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The country is a beautiful place filled with sunny farmland, dense forests, and clear blue skies, depending on where you live. As a country dweller or enthusiast, you want your baby to grow up with the beauty of those clear starry nights and simple, down-to-earth pursuits. You want to find a way to incorporate a country feeling in your nursery and you’re hunting for ideas. You can find some perfect Country Nursery Ideas for Boys and Girls here.

14 Country Nursery Ideas for Girls

1) Pink With Natural Colors

It’s only natural to want to include some pink for a little girl’s nursery, but you also want a country theme, so you’ll need to mix the pink with something. You can use natural-looking colors and patterns like gray and mint with trees, deer, and more to create a country look. Get something like this bedding set that weaves all those things in with a soft pink that’s perfect for a baby girl, and you’ll have the perfect blend of feminine and rural.

2) DIY $5 Blanket Ladder

One way to create a country look is to get or make things that you’d find in an old-fashioned country nursery or bedroom. For example, you can use these instructions to make an old-fashioned blanket ladder for less than five dollars. The neat thing about this is that the blanket ladder will be a practical place to store extra blankets, as well as a display for decorative baby blanket keepsakes. This is best for a little girl’s room since textiles are a feminine decoration, though you could put it in a boy’s room.

3) DIY Vintage

Vintage decorations often create a country look because a lot of old-timey decorations and furniture never went out of style in rural areas. You can make vintage-style decorations using the instructions in this video and display them in your baby girl’s nursery. Vintage decorations and furniture also have a delicate look that’s particularly appropriate for a baby girl’s nursery. Combine that with floral decorations like the ones in the video and you’ll have an adorably delicate country nursery.

4) DIY Macrame

In the country, people are more likely to make their own decorations, and a homemade look is often a part of country decorating. Macrame is a neat project because it creates that homemade look, but it’s a lot easier than knitting and sewing. You can get a kit like this DIY macrame kit from Amazon and make these decorations, or buy a premade one, though you won’t have the satisfaction of making something for your baby. Textiles like these are typically feminine, though you can put them in a boy’s room, too.

5) Wooden Baby Gym

Wooden toys have a much more rural look than plastic ones. They create a handmade look sometimes, and they’re often simpler, requiring more imagination while still stimulating a baby. This wooden baby gym would match your country theme and be wonderful for your baby’s development. The beads resemble farmhouse beads, giving it an elegant farmhouse look that makes it a bit feminine, though you can certainly use these for a boy’s nursery if you want to.

6) Farmhouse Wood Sign

Farmhouse decorating is a somewhat domestic version of country decorating, which makes it feel a bit feminine. Naturally, you can use it in either a boy or girl room, but decorations like this DIY farmhouse sign work well for inspirational messages. The delicate font in the tutorial will certainly create a lovely feminine look with a farmhouse frame. Try picking a cute farm-related message that’ll also inspire your baby girl to be tough without losing the special things that come with being a girl.

7) Blush Pink Deer and Tipi

Blush pink is a lovely shade for a nursery because it’s light, but has a slightly natural look that keeps the room from feeling fake. It’s the perfect shade to mix with natural colors like the light browns in this deer and tipi wall art. These pieces are wonderful ways to connect and show a love of nature while representing native culture. These create an excellent exposure to native culture and a way to mix native and American culture for people with a little native blood.

8) Explore and Discover

If you live in the country, you know your little girl will grow up exploring the countryside and become adventurous. That spirit is part of what separates country folk from the rest, and you’ll want to encourage it in your little girl. We found these mountain-shaped wooden decorations that say “explore” “wander” “discover.” You can even get a version that says “She will move mountains,” demonstrating the resilience and determination of country people. You can pick a favorite saying and order it on these wooden mountains that should match your country decorations.

