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You love sports, and you want your little boy or girl to grow up with that same love. Whether it’s the day Michael Jordan was drafted or Nadia Comaneci’s Perfect 10, you want your little one to celebrate future moments with you. So, you’re designing a sports nursery. These Sports Themed Nursery Ideas For Boys and Girls should help youtube set up, whether you’re a fan of one sport or an all-around sports-lover.

Sports Themed Nursery Ideas for Boys

1) All-Star Baby Boy

Are you a fan of local teams, or do you love watching the incredible things that all-star teams can do? Are you the sort of person who keeps track of famous players and which team is going to win the Superbowl? In that case, you’ll want to convey that love of not just the sport but the players. You can make an all-star-themed nursery like this little boy’s nursery. The wall above the crib is amazing with the infant’s name, a “baby boy” decoration, and the words “all-star!”

2) Sports Bear Lamp

Babies and little kids like cute things, so you’ll want to find a way to make your sports decorations cute (or at least some of them). When we saw this cute lamp with a bear wearing sports gear, we thought it could be the perfect blend of cute and sporty! A lamp makes a nice decoration since it’s practical and decorative; you’ll probably want a lamp no matter what since they’re convenient for checking on your baby without turning on bright overhead lights that could wake them.

3) DIY Basketball Name Sign

Your baby’s name is their first possession. The letters in it’ll probably be the first letters they learn, and until you know their favorite games, sports, and toys, it’s the only thing that’s completely designed for them. That makes it important to have some kind of lettering with your little boy’s name on the wall. We found this tutorial for making a basketball sign with your boy’s name on it and thought it could be the perfect sports-themed name sign for your nursery.

4) Blue Animal Sports Mobile

Babies and little kids love animals, and baby animals in particular, but how can you put animals in a sports-themed nursery? This mobile from Amazon would be a good start since it has several types of animals playing with basketballs and soccer balls. It even plays music for 20 minutes at a time so that your baby can watch cute animals play ball while listening to soothing music. The blue top and soft blue sleeves should match any blue baby boy decor you have, too.

5) Blue Baseball Milestone Blanket

Milestone blankets are a huge thing for a lot of people, and if you love the idea of watching your baby’s progress as he slowly grows bigger and becomes more aware of his environment, a milestone blanket would be a lovely thing to have. This one from Amazon has a big baseball that your little one can lay in the middle of for photographs, and the blanket is advertised as soft and comfortable. The dark blue background is also a good color for a masculine nursery and for baby boy pictures.

6) Bold Red and Neutrals

While blue is obviously the most traditional color for a little boy, there are other ways to create a masculine space for your little one. For example, you can create a sports-themed room with bold reds and neutrals like the ones in this nursery. This way, you can create a less traditional nursery but still have some incredible sports decorations. If you want, try using your team’s colors and patterns, too, as long as they’re not pink!

7) Blue Bedding

Sports bedding is almost essential for a little boy’s sports-themed nursery. A child’s bedding is something that’s close by and with them a lot of the time, so it should probably fit your overall theme. This bedding set would be appropriate for a boy’s nursery since it has a variety of sports equipment, and it’s blue to show that your baby is a little boy. It even comes with a diaper stacker and window valance so that the crib and the window and changing table will match.

8) Modern

A nursery can be cutesy with pastel blues and baby animals or it can be a lovely modern space with a soothing atmosphere. If you like modern decorating, you can create a modern sports nursery like the one in this video. Try starting with a blue accent wall like theirs for your baby boy, then add sports decorations in black and white or neutral colors. Make sure that your colors match like their area rug and accent wall do to create a cohesive and comforting environment.

9) Blue Sports Ball Mobile

Sports balls are often the most recognizable thing about a sport. If you’re trying to show somebody you love baseball, you’ll probably have a baseball on display somewhere. Your nursery is no exception, and little kids love balls, so you can get things like this sports ball mobile with football, basketball, baseball, and soccer. This gives your baby something thematic to look at all the time and the blue sleeve makes it appropriate for a boy’s nursery.

10) Baseball

If you have a favorite sport, you’ll want to include it a lot in your son’s nursery, but if not, three are no limits on how creative you can get. For example, you can use small balls like baseballs or tennis balls to build decorations and even furniture. In fact, baseball bats are excellent building material for the determined do-it-yourselfer, too! Take a look at some of these baseball DIY projects and try building your little boy some baseball shelves for his toys and future keepsakes.

11) Animals Playing Sports Bedding

Since babies love animals, they’re an excellent thing to add to almost any nursery. You can even combine animals and sports together in your son’s nursery with things like this animals playing sports bedding set. This set has a bunch of animals playing with different sports balls on a blue background since this is a boy’s nursery. You can even find a matching Lambs and Ivy sports monkey lamp on Amazon or search for other decorations from the same collection to make everything match.

12) Blue and Gray With Sports Touches

Your nursery should be a soothing place for your little one, and gray and blue are two of the most soothing colors to promote restful sleep. The nice thing about that is that blue is a traditionally masculine color, too! You can make a blue and gray nursery like this one, then add touches of sports memorabilia, toys, books, and more to make it feel like a sports-themed room. That way, your little one can have calming sleep and still have fun sports decorations and toys.

13) Racecar Milestone Blanket

Everybody likes different sports, and if you love racing, you’ll probably love this racing milestone blanket. Unlike some rather plain milestone blankets, this one has a speed gauge to measure how many months old your little boy is and it says “start your engines.” This is a unique and cool way to photograph your son every month as he grows, and if the blanket’s soft enough, you can use it as a play rug or blanket between photographs, too.

