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You're having a baby girl, and it's time to start designing their nursery. Maybe it's your first baby, or maybe you're trying to find some new and creative ideas. Having a baby comes with a lot of decisions, and every decision you make about a nursery will affect how comfortable the room is for you and your baby. See if some of these Baby Girl Nursery Ideas help you make a feminine and relaxing nursery.

1) Mermaids

Mermaids are a fun theme for little girls as they become fascinated by these mythical fish-tailed women. As they grow up, they watch shows like H2O: Just Add Water and My Little Mermaid and grow to love mermaids even more. Get mermaid themed bedding sets like this from Amazon, and look for more mermaid decor that you can keep in the room as your baby grows older and begins to watch TV shows and movies with mermaids in them.

2) Princess

Many little girls love princesses, whether they're from fairytales or real life. Many fairytales feature princesses, and you'll likely read some princess stories to your little girl. Try getting cute princess themes decorations or toys like this mobile from Walmart that has butterflies and princess crowns. This way, your little girl can look up at princess crowns and dream about the fairytales you tell her as she gets older and begins to understand them. Look for more princess decorations that you can keep in her room for a long time, too.

3) DIY Pink Sponge Accent Wall

Pink is often associated with girls, so it makes sense to paint your baby girl's nursery pink. While you can use one shade of pastel pink, that won't be the most stimulating choice. If you want a more stimulating pattern for the wall, you can use this video by Adrianna Pryor to learn how to make a sponge accent wall. The wall has multiple colors in different shades of pink so that it's still feminine but looks more interesting than a single-color wall.

4) Purple

Pink is a traditional girl's color, but if you don't want to go with a cliche color, think about getting purple decorations and furniture to make a purple theme for your nursery. Purple is feminine and soothing, but it's not as typical as pink, though it's common enough that you can find it easily in stores. Since this color is naturally darker, look for pastels or get polka-dotted or striped items like this dresser from Amazon.

5) Chalk Paint or Milk Paint

There's a fair chance that you'll want your nursery to have pale and creamy colors. They're soothing for sleeping around, as opposed to vibrant colors that could upset your baby or keep them awake, and pastels and creamy colors are more feminine than a lot of more intense colors. Try getting chalk paint or milk paint like this for a softer, more calming, and more feminine look, then accent it with furniture in interesting colors and patterns to entertain your baby while they're awake.

6) Doll Set

Doll sets are a great toy for any child, but they're often thought of as girls' toys. They promote imaginative play and encourage your child to practice social interactions as they get older, making them a great toy for a child who'll grow up in the era of cell phones, tablets, and technologies that haven't been invented yet. Get them a twin set like this one from Amazon so that they can pretend that the two dolls are playing together and play with the dolls in many more ways than they can with a single doll.

7) Pink Walls

Pink is traditionally a feminine color, and it's often used for little girls to show their gender. Thus, it makes a lot of sense to have a pink nursery for your baby girl. You can paint the walls pink or get pink wallpaper like the wallpaper in this photo to make pink a dominant color in the room. The great thing about pink walls is that they work for babies, but also for little girls, so you won't need to repaint when your little girl gets older.

8) Frills

Frilly and cuts things belong in a baby girl nursery. Ruffles and other feminine textures are cute for any baby but fit better in a feminine nursery. You can get furniture with ruffles or buy ruffled rugs and lacey clothes for your baby girl, or look for other ways to add delicate textures to the room. Make sure that any lace is in a place where the baby can't get ahold of it since they can choke on it.

9) Frilly Rope Basket

Rope baskets are a great alternative to cloth baskets since they're just as soft but have a different texture. A variety of textures is a great way to keep your baby stimulated with many interesting things for them to look at, touch, and learn about. Since it's soft, it'll go well in a nursery without any risk of the baby bumping their head and hurting herself, and if you get a frilly pink one like this from Amazon, it'll look perfect for a baby girl's nursery.

10) DIY Fabric Letters

Nurseries are soft spaces for babies to sleep and play safely, and they typically have cute imagery and colors. Adding your baby's name to the wall is a great way to customize it and add textures and colors to your walls. Try using these instructions by Jillian Warner to make soft and cloudlike letters for your baby girl. Since you're making the letters yourself, you can use a cloth that fits your nursery or a traditional color to let people know you have a baby girl, such as pink or purple.

11) Soft Grey and Pink

Decorating a girl's nursery is often about soft and pastel colors since those colors are considered feminine. That said, you don't have to stick with pink on its own. If you're looking for a way to create a soft and feminine theme that doesn't seem monotonous, get pink and grey decorations and furniture like this pink and grey whale sheet from Amazon. You can get an assortment of animals or just look for pink and grey stripes since pink and grey look good together and create a soft look when combined.

12) DIY Floral Mobile

Flowers are a beautiful way to liven up any girl's space, from infancy to adulthood. If you like flowers and want some in your nursery, you can get live flowers if you'll remember to care for them, or you can make a flower mobile using these instructions by Bre from Elevated Mommy Life. Your little girl is much more likely to enjoy these flowers since she'll be looking at them a lot, while she's unlikely to look at flowers sitting on a windowsill until she gets older.