9) DIY Farmhouse Bead Floral Mobile

Mobiles are essential for stimulating babies and helping them sleep, so you’ll probably want to try and find one that matches your country theme. We thought you might like this video by DIY Danie in which she makes a mobile with farmhouse-style beads and flowers. The farmhouse beads and flowers create a country look while the flowers make the mobile appear delicate and feminine. You can even copy some of the other hangings made from flowers in that same nursery.

10) Gray Animals

You probably won’t want too much pink in a country nursery, though you can definitely have some. After all, pink is the traditional female color. A country nursery will have more natural colors and more variety than a color-themed nursery, though, so we’d suggest getting some things in various colors. For example, this gray bedding set with animals on it is perfect because animals are a major part of country life and the gray will look feminine. Not to mention, little kids and babies love animals.

11) White Padded Rocking Chair

Rocking chairs are traditional country seats, and you’ll probably want somewhere to sit and nurse or read books to your baby. This rocking chair from Amazon has a country look with a soft cushion that’ll make it much more comfortable than most rocking chairs. The white cushion will match a feminine or farmhouse theme and create a lighter, more open impression. This soft look is ideal for a nursery, and more so for a small one.

12)White Plus Traditional Patterns

If you want a more modern or sophisticated farmhouse nursery, you can try modeling it after the one in this Marly Dice article. This nursery is mostly white, but with some traditional patterns like the one on the rug. All the accents match the rug color, giving it a simple, two-color look that fits a country style. The colors and simplicity are perfect for a country room while the cute rabbits and light, tasteful look give it a feminine air.

13) Farmhouse Bead Chandelier

Farmhouse beads are a popular country decoration, and they’re one of the subtle touches that women often notice and choose to add to a room, making them more appropriate for a girl’s nursery. Since your baby spends a lot of time on their back looking up, you’ll need to have thematic decorations on your ceiling, so we found you this farmhouse bead chandelier. The beads combine to create a delicate and detailed look while casting shadows to fascinate your little one.

14) Whitewash

One of the simplest ways to turn almost any furniture into a farmhouse- or country-style piece is to whitewash it. It doesn’t matter overly much what style it starts as when you do this, so you can just pick one up from a swap shed, junkyard, or the side of the road. Or, get a cheap dresser and other inexpensive storage, then whitewash it like the dresser in this article is. The light color is more on the feminine side and will make the room feel more open and gentle.

14 Country Nursery Ideas for Boys

15) Wooden Stars

Wooden decor is a surefire way to make a room feel more country-like. Since wood decorations can be expensive, it’s a good idea to find ways to make your own wooden pieces. For example, we found this tutorial for making a farmhouse-style wooden star. You can make a flat wall piece or a frame like the ones shown in the article, and the neat thing is that when your baby boy grows up, they’ll all make wonderful Christmas decorations. 

16) Fishing

Fishing is one of the most popular country activities. Boys who grow up in the country fish every weekend after opening day, and if you like fishing, you can share that love with your baby boy with some fishing-themed decorations. We found this fishing sign on Amazon that says “Fishing Poles and Hunting Gear, Dreams of Bass and Big Ole Deer,” encouraging your little boy to dream of the two popular pastimes. It’s also a cute poem to help expose them to writing at a young age.

17) Deer

Deer are abundant in almost every region, and country folk almost everywhere hunt them for sport or food. Whether you like hunting or photography, or just enjoy being in the middle of nowhere surrounded by these gorgeous animals, you can add them to your boy’s nursery. We found this tutorial video for making a toddler duvet and pillowcase using deer-themed navy cloth. The cloth is a masculine dark blue, but you may find baby blue more appropriate.

18) Wooden Cutout Signs

Wooden decorations are ideal for country decorating because they create a rural, handmade look, and keep you away from the artificial plastic or modern metal decorations that don’t always feel right for country decor. You can get wooden cutout signs like these that encourage your little boy to grow up courageous, with a love for exploration and discovery that’s such a huge part of growing up in rural areas. The neat thing about these is that they can be either table or wall decor.

