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You're having a baby girl or defying some gender stereotypes and painting your boy's nursery pink. It's a beautiful color, and you're excited to get started before your bundle of joy arrives, but pink isn't one color; it's many. Which pink is best for your room? It can be hard to pick, so we selected the Best Pink Paint Colors for a Nursery to help you out!

1) 52 Romance

We know how this color sounds, but 52 Romance isn't just a romantic color. It's a beautiful color for a nursery. This color is similar to blush, but it's darker so that it'll look right on furniture and trim. While it could be too dark for a complete wall, it'll create some variety if you get chalk paint like this and use it on a few pieces around the room. If you have a purple and pink room, it's also an excellent way to bridge the gap between the two colors.

2) Soft Pink

Harsh colors don't work in a nursery, so hot pinks and other vibrant and neon versions are out. Instead, we recommend using a variety of soft pinks like the ones in this pink princess nursery so that your baby will be able to sleep at night and won't be overstimulated and upset during the day. This doesn't mean you can't have variety, though; try using darker and lighter pinks as they did in the princess nursery, as long as they're soft and easy on the eyes.

3) Blush and Coral Mix

Blush and coral make an excellent combination for nursery walls and decorations. On its own, blush could be dull if you want a stimulating environment, but coral could be too exciting since it's a somewhat vibrant color. By mixing the two colors as they did in this video, you can add patterns and make it look interesting for you and your baby. Try picking a pattern and painting the walls in both colors using painter's tape. Start with the lighter color.

4) Willow Mist

Willow mist is a light, almost-white pink we found on Amazon. It works well for painting trim, and we think it could be a good color for cribs and chairs in the room, too. Generally, you want the trim to be a darker color than the walls, so it'd be best in a room with white or off-white walls if you're using it for your trim. Since it's so light, it won't be overwhelming and make it hard for your baby to sleep.

5) Lavender and Gray Undertones

Baby pink is a pretty standard color, so if you're trying to change it up a little without moving away from your original pink, we'd suggest finding something with gray or lavender undertones. A lot of nursery decorations and furnishings are lavender or gray, so having those undertones will help the paint color match. Gray and lavender are also cool colors that'll help soothe your baby and make it easier for them to sleep. If you like the idea, take a look at John and Sherry's nursery from this article to see how theirs came out!

6) Dusky Pink

If you want a brighter pink, there's nothing stopping you, but you have to make sure it's not going to overstimulate your baby. This dusky pink color from Amazon is a nice color, and it's still light enough that it shouldn't overstimulate your baby. It'll match a lot of baby toys and decorations that you can find in stores, too. We suggest making pink and white stripes along your walls with it since it's very bright, but the pattern will be something interesting for your baby to look at.

7) Flapper Pink

The name might be a bit odd for a nursery color, but flapper pink is a pretty color that'd look nice in most nurseries. This color is a soft pink that'd probably go well with purple or gray since it looks like it has purple undertones. It's a little on the dark side, but it's not too dark to use. Make sure it works with your lighting since it could be too dark for a room that's not well-lit.

8) Blush

Blush is a popular nursery color for a reason. It's a soft and feminine color that won't overstimulate a baby, and it's light enough that you can use it on the walls without it becoming overwhelming. Blush pink goes well with a lot of other colors, too. For example, we found this video of a blush pink and gold nursery, and you can see how the colors complement each other and create a room fit for a princess.

9) Lighter Than Blush

If you want a very subtle pink, you can get a color similar to blush so that you'll have the versatility and feminine look of blush pink, but look for one that's lighter like the ones Casey from the DIY Playbook used in this article. We love that she got paint samples and painted them on the walls so that she could be sure it'd look right in her space. The one she chose was called warm fog, and it's a soft almost-white pink that'd look amazing in a little girl's nursery.

10) Coral

Coral is a bright color, but you can still use it in a nursery if you do it right. It's actually an amazing color to combine with lighter and softer pinks because it creates patterns and interesting colors for you and your baby to look at. This gives your baby needed stimulation. We'd suggest using paint like this for furniture and accents so that it doesn't become overwhelming or painting patterns on the wall to change things up.

11) Antique Coral

Antique colors will give your baby's room an old-fashioned and subtly feminine look that's perfect for a pink baby girl's room. We liked this antique coral paint we found on Amazon that would look amazing in a nursery with blanket ladders, old-fashioned cribs, and wooden toys, but it may be a little dark for a poorly lit room, so make sure you get a color sample and paint a few small sections of each wall. You can also get antique coral furniture paint for an old-fashioned room.

What kind of pink are you looking for? Do you want a subtle feminine nursery, something antique, or a vibrant room that'll stimulate your child? Please let us know in the comments below!

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