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You’re expecting a baby, and as an avid The Lion King fan, you already know what your nursery theme should be! You can’t wait to bond with your infant over childhood memories of tragedy and love. Now you just need the right decorations, and you need some advice. Hakuna matata! No worries! We have some The Lion King Nursery Ideas just for you!

1) Jungle

The Lion King has a few different settings, including the jungle. Since we’ve all heard lions called the “king of the jungle,” a jungle theme with The Lion King touches would be a neat way to make a thematic nursery with a little more than just 2D character drawings. Even if you stick to the 2-dimensional cartoon drawings, you can add variety by getting stickers like these that aren’t The Lion King characters but still show the jungle and the types of animals that are in the film.

2) Parade Valance

So much of our memories from The Lion King are scenes in which characters parade around singing catchy songs, and we can preserve those memories with decorations that show that procession. For example, this valance from Amazon shows a parade of The Lion King characters marching across it above your window, creating a cheerful scene. While your baby might not notice it, it’ll add to the overall atmosphere, and you’ll have something cheerful to look at! It’ll also be a nice touch that they’ll notice if they’re still in the same room when they get older.

3) Mural

A mural might seem to be a bit beyond your skillset and budget, but since these are cartoon characters, you can copy them fairly easily without worrying about difficult shading that comes with realistic images. You can print out images from the show and paint The Lion King characters on the walls just as Pixie’s Tiny Things does. While she paints a variety of Disney characters, you can focus only on your favorite The Lion King characters and decorations. Check out this video for some specific inspiration.

4) Musical Mobile

It’s only natural to have a The Lion King mobile in a The Lion King nursery, but there’s more to it. We found this adorable mobile that doesn’t just have Simba on it, but music, too. It can play Brahms Lullaby, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and Rock-A-Bye Baby to soothe your baby to sleep while he or she watches Simba and cartoon suns dangle above his or her head. You can attach it to the crib, and the blue scrunchie covering the arm adds some color to a little boy’s room.

5) Custom Name Decal

When you’re decorating a nursery for an infant or unborn child, you don’t know what their favorite color is or which cartoon character they’ll like the best, so their name and possibly their sex are the only ways you can customize the room for them. A customized name decal is an excellent way to do that, so we found you a The Lion King decal from Amazon. All you need to do is enter the baby’s name when you order, and their name will rest beneath a large image of baby Simba!

6) DIY No-Sew Safari Mobil

Safaris are one place where you’re likely to see real-life lions, so creating safari decorations to blend with your The Lion King stuff is a wonderful way to add different types of decorations to the room. We found a no-sew safari pillow that anybody can make with these step-by-step directions. With no special skills and an hour of your time, you can add this felt safari decoration to the nursery so that there’ll be some old-fashioned-looking felt decor, in addition to the cartoon character decorations and drawings.

7) Tree Decal

Trees are one of the most popular decals for baby rooms. They have so much texture, and the branches create something interesting for your infant to look at, so a The Lion King-themed tree would be a perfect decoration for a nursery. You can get a tree decal like this with some main characters and even add more character decals around it. This tree comes with Simba, Pumbaa, and Timon, along with the bright sun that features so much in the movie. 

8) DIY Safari Pictures

If you want a variety of textures and things to stimulate your baby’s mind, don’t just stick with cartoon images. You can add realistic images of all the safari animals from The Lion King and blend them into the cartoon decorations. This makes the room feel more 3-dimensional and gives your infant something textured and stimulating to look at. You can even use these instructions to make your own pictures, so you can look for images of the same types of animals as the main characters. The really nice thing is that you can make them from Dollar Tree materials.

9) Baby Safari Prints

Young children love babies, and babies only make sense in a baby’s room or nursery! Since The Lion King has baby animals as the main characters, one way to improve a The Lion King theme without adding fifteen different pictures of Simba is to use realistic images of baby animals. Try getting safari decorations like these prints with realistic baby animals like the ones in The Lion King. These baby animals are adorable and will add a different texture to the 2D cartoons and enrich the room for your baby.

10) Thematic Picture Frame

You can add many pictures of The Lion King characters, but you’re going to want some family photos and pictures of your new baby! One way to keep The Lion King theme is to get thematic picture frames like this one from Amazon that has an image of Simba in the corner. That way, your family photos are The Lion King-themed, as well. Take a look at this complete collection of photos and frames to decide which ones you want in your nursery.

11) Story Cubes

Story cubes are one of the cutest ideas we’ve come across for a nursery. You can build or buy wooden cubes and add images from a favorite story to them. If your baby plays with them, they can be educational as they learn to appreciate stories and build the basic concepts they’ll need to start reading. They also make unique decorations and spark curiosity. We found a tutorial for making them, but you can also make or buy wood blocks and use mod podge to attach pictures to them.

12) The Lion King Lamp

A lamp can be useful if you need to keep an eye on your baby or make your way through their room without making them since lamps typically have dimmer light than overhead lights. You can even leave one by the door so that you can get out of the room without tripping after the baby is lulled to sleep. We found this The Lion King lamp to make your lighting part of the decor and entertain your child.

13) Simba Binkie

A baby’s binkie, or security blanket, can become one of the most beloved parts of their childhood. It makes them feel safe and secure when their parents aren’t cuddling them. If you’ve thought about getting one or had one as a child, you can continue that tradition with a Simba binkie like this one. This way, Simba can provide your child the comfort and security you want as they develop a love for the show that’s stayed in your heart for so long.

14) Hakuna Matata Mural

Hakuna matata! The Lion King teaches us some valuable lessons about life and loss. If you love that famous line “hakuna matata” or “no worries” as much as so many people do, you can add it to your child’s nursery. After all, parents strive to give their child an environment with no worries, and you’re likely no different! Since you’re creating a The Lion King theme, you can also create an environment focused on having no worries!

Did you see an idea or two you’d love to use? Tell us which ideas stuck with you in the comments below!

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