13) Pink Baby Clothes Hangers

While you can get away with just a dresser for your baby's clothes, hangers are a convenient way to store clothes since you can grab them quickly while dealing with a crying or struggling infant if you need to. Get pink hangers like these to match any colorful pink and purple baby decor in your little girl's room. This way, your clothing storage is not only easy to access and use but also pretty, cute, and girlish.

14) DIY Disney Princess

Disney princesses are a big part of growing up for many girls, and if you like Disney, you'll want to put some Disney princesses and princess decor in your baby girl nursery. While you can buy expensive baby toys, decorations, and sheets from a store, there are ways to make Disney decorations that don't cost a lot. Use these directions by Ruth V. from Viva Veltoro to make Disney princess letters that aren't pink and frilly but still show your favorite Disney characters.

15) Pink and Grey Bed Bumper

Bed bumpers are a good way to keep your baby from bumping their head and make a soft and safe space for them to sleep. When you look for one, you'll want one that's the right size for your crib so that it doesn't become a hazard. Then, look for ways to make it match your decor, and make it into a decoration with soft colors that will look nice and help your baby sleep. Pink and grey bed bumpers like these have a great color combination since pink is feminine and grey is a soft and restful color.

16) DIY Montessori Wardrobe

What is Montessori? Perhaps you've heard of it, or perhaps it's a new term to you. The Montessori philosophy is all about teaching your kids to be independent, which is more important than ever for young girls nowadays. Think about using the instructions in this video to make a Montessori wardrobe. As your baby girl grows into toddlerhood, she can get her own clothes and learn to dress herself quickly like the independent little girls she's growing to be.

17) Cloud Castle

Your nursery is baby-proofed, of course, but it can be nice to have a small space set aside where you know your baby can't get into anything they shouldn't. You can get a playpen like this from Amazon to give your baby girl a safe place to play while you organize, clean, or do other chores. The cute fantasy playpen is cloud castle themed with pastel panels, making it perfect for a baby girl's nursery.

18) Pale Pink Accessories

Pink is a typical girl's color, so you'll want plenty of it in your baby girl's nursery, but you don't want the pink to be overwhelming. If you want more toned down pink, don't paint the entire room or make all the furniture pink. Instead, get a few pink accessories and smaller furniture items like lamps and changing pads to add a touch of pink to the room. This creates a more subtle and tasteful feminine look.

19) DIY Floor Pouf

Nurseries need soft textures that are comforting to the baby and have an interesting look and feel that will fascinate your baby. If you have a little experience with sewing, you can make your own soft decorations and furnishings to create a soft environment for the nursery. Use these directions by Grey House Harbor from Project Nursery to sew a floor pouf for an incredibly soft nursery seat. You can use a grey like the one Grey House Harbor made or choose a more feminine color.

20) Peach

If you're looking for a feminine color scheme that's befitting a little girl, but you don't want to use typical pink and purple, go with a unique color like peach. Peach is a soft and feminine color that will be easy on the eyes and let your baby sleep restfully. You can get peach paint like this from The Home Depot since it's a light color that you can comfortably use for large areas without it being overwhelming.

21) Unicorn

If you want an imaginative theme that a little girl will love, try making a unicorn-themed nursery, or simply adding a few decorations and toys that are shapes like unicorns. Unicorns are a unique and fun mythical creature that little girls love, and you can easily find unicorn baby things or even plushies like the one in this picture. Since girls typically love unicorns as they grow older, you'll probably be able to keep any furniture or stuffed animals you get for a long time.

22) Closet Dividers

Babies grow quickly, and you'll probably want to keep a few different sizes of clothing on hand so that you'll have bigger clothes when they grow out of their old ones. Since you'll probably end up with a collection of old clothing as well as the new ones in bigger sizes, you can get closet dividers like these from Amazon to make it easy to grab the right clothes quickly. The dividers are pink to match girl clothes and decor, too!

23) Bed Skirt

Bed skirts are becoming less common nowadays, but if you want an old fashioned, feminine nursery, they're the perfect way to decorate a crib and keep dust out from underneath. Get a pretty pink bed skirt like this one from Amazon for your crib, and eventually for your toddler bed as well. Since it's 14 inches high, you should be able to hide plenty of storage behind this cute ruffle, too. If you like the idea but not this particular skirt, you can sew your own or look for more in different colors or sizes.

24) Flower Wall Picture

Flowers are a cute and feminine addition to any room, so if you're looking to make a girly nursery for your baby, they're a great thing to have. If you don't want real flowers, either because you're allergic, don't want to have to care for them, or for other reasons, you can still have flowers in the nursery. Try making customized flower wall art using this video tutorial from Sharpe Designs by Lakeisha so that you can have flowers without the difficulties of real flowers.

25) Feminine Blue

Blue is a boy's color, right? While blue is typically a boy's color, there are ways to make a tasteful blue nursery that's still feminine. If you like blue but don't want your nursery to look like a boy's nursery, you can use this guide by Kelley Nan to learn how she made a blue nursery that was still appropriate for a baby girl. While you don't want to make the entire room bright blue, you can easily apply some blue to create a more subtle look and still include a favored color.

