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Many infants and young children are fascinated with butterflies. They’re like floating flowers that little kids and adults alike love to watch and try to catch or raise. On top of that, there are so many butterfly nursery decorations that you can find and create almost any combination you could want. Now, you just need to explore the possibilities and pick the right Butterfly Nursery Ideas for you.

1) Light Switch Cover

While there are plenty of tried and true ways to decorate a nursery according to a theme, you can change it up by adding fixtures that aren’t typical decorations. For example, you can get butterfly-themed light switch covers like these. Also look for outlet covers, butterfly-shaped trim decorations, and other pieces that change the look of basic parts of the room. If you can’t find what you need, just get some stencils and paint little butterflies anywhere you want them!

2) Wall Stickers

People often use a room as a nursery and then move their child into another room or change the decorations so that they’re more appropriate as the child grows older. This means that most nursery decorations are only good for a couple years at most, so you might want to get some temporary ones. Wall stickers are excellent for thematic rooms since you can get exactly what you need, like these butterfly wall stickers. These are neat because they come in a few different colors so all your butterflies won’t be the same color.

3) DIY Butterfly Mobile

Naturally, you’ll want a mobile for your baby, and what better choice than one with butterflies flitting around? We found this video tutorial for an easy homemade butterfly and flower mobile so that you’ll have some of nature’s most beautiful creations above your baby’s head. The flowers are around the rim and the butterflies hang down as if the tiny creatures are fluttering through a field of flowers the way they do in nature. Since you’re making it, you can pick the best colors!

4) Butterfly Made of Butterflies

You can obviously hang butterfly decorations to decorate the nursery, but is there a way to get more creative than that? We found an incredible wall art piece in this article that stands out from the rest. The piece is a board with many butterflies painted on it, and the butterflies combine to create the image of one large butterfly. This makes for a softer look than a straightforward drawing of a butterfly would have and it gives you and your baby something interesting to look at. Try making your own by printing some butterfly pictures to use as stencils.

5) 3D Butterflies

If you want the nursery to feel like the butterfly room at a zoo or like a garden filled with many butterflies, you can get something more 3D than just stickers. We found these 3D butterflies on Amazon that you can stick around the room, either in a small burst as if they’re all flying from the same place or scattered around the room like the nursery was an endless garden for them to frolic through.

6) Butterfly and Flower Stenciled Sheets

Butterflies and flowers go hand in hand since you’ll often see a lot of butterflies in areas where there are many flowers. You can try finding things that combine flowers and butterflies together in a natural decoration set, such as these floral butterfly sheets. The flowers and butterflies in these look like they’ve been stenciled on, creating a simple, patterned look. The way the decorations overlap will give you something interesting to look at while you check on your baby and fascinate your little one, as well.

7) DIY Butterfly Study

Butterflies are beautiful in nature, so there’s no reason you need to have stylized and cutesy versions of them if you don’t want to. You can bring real butterflies into the baby’s room to give them something pretty that they’ll grow to love as they get older and see those creatures in real life. A butterfly study like the one in this article will be fun and bring in pieces of nature to help your baby learn about the outside world and promote their natural intelligence.

8) Purple and Pink Floral

Pink and purple go hand in hand, and they’re both common colors for nursery butterflies. If you like the idea of a traditionally feminine color scheme, you can get some old-fashioned pink and purple butterfly bedding. This set from Amazon has a traditional quilt look and some floral patterns that’ll create an antique look. Some of the butterflies are part of the floral patterns and some aren’t, making it look like the tiny creatures escaped the butterfly panel and flew around the blanket.

9) DIY Bee and Butterfly Bath

While you might not have real insects in your nursery, you can still make your baby’s room look like a butterfly nursery and garden. Try adding decorations like a bee and butterfly bath. This beautiful decoration will make it look like you’re offering a bath to real butterflies to create a butterfly nursery look in your butterfly nursery. If you use tutorials like this one to create something that you could use for real butterflies, your little one might grow to have a genuine interest in raising butterflies. Then, they’ll already have what they need to start.

10) Accent Wall

Accent walls are excellent decorations when you have a theme but don’t want to fill the entire room with far too many thematic decorations. This way, you don’t have to repaint the whole room, just one wall. You can make a butterfly accent wall like this one by printing butterfly pictures and making them into stencils or using the same wallpaper they did. The shiny look makes the wall more fascinating as it glints differently at different angles. If you try this with paint, glitter or metallic paint could work well.

11) Color-Changing Lamp

You’ll probably want some sort of night light and a lamp for your nursery so that you can check on your baby any time you need to without worrying that you’ll wake them. A night light or softly lit lamp would make it so you could go into the room to check on them without tripping or waking them, so we found a butterfly-themed one. While this lamp is flat, it looks like a 3D butterfly, and it’s color-changing so that you can pick the color you like best.

12) Music

Music is a universal language that even the smallest of infants understand, and promoting a love of music in your child will help develop their minds as they grow up. When we saw this butterfly wall sticker with musical notes trailing behind it, we had to share it. The sticker has a fascinating pattern, and it’s a clever way to integrate music into a nursery. The sticker is removable, but if your baby stays in this room as they get older, the sticker is appropriate for any age.

13) Sprig of Plants With Butterfly Hooks

Butterflies don’t exist in a vacuum, so you might want to include all the beautiful things that set the scene for a space filled with these beautiful insects. In this Everley and Me article, you can see how well they integrated butterflies with the many things that typically surround them. On the walls, they have tiny sprigs of plant life that add elements of nature to the room. Meanwhile, golden butterfly hooks rest among the pretty plants.

14) Butterfly-Shaped Crawling Mat

Crawling mats give babies places to develop muscle as they learn to crawl and start to play on the floor. They’re a helpful nursery furnishing to have, so we found a butterfly-themed one for you. This one is neat because the butterfly wings extend a bit past the main rug, making them look a little more realistic and three-dimensional. At the same time, the butterfly has a cute cartoonish face that’s winking back at you.

Which ideas did you like the most? Is there something we missed? There’s so much out there, and we can’t wait to hear all your butterfly nursery ideas, too! Please share them in the comments below!

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