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Congratulations on your bundle of joy! This is an exciting time, and you're ready to get started on your nursery! You love the idea of teal and pink, but you're kind of stuck looking for ideas. Try some of these beautiful and practical Teal and Pink Nursery Ideas to find something that you and your baby will love for years to come.

1) Faded Colors

Pink and teal can both be very intense or very dull colors, but they can have an extreme contrast that's anything but soothing for your baby if you use them wrong. To create a soothing atmosphere that's comforting for your baby and will help them sleep, try using more faded colors like the ones in this Home Club Me nursery. This way, you can still take advantage of that unique teal and pink combination without creating an environment that's overstimulating for your baby.

2) Simple

Sometimes you just need to keep it simple. You don't want a lot of frills that can be dangerous for your baby. Look for pieces like these pink blackout curtains that go well with teal but don't have things that stick out or that might fall off since these can be choking hazards for babies and young children. These curtains are also a great shade of pink that'll go really well with teal, and since they're blackout curtains, they'll keep sunlight out and help your baby sleep when necessary, but they'll let some light in at other times.

3) Pink and White With Teal Touches

Just because you're designing a pink and teal Nursery doesn't mean that you can only use pink and teal. You're going to want a variety of colors since a pink and teal Nursery without any other colors could be overwhelming for your baby. We loved the idea of creating a pink and white nursery and then just adding little teal touches since teal is the bolder of the colors in your color scheme. This can create a beautiful Nursery like the one in this SLMISSGLAM VLOGS video.

4) This Closet Organizer

This closet organizer is one of the best we've come across when designing the perfect teal and pink nursery. The small, tasteful touches of teal and pink in the baskets are perfect for creating a more subtle appearance that's great for an old-fashioned home or if you think your child will keep using the same room as they get older. If you want to include a little more color from your scheme, then try painting the back wall teal.

5) Pink Acrylic

You can create an elegant and tasteful Nursery with pink and teal. The biggest problem is that you want to avoid glass because it can break and harm your infant. Instead, we'd suggest something like this pink acrylic chandelier that won't break as easily as glass. The neat thing about this is that any teal that you have on the walls and on large furniture might actually reflect on the chandelier to create a beautiful and subtle mix of the two colors.

6) Teal Paper Flowers

When you think of flowers, you're probably thinking about pink, but you can add teal flowers into a nursery, too. In fact, something like these paper flowers would be perfect because they're an inexpensive decoration, and they'll be easy to replace as your child grows older if they don't like the teal and pink color scheme anymore. These teal flowers from Amazon are beautiful, and you can put them anywhere on a pink background or pink pieces of furniture.

7) Variety of Pinks

Pink isn't just one color. In fact, there are so many different shades and tones of pink that you might be having trouble deciding on which one you want to use. Here's the great thing; you don't have to use just one shade of pink. Instead, try choosing a variety of different pinks and using each one for a different piece of furniture, decoration, or toy. For instance, you can get some darker pink flowers but a lighter pink lamp or bow like the ones in some of these pictures by Project Nursery.

8) Shabby Chic

You've probably never thought of using a shabby chic design in a nursery, but it complements a teal and pink color scheme very well. If you don't want a bright, artificial-looking nursery for your child, then shabby chic could be an outstanding design for you. Try doing something like the lighter pinks and teals in this bedding set, and use white or light-colored wood for your walls and trim. You can even use wood-look wallpaper.

9) Pink Butterflies

Butterflies are a cute decoration to have in a nursery, and this one is no exception. You can paint your walls teal or white and have these adorable pink butterflies fluttering all around the room. Try placing them along walls, tables, or anywhere that your baby isn't going to get ahold of them and stick them in their mouth since these can be a choking hazard. If you don't want to do a lot of painting and renovating, these are a perfect way to introduce some color to your nursery without having to make any permanent changes.

10) A Little Purple

Purple is a neat color. It actually goes perfectly with both teal and pink since it's a combination of the two colors, and it'd be a great way to blend the two colors together instead of having a dual-color theme. The problem with a two-color theme is that it starts to seem monotonous, and you might have too much of each color. You'll want to mix in colors like the purple on this curtain that go with both the teal and pink to make the room seem more three-dimensional and interesting.

