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You're having a baby, and it's time to decorate the nursery. You have a spare room, but the colors are dingy, and you want your child to have a beautiful and customized bedroom. You've decided on a purple and pink color scheme, but you're trying to find some unique and cute Pink and Purple Nursery Ideas that'll create a pretty and stimulating environment. See if any of these ideas inspire you.

1) Butterflies

Purple butterflies are a popular enough nursery decoration that you can usually find, and they create a beautiful contrast to any pink decor without becoming intense enough to disturb your baby's sleep. You can get pretty decorations like these sheets from Amazon that have bold purple butterflies that'll look perfect with pink walls. You can also find pink or purple-pink combination butterfly decorations and bedding fairly easily. Butterflies are also a cute way to introduce animals and nature to the bedroom.

2) Lavender

Lavender is one of the best shades of purple for a nursery because it's a soft tone that won't disturb your baby's sleep. It also goes well with other colors since it's a light color that won't overshadow others. Since purple is usually bolder than pink, you'll probably want to use it in smaller areas or for accessories. With a lighter color like lavender, we'd suggest using it for larger accessories like this changing pad from Amazon.

3) Floral

Purple and pink flowers are some of the most beautiful, and since both pink and purple are naturally floral colors, flower decorations and patterns make beautiful nursery decor. Talia Lillian does an excellent job balancing floral decor with non-floral patterns in her nursery, and you can use her video to see how different decorations will look together and figure out your own floral nursery design. We love that she used realistic flowers instead of sticking to floral patterns or stylized flowers only.

4) Mixed Sheet Sets

One of the neat things about a pink and purple nursery is that the balance of colors isn't delicate. You can use any ratio of pink to purple, and it'll still look great, just with more or less pink or purple. We recommend getting things like sheet sets or blankets in both pink and purple so that you can switch them out when you wash them and create some interesting variety as your nursery becomes slightly pinker or more purple.

5) Mix Gray and Blue In

A two-color theme can look dull to you even if it looks fine to your baby, so we'd suggest adding some other colors like blue and gray to create a better look. You can get things like this mural wallpaper with pink, purple, blue, and gray that'll look perfect in a primarily pink and purple nursery. Try adding tiny touches of pale gray and blue throughout the room or getting pink and gray or purple and blue decorations.

6) DIY Jewel Purple Quilt

Purple jewel tones look incredible, and they can add a bold touch to a room without overstimulating your newborn. Purple and pink are gorgeous colors, but they can be full and boring if you choose pastel versions, as people tend to do for nurseries. Jewel tones in small amounts will keep the room from being dull. If you're looking for something your baby can keep for a long time, but that also fits your color scheme, we recommend making a jewel quilt using these directions from a crafted passion.

7) Subtle Floral

Flowers are great for a purple and pink nursery, but it doesn't have to be your entire theme. Instead of making a heavily floral theme, add a few pink and purple flowers or floral items around the room the same way you would with any pattern. This'll help stimulate your baby since they'll have something interesting to look at, and the flowers will look pretty while creating a texture for the room. Try getting something lighter and more subtle like this baby blanket from Amazon.

8) DIY Glittery Wall Tree

Children love glitter, and while making things with glitter can create quite a mess, it's a great way to get older kids involved in decorating your nursery. By making glittery decorations together, you and any older kids can make a more stimulating environment for your infant, and you can give your older child the feeling that they're helping their little sibling. We liked this purple glitter wall tree decoration by Mehrin's Creation, and it'd be an ideal way for your children to start bonding before the youngest is even born.

9) Purple Name Sign

Signs with a child's name are popular ways to customize nurseries since you don't know for sure what things they'll like, so their name is the only thing you know they won't grow out of. Considering this, we found a pretty and vibrant purple sign from Amazon that would look wonderful in a bright purple and pink room. The sign can be customized with your baby's name, and it's not in pastel colors that they'll grow out of in two years, making it something they can bring with them when they switch to a big kid's room.

10) Pink Champagne

Obviously, we're not suggesting you give your infant real champagne or even wine-based decorations. Pink champagne is a shade of purple/pink paint we found on Amazon, and we think it'd be ideal for a purple and pink nursery since it's a light, almost-white purple that should go with bold or pale decorations. Since it's close to white, you also won't have to change it when your child grows older unless they happen to hate the color purple or pink. The neat thing about this is that it's similar to both pink and purple.

11) Dark Purple

Dark purple can be an excellent choice if you want to make sure you create a stimulating environment for your newborn. You can use dark purple and light pink to create contrast which will be more visible to newborns until they're old enough to see color. Even after that, patterns will give your baby something interesting to look at while they sit in their crib or while you change their diaper. This is essential to a developing mind, so we'd suggest dark purple like the one used in this article. Then, use pink for the lighter parts of the patterns.

12) Pink With Small Purple Touches

Pink is typically lighter than purple, so if you're using light pink, we'd suggest painting most things pink and buying the biggest items in pink, then using purple to break the monotony. That way, the purple will make the room visually interesting to you and your baby, while the light pink keeps the room from feeling overwhelming. Purple touches like this stuffed animal net work well, too, because there isn't much surface area, so it adds just a touch of purple. If you choose a light purple and dark pink, you can do the same thing in reverse.

13) Cartoon Animals

Pink and purple animals don't exist in nature, sure, but you don't want to forget furry critters in your nursery. Children love baby animals in particular, so we'd recommend looking for blankets like this and other decorations with pictures of cartoons or other non-realistic animals on them. These'll add more of your theme throughout the room, and they're an ideal place to introduce a few different colors so that your baby gets to see colors other than purple, white, and pink when they're in their nursery. Try to find a blanket like this with touches of brown and yellow.

14) Use Various Shades

Two colors isn't a lot for a developing mind. If you only use two shades, your baby won't have a lot to see, and their mind won't get the stimulation it needs. That's why we suggest using several shades of both pink and purple throughout the room to make it more interesting. You can use darker or lighter colors and even add bits or blue or other colors in. We found this article that should help you pick purple shades that go together and work for a nursery.

Are you going for a bold nursery design or trying to be conservative? We'd love to see what you come up with! Tell us or show us what ideas you like in the comments below!

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