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Safari-themed nurseries have a fun and adventurous feel to them, calling to mind the natural wonders of the savanna. Cute animal and stunning plant-themed decor pieces are prominent features of this theme, which both you and your little one will enjoy looking at. You can even use the theme to give them a hands-on education about the savanna and the different animals that live there. 

That being said, there are many options for safari-themed decor out there, so where should you begin? Take a look at this list of safari nursery ideas for some inspiration.

1) Safari Milestone Blanket

Sometimes it feels like babies grow up so fast. Always remember the milestones in your baby’s growth with this milestone blanket. It’s a great background for photos since you can use the circle marker to indicate how many months old your baby is. But it doesn’t just make a good photo prop — since it’s a soft blanket with a cute safari design, you can throw it over your nursery rocker as a regular throw blanket. You can buy this milestone blanket from Amazon.

2) Safari Animal Wall Hooks

Wall hooks are perfect for your little one’s outfits, accessories, and pajamas. Since they’re on the wall, it makes it easy to grab what you need and go. Plus, these cute wall hooks are almost decor in and of themselves with the cute animal designs. You can buy these wall hooks from Amazon.

3) Felt Safari Animals DIY

With some felt, cotton, and a bit of sewing, you can make all kinds of safari animals. Elephants, lions, zebras, and more are all waiting for you in this video. If you decide to make some, they’re great for incorporating into many DIY decor pieces, like garlands.

4) Lion Night Light

This little lion nightlight is far from ferocious, but it’s still great for keeping you safe when walking around at night. If there’s a stray toy on the floor, the darkness can be a tripping hazard. Plus, a night light makes it easier to see when you’re trying to feed or comfort your baby in the middle of the night. A nightlight like this one is truly a nursery nighttime essential. You can buy this night light from Amazon.

5) Safari Animal Motivational Wall Signs

Decor can be just as inspiring as it is beautiful, just like with these wooden wall signs. While they are small in size, you can put them together for an eye-catching display. They also work well as accents for other decor pieces, whether they’re paintings, wooden cut-outs, or otherwise. You can buy these wooden wall signs from Amazon.

6) Giraffe Rug

Large, soft rugs are a great item to have in nurseries. They make the room feel more cozy (especially if you have hard floors), they tie in the floors with the overall theme, and they’re also great for your baby. They can do tummy time, roll around, and play in a comfortable spot. You can buy this giraffe rug from Etsy.

7) Baby Safari Animal Prints

These baby safari animal prints are super adorable. Since there’s six of them, you can use them to take the guesswork out of a nursery gallery wall, or you can place them around the nursery to give it a cohesive look. You can buy these prints from Amazon.

8) Safari Stuffed Animals

Whether you plan on putting them in a toy basket, a toy net, or on a nursery rocker, these safari stuffed animals tie in with the theme while also being fun for your little one. You can buy these safari stuffed animals from Amazon.

9) Safari Animal Panorama Wall Decor

Wide wall decor pieces or displays with multiple pieces of wall decor often look best above a crib. This safari animal panorama is super wide, making it the perfect size. It looks both eye-catching and adorable with the cute baby safari animals. You can buy this panorama art from Etsy.

10) Safari Animal Wall Decor

Looking for some minimalist decor to add to the nursery walls? These safari wooden cut-outs fit the bill perfectly. Since they’re just outlines of the animals, they have a simple look to them. At the same time, they contrast with the different wood colors on each of them, making them visually interesting when put together. You can buy these wooden art pieces from Amazon.

11) Safari Animal Mobile

Besides stuffed animals, mobiles are another thing both you and your baby will enjoy. The spinning motion of the animals combined with the music can be very soothing to babies. Plus, it acts as a bit of decor to spruce up your baby’s crib. You can buy this mobile from Amazon.

12) Safari Animal Paper Craft DIY

Just some paper, glue, scissors, and googly eyes are all you need for these adorable paper animals. And with some tape, they’re easy enough to hang up as wall decor.

13) Giant Giraffe Stuffed Animal

Some small decor items here and there are nice, but what if you want a giant, eye-catching focal piece? Don’t worry, this giraffe has you covered. Standing at just under 5 feet tall, this giant giraffe is perfect for adding a realistic spin to your little one’s safari nursery. You can buy this giraffe plush from Amazon.

14) Safari Laundry Basket

Laundry baskets are great for turning messy piles on the floor into a clean, organized space — whether that pile is toys, dirty clothes, or anything else you want to keep tucked away. This cute laundry basket has a minimalist look, so it won’t take much attention away from nursery decor. At the same time, it still fits perfectly with the theme thanks to the cute animals on it. You can buy this laundry basket from Amazon.

15) Swinging Monkey DIY

Here’s yet another craft that uses simple materials. This swinging monkey would make a great piece of wall decor if you tie a piece of string to either end of the stick. Due to its small size, it would also work as a door sign.

16) Monkey Clock

While monkeys are often thought of as jungle animals, some species are actually found in the savanna as well, such as vervet monkeys. This little factoid gives you the perfect excuse to add in some adorable monkey decor like this monkey wall clock to your little one’s nursery. You can buy this clock from Amazon.

17) Elephant Basket

If you’re looking for a storage option that’s smaller than a laundry basket, this elephant basket is a perfect option. It’s great for toys, books, and other stray items in to keep the nursery neat. You can buy this basket from Amazon.

18) 3D Giraffe Paper Quilling DIY

Have you ever tried paper quilling? If not, this is a great project you can use to learn something new! Paper quilling involves taking narrow strips of paper and rolling them up into various shapes. When you glue the pieces together, you can use it to make a little giraffe figure. It would make a great piece of decor for a shelf or dresser.

19) Lion Face Raffia Wall Hanging

This raffia wall hanging is great for adding a natural, boho flair to your little one’s nursery. The texture of the raffia combined with the woven texture of the lion’s face creates visual interest when placed on the walls. You can buy this wall hanging from Etsy.

20) Elephant Figurines DIY

Air dry clay is simple to work with and doesn’t require a kiln. It can be used to make all kinds of things, including these gorgeous elephant figurines.

21) Safari Animal Name Garland

Garlands are a popular decor piece for nurseries, especially for the wall behind a crib. I love this garland especially since it combines the classic garland look with the personalization of name signs. It also looks super cute with the felt animals on either side of the name. You can buy this garland from Etsy.

Summary and Top Picks

I hope you enjoyed looking at some of these safari nursery ideas! From lion nightlights to monkey clocks and more, there are many safari decor items that are as cute as they are practical. There are also plenty of safari-themed crafts you can do to make your little one’s nursery one-of-a-kind. 

While I enjoyed all of these safari nursery ideas, I’d have to say these three were my favorites:

  • #9 Safari Animal Panorama Wall Decor: The animals in this panorama are adorable, and the wide size of this panorama makes it perfect for the wall behind a crib.
  • #13 Giant Giraffe Stuffed Animal: With its large size, this giraffe is made to stand out. It’s perfect for filling in empty floor space. 
  • #19 Lion Face Raffia Wall Hanging: I love the mix of textures in this wall hanging. Even though it has a simple color palette, it still stands out. 

But I’d love to know your thoughts on this. Which of these safari nursery decor pieces would you include in your little one’s nursery and why? Let me know in the comments!

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