Sports Themed Nursery Ideas for Girls

14) Gymnastics Name Decal

A child’s name is often the first set of letters they learn. Children are often fascinated with their own names, so having decals and signs with your baby’s name is an excellent way to show it to them. You can get a gymnastics decal like this that shows a female athlete, and order it customized with your daughter’s name. Showing female athletes is an excellent way to foster a love of sports in your little one!

15) DIY Logo

It’s hard to find sports-themed decorations that are designed for girls If you do, you’ll probably find decorations that are made for ballet and gymnastics and traditional “female” sports. This can make decorating a nursery hard if you love basketball or football more, and it can send a message to your daughter that those are the sports she should like. One way to avoid this is to create a sporty impression without showing any specific games. Try creating a team logo for your family using this logo creator, and use your team colors on the walls and in the logo. 

16) Pink Walls

Many sports decorations for nurseries are targeted towards boys, making it hard to design sports-themed nurseries for girls. One helpful base is to start by painting the walls pink as these parents did. Then, you can get any sports decorations, even blue ones, and the room will still seem like a little girl’s nursery because of the abundance of pink paint. This way, she can have a football or soccer decoration with hints of blue and green on her wall, and it won’t look like it’s a boy’s room.

17) Neutral Decals on Pink Walls

Since it’s hard to find feminine sports decorations for a nursery, you might have to go with gender-neutral decorations, but what if you want a pretty feminine room that’s also sporty? One way to create that effect is to get gender-neutral decorations like this one and put them against pink walls. Even a faint pink will be enough to make decorations like these look like they belong in a girl’s room. You can try finding other decorations that are pink to mix in with your sports decorations, as well.

18) Anything Is Possible

If you’ve been looking for decorations for this nursery for a while, you might be starting to think that finding sports decorations for girls is impossible. If you want your daughter to grow up thinking she can play those sports even though stores don’t seem to encourage girls to do so, maybe you need something like this. This “anything is possible” decal might be something you’ll want to keep up as she grows so that she won’t forget to pursue her dreams if she loves sports.

19) Vintage Gender Neutral

Vintage decorations can create a feminine appearance because they’re more delicate than what most people nowadays typically put in a boy’s nursery. Even if the particular toy or decorations isn’t designed for girls, a homemade and crafty-looking decoration like this vintage scoreboard sign would be wonderful for a girl’s nursery. Since it’s homemade, you can even modify it to match the sport you like the most and, of course, you’ll want to put your little girl’s name on it.

20) DIY Volleyball Decor

If you want a feminine room with traditional female sports, volleyball is one sport that seems to be dominated by girls in schools and even as adults. You can find volleyball-themed cloth like this and use it to make her sports decorations. The nice thing about this is that it’s one of the few team sports that you can find feminine decorations for. Try stretching some of this cloth over a piece of cardboard and painting a letter of her name on it, or even painting her whole name on one sign.

21) DIY Ballet Shoe Decor

If you’re searching for something traditional, ballet shoes are one of the timeless female sports, though more and more men are participating in it. Many little girls love ballet shoes, and they make a pretty pink decoration for a nursery. You can use these instructions to make a creative framed ballet shoe decoration in which the string it hangs from seems to change from a 3D string to part of the 2D image. This sort of optical illusion will fascinate your baby!

22) Shoot For Your Goals! Decal

Soccer is one of the few sports that seems to attract as many men as women, but it’s still difficult to find soccer nursery decor for girls. We found this “Shoot For Your Goals!” soccer decal, and we thought it could blend into a baby girl’s nursery well because the spaces between lines seem to be transparent. This means that the soccer ball will be filled in with whatever color the wall is. You could even paint it a different color behind the decal, making a pink or another feminine-colored accent wall.

23) DIY Soccer Decorations

Since it’s difficult to find sports decorations for girls, you might have to make some of your own. You can start with fabrics that have the sports you like, as this pink soccer ball cloth does, then use them to create toys and decorations. Try tracing and cutting out two pieces of cloth in the same shape, then hot glue them together with stuffing in between to make a small hanging for a homemade sports mobile. Then, hang the shapes from one of two coathangers and hang your new mobile from the ceiling!

24) DIY Baseball Lamp

If you love baseball or softball and want to share that love with your little girl or know that a friend with a daughter loves baseball or softball, you can make thematic decorations using bats. We found a tutorial for a baseball bat lamp here and the neat thing is that you can paint it whatever color you want, whether that’s baby boy blue, feminine pink, or sunny yellow. Try painting the shade yellow if you’re thinking about a softball theme.

25) Bows and Arrows

One incredible thing about nursery decorating is that you can be as cute as you want and it’ll never be over-the-top. If you like archery, you can create a bow and arrows theme with an adorable hidden pun by getting a bows and arrows banner like this. Instead of using an archery bow, the banner has cute pink bows with arrows, making it both archery-themed and girly. While these garlands are designed as party favors, you can use them as permanent nursery decorations or search for other bows and arrows decorations.

26) Pink Pennants

Pennants are a popular decoration for a sports party and an excellent way to show your love for a favorite team or sport. We found these pink banners for your nursery to make the space feel like a sports gathering and since they’re pink, they’ll create both a sporty and feminine appearance. You might even be able to put your baby girl’s name on the flags using fabric markers. Try hanging these from the ceiling or cut them apart and put a small number of flags on various decorations. 

Did any of these ideas help you figure out what to do in your nursery? What did you find here that you hadn’t seen yet? Please tell us your ideas in the comments below!

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