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Children love dinosaurs. Little boys who barely know how to read can pronounce five-syllable dinosaur names and distinguish between a brachiosaurus and brontosaurus, simply because dinosaurs fascinate them. This makes dinosaurs perfect for a little boy or girl’s nursery, and you’re trying to figure out the best way to make that nursery. We found some of the best Dinosaur Nursery Ideas out there, so let’s see if they work for you!

1) Jungle

If you like to watch dinosaur movies or came by your love of dinosaurs through movies like Jurassic Park, you’re probably used to seeing dinosaurs in jungles. That makes a jungle theme perfect for creating a dinosaur nursery. Try getting jungle-like decorations like crib sheets with plant life on them, or even paint a simple jungle tree mural with some hanging vines for the wall. Then, find dinosaur toys and dino decorations to fill in the rest of the nursery.

2) DIY Easiest Dino Mural Ever

Painting a mural sounds like an almost impossible task, but nursery murals can be surprisingly easy to make if you have some guidance. We found this article to walk you through the process of making a dinosaur mural with just a cheap projector. You can even try something similar with some dollar store dinosaur toys and a flashlight! The cool thing about this project is that you can keep whatever dinosaur toys you use as decorations or toys afterward.

3) DIY Dino Mobile

Babies spend a lot of time lying in their crib staring at the ceiling, so you’ll want to make sure they have something stimulating to look at! Mobiles are a vital part of infant mental development, so it’s only natural to have a dinosaur mobile in your dinosaur-themed nursery. We found a neat way for you to make a homemade dinosaur mobile for your little one. Just follow the instructions in this video by Brushstrokes & Imagination Meg Hawkins.

4) Play Mat With Figures

While you can prepare your nursery for just the first few weeks or months, you’re probably going to be exhausted raising a newborn baby. You’ll want to set the nursery up so that you have everything you’re going to need for the next couple of years into toddlerhood. One thing that’ll become essential after a few months is a play mat. This playset from Amazon is softer than most, so you could place it in your little one’s play area like an area rug. It even comes with dinosaur toys!

5) DIY Dinosaur Wall Hooks

You’re going to need some hooks to hang your baby’s outdoor clothes, and you can even use them to hang bags with baby supplies near your changing table. Why not make them fit your theme, along with everything else? We found this amazing tutorial from Busy Bliss for making dinosaur wall hooks using some cheap plastic dinosaurs. These should end up being cheaper than most hooks, but with a fun dino theme! If you get brightly colored ones or want to use the original colors, go ahead and skip the spray paint. 

6) Thematic Over-Door Baby Toy Organizer

Over-door organizers have a multitude of uses in a nursery. They can be extra storage, but if your changing table is near the door, or if you have a closet changing table, you can put an organizer over the door to keep things somewhere you can access more easily. This is vital for a changing table since you’re already going to have your hands full with a baby and you’ll need to have everything accessible. The other nice thing? You can put up a dino-themed over-door organizer without making permanent changes.

7) ROAR!

One of the things little kids love about dinosaurs is the way they ROAR! If you want an exciting and energetic nursery for your little one to play and learn in, something like this wood ROAR! Decorations would be perfect. It’s a fun decoration that even a toddler can appreciate, and it adds some letters to the room to help your baby learn to connect those letters to the word “roar.” It’s never too early to familiarize your baby with letters, even if they don’t know what they mean yet.

8) DIY Dino Letters

Did we mention how important letters are to a baby’s development? Early exposure to reading concepts and letters has been linked to better reading as kids grow up, so having some fun letters in the nursery is a wonderful idea! Naturally, we’re going to show you a way to make dinosaur letters, so go ahead and click on this link if you’d like to learn. Our suggestion would be to spell your baby’s name since that’s almost always the first thing children learn to spell.

9) DIY Felt Plushies

A nursery should be a soft space if it’s where your infant sleeps, so you’re probably going to want some soft dinosaur decorations and toys to comfort them. We found a tutorial from mommy Eva’s DIY crafts on making little felt dinosaur plushies that’d be perfect for attaching to homemade mobiles or placing as decorations. They’d make cute dinosaur toys to cuddle with, too, and you can make larger or smaller ones using the same method if you need to. Best of all, you don’t need a sewing machine.

10) Jungle Dinosaur Mobile

Mobiles are an essential part of a nursery. Your baby will spend countless hours staring above them as they drift off to sleep or after they wake up. Mobiles are stimulating for their mind and entertain them since chances are you don’t have a lot of fun decorations on the ceiling. Jungles and dinosaurs go hand-in-hand ever since Jurassic Park came out, so a jungle dinosaur mobile like this one from Amazon would be a wonderful way to show dinosaurs and their environment together.

11) Footprints

This next idea is one of the cutest, and it’s an excellent way to make the nursery feel like a place to explore instead of a bunch of baby stuff crammed into a room. You’ll want to do something to customize the walls so the whole room feels like part of your baby’s space, and these footprint stickers are one of the best ideas we’ve found for doing so. You can make it look like a dinosaur ran around their room and tracked mud all over the walls, then remove the decals later on.

12) DIY Dino Drawer Knobs

A dinosaur nursery can just be a nursery with some dinosaur books and decorations, but it can also be a fully planned room that feels like every single thing is designed for the child. One way to do this is to make some sort of dinosaur customization for each piece of furniture. For example, you can use these instructions to make homemade dinosaur drawer knobs to replace the existing ones. That way, your dresser or changing table will feel like it was made just for this purpose.

13) Lamp With Cute Figures

Lamps are an important thing for a nursery since they let you turn on just a little light to check on your baby or toddler without turning on enough lights to wake them. Why not make the lamp a part of your decor while you’re at it? We found this dinosaur lamp on Amazon with a couple little dino figures at the bottom. This one happens to be blue, but it’s subtle enough that you could use it for either a boy or girl nursery if you wanted to.

14) Cute and Colorful Closet Dividers

Closet dividers will probably become your friend very quickly if they haven’t already. They’re a convenient way to keep your baby’s clothes organized, and you can divide them by size so it’s easy to reach for the next size as your baby grows rapidly over the next few months. We found these adorable dinosaur dividers with a shy, cartoon-style dinosaur on them that’d be perfect for either a boy or girl’s nursery. These go up to about 2 years so that you won’t have to worry about getting new ones for a long while.

Did you find an idea you loved? Everybody is looking for something different, and we can’t wait to hear what you’ve done with your nursery in the comments below!

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