19) Outdoorsman

There are so many different aspects of country life that it can be hard to pick which one to focus on. Do you picture your little boy as a farmer, hunter, fisherman? You can create a general outdoorsman theme that brings to mind a frontier cabin with the right decorations. Try using some of the pieces from this nursery with dark blue cloth, arrow decorations if you like archery, and moose wall carvings for those who focus on the beauty of nature.

20) Western

There are different areas of the country, and one of the most beloved is the American West. You can create a Western country theme that’s not just about Western movies, but about the rural West, by getting things like this bedding set with cattle-based Western symbols. For example, it has horseshoes, a Western star, and a cowboy. Unlike in many movies, the cowboy is roping cattle instead of shooting creating a more wholesome, countrified look than a Western movie theme.

21) Antelope and Twine

People often focus on only the most obvious aspects of a theme. For example, they’ll include animals but not the things that go into caring for them. By adding things like twine from hay bales, fence post decorations, and duck whistles, you can make the theme more comprehensive and unique. We found this nursery that has an antelope and twine mobile with checked bows. The bows and twine act as fillers so that the baby has many things to entertain them that still fit the theme. 

22) Navy With Natural Colors

Blue is, of course, the traditional male color, and country decorating typically has bolder colors beside wooden pieces, so a navy blue may be better than powder blue. You can try combining navy with natural colors like the mint, tan, and gray in this bedding set. Also look for decorations or furnishings with things that you’d find in the country, like the arrow feathers, deer, and gray lines that resemble standing trees on this bedding set.

23) DIY Buffalo Check Table

This video has a few decorations that might work for your nursery, but what caught our eye was the DIY buffalo check furniture. Buffalo checks are traditional in a country home, and you can paint them a modern black or a traditional blue for your little boy. Try navy blue for this pattern! The technique they used was simple enough that anyone can do it, and because you’re repainting, you can get a cheap or scuffed piece of furniture from a tag sale and not spend a lot of money.

24) Rocking Chair

Rocking chairs are traditional country seating, and you’re probably going to want a place to sit and read to or nurse your baby. Since these are traditional, they’re the perfect country-themed seat for your nursery, but you’ll want something comfortable. We found this cushioned rocking chair that’ll feel so much nicer than a plain wooden one. You can even get one like this with cushions that are a typical boy color. The green tint will match a lot of woodland country decorations.

25) Little Man Cave

Your man cave is your favorite space. It’s your sanctuary where you go to be surrounded by your favorite things, and your little man’s nursery is just that. To show that sentiment, you can get a cute decoration like this one that says “Little Man Cave.” The decoration has antlers on it and it’s wooden, giving it a hunter’s cabin look that’ll match other country decorations. This one is great if you’re a hunter in particular because of the antler image.

26) DIY Farmhouse Crib

Farmhouse decorating is a subset of country decorating, so you might find that farmhouse decor looks better to you or fits your home more. To create a farmhouse nursery, you can build a farmhouse-style crib like the one in this article. It has a unique look that you won’t easily find in stores, and you can use these directions to make it with limited experience. The dark stain they choose helps give it a masculine look that’s appropriate for a boy’s nursery, too.

27) Custom Moose Blanket

Moose are common in some country areas, so if you live in those places, or simply like moose, they make wonderful country nursery decorations. Moose are also big and strong creatures, making them a good role model and masculine image for a little boy to grow up with, though plenty of little girls like them, too. You can get a country-themed red and black moose blanket with dark, masculine colors for your little boy’s room. 

28) Hunting Poem

If you like hunting, you’ll want to include it in your country nursery since hunting is a significant part of country life. One way to include it’s with wall art like this wall decal poem that says “Rifles, Racks, and Deer Tracks… that’s what little boys are made of.” The poem is a unique way to expose your little one to poetry, writing, and hunting at the same time, and the pictures of tracks and a rifle will look good with other country or hunting-themed decorations. 

Do you have an item that belongs on this list? Country girls and boys are unique people and we’d love to hear what country theme ideas you can think of. Please tell us in the comments below!

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