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You’re a huge Harry Potter fan, and you have an opportunity to create a Harry Potter-themed wonderland right in your baby’s nursery, but how do you do it? Do you rebuild Hogwarts or make the room look like your house’s dormitory? Maybe you’re a Griffindor and your spouse is a Hufflepuff, so what will you do then? We found these Harry Potter Nursery Ideas that we think will help.

1) Storage Cubes

Storage cubes like these are useful for nurseries because they’re a convenient size for baby clothes and toys and they’re right for young children, too. That means you can keep them for a long time, even after your little one moves out of the nursery or you turn it into a child’s bedroom. These cubes from Amazon show the Hogwarts seal with all four houses, so you don’t have to worry if you’re a Slytherin and your baby turns out to be a Griffindor, either.

2) Little Muggle

While you might wish for magic abilities, the reality is that your baby’s probably a muggle, but that’s okay. They’re your muggle, and you love them enough to surround them with magic. You can get a cute “Little Muggle” milestone blanket like this to surround them with wizarding world artifacts. You can take pictures of them on it every month to give them long-lasting memories of their Harry Potter nursery, even if they all come from old photographs.

3) DIY Hogwarts Scenery Walls

You might not be a master painter, but you don’t have to be when it comes to your nursery. In fact, nursery designs are often stylized or unrealistic because it looks cuter, and those designs are much easier to paint with little or no skill. For example, you can create Hogwarts scenery on the walls by imitating this tutorial. The neat thing about this is that it starts with the easiest and most general designs, and you don’t have to do all the layers. Instead, stop as soon as it gets too complicated, and you’ll still have a shadowy background.

4) Gold Feathers

The golden snitch is one of the most entertaining and iconic symbols in the Harry Potter wizarding world, and being a Seeker was one of the things that made Harry unique outside of his destiny as the Chosen One. Gold feathers like the ones on these crib sheets will bring the golden snitch to mind and serve as a reminder that your baby is destined for great things. The sparkle of the gold also creates a shiny and magical effect.

5) DIY Printable Closet Dividers

Printables are every parent’s friend when they don’t have the time, skill, or money to buy fancy decorations or create every piece from scratch. They’re also nice because they’re easy to change if your child outgrows them or moves to a new room. We found these Harry Potter closet divider printables to keep the little one’s clothes organized as they grow rapidly in the first couple of years of their life. With these, you can quickly switch from one size of clothing to the next without having to reorganize the closet.

6) Little Wizard

Your baby might not have magical powers, but a parent can dream, can’t they? After all, you didn’t make your nursery Harry Potter-themed because you hated magic. If you want your baby to grow up to be a wizard, or feel like one, you can get this milestone blanket that says “Little Wizard.” That way, when you and your child look back on the photographs you take of them on it, you’ll remember those dreams and they can feel the magic for a while.

7) DIY Flying Keys Mobile

The winged keys in the Philosopher’s Stone are one of the most fun parts of the first movie, from the adorable injured key to the exciting flock of keys that flies around the room like a school of fish. That makes them the perfect thing to include in a nursery, but you don’t have to just add two-dimensional pictures. Instead, you can use these directions to make a winged key mobile that you won’t find anywhere else!

8) Dumbledore Quote

Any time you design a nursery based on a book or series, you have the option of picking some favorite quotes and using them as decals. In this case, we thought this quote from Harry’s mentor, Dumbledore, could be appropriate since it’s all about the world we enter in our dreams, and this is the place your baby will have some of their first dreams. This quote comes as a sticker, so you can remove it when the room is no longer a nursery.

9) DIY Dresser

There isn’t too much Harry Potter nursery furniture available, so you might find that you have to make your own. We found this tutorial video by Carina Bradshaw to show you one way that you could make a Harry Potter dresser. Some of the painting might seem like a lot, but you can always print and trace the decorations onto the dresser before you paint them. The neat thing is that you can keep using it as your baby grows older.

10) Owl Soother

Owls are a major part of the Harry Potter world, and you’ll probably want to include some of these loyal companions in your baby’s nursery, but how? We found this owl soother that can be like a guardian for your baby, calming them with white noise whenever they cry. It also acts as a night light so that you can see where you’re going if you need to come in and check on the baby.

11) DIY Owl Nightlight

Night lights are valuable in nurseries because they make it a lot easier to check on your baby without turning on overhead lights and waking them. You can get an ordinary night light, but we thought the one in this nursery looked perfect for a Harry Potter theme. All you need to do is get the owl night light and soother from Amazon and put it in a hanging cage like the one in the nursery. That way, it’ll look just like Hedwig!

12) Triwizard Cup Lamp

The Triwizard Tournament is one of the most significant events in the Harry Potter series, with an entire book and movie based around events that surround it. That makes the Triwizard cup a fun decoration to have and probably a unique one since it’s not an easy one to make yourself. This elaborate Triwizard cup lamp from Amazon will be a helpful and decorative way to light small areas in case you want to check on your baby but don’t want to wake them with a lot of light.

13) DIY Floating Candles

Floating candles are part of the Hogwarts charm, combining old-fashioned technologies that never evolved with the conveniences of magic. You can imitate the floating candles of Hogwarts using these instructions, either to create a mobile or to make many small candles float across the ceiling like something mystical. This will fascinate your baby, providing stimulating and a sense of wonder, both of which are good for their mental development. All you should need for this craft is a hot glue gun, fishing line, some tea lights, and a few basic craft materials.

14) Harry Potter Night Light

Night lights are valuable for nurseries since they let you see to check on your baby without having to turn on bright overhead lights, but there are so many choices. We found this Harry Potter night light, and we don’t mean that it’s Harry Potter-themed. This night light from Amazon is actually shaped like Harry Potter so that it doubles as a cute, decorative statue during the daytime and a night light when it’s dark.

Did we miss any ideas? We’d love to hear what you’ve come up with for your nursery. Please let us know in the comments below!

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