26) Hearts

Hearts are cute imagery for babies, and they're often associated with little girls and women. If you want your little girl to be surrounded by love and pretty colors, think about getting a heart mobile or other decorations with hearts on them for her. Hearts are great for a girl's nursery in particular because they're often pink and will probably match other baby girl nursery decor. While you can get a mobile like this one from Walmart, you can also find heart decorations easily at any craft store and customize heart decor.

27) Beaded Lights

Believe it or not, lighting is one of the most important decisions you'll make for your nursery. You'll want soft lights, not only to complement soft colors and feminine decor but because they're healthier for sleeping space and for a baby in particular. You'll also want to get decorative lights like these beaded ones from Amazon so that they're part of the decor and so that the bulb is shaded by some beads or another decorative shade.

28) DIY Flower Wreath

Flowers are a great thing to have in a baby girl's nursery because they're feminine and because they're a beautiful thing to have in any room. Since real flowers in a vase can be a lot of work to maintain, and you're already caring for a young baby, you'll want fake flowers instead. One way to make fake flower decorations is to use these instructions from Hillary Michelle to create a flower wreath decoration. If your little girl doesn't like it when she grows up, it'll be a great decoration to put anywhere in the house later on, too.

29) DIY Sock Dolls

Sock dolls are a cute decoration that uses up old socks that you'd probably throw away otherwise. Unlike a lot of decorations, they also work as toys that are soft and cuddly for your infant to play with. You can use the tutorial in this video by 8 o'Clock Sun to learn how to make sock dolls and create a collection for your little girl. If you're on a budget, this will be a great way to make her a doll collection.

30) Minnie Mouse

If you grew up around figures like Mickey and Minnie Mouse and have fond memories of them, you probably want to have them in your little girl's nursery so that she can have those same happy experiences. You can design or buy Minnie Mouse decorations like the wall decoration in this picture. The neat webbing is similar to a dream catcher that can catch your child's bad dreams, and it's a unique decoration that doesn't imitate standard plastic children's toys.

31) DIY Refinish Furniture

If you want a more thematic nursery, or if you've had a baby boy and now you're looking for baby girl decorations, don't be afraid to reuse things. When your neighbor offers you their son's old dresser or crib, go ahead and take it, then use the directions in this article from Spot of Tea Designs to refinish it and make it look like it belongs in a girl's nursery. This is also a great chance to use colors that match your preferred decorating scheme.

32) Pastels

You can have feminine colors like pink in your baby girl's nursery, but you don't have to rely on typical colors like pink or purple. Instead, you can create a feminine look using pastels and other soft colors like the ones in this picture. When you look for your decorations, try to get soft cream and pastel colors instead of bold colors. You can even get blue things as long as they’re small and subtle.

33) Pink Elephants

While you probably know that pink is a typical girl's color, you'll also find in your research that there are a lot of ways to use pink in a nursery. Do you want pink walls? What about pink sheets and pink and grey stripes? One great way to add pink decor that will look cute and entertain your baby is to get pink elephant decals and decorations like these from Amazon. Elephants are adorable, and children typically love animals, making them ideal for a baby girl's nursery.

34) DIY Button Art

If you want an old fashioned look or atmosphere for your baby girl nursery, you'll want some homemade decorations or ones that look homemade. If you're not the most experienced when it comes to sewing and other crafts, try making artwork like the button art in this picture. The buttons make it look old fashioned and crafty, but if you're inexperienced, you can just glue them in whatever pattern you want. You might also notice that they're Disney princesses, but you can make any decorations you think your baby girl will love!

35) Pink and Gold

Since pink is a fairly common baby girl's color, you'll want to use it, but you don't want your entire room to be the same tone of pink. Instead, you'll need to find colors that go well with pink, like gray or creamy white. Gold is one color you may not have thought of, but you can create a beautiful color scheme using pink and gold. Take a look at this remodel of a gold and pink dresser by Cuckoo 4 Design to see what you think of the color combination.

36) Grey and Pink Elephants

Elephants are a great decoration for any nursery since they're cute, and babies and small children generally love animals. To make them match your baby girl's nursery, you'll probably want soft colors like pink. After all, pink is a typical girl's color. That said, elephants aren't normally pink, so mixing in some grey makes them a little more realistic without taking away the standard feminine pink. Think about getting pink items like these with grey elephants on them to get the best mix of realistic colors and cute pink baby decor.

37) Vinyl Flooring

You might be focused on decorations, but don't neglect the floor in your nursery. While carpets are soft and comfy, you might need to think in a more practical way. Make sure that your nursery floor is something easy to clean, like vinyl; you can even use this tutorial from Nashville Wifestyles to learn how to install the vinyl yourself. Then, decorate using soft carpets that you can pick up and clean when they inevitably get dirty. Check out the article from Nashville Wifestyles to see how you can add pink rugs to vinyl to create a soft girl's nursery.

What are your plans for your little girl's nursery? We're always looking to hear about unique ideas that parents come up with! Please let us know in the comments below.

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