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If you love the beach, it can make a wonderful nursery theme! Beach-themed rooms have natural light and open, airy looks that are perfect for a calm, relaxing, and natural nursery. If this sounds like you, you’ll want to check out these Beach Nursery Ideas and see if you find any that are missing from your nursery. Take a look and let us know what you think!

1) Bubbles

Since beaches are all about water, sand, sun, and atmosphere, bubbles are an excellent way to bring that watery theme into the room. They’re also an effective way to inspire curiosity and show different textures to your baby to help stimulate their mind. With this in mind, we found these bubble garlands that make it look like the room is filled with transparent, three-dimensional bubbles. These are designed for birthday parties but should work as a great nursery idea as well.

2) Shell Lights

Seashell collecting takes up a significant part of the time spent on the beach. People love collecting them, and many public beaches in popular areas have to warn people not to do so because so many shells are collected. We found this string of seashell lights that could look amazing in a beach nursery, as the blue shells and turtles on it glow softly. Depending on how fussy your baby is, these might serve as a soft night light so that you can check up on your infant without turning on harsh overhead lights at night.

3) DIY Sea Glass Mobile

Mobiles are essential in nurseries since they allow you to change diapers more easily while your little one’s distracted, and because they can help lull infants to sleep. You can use this tutorial to create a fascinating sea glass mobile that’d fit your beach theme perfectly and be unique. Most people buy mobiles, so your homemade sea glass one will reflect light and add real pieces of nature to begin forming a nature-themed nursery and promoting natural intelligence.

4) Artificial Tropical Plants

Since many beaches are in tropical areas, a tropical theme could make a lot of sense for a beach nursery. Since most infants don’t spend a lot of time in nature and spend quite a bit of time in their nursery, you might want to bring nature to them by adding tropical plants. In this case, you may want to use artificial tropical plants like these ones from Amazon so that you won’t have to take care of them, in addition to your new child.

5) Crate Shelf Organizer

Crate shelves are an easy and useful DIY project that almost anybody can do. You can just buy some crates from a craft store and then use these directions to turn them into secure shelves. This is an excellent place to store things next to your changing table, and the light color of these kinds of craft wooden crates will fit perfectly in a beach nursery since it’s tan-colored like sand. Once you no longer need them for a changing table, they’ll make lovely bookshelves for your child or even in your own office.

6) Watercolor Polka Dots

Polka dots are a lovely way to add color to nursery walls, and we found these watercolor ones because the faint, watery outline makes them resemble bubbles. These are an ideal way to add plenty of color without straying from your beach theme, and the many hues will be interesting for you and your little one. The stickers are removable, so you can take them off when you’re no longer using the room as a nursery.

7) Driftwood Mobile

Driftwood is an iconic medium that many artists use, particularly when it comes to beachy decorations since driftwood comes from beaches and rivers. We found this tutorial for creating a driftwood mobile to entertain and soothe your little one, and it could fit perfectly in a beach nursery. The nice thing about this is that it’s natural, which helps introduce your baby to nature since they’re probably not spending much time outdoors. Having natural items like this in the nursery promotes curiosity about nature.

8) Blue Paper Garlands

Your baby won’t be touching a lot of your decorations for a while, though they could certainly become destructive as a toddler. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on permanent decorations when this room will only be a nursery for a couple of years, you can use party decorations like these garlands for the nursery. Try hanging up blue paper party decorations like these to create a watery ocean look that complements your beach theme.

9) DIY Boat Shelf

Boats are fairly popular at beaches, and they make a neat addition to a beach nursery. You can create boat decorations like this boat shelf without any skills. This video tutorial will help you create a boat shelf that’ll be a beautiful decoration and could store a couple of decorations or some practical items for your changing table. You could also try making a larger boat-shaped shelf from wood to store diapers and such, then store toys and decorations later on.

10) Nets

Nets are commonly found on and near beaches and on fishing boats. If you like the look of them, you can get nets like these to hang on the walls, use as toy storage, or store bedding in. These ones might not be strong enough to put very much in, depending on how they’re mounted. You can also use nets like these as stencils to spray paint a net pattern on the wall and create a nautical accent. Try doing this on blue, tan, or ombre walls.

11) Dollhouse Beach Decor

Many little kids love to play with dollhouses, making them the perfect decorations for a nursery. You can get dollhouse beach decorations like these little beach chairs, then use them as a decoration in your baby’s room. Later on, when they grow older, they can play with these pieces of dollhouse furniture and pretend their dolls are at the beach. This way, your decorations don’t become useless when your baby gets older and the money you spend on them doesn’t go to waste.

12) DIY High Tide and Low Tide Sign

High tide and low tide references are perfect for beach-themed rooms since the tides are important on ocean beaches and even on a few lakes. You can use the instructions at Mom Envy to make a sign that says “In high tide or in low tide I’ll be by your side,” showing your love and devotion to your little one while also making a beach reference. The color scheme and carefree scrawling font on the sign fit the beach theme well, too.

13) Beach Directions Signs

If you want the room to feel like an actual beach, beach directional signs are another way to do it. You can get signs like these that point the way to the arcade, beach, and snack shack while advertising a lifeguard on duty. These are neat because they show your little one bits of the outside world, giving examples of things other than the natural aspects of the beach. You’ll want to include plenty of natural decorations in addition to the manmade ones, too, of course.

