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For so many children, their teddy bear was their first best friend. You probably have a favorite teddy bear or stuffed animal from when you were a baby. Maybe you don’t remember where it came from because you were so young, but you loved “Teddy” or “Baby Elephant” so much that they’re still in your heart to this day. Now you’re creating similar memories for your little one, and we’re here to help with these Teddy Bear Nursery Decorating Ideas.

1) Bear Night Light

Night lights are essential in nurseries because they give you the ability to check on your baby without waking up fully or tripping on toys and furniture in the dark. After all, this nursery is as new to you as it is to your baby, and you’re probably not used to navigating it in the dark yet. This bear night light would be a good night light choice for the teddy bear nursery because it has a cute teddy bear-like look that’ll go well with your other toys and decorations.

2) Teddy Bear Soother

Teddy Bears are more than just a toy. They’re a comfort item, but you can go one step further by getting customized teddy bears like this one that’s designed for soothing infants. It has sound and lights, and it automatically detects when your baby cries so that it can play a soothing lullaby, white noise, a mother’s womb heartbeat, or a human shusher sound. This adds an extra element to the already-soothing teddy bear and, since it’s rechargeable, your little one can keep it as long as needed.

3) DIY Hot Air Balloon Decorations

Hot air balloons are a fun and whimsical decoration that can help make a room feel more fun. You can use them to create an adventurous room with teddy bears traveling around the nursery in hot air balloons. We even found this tutorial that you can use to make a hot air balloon designed to carry a teddy bear. If you hang it from the ceiling, it’ll give your baby something fun to look up at since infants spend a lot of time on their back looking up.

4) Navy and Brown

When you design the nursery, you’ll want to pick a color scheme that teddy bears will look good in. For a coordinated color scheme, light teddy bear brown and navy blue would be ideal. The navy provides contrast and creates a bold but soothing look while the light brown matches the teddy bears and makes the room look more coordinated. This way, if you have trouble finding teddy bear decorations, you can get light brown decorations and use fewer teddy bears for the same effect.

5) Milestone Blanket

Milestone blankets are a wonderful thing for nurseries since they give you the chance to preserve memories in more detail than a growth chart. Before your baby can even stand, you’ll be able to take pictures of them on an adorable teddy bear milestone blanket like this. You can frame the pictures or put them in a photo album so that you can see how your baby has grown and changed every month for their first year of life. 

6) Gold, Bronze, or Brown

Not everything in your nursery can be teddy bear-themed, but everything should go along with your theme, including your color choices. Since most teddy bears are light bronze or golden brown, gold, bronze, and brown are all good choices for decorations. Brown is a safe choice and it’s easy to find neutral browns while gold or bronze decorations like this custom name decal would be a more daring and thematic choice. The key is choosing a tone that matches your other decorations.

7) DIY Dress Up Teddy Bears

Children love to play pretend, and dress-up is one of the most popular pretend children’s games. You can give your baby’s teddy bears a central role in future games by making teddy bear clothes using this tutorial. This also gives you the chance to customize how they’re dressed early on and use them as nursery decorations if your baby isn’t old enough to play with them. Then, your child can play with them as he or she gets older.

8) Teddy Bear Throw Rug

This is one of the cutest decorating ideas we’ve found for a teddy bear nursery. You can get a small teddy bear-shaped rug like this to use as a decorative throw rug and play mat. It’s important to create a soft look in a nursery since it’s a sleeping space, and a rug or play mat is the perfect way to do so. This rug even has the classic teddy bear chubbiness to make it cozier!

9) Pom-Pom Bear

While not an actual teddy bear, this decoration is a wonderful way to accent a teddy bear theme without simply placing teddy bears throughout the room. You can use this video by NataliDoma DIY to learn how to make a bear head out of pom-poms. This pom-pom bear can make a cute door hanger or wall decoration, and it can act as a soother if it needs to. The directions are simple and anybody can make it without special tools.

10) Teddy Bear With Name Decal

Parents and families love to put their baby’s name up on a wall as a way of customizing a nursery space since an infant won’t have special interests that they can decorate with yet. After all, you don’t know what their favorite toy will be until they’re home from the hospital and old enough to play with it. One way to put your little one’s name up on a wall is to get a name decal like this one from Amazon that has a picture of a teddy bear on it to fit your theme.

