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You're having a baby! We're so excited for you, and we're happy to be a part of your journey! You love the look of a red and pink nursery, and that combination of bold red and feminine pink will look amazing, but now you have to work on the details. What shades of red and pink do you want? Which patterns and decorations work best for that theme? We collected some Red and Pink Nursery Ideas to help you out!

1) Red, Pink, and Gray

Generally, you don't want just two colors in a room, even if the room has a two-color theme. For a red and pink nursery, we'd suggest using red, pink, and gray together to help the red and pink meld perfectly into one look. Try getting decorations with matching tones, like these pink, red, and gray mountain decorations from Amazon. These will create a single tone for the room while adding a variety of colors that look good together. The mountain's imagery will also help your child develop a sense of wonder.

2) Red Butterflies

Red is a bold color, though pink is a great way to temper it and keep your nursery from becoming too vibrant and unsettlingly bright, which can make it hard for your baby to sleep. While you want the pink to soften the red, you'll still want to take advantage of the bold look red creates. We liked the idea of adding red butterfly decorations like these because they're a little splash of red in a pink room, and they'll bring pieces of nature into the room for your baby to see and learn about as they grow.

3) DIY Puff Quilt

If you're designing a girl's nursery, you can fill it with all kinds of puffs, frills, and laces to make it look feminine and comforting for your baby girl. We liked the idea of adding a puff quilt, enough so that we found this video by Sew Yeah so that you can learn to make a homemade puff quilt for your baby. In the video, you'll see how to make a green, black, and gray quilt, but you can replace those colors with red, pink, and maybe some white and baby green or gray.

4) Red Stars on Pink

When we talk about red stars, you might be picturing tiny little paper stars dotting your child's walls, just like the small red butterflies we showed you earlier. While those would look beautiful and we highly recommend them, we have another idea in mind now. This large light-up red star would make a wonderful night light for your baby, and the red color would be a pretty decoration for a pink or white wall during the daytime.

5) Red Bows on Pink

Since red is intense, and since this is the room your baby will sleep in, it's generally best to use a lot of pink and only touches of red, or even to use both colors for furnishings but to use white on large areas like walls. We saw these cute red bows in this pink nursery by Jamielyn Nye on The Inspiration Board and had to show you. They're the perfect complement to a red and pink room with a lot of pink furniture, and bows are simply adorable in any color!

6) Unicorns

If you want to include red and pink in a way that seems natural instead of just plastering the walls with it and getting generic colored furniture, you can look for animals and decorations that tend to be pink and red. Unicorns are a perfect example since you can find so many red and pink ones, or pink, white, and red ones. Try getting things like these sheets to mix small amounts of other colors and creatures into your theme and keep it from looking stale.

7) Cartoons

There are about a million cartoons out there that have pink or red characters, and they make great decorations for a nursery, even if your baby is too young to watch them yet. As an infant, they'll love the colorful characters frolicking around their room, and as they get older, they'll have depictions of their favorite cartoon friends. We found a neat tutorial for making a weighted blanket with cartoon fabric, but you can use fabric with TV characters for any decorations or simply frame it on a wall.

8) Pink Furnishings with Red Sheets

Since pink is by definition a lighter color than red, it's usually the better color to use in large areas, while red is a bright and energetic color that can interfere with sleep. Red is wonderful in small doses since it adds energy and helps your baby stay stimulated, but in large doses, it can interfere with sleep. Pink, on the other hand, is much lighter and less overwhelming than red, so it's the best choice for your walls and furniture. We'd suggest using mostly pink and then getting a few things like these crib sheets in red.

9) Subtle Pink and Vibrant Red

Pink is a soft color, and red is an intense one by nature. To bring out the best in your nursery, we suggest using subtle pinks like the ones in this Project Nursery nursery. Then, find a bold red that will draw the eye to the few smaller items you choose to paint with it. To create this look, choose soft and light-colored pinks for wide swathes like the walls and medium to dark reds for smaller items like shelves.

10) Pink and Red Polka Dots

Pink and red can be a bit of an overwhelming combination if you use too much of both and don't break them up with other colors. One of the easiest ways to break them up is to put red and pink decor on white walls since white is an all-purpose color. Get red and pink polka dot decals like these, and then if your baby grows up and doesn't like pink anymore, remove them and leave behind clean white walls that your child can put any decorations they want on.

11) Trace Lines

There are so many different ways to combine colors that it can be hard to pick the best one, but we thought that tracing pink walls with red lines would look amazing. You can do this by using painter's tape to draw red lines in geometric patterns on the walls or by building a board and batten wall like the one in this video. Then, paint the raised parts red and the rest pink, or paint the wall pink and the indented parts red. This way, your baby will have a stimulating and beautiful pattern to look at.

12) Poppy Red, Coral, and Pink

It may sound strange to say so, but red and pink aren't just two colors. There are so many varieties of red and pink that you can play with to find the perfect combination for your space. A nursery is a unique area in that you want it to be stimulating for the baby's developing mind, but you also need to create a soothing atmosphere for them to sleep in. One combination that achieves this effect is poppy red with pink and coral. You can see in this Project Nursery article that it creates a colorful nursery that isn't overwhelming.

13) Pale Dogwood

When you start decorating your nursery, you'll need to choose shades of pink and red that complement each other. Pale dogwood is an excellent pink choice since it looks wonderful with red, and it's a common enough color that you should be able to find multiple pieces in it. For example, you can get this pale dogwood cube organizer from Amazon for baby clothes and toys, then find some pale dogwood paint for the walls and get smaller decorations in red.

14) Red Checks or Plaid

If you're an outdoorsy family or if you love nature, then you might already own some plaid or checked clothes or decorations, but you might not have thought to put them in your nursery. Since red is a common color for plaid or checks, they'll look wonderful in a red and pink room. You can find red plaid crib sheets like these on Amazon and look for other red plaid pieces like changing table pads. Try making pieces out of old shirts if you can't find the right piece since this is a less common pattern for nurseries.

Did you find an idea you liked? We'd love to know how you're decorating your nursery. Tell us all about it in the comments below!

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