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You can encourage creativity from an early age by surrounding children with the arts. And what better way to start than with a music-themed nursery? Plus, since kids tend to focus on black and white or black and sepia tones found on sheet music, they’re perfect for gender-neutral, girl’s and boy’s nurseries alike. Music-themed nurseries also have a lovely balance of bold contrasting tones and minimalism. 

If you’re ready to get started with this theme, though, all the decor options out there can seem a little intimidating. But not to worry! Today, I’ll be taking a look at some music-themed nursery ideas to help you get started.

1) Music Note Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are a great space-saving solution in smaller nurseries since they don’t require any floor space. They’re great for organizing pretty much everything, from books to diaper rash cream. They’re also great for displaying little decor items and trinkets. 

I love these musical wall shelves since they’re decor items in and of themselves with the beautiful metal music note details at the top. You can buy these floating shelves from Amazon.

2) Guitar Wall Hooks

Wall hooks are great for hanging several items, including baby sun hats, headbands, and other accessories. You can also put the hooks near the door and hang up your baby’s outfits or pajamas, so they’re easy to grab whenever you need them. You can buy these guitar wall hooks from Amazon.

3) Sheet Music Art DIY

While this specific craft was made for Christmas, the basics of it are applicable throughout the year. With just some stencils, sheet music, paint, and a frame, it’s easy to make some musical wall decor that fits your little one’s nursery perfectly. If you want a few stencil ideas to get started, consider cute animals, favorite children’s book characters, and inspirational messages. Or, if you want to keep the musical theme throughout, getting a stencil of a musician or an instrument can help you do just that.

4) Musical Cats Laundry Basket

Babies can go through a surprising amount of laundry through life’s daily messes. To keep it all in one place, it’s a good idea to get a laundry basket. Plus, keeping a laundry basket in their room can serve as a piece of decor, too. This cute musical cat laundry basket will be the perfect addition to your little one’s music-themed nursery. You can buy this laundry basket from Amazon.

5) Piano Throw Pillow Case

Throw pillows are an easy way to make a nursery rocker more comfortable. And with throw pillow cases like this one, you can make it cuter as well! This piano throw pillow cover has a minimalist, neutral look that’s perfect for adding a decorative touch without taking away from your other decor. You can buy this throw pillow case from Amazon.

6) “My Name in Music” Art

This art piece turns your little one’s name into a custom-composed song. Along with being a beautiful piece of decor, it’s sure to be a treasured keepsake for many years to come. You can buy this musical art piece from Etsy.  

7) Musical Note Wall Decals

Since wall decals can be placed in any arrangement, they’re very customizable. You can use many wall decals to create an entire feature wall, or you can use a few wall decals to accent wall decor. You can buy these musical note wall decals from Amazon.

8) Musical Note Wall Decor

These wooden musical notes are perfect pieces for a minimalist music-themed nursery. Due to their simplicity, they would also make great accents to larger pieces of wall decor in your little one’s nursery. You can buy these wooden musical notes from Amazon.

9) Personalized Vinyl Record Rug

This personalized vinyl record rug is perfect for adding a retro feel to your little one’s music-themed nursery. Since it’s customizable, it’s perfect for adding a touch of personalization — whether you want to put your child’s name or the name of a favorite song. You can buy this personalized rug from Etsy.

10) Musical Light-Up Wall Clock

Wall clocks make beautiful pieces of decor that look perfect over a doorway, next to floating shelves, and above a dresser. They look great by themselves or next to other pieces of decor for an interesting wall display. Since this wall clock lights up, it can be used as a nightlight as well. You can buy this light-up wall clock from Amazon.

11) Treble Clef Name Sign

Name signs are a great way to make your little one’s nursery feel more personalized. Many parents love hanging them on the wall behind their child’s crib, making that area a focal point in the nursery. Smaller name signs also look great on doors. You can buy this name sign from Etsy.

12) Guitar Abstract Landscape Wall Art

When I think about guitars, I usually don’t associate them with landscapes, but this unique piece of art turns it into a reality. This artwork is sure to add a natural touch to your little one’s music-themed nursery and stand out. You can buy this wall art from Walmart.

13) Musical Wall Decor DIY

Have some newspapers or magazines and cardboard lying around? Why not turn them into a beautiful piece of wall decor? This DIY allows you to upcycle paper products into a custom-made musical score. If you’re a musical person, you can even customize the notes to be part of a favorite song.

Summary and Top Picks

So, what did you think about all these music-themed nursery ideas? I hope you found the inspiration you need to craft a nursery that you’re proud of. 

While I loved all the ideas on this list, if I had to choose a few favorites, I’d have to go with: 

  • #1 Music Note Floating Shelves: Between their organizational capabilities and their artistic flair, these floating shelves are equal parts functional and aesthetic. 
  • #12 Guitar Abstract Landscape Wall Art: I can’t help but love unique art pieces, and this one definitely fits the bill. I love how it took the shape of a guitar and turned it into a beautiful landscape piece. 
  • #13 Musical Wall Decor DIY: DIYs that upcycle items you already have around the house are always a win, in my book. They’re affordable, and they help the environment too! Plus, I love the minimalist look of the end product. 

Now it’s your turn — which one of these decor pieces would you put in your little one’s nursery and why? Let me know in the comments!

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