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A star nursery theme is simple in concept, allowing for plenty of customizability — everything from minimalist watercolor prints to stylish constellation wall features. Of course, all the many options out there might make it difficult to know where to begin when styling your little one’s star nursery. That’s why I’ve gathered these star nursery ideas for inspiration.

1) Star Canvas Banner

There are many nursery wall decor options out there, and one that’s often underrated is a canvas banner. The texture of the canvas and its natural tone can add a slight boho touch to any room. And since it’s rather small in size, you can place it pretty much anywhere, from the wall behind your baby’s crib to their door. 

I love how this banner turns the classic lullaby “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” into a loving message for your little one. It’s a perfect fit for the star nursery theme. You can buy this banner from Amazon. 

2) Star Wall Decals

Simple wall decals are always a favorite of mine since you can arrange them in so many ways. You can use them for everything from creating a feature wall behind your baby’s crib to accenting pieces of wall decor. You can even arrange them in constellations for a stand-out look. 

Since these stars have a medium golden color and a shine to them, they’ll stand out whether your little one’s nursery has light walls or dark walls. You can buy these star wall decals from Amazon.

3) Paper Star DIY

Among all the wall and shelf nursery decor items out there, an often neglected part of nurseries is ceiling decor. Depending on which items you choose, ceiling decor can make an immediate statement when you walk in. I love this paper star DIY since it looks super intricate with multiple layers and many points. 

While this paper star DIY is white, you can use any color of paper to create a colorful, vibrant assortment of stars if you’d like. Plus, with some remote control fairy lights, you can even turn a paper star into a source of ambient light. The possibilities are limitless!

4) Star Pillow

If you’re tired of the standard square and rectangular throw pillows, going for a unique shape can really switch things up. It fits the star theme perfectly. No throw pillow covers necessary! 

Plus, even though it has a unique design, it still has a simple look that’s sure to match no matter what style you’re going for. You can buy this star pillow from Amazon.

5) Star Diaper Caddy

If it’s one thing babies go through a lot, it’s diapers. Keeping clean diapers organized is essential, so they’re on hand whenever your baby needs to be changed. With a segmented diaper caddy like this one, you can keep not only diapers, but outfit changes, diaper rash cream, and other baby essentials at the ready. It’s a perfect addition to your little one’s changing table. You can buy this diaper caddy from Amazon. 

6) “Born Under This Sky” Star Map

Personalized decor is a great way to make your little one’s nursery feel unique to them. This star map is super personalized since you can not only customize it with your baby’s name and birthday, but it also has the exact sky they were born under. 

It not only makes a beautiful piece of decor, but it’s a sentimental item you’ll want to treasure forever. You can buy this star map from Etsy.

7) Star Night Light

Some night lights plug into the outlet, but if your little one is old enough to crawl around, you might want to put outlet covers on instead. In that case, getting a wireless touch nightlight is a good option since it’s safe for them and convenient for you. This star nightlight is super cute with its smiling face and little nightcap. You can buy this night light from Amazon.

8) Star Laundry Basket

Despite the name, laundry baskets are an extremely versatile storage option. You can keep everything from stuffed animals to toys to baby blankets in them. You can even get multiple laundry baskets to keep your little one’s nursery super organized. You can buy this laundry basket from Amazon.

9) Star Wall Art

If you’re thinking of decorating your nursery with stars, then this wall art is perfect. Instead of putting small glowing stars on the ceiling, you can put this cute piece of art near the window to enhance its glow. It is made from neutral colors, so it will match any nursery. You can buy this star wall art from Etsy.

10) Star Mobile

For safety reasons, there aren’t many ways to decorate cribs besides fitted sheets and crib skirts. Mobiles are also a great option. They’re not only beautiful-looking, but they also serve as a source of entertainment for your baby. Plus, some research has shown that they stimulate your baby’s brain development. You can buy this mobile from Amazon.

11) Star Cut-Out Curtains

These star cut-out curtains are perfect for adding a bit of visual interest to your little one’s windows. They’re functional, too — the curtains darken the room during the day, and the little star cut-outs give just enough ambient light, so it’s not completely dark in your little one’s nursery. You can buy these star cut-out curtains from Amazon.

12) Starburst Mirror DIY

If you’re looking for an intricate decor piece to really make your little one’s star nursery shine, why not have fun making it yourself? This starburst mirror looks very detailed, from the reflective circles around the mirror to the beaded details. Mirrors are also great pieces of decor since the natural light they reflect makes a room slightly brighter, so you can take full advantage of the natural light coming from the nursery windows.

13) Star Garland

Garlands are pieces of nursery decor that never seem to go out of style. The metallic stars and chains on this garland are perfect for adding a modern touch to your little one’s nursery. It would look great on its own on the wall behind your baby’s crib or to accent the underside of wall decor. You can buy this garland from Amazon. 

14) Wooden Star DIY

If you have some woodworking experience, this wooden star DIY is perfect for you. Even if not, you can always buy a wooden star outline or tray and use only the styling tips from this DIY video. It turns out there are many ways to style a wooden star, from a natural succulent and moss look to a stunning star lamp.

15) Star and Safari Animal Decals

These star and safari animal decals look super cute, and the large size makes them rife with possibilities. You can use these to create a feature wall or even put the decals across multiple walls for a cohesive look. You can buy these decals from Etsy.

Summary and Top Picks

So, did you enjoy looking at all these star nursery ideas? There are truly many options for what you can do with a star nursery. I hope these ideas inspired you to design the perfect nursery for your little one. 

If I had to choose some favorites from this list, I’d have to go with:

  • #3 Paper Star DIY: Who knew glued pieces of paper could turn out to make such an intricate piece of decor? I sure didn’t until seeing this beautiful paper star DIY. Along with looking gorgeous, it’s also easy to turn this into a functional nightlight with some remote-control fairy lights. 
  • #6 “Born Under This Sky” Star Map: This star map acts as both a beautiful piece of decor and a sentimental item, so you always know what the night sky looked like when your little one was born. 
  • #14 Wooden Star DIY: As it turns out, there are many ways to style a simple-looking wooden star. You can even turn one into a DIY lamp! 

But I’d love to know your thoughts on this. Which of these star nursery decor pieces were your favorites and why? Let me know in the comments!

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