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You're expecting a child or planning to buy a gift for their baby shower. The theme of the nursery is white and pink, and you're looking for some Pink and White Nursery Ideas to create a gorgeous room that's stimulating when necessary and calming when it needs to be. We found some ideas to help you build that dream space for the baby.

1) White with Pink Ceiling

There are a variety of ways to create a coordinated pink and white look for a nursery. Remember that your baby will be spending a lot of their time on their back in their crib, so decorating the ceiling will make a lot more sense than it would in a living room. You'll want something stimulating for them to look at, and you can include the ceiling in your overall decorating. We suggest trying something unusual by painting the walls white and the ceiling pink.

2) Pink and White Tree Decal

Pink and white are your main colors, but it's helpful to have a third color to help tie the room together and add more dimension to it. Rooms with three or more colors just tend to look better, so we suggest painting the walls a third color like an extremely pale yellow to create a happy and sunny atmosphere. Then, get a decal like this with a pink and white tree to create a light contrast and coordinate with the rest of your theme. A decal like this is a beautiful way to bring nature into the room.

3) DIY Decoupage

If you've never tried decoupage before, this is the ideal time to try it out to make decorations for your baby's room. Even if your first tries don't turn out perfectly, your baby won't mind, and they'll have colorful homemade decorations to look at. Decoupage is a wonderful choice for a nursery since it has so much texture that'll be interesting to your baby and keep the room from seeming flat. Try using this video to design pink and white decoupage decorations like flowers on glass bottles.

4) Nature and Cultures

It's important to bring nature into the nursery to expose your baby to the outdoors while they're young and probably spend most of their time inside. Natural intelligence is important, and seeing nature imagery will help them become curious about it, so we suggest adding images of nature close to where your baby sleeps so they'll see them every day. These pink, white, and brown crib sheets from Amazon are a perfect way to do that.

5) DIY Patchwork Quilt

Patchwork quilts are a beautiful and traditional gift for a child, and white and pink are subtle enough that you can design a creative and unique quilt with those colors. Even if you've never made a patchwork quilt before, you can use this tutorial to learn how to make a lovely quilt for the baby. We loved the idea of making one like the one in this Polkadot Chair article with pink trim and white and pink squares. We liked that they included a variety of colors but made sure that the pink and white were dominant.

6) White Polka Dots on Pink

Normally, dark colors go on top of lighter colors, but in some cases, you can create an incredible look by doing the opposite. Generally, your best option for this design idea is to do it over small areas since large areas of dark color can make a room seem claustrophobic. Try finding decorations and furniture like these pink dresser drawer organizers with white polka dots from Amazon. It's designed to divide drawers into smaller sections so that they'll fit baby clothes more comfortably.

7) Mix in Gold

It's important to include more colors than just pink and white in the room since two colors would create a flat look that's not stimulating to a baby. Surprisingly enough, gold looks wonderful with white and pink, and gold nursery decorations are easier to find than you might think. We loved these gold polka dots and thought they'd look amazing against white walls, either mixed with pink polka dots or in a room with pink furniture. The reflective gold will also be something unusual to keep your baby stimulated and occupied.

8) Unicorns

Unicorns are white and pink a lot of the time, or at least the childish cartoon depictions that people use in nurseries are. This makes them ideal for your baby's nursery since unicorns promote imagination, and children typically love them, so your baby is more likely to want them around as they grow older. Pink and white unicorns are easy to find, and you can design a nursery like the unicorn-themed one in this video.

9) Stripes

Polka dots are lovely nursery decorations for a two-color theme since they're a pattern that'll stimulate the baby's mind, and they look soft and pretty to adults. Stripes have a similar effect since they're a pretty pattern and pink and white stripes work well on walls, furniture, or sheets. You can also get a hamper like this that's half pink and half white to give the impression of stripes, then add one or two other striped things around the room to match.

10) Vintage

A pink and white nursery doesn't have to be made with pink plastics and wide swathes of bright pink that you'd see in a modern thematic nursery. Instead, you can design a more subtle vintage nursery with light, well-blended touches of pink and white that are easy on the eyes. Try designing something like this Project Nursery room with faint pink walls and gorgeous vintage white furniture to create a look that this color scheme is uniquely suited for.

