurora borealis. They’re sure to be a focal point in your little one’s nursery. You can buy these canvas prints from Amazon.

6) Large Wall Decor DIYs

Did you know you can turn a rug into a usable piece of wall decor? Or glue macrame thread and tissue paper to a canvas to create a unique textured swirl art? There are many creative pieces of wall art using items you might not expect. Even if traditional paintings are more your style, this DIY video can help you get started with an abstract landscape watercolor painting.

7) Four Seasons Wall Art

This four seasons wall art uses a different color palette for every panel, yet it has a cohesive look with the tree that spans across all of them. It creates a unique and vibrant look that’s sure to pop off your nursery’s walls. It’s a great option for a colorful nature-themed nursery. You can buy these canvas prints from Amazon.

8) Textured Floral Wall Art

I love this flower wall art since the textured flowers add a lot of depth and visual interest to the painting. You can buy this wall art from Amazon.

9) Colorful Waves Abstract Painting DIY

Abstract paintings are fun to create and display, which is especially true for this colorful waves painting. The scene looks like a beach wave at first, but it has a unique and fantastical look with red, orange, and purple hues added toward the end. This art is easy to customize, too, if you feel like going a little off-script. Feel free to use different colored accents, change the color of the waves, alter the angle of the waves, and so much more.

10) Baby Farm Animal Prints

If you’re looking to create a farm-themed nursery, these baby animal prints are a super cute option. Since there are six different prints, you can put them all together in a grid shape, or you can add them around the nursery to fill in empty wall space. You can buy these prints from Amazon. 

11) “Sweet Dreams” Wall Art

This sweet dreams wall art is perfect for hanging on the wall behind your little one’s crib. With the gray and white color, it’s perfect for a gender-neutral nursery. You can buy this canvas art from Amazon.

12) Acrylic Pour Painting DIY

Acrylic pour paintings are a relatively recent trend, and it’s easy to see why. They’re easy to make, and they create a completely unique piece of art. Plus, you can use whatever colors or size canvas you like, making it a very customizable abstract art piece that’s sure to fit with whatever nursery design you have in mind.

13) Dinosaur Wall Art

Add a cute touch to your little one’s dino nursery with these lovely dinosaur art prints. You can buy these prints from Amazon.

14) “You Are My Sunshine” Wall Art

“You Are My Sunshine” is a popular lyric to incorporate in nursery wall art since it’s a sweet message and adds a touch of positivity to your little one’s nursery. Whether you’re going for a boho theme or an all-out You Are My Sunshine-themed nursery, these prints are sure to look right at home. You can buy these prints from Amazon.

15) Solar System Wall Art

This solar system wall art is both aesthetic and educational since it has all the planets labeled. It’s a perfect wall art choice for a space-themed nursery. You can buy these prints from Etsy.

16) Abstract Flowers Painting DIY

This abstract flower painting is perfect for adding a pop of color to your little one’s nursery. It also adds some visual interest since the thick layer of paint used for the flowers creates a 3D effect.

17) Winnie the Pooh Wall Art

What happens when you combine a favorite children’s book character with a favorite quote from the series? You get this piece of wall art. The soft watercolor effect creates a minimalist look that leaves room for the inspirational message to shine. You can buy this print from Amazon.

18) Inspirational Messages Wall Art

Inspirational wall art is great for when you want your little one to be surrounded by messages of positivity and love from the moment they’re born. You can buy these canvas prints from Amazon. 

19) Giraffe Wall Art

Equal parts cute and entertaining, these giraffe prints are sure to make a statement in your little one’s nursery. You can buy these prints from Etsy.

20) Abstract Pattern Wall Art

These abstract prints are great for creating a bold statement with black and white color contrast. You can buy these prints from Amazon.

21) Cursive Lettering Wall Art

Cursive lettering wall art is a great option if you’re going for a minimalistic yet elegant look for your little one’s nursery. You can buy this framed art piece from Etsy. 

22) Geometric Mountain Wall Art

This geometric mountain art has a unique look that would fit perfectly in a rustic nursery. You can buy these canvas prints from Amazon.

23) Smiling Moon Wall Art

This cute little moon print has a soft, minimalist look that’s perfect for integrating with your other decor. It’s great for a celestial or moon and star-themed nursery. You can buy this print from Etsy.

24) Alphabet Wall Art

Add both an artistic and educational flair to your little one’s nursery with this alphabet wall poster. The linen canvas adds a bit of texture for some boho flair, and the felted letters create a 3D effect for some visual interest. You can buy this alphabet poster from Amazon.

25) “Here Comes the Sun” Wall Art

Give your little one’s nursery a touch of cheer with this “Here Comes the Sun” wall art. You can buy these prints from Etsy.

Summary and Top Picks

So, did any of these wall art picks catch your eye? Wall art is an essential piece of decor to make your little one’s nursery feel complete. From cursive lettering art to educational posters to 3D floral pieces, there are endless possibilities for decorating nursery walls. 

All the lovely art made it difficult to choose my favorites, but I’ve narrowed it down to these three: 

  • #5 Aurora Borealis Art: Landscape art is always a stunning choice for nurseries, and I love the aurora borealis in particular because of all the gorgeous colors. 
  • #6 Large Wall Decor DIYs: I normally think of paintings when I think of wall art, but these DIYs opened my mind to greater possibilities, from turning a rug into wall decor to gluing macrame to a canvas in an intricate spiral. 
  • #17 Winnie the Pooh Wall Art: The art style of this piece has a cute minimalist look, and the quote it depicts is a beautiful message of love. 

But I’d love to know your thoughts. Which of these art pieces would you hang in your little one’s nursery and why? Let me know in the comments!

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