11) Animals and Woodland

Children love animals, and they love nature and forests, so an Animal or Woodland theme would be perfect for your teal and pink nursery. Teal is an amazing choice for a woodland Nursery because greenish colors will help create a softer woodland theme than a dark forest green would. Then, use the pink for smaller areas like the closet in this nursery by Carisa. We liked how they mixed in grey to complement the Woodland theme. Add plenty of pink teal and gray stuffed animals to finish it off.

12) Teal Butterflies

It's important to bring nature into your nursery so that your child can be exposed to it, particularly if you're not taking them out for frequent walks in the woods. one adorable way to do this is to put little teal and silver butterflies like these around the room. The silver should reflect sunlight and create a brighter nursery, and the pattern is more realistic than a single-color butterfly. These will inspire your child and help them develop a sense of curiosity while exposing them to nature in the comfort of their nursery.

13) Alternate

In a lot of rooms, you'll have one main color and then use your other colors as accents, but you don't have to design your nursery this way. For something a little more unique, try alternating between colors for the major decorations and furniture in your room. For example, you can Have some teal walls and some pink walls to create a look like the one in this Living Loving Lancaster nursery. Try using pink and teal checkered blankets like theirs, and get decorations that have pink on teal and other decorations that have teal on pink.

14) Dreams

It's important to encourage your child to dream, think big, and be curious and energetic. You can include inspirational pieces like these prints from Amazon in your baby's room. While they probably don't know how to read yet, they'll appreciate them as they get older, and they'll be an excellent reminder for you, as well. These prints are beautiful because they have pictures of feathers in a variety of colors, including pink and teal, bringing in pieces of nature and inspiring your child to dream.

15) Dreamcatchers

Every child deserves a dreamcatcher in their room. Dream catchers keep away bad dreams and help your child have a good night's sleep, no matter what age they are. While typically, they might be made from natural materials and have a lot of brown, white, and shimmering reds, you can also get them in all different colors, such as this pink and cyan dreamcatcher from Amazon. This would fit perfectly in a teal and pink nursery and give your child sweet dreams, too!

16) Teal With Flowers

Since pink is a common color for flowers, flowers are one of the best ways to introduce pink to your nursery. We absolutely loved this idea for a closet that was mostly teal with pink flowers, and you could easily create a nursery with the same decorations. Try painting the walls or larger pieces of furniture teal and getting floral decals that you can stick on the walls and then remove as your child gets older and begins to choose their own decor.

17) Mermaids

Bourbons and peaches are cute, and they're naturally going to come in teal and aqua. It should be easy to find teal and pink mermaid decorations, and these will help your child develop a sense of fantasy and wonder. They can go on adventures from the comfort of their nursery and take that sense of wonder with them as they grow older. We liked the idea of designing a nursery with these mermaid decorations and bedding from Amazon.

18) Elephants

Elephants are common decorations for nurseries because they're cute and inspire a love of nature and curiosity about it. Typically, when you're shopping for nursery furniture, you'll find a lot of elephants that resemble a child's cartoon or a caricature of a baby elephant, but you can choose something more elegant than that. We liked the idea of getting these teal and pink elephant curtains from Amazon to create a cute but tasteful nursery theme.

19) Pink Tree on Teal Background

As you might have noticed, we're big fans of bringing nature into the nursery, particularly since infants probably don't spend as much time outside as they will when they get older. This inspires the curiosity and love of nature that are essential for your child's development. That said, it's common to get stylized and cartoonish versions of nature for a baby's room, and you can definitely get cute imagery. We absolutely loved this Project Nursery room, and we like the idea of painting your walls teal, then adding a pink tree decal as the designer did.

20) Fairy Texture

Fairy texture probably sounds like something out of a fantasy world, and if you're going to use it in a young child's nursery, then it probably should! After all, it's important to develop a sense of imagination and wonder at a young age. Fairy texture curtains like these ones from Amazon will filter sunlight as it comes into the room and create unique effects that'll stimulate your child and add a tint of teal for the entire room, so they should look great with white walls and pink furniture and decorations.

21) Pick the Right Shades

Not all pinks and teals go together, so you'll need to pick teal and pink tones that complement each other so that your nursery will have a cohesive look. This will be a lot easier on the eyes than clashing tones, particularly if your baby needs to be able to sleep in this room. Pale Dogwood is usually an excellent pink for a room with some pink and some green, whether the green comes from teal or another shade like mint, so this set of pink dogwood baskets from Amazon is ideal for a teal and pink room.

Did this help you to design the perfect teal and pink nursery? Which idea did you like the best? Please let us know in the comments below.

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