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Many nurseries are based on specific characters, especially beloved characters from children’s books and movies. One favorite is Tinkerbell. Originally debuting in Disney’s “Peter Pan,” she’s since gone on to have her own movie series with six films. 

Besides being a favorite character, she’s also a great choice for a nursery theme based on aesthetics. A Tinkerbell nursery can have a magical look to it, much like a generic fairy nursery, fit with fairy jars, sparkly wall decals, natural elements, and more. If you’d like to see some of the possibilities with this theme, take a look at these Tinker Bell nursery ideas.

1) Tinkerbell Framed Art

This art stood out to me immediately. It has a lot of contrast between the bold shading and the light pastel colors used on Tinkerbell’s clothes and hair. It’s a minimalist piece with a little extra flair. With the “fairy dust dreams” text on it, it would be perfect for hanging on the wall behind a crib with some other wall decor next to it. You can buy this framed art piece from Amazon.

2) Tinkerbell Dandelion Canvas Art

This super cute Tinkerbell painting has a cheery look with the bright pops of yellow in the dandelions. Since it’s in portrait orientation, it would look best over a narrower piece of furniture like a tall nightstand or a small changing table. Otherwise, there would be a lot of space between the art and the sides of the furniture. 

Of course, you can also put it in a collage with other wall decor pieces to fill in the space if you plan to put it over a wider piece of furniture, like a crib. You can buy this canvas art from Amazon.

3) Tinkerbell Doll Makeover DIY

This DIY video transforms a dancer Barbie doll into Tinkerbell with her signature hairstyle and a unique green dress with a fake leaf skirt. While your little one might not be old enough to play with it yet, it would still make a cute piece of decor sitting on a floating shelf or dresser. If you enjoy doll makeovers, you can even make a display with Tinkerbell and her fairy friends from the movies.

4) Tinkerbell Glow in the Dark Wall Decals

These glow-in-the-dark wall decals act as decor during the day and a source of ambient light at night. The simple nature of the design would look great around other Tinkerbell art or even mixed with other Tinkerbell wall decals. The decals are also small enough to fit most anywhere, including on the door. You can buy these wall decals from Amazon. 

5) Tinkerbell Vintage Dictionary Print

This black-and-white dictionary print adds a vintage spin to your little one’s nursery decor. It would look great with a black frame to bring out the center Tinkerbell design. You can buy this print from Amazon.

6) Tinkerbell Shelf Sitter

While their name suggests they should only be placed on shelves, in reality, shelf sitters are a perfect decor piece for floating shelves, bookcases, and dressers alike. This particular shelf sitter also functions as wall decor, thanks to the hook on the back. You can buy this shelf sitter from Amazon.

7) Tinkerbell Fairy Jar DIY

This cute fairy jar is easy to make and, while it has a simple aesthetic, it stands out with the glitter accents, bells, and green ribbon. With the fairy lights inside, it can be used as a small nightlight.

8) Tinkerbell Wall Decals

These small-sized wall decals of Tinkerbell and friends work well as accents around other decor pieces. They can also be used to accent plain-looking drawers. White drawers, for example, will allow the colorful fairies to pop. You can buy these wall decals from Amazon.

9) Tinkerbell Inspirational Canvas Print

This artwork features one of Tinkerbell’s mottos from the Tinkerbell movie series. The abstract watercolor background looks artistic, and the light colors contrast with the black design. You can buy this canvas print from Amazon.

10) Tinkerbell Shadow Box

This beautiful shadow box depicts the classic scene from the Peter Pan movie with Tinkerbell, Peter Pan, Wendy, John, and Michael all flying towards Neverland. With the wood carvings in the design, it has an intricate look to it. It’s also lit in the back, so it can function as a small nightlight. You can buy this shadow box from Etsy

11) Rainbow Tinkerbell and Disney Castle Wall Decals

These rainbow wall decals are perfect if you want some vibrant colors to liven up your little one’s nursery. They’re a great size for hanging on the wall above your little one’s crib. You can buy these decals from Amazon.

12) Tinkerbell Drawing DIY

Whether you don’t like the Tinkerbell wall decor options out there or you need another piece to fill up your Tinkerbell wall art collage, this tutorial makes it easy to sketch and color Tinkerbell with just a piece of paper colored pencils. It’s a simple and affordable option for wall decor — all it needs is a frame!

13) Crochet Tinkerbell Doll

This cute Tinkerbell doll is both a fun toy for your little one and a cute piece of nursery decor. It would look great on a nursery rocker next to a throw pillow or on a toy net. You can buy this doll from Etsy.

14) Tinkerbell Figurine

This smiling Tinkerbell figurine would make a cute addition to floating shelves or a dresser. You can buy this figurine from Amazon.

15) Tinkerbell Hot Glue Waterfall Scene DIY

Normally hot glue is just used for sticking things together, but in this creative DIY, the hot glue is the star of the show! With this DIY tutorial, you can create a beautiful nature scene with a glittering waterfall, lovely greenery, and Tinkerbell herself. This would make a lovely focal piece for a dresser or shelf in your little one’s nursery.

16) Tinkerbell Print

This Tinkerbell print features her in a unique, cartoony style that’s sure to add a lovely touch to your little one’s nursery. Also, since the color palette is predominantly pink rather than green, it’s great for offsetting all the green hues that are typically found in Tinkerbell nurseries. That way, it doesn’t start to look too monocolor. You can buy this print from Etsy.

17) Tinkerbell Light Switch Cover

Yes, even light switches can do with a little decorative treatment from time to time. The vibrant colors on this light switch cover can turn a bland, boring light switch into something that’s practically wall decor. You can buy this light switch cover from Amazon.

Summary and Top Picks

So, did you enjoy looking at these Tinkerbell nursery ideas? I hope you were able to get inspired from some of the fun pieces in here, from hot glue waterfalls to crocheted dolls and even light switch covers. 

I enjoyed curating all the items on this list, but I’d have to say these three were my favorites: 

  • #10 Tinkerbell Shadow Box: I love this Tinkerbell shadow box because of all the intricate details in it. It’s more than just a piece of decor — it’s something you’ll want to treasure for a long time. 
  • #13 Crochet Tinkerbell Doll: Most decor items aren’t for the babies in the nursery much as the aesthetics. But this doll makes a cute decor item and a fun toy at the same time. 
  • #15 Tinkerbell Hot Glue Waterfall Scene DIY: I love how creative this DIY is. Before this, I had no idea you could make such a lovely nature scene with hot glue. 

But I’d love to know your thoughts. Which of these Tinkerbell decor items would you put in your little one’s nursery and why? Let me know in the comments!

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