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Congratulations! You're having a baby, and we're so excited for you! Your baby now needs a place to sleep, play, and be cared for, and you've decided on a pink and grey color scheme. Pink and grey are an attractive choice because you can find so much baby stuff in those colors, but of course, you came here for some unique pink and grey nursery ideas. See what you think of these!

1) Elephant Rugs

Elephants are some of the best options for pink and grey baby rooms because elephants are naturally grey! You can get lots of pink baby stuff and buy a rug like this circular grey elephant rug from Amazon to go in the room's center. It's soft and comfortable, but it also isn't overly thick and doesn't have long fibers that could cause your baby to choke or suffocate, making it the perfect play mat for a room with lots of pink.

2) Dreamcatcher Blanket

Dreamcatchers are a valued part of Native American culture, and they're a wonderful thing to include in any baby's nursery since they promote good sleep for the infant. While you might not have real dreamcatchers around, you can introduce a new culture and help your child grow up around more cultures by getting a dreamcatcher blanket like this. The colors will match a pink and grey nursery, so it won't seem out of place, either.

3) Smooth Gray and Textured Pink

If you're trying to figure out which things to buy in pink and which to buy in grey, we'd suggest getting smooth grey items like the ones in the nursery in Carly Cristman's video. The smooth textures give the grey items a shine that stops them from looking dull, and the textured pink items in that same nursery keep the room from looking like a generic pink baby's room. This is important for creating a stimulating experience for your baby and making the room stand out, too!

4) Clothes Hanger Organizers

Babies go through clothes fast, so you'll need to stay a step ahead of them; otherwise, you'll constantly be buying more clothes and hunting endlessly in closets for pieces that fit. We like these clothes hanger organizers from Amazon because you can buy clothes of varying sizes and use these to organize them. Then, when old clothes don't fit, you can just grab the next size up. They even come in pink and grey to match your theme!

5) Lots of White

There are a few different ways to make a pink and grey room, from a wholly grey and pink space to an area with only touches of subtle color. We saw this design by Angela from Oh She Glows and wanted to show you how she made a white room with small touches of pink and grey. This beautiful nursery has an airy and whimsical look that's amazing for a little girl, particularly in an old-fashioned or well-decorated home.

6) Blowing Bubbles

Have you ever seen Elefun the Elephant? That cute Elefun elephant blows butterflies into the air for kids to catch, and this adorable decal from Amazon brings that to mind with two baby elephants blowing pink bubbles into the air on your wall. Your baby will have this fun grey and pink image to look at as they get older, and little kids love baby animals! It's also a unique way to use elephant imagery, which is popular in nurseries.

7) Slight Touches of Pink

When it comes to a nursery, a lot of people think that you should paint the entire room in bright or pastel colors so that not an inch of space is plain or less than vibrant. This isn't necessarily the case, even for colorful nurseries like a pink and grey one. Kennedy's Nursery on Sarah Richardson Design is tasteful with mostly grey and white patterns and some slight touches of pink. The pink curtains are a toned-down pink so that they mesh well with the grey and create a classy effect overall.

8) Animal Friends Lamp

Babies and little kids love animals, and your nursery decor is a wonderful place to give your child their first animal friends! You're looking for some pink and grey stuff, in particular, so you can get cute lamps like this one from Amazon with a grey elephant and pink shade to match that color scheme. The grey elephant has a tiny pink friend sitting on his head to add a layer of cuteness and friendliness that's perfect for a happy baby's room

9) Elephants

Elephants are probably the most intuitive decoration for a pink and grey nursery, meaning that they make a lot of sense, and almost any pink and grey baby room should have them. There are a lot of ways to include elephants, so you'll want to find something that speaks to you. To help you with that, we found a video of Iris Gabriela Melendez-Franco's elephant-themed nursery. She has several cool ideas that might look right to you, too!

10) Little Girl Hamper

If you're having a baby girl, it's nice to have something in the nursery to remind her that she's your little girl, preferably something that she can look back at when she's five, six, seven, or more years old. This hamper from Amazon is ideal for that since it's grey and pink to match your color scheme, and it says "little girl" on it. For the time being, we'd suggest using it for toys or linens that aren't soiled so that it won't pick up a smell.

11) Very Light

You don't have to use bright pinks and bold grays just because this is a baby's room, but that doesn't mean you can't use a lot of your theme colors. In fact, a nursery can look amazing when almost all your walls, furniture, and decorations are either grey or pink. We'd recommend using very light greys and pinks to accomplish this, just like Erica from Whimsical September does in her nursery. This creates a classy and very feminine look, combined with her lovely flower accent wall.

12) White and Gray Elephants

Remember that you can have colors other than grey and pink in this nursery and still keep those colors as your dominant theme. White is an excellent way to keep the room from becoming monotonous, so we looked for some things that had white, pink, and grey together. This crib comforter set is an amazing choice to combine those three colors and break up the grey and pink while still making them dominant in the room.

13) Pink on Gray

In a lot of cases, a two-color room has a roughly equal amount of each color, particularly in a baby room in which neither color is darker or more intense than the other. Pink and grey rooms certainly tend to be like this, but you can also create a room where you use the lighter color on walls and large items and get furniture and decorations in the darker color to create balance. With this nursery, you can paint the walls grey and then use pink items as accents to create balance, just like Stephanie Torrey did in her nursery.

14) Gray Floor And Pink Walls

This idea by Seline Phillips is one we'd never seen before, and it looks beautiful and feminine in a classy way. We loved the way she included the floor in the decorating, creating a room with a greyish floor and pink walls. The greyish furniture helps add to the effect, and she even has cute little touches like a slightly different pink on the wall behind her honeycomb shelves to make the room look unique and give her baby something interesting to look at.

15) Pink Room and Gray Bedding

You like pink, or you're having a baby girl, or you wouldn't be looking to use grey and pink as your main colors. One neat way to create a less typical space is to paint the room in your favorite pink and get a grey bedding set like this. A lot of people use grey as a background color, so using pink in the background and this light grey bedding as the accent will make the room stand out.

16) Lots of Texture

These colors are an amazing choice, and we don't want to dissuade you from using them, but how you use them can make a significant difference in the end result. Pink is a traditional color for a girl's nursery, and gray can be dull if you're not careful, so we'd love to see a pink and grey nursery with lots of texture like this Chandeliers and Champagne one. The textures keep it from looking boring and give your baby a lot of stimulating stuff to look at!

17) Grey on Pink

You can design a room with grey on pink the same way you can make one with pink on grey. Just start with a pink room and add grey decals or decorations. We loved these moon and stars decals from Amazon since they're pretty, they'd look epic on a pink wall, and the space imagery will help your child develop a sense of wonder that's essential to spiritual and mental well-being. This can help your child develop a love of space, too!

What're you looking for in a pink and grey nursery? Did any of these ideas seem like what you need? Tell us all about it in the comments below!

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