11) Pink Polka Dots on White

If you don't want to constantly remodel, your best option for a pink and white room is to have white walls with pink decorations. This way, you'll have a blank template when your baby gets older so that they can pick whatever colors they want to use in their room. Try getting pink polka dot decals like these so that you can make it look like you fully remodeled the nursery, but you can remove the dots later on to change the look more easily than if you painted them on.

12) Places

What's your favorite place in the world? This is a location that inspires you and sparks your imagination, and it can be the same for your child. You can find decorations like this pink and white "Paris" hamper that show places you love, and as your child grows, they can look at these representations and grow curious about the same places you love. This is a way to bond with your child over time, and the pink and white woven into the writing on the hamper will match your decor.

13) White with Pink Accent Wall

If you like darker or more intense pinks or want to use large amounts of pink, an accent wall might be the perfect option for you. You can paint most of your room white since it's a neutral color and won't interfere with sleep, and then add a pink accent wall to customize the room and create the pink and white look you want. We found this video that you can use to paint a geometric pink accent wall with different shades of pink to intrigue your baby and stimulate their mind.

14) Textured Whites

Pink and white can have a flat look if you're not careful, but you can keep it from becoming boring by using textures, particularly for the white parts since white is a neutral color. Look for white things with extremely coarse textures like these rope baskets. We liked these a lot because the rope has a very coarse texture that your baby can learn to identify through both touch and sight. At a young age, babies rely on all of their senses more, so this will not only add dimension to your room but give your baby something to touch.

15) Mint Accents

Your baby's room should probably have more than just pink and white in it, though pink and white are your main colors, of course. Mint green is a soft and subtle color that looks amazing in either a girl or boy's room, and it mixes in well with pink and white. Try designing a pink, white, and mint green room like the one in this article to create a unique look that'll still have the light, soft tone of a pink and white room.

16) Greenery

Pink is a common color for flowers, and most people love the look of flowers, so it's only natural to include some pink flowers with white background. That said, there are also a lot of different flowers out there, and having nothing but pink could become overwhelming for you or your baby. One of our favorite solutions to this was these crib sheets with pink, yellow, and white flowers with green stems. This is an excellent way to use realistic imagery that still matches the rest of the room and would look perfect in a vintage-style nursery.

17) White Hearts on Pink

Hearts are a standard pink image, and you might have thought about adding some of them to your baby's room, but we'd suggest finding a way to make them a bit more bold and exciting. Instead of the standard pink heart, try getting something like this bedding set with a white heart on pink. The blanket has just one large heart that'd make a lovely wall decoration or a wonderful blanket to use in their crib.

18) White with Red Flowers

Pink is a combination of red and white, so one way to add some dimension to a pink room and keep it from looking dull and two-dimensional is to add touches of red. This creates a three-color look without straying from your pink and white color scheme. We'd suggest buying or making bedding and small decorations that have red flowers on a white background. Since they're smaller pieces, there won't be too much red, but there'll be just enough to add variety.

19) Yellow

Sometimes you need a third color in a room to add variety, particularly since it's so easy to find pink baby things and fill the nursery with nothing but pink and white. Try adding a third color like yellow that goes well with both pink and white, but add it in a subtle way so that it isn't the first thing people see. You want pink and white to be the colors they notice, of course. We thought these colorful storage bins were perfect since they're pink and white on the outside but yellow on the inside.

20) Pink, White, and Sage Green

Greens are another good color to mix into a pink and white nursery if the pink and white alone are too flat, but there are a few different shades of green. Sage green can make a wonderful choice with blush pink and off-white. You can see in this image how it blends perfectly with pink and white to create a subtle and soft look that's perfect for a vintage room. It also goes well with any neutrals you might want to add to tone down the pink.

21) Three Shades

You might not like the idea of adding another color into your pink and white room, and that's perfectly understandable. After all, you choose those two colors for a reason! Nonetheless, two colors can be a bit flat, so a simple solution is to use two different shades of pink, along with the white, to create a look with three varied shades. You can get things like this rope basket so that you'll have a variety of textures and three different pink and white shades.

How's your nursery coming along? Did you find the idea you were looking for, or are you still on the hunt for more inspiration? Please, let us know in the comments below!

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