11) DIY Teddy Bear Swing

One way to create a teddy bear nursery is to design it so that it looks like a teddy bear playground. This will set the groundwork for it becoming a fun play space for your baby, but how can you design a teddy bear playground? One important option is a swing set! You can use this tutorial by Michelle from A Crafty Mix to make a teddy bear swing that you could hang on the wall or even on the ceiling since babies often spend a lot of time looking up from their cribs.

12) Teddy Bear Cloud Blanket

When you decorate a nursery, the bedding is a huge part of what makes it fit a particular theme. It’s also something that’ll be close to your child for long periods of time so it makes sense to get bedding that matches your theme and promotes sleep. Clouds are a wonderful, dreamy image, so we chose this bedding set with a picture of two teddy bears, one of which has climbed a ladder up to the clouds to sleep. This is a lovely and thematic image that’s sure to help your little one rest.

13) Teddy Bear Mobile

Mobiles are essential parts of nurseries since they soothe babies to sleep and keep them entertained on the changing table. You’ll probably want one that fits your teddy bear theme, so we found this wooden one on Amazon with pom-poms and little teddy bears hanging from it. The bears look like real teddy bears and the wooden frame and pom-poms give it a natural look while matching the teddy bear colors. It even has a cute little star and teddy bear charm in the center.

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14) DIY Simple Cloth Teddy Bear

Homemade gifts are often the ones we remember forever. We get something homemade from our mothers or grandmothers, whether it happens to be a blanket, a doll, or something else such as a toy crib. Since this is a teddy bear nursery, you could make a homemade teddy bear for your little one to keep. These directions from WikiHow will help you learn how to sew it using some fairly basic steps. All you need are sewing tools.

15) Bohemian

Teddy bears don’t work well as a background image, so you’ll have to decide on a room style to act as your backdrop. Then, add teddy bears and teddy bear-themed decorations as your accents to establish the room’s theme. That said, what works as a backdrop for a teddy bear room? Bohemian nurseries like this one are a wonderful choice because they use a lot of natural materials that have a similar brown, fluffy look to a teddy bear.

16) Baby’s First Teddy Bear

Your baby will have many firsts over the upcoming years. This is probably their first nursery filled with their first toys during their first year of life. Not to mention, you’ll be filling the nursery with their first teddy bears and teddy bear decorations, so you might want to make sure their first one is special. You can get a teddy bear like this one from Amazon that says “Baby’s First Teddy Bear.” It even comes in either pink or blue so that you can choose the right one for your baby boy or girl.

17) Teddy Bear Monogram Name Decal

What’s your baby’s name? For many parents and guardians, it’s important to be able to display their child’s name since that’s a large part of their identity and what makes their nursery unique to them. This nursery is no different, so if you’re interested, you can get a large monogram decal like this one with a teddy bear on it. What makes this unique is the large monogram letter in the background and the fact that you have a nearly endless selection of colors once you hit the customize button.

18) DIY Teddy Bear Ornament

Pom-poms are a fun way to decorate a nursery because they lend a soft look to anything you create or decorate with them, which is a good idea in a nursery since you’ll want a soft look. Any sleeping space needs soft, comfortable furniture and soft decorations to help give the impression of a restful and cozy room. For that kind of look, you can try something like this pom-pom teddy bear decoration that you can make using a regular ornament and some pom-poms. 

19) Teddy Bear Sleeping on the Moon

The moon and stars are common nursery symbols because they make people think of nighttime and sleeping. That makes them ideal for a sleeping space, so we decided to show you a decoration that included teddy bears and the moon. This decal from Amazon is absolutely adorable, with a teddy bear holding a toy plane as if he fell asleep playing with it. He rests on a moon that has a rope tied to it as if it were hung in the sky, just as so many fairy tales claim.

20) DIY Teddy Bear Folded Book

Books are magical things, drawing even the youngest child into a realm of fantasy, fun, and exploration. Whether they’re looking at colorful shapes or reading a complex plot, everyone can be inspired by books. To get your little one started early, you can make decorations like this teddy bear folded book that can help get your baby interested by making them curious. This decoration is also unique and will likely inspire imaginative play in the years to come.

21) Bear Lamp

Lamps are important things to have in nurseries because they allow you to illuminate only the areas you need if you wake up and have to change or soothe your baby at night. This makes it easier for you to fall asleep since the room won’t be as bright, and it helps you to see what you’re doing in the places you need to. This can be useful at a changing table or when you’re reading a book during the daytime, too, since you probably don’t need bright focused light elsewhere.

What do you think we should have added to our list? Do you have a favorite teddy bear memory that’d complete this nursery? Please let us know in the comments below.

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