14) DIY Large Wood Boat Shelf

If a little boat shelf decoration isn’t enough, but you enjoy boating or watching boats at the beach, you might like to know how you can build a larger, wooden boat-shaped shelf. We found these instructions so that you can build just such a piece for storing diapers and other changing table necessities. You can even fit baby clothes on here, and when you no longer need the changing table, give it to your child to use for toys and decorations.

15) DIY Seashell Wall Art

Collecting seashells is a popular beach activity, so much so that some beaches had to ban it so there’d still be some shells left! Seashell wall art is a wonderful way to create a beachy look, and the neat thing is that you can do it yourself with no skills and little time. You can make pieces like the wall decorations in this video by simply gluing seashells to poster boards. Try adding table art by filling jars with seashells if you have any extra table space.

16) Rainbow Bubble Garlands

Bubbles are naturally pretty parts of the ocean. While you’ll rarely see a perfect bubble in the ocean as it froths up against the shore, you’ll see them in cartoons and movies, and if you bring a bubble wand to a family outing, they’ll become a regular occurrence. To spice up the room, we found some bubble garlands with a rainbow tinge, as if the sun were shining through them and reflecting as it moved through the water.

17) Colorful Turtle and Starfish Art

Turtles and starfish are creatures you’ll find at the beach, though they’re uncommon enough to be a fascinating sight every time you come across one. This makes them a wonderful beach decoration as they’ll inspire awe and look pretty to both you and your baby. We found these colorful wall art prints with turtles, starfish, and more creatures in them that’d look lovely in a beach nursery against a backdrop of tan or pastel colors.

18) DIY Fish Scale Window Treatment

Fish scales are a somewhat unique way to make a room look more beachy, but they’re great if you want a fantasy beach look with mermaids and other scaly legendary creatures. You can add a fish scale look by decorating box valances like these with fish scales, whether they’re cloth, paper, or anything else. They don’t need to be permanent since you’ll likely change the theme of the room when your little one grows a bit older. 

19) Fish School Lamp

If you like to spend time in the water or snorkel, you’ve probably seen your fair share of ocean wildlife under the waves. You can get a fish school lamp like this with a whale as a base to reference ocean wildlife that you might see from a beach, either in real life or in a cartoon or story. After all, your baby will get to hear plenty of made-up stories about the beach and the sea, and there’s no reason you can’t include a bit of fantasy in this room.

20) Seashell and Starfish Strings

Seashells are probably the most common thing you’ll find at the beach, and many people love to use them as decorations. We found these strings of seashells and starfish that combine the ever-popular seashells with the rare and beloved starfish. If you’ve ever seen a starfish in real life, it probably felt like a unique experience, and it’ll feel that way when your infant sees it hanging around their nursery, too. These banners are designed as party decorations, but they should work for a nursery, too.

21) White

If you’re trying to decide on a color scheme, you’ve probably thought of colors like tan and blue that are popular at the beach, but a beach-themed room is more about vibes than it is about colors. A white room like this boy’s beach nursery creates an open and airy impression that mimics the endless ocean waves that go as far as the eye can see from the beach. With white walls, the room will feel more like an open beach, no matter how small the space is.

22) Teal with Tan and White

Teal, tan, and white are a good combination for a beach-themed room since the teal will look like water, tan will look like sand, and the white will add a feeling of openness to the space. This teal, white, and tan nursery from Sweet Teal is an excellent example, with wooden fishes and beads to add tan decorations alongside teal and white walls that create a light, free-flowing ocean look. Wood decorations with no stain or a light brown stain are a good way to add tan to the room.

23) Tan and White Storage

Tan and white is the perfect color combination for a beach-themed room because the tan reflects the color of sand and white makes the whole space feel more open like a beach. You can get tan and white decorations, and one of the best and most nautical ones you can find is a tan and white rope basket like this. It’s perfect for toys and laundry, or even as a catchall for blankets and bedding since it’s large enough to fit large items. 

24) Beach Plants

It’s important to include nature in a baby’s nursery since this will probably be their first exposure to a lot of things, including certain types of plants and other things found in nature. If this room will be your baby’s first beach, try including beach plants by getting faux versions or painting them on the walls the way they are in this nursery. This way, you don’t have to care for real plants while also taking care of an infant.

25) Starfish and Turtle String Lights

String lights are a neat way to replace night lights if they provide soft enough lighting. They’re typically much softer than standard overhead lights, and you might be able to leave them on all the time. Since they’re brighter than night lights, they could be more effective in helping you navigate when you get up to check on your baby. We found these turtle and starfish string lights to show some of the beautiful creatures that can be found on the beach.

26) Yellow and Baby Blue

Yellow is the color of the sun and happiness while blue is a calming color and the hue of the ocean. This makes the two a perfect pair for a beach-themed nursery. You can start with a lot of blue since it’s a calmer color and will help your little one sleep better, then add some splashes of yellow such as curtains and crib sheets. This nursery from Me and Wee is a good example of how you can use soothing blue and bright, happy yellow together effectively.

27) Boat Shelf

Boat-shaped shelves are a popular decoration, and while you can make them yourself, they might be too complicated of a task for you. In that case, you might want to get one like this from Amazon that’s white to complement beach decor. It also has more detail than some homemade shelves might, though you won’t have the option of customizing it the way you do a homemade one. This particular shelf has a net and some sea critters in it as if it’s been used as a fishing boat.

What other beach decorations would look good in a nursery? Did we miss any spectacular ideas? We look forward to hearing about them in the comments below.

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