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Pink and black are bold colors that look amazing together. You're a fan of that color scheme, and you want to put it in your nursery, or maybe a friend is decorating their nursery that way, and you're at a loss for what baby gifts to get them. That's okay! We've found some of the best Pink and Black Nursery Ideas for you!

1) Bold Patterns

When it comes to decorating a space with pink and black, bold is big! You'll want to decorate with bold patterns, but you might not want them on walls since the walls may have to get repainted when your baby gets older. Try decorating your furniture with pink and black patterns, like this floral dresser makeover by Amber from Busy Creating Memories. She used black and white, but you can design an equally bold look with pink and black.

2) DIY Patchwork Quilt

Patchwork quilts are some of the best gifts or furnishings you can get for a baby since they're timeless. The baby will outgrow them, but they may still cling to their old quilt, and when they're an adult, they can pass it on to their own child. Since baby blankets tend to last a long time, they should be meaningful, and making one yourself is a wonderful way to make a meaningful gift. It's also great for a pink and black room because pink and black baby stuff can be hard to find. Try these instructions to make a quilt.

3) Chevron Wall Letters

Spelling a baby's name on the wall is one of the most popular decorations for a reason; it labels the space as a unique area that belongs to that child, and that's more important with an infant since they can't brans their space with dinosaur posters or toy rocket ships until they discover hobbies and favorite toys to decorate with. Their name is important, and you can create unique name letters with this tutorial. Instead of buying premade letters, try making these chevron ones in pink and black or pink, grey, and black.

4) Happy Zebras!

Babies and little kids love animals, so designing a room with a lot of cute and cuddle animals is an excellent way to create a space they'll love as they grow older. In a black and white room, zebras would naturally look right, but there aren't any pink and black animals. That's okay! You can find zebras with pink accessories to match a black and pink room. We loved this poster of a happy zebra blowing bubbles with pink bubblegum!

5) Black and White Letters

Every baby spends most of their day studying their environment and learning from it. They learn object permanence, colors, shapes, and discover that things fall when they drop them. As they grow older, you can make sure they have an intellectually stimulating environment by exposing them to things like letters and shapes. They won't learn them right away, but the shapes will look familiar to them when they do begin to learn them. Try getting furnishings like this hamper with black and white letters.

6) Pink, Black, and Gold

With pink and black as your main colors, you're probably going for a bold look, but it could turn out to be too bold for your baby. After all, they need to sleep here, and you don't want it to be too intense for them to sleep. Adding in gold won't make the area less bold, but it will tone things down enough that you won't have as harsh of a contrast. This should keep the room from being too stimulating.

7) Pink and Black Watercolor Flowers

Pink and black is a bold combination, sure, but there are ways to use it that are subtle and will create a look that's vibrant but still classy. We love this pink and black floral wallpaper since it'll tie any black and pink decorations and furniture together, and the pink flowers are still subtle, pretty, and feminine. The best thing is, they aren't intense enough to make it harder for the baby to sleep as some pink and black patterns could be.

8) Black and Pink Ballerinas

Little girls often love ballerinas! A baby's room can become a beautiful daydream with ballerinas and other graceful decorations, and these will blend perfectly into a pink and black room. Since black is a dark color, you won't want to use large amounts of it, and ballerinas with ivory skin and pink clothes are the perfect way to add bits of black without creating an overwhelmingly dark space. If your little girl doesn't like ballerinas later, pictures like these are a lot less permanent than decals and ballerina-themed furniture, too.

9) Butterflies

Butterflies are one of the best baby girl room decorations since they come in so many different colors. Pink butterflies are some of the most delicate and lovely, too. Since black is a dark color, you don't want a lot of unbroken black, so we'd suggest including it in small broken-up pieces like these black butterflies. You can help create a sense of wonder for your baby by pinning black and pink butterflies around so that they ance across the walls like they do in this video tour.

10) Baby Hunter's Blanket

If you're a hunter, you'll love this baby blanket. A lot of women's hunting gear is pink and black or pink and brown, and baby gear is no exception. If you're trying to furnish a baby room for your little hunter, you can get a blanket with pictures of deer, arrows, and trees like this one. The pink ad black look good together, and it's probably something she'll love as she gets older and gets to see deer and learn archery or hunting.

11) Pink, Black, and Gray Rug

In a lot of cases, you'll want to get decorations that are either pink or black and focus on making sure you have a balance throughout the room. While that's one option, you can also get pieces like the black, gray, and pink rug. It includes the colors in your color scheme in a way that's already balanced so that the three colors look good together, and you can change the look of the entire room by taking the rug away if your child grows older and doesn't like the color scheme anymore.

12) DIY Pink and Black Quilt

Pink and black are somewhat easy to find, but if you want the two colors combined in one item, it's very hard to find them, particularly when it comes to baby items. One solution to this is to make your own. For example, you can design and make a quilt using these instructions. This is a beginner's project so that even unskilled parents can create something their child will cherish forever. We recommend using pink for the main portion and black for the quilt edges.

13) Black Dots on Pink

A lot of babies' rooms have polka dots since they're a cute pattern and give the infant something entertaining to look at when they're not sleeping. In a black and pink room, we'd suggest painting the walls pink and then getting black polka dot decals like these to decorate the wall. This works better than pink polka dots on a white wall since the contrast makes them more visible, particularly to newborns who can't see colors yet.

14) Sheer Grey

Just because pink and black are the main colors in your baby's room doesn't mean you can't add other colors. Grey, in particular, is a good color to add since it'll soften up the room and keep it from becoming too intense or dark for a baby. It'll also make the room look more three-dimensional without getting rid of the room's bold look. We liked these grey and pink sheer curtains since they have bold colors.

Did any of these ideas speak to you? What decorating ideas will you use in your baby's room? Please let us know in the comments below!

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