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Seafoam green is a lovely color for a nursery. It’s a cool color, making it calming enough to promote sleep, and it’s gender-neutral. If you’re thinking about using this color, you might be having trouble finding things in the shade of green you want, or you might be looking for things that’ll match while still keeping the soothing impression you want. We have a few Seafoam Green Nursery Ideas that should help you in your search.

1) Clear Blue Tealight Holder

Seafoam green is a bluish-green, so you can mix blue and green decorations with it. These clear blue tealight holders have the perfect hue for such a nursery, and you can put tealights or flameless tealights in them to create a soft and comforting glow that’s ideal for a soothing seafoam nursery. You can also try filling them with glass beads, marbles, or something similar. The reflection of light against these or against any decorations inside them will be fascinating for your baby, too.

2) Natural Patterns

Seafoam is a very natural color that brings to mind the ocean, among other things. This is the perfect chance to make a natural and calming nursery that promotes a love of nature in your baby. Try adding decorations with natural patterns like the wall art in this nursery that looks like sand dollars. You can also hang wicker baskets on the walls for a similar color scheme and a natural look, or even add seashell decorations.

3) Metallic Glaze Accent Wall

Seafoam green is a soothing color, but that doesn’t mean it has to be flat. You can use the instructions in this video to make a seafoam green accent wall that has just the right amount of sparkle and texture. By using metallic glaze, the creator makes the wall look interesting and textured without adding any other colors or getting rid of the calming properties of the color choice. You can paint the rest of the walls white or seafoam, or even paint all four walls with this metallic glaze trick.

4) Blue Green Glass Bottle

Since seafoam green has a bit of a blue look to it, bluish-green decorations go well with it. Glass decorations are particularly nice because you can put clear lights, beads, or other bright decorations in them, and the glass will reflect light to create an interesting look that’ll fascinate you and your child. We found some blue-green glass bottles if you’re interested, and you can use them as vases, fill them with decorations, or just leave the bottles alone since the reflections and the bottles will have their own beauty.

5) Green and Light Gray

This particular shade of green goes well with light gray, which is a popular nursery color due to its calming effect. Both colors are soft and subtle, and if you get things like these changing pad covers that have gray and seafoam green in the same tone, you can create a soothing atmosphere that blends multiple calming colors together. Each color also serves to break up any large areas of the other color. Try finding other ways to add tiny hints of pale gray to the room.

6) Seafoam Walls

Seafoam is a soothing color, but if you combine it with red and reddish tans, it can become vibrant as the contrast and warm colors warm it up. The neat thing about doing this is that the color will still be soothing at night in the dark, but in the daytime, the room will be stimulating. This is perfect if you plan to have your baby sleep in the nursery, but also want it to become their playroom during the daytime. Try painting the walls seafoam and then adding reddish hues as this family did.

7) Chalk Paint

Chalk paint is a lovely choice for a pastel color like seafoam green. It lends things a natural look, making it ideal for a beach- or farmhouse-style room. This Seaside Villa green chalk paint would be the perfect method for making any furniture seafoam green, so if you’re not planning to repaint walls, try using this instead. Otherwise, if you’re planning to repaint walls, try painting them pastel pink and using this chalky hue for the furniture. This would create a soft and soothing area and help your infant sleep well.

8) Succulents

Succulent plants are naturally green and have a similar look to any seafoam green decorations you might have. They’d be a natural way to make the area look better without straying from your theme. Adding decor from nature helps promote a love of the outdoors and promotes natural intelligence as they get older. That said, you can still imitate that look by getting faux succulent wall decor like this if you don’t want the hassle of caring for a new baby and live indoor plants.

9) DIY Wall Art

Seafoam green is such a specific color that it could be hard to find things that match it. If that’s something you’re struggling with, you might need to design and paint your own artwork…but what if you’re not an artist? That’s okay; you don’t need to be. Instead, use this tutorial to make beautiful nursery art in any color you choose; we’d suggest pastels. That way, the artwork will go with your color theme, and it’ll reduce the cost tremendously!

10) Green Leaf Wreath Milestone Blanket

Seafoam is such a natural color that it’d be a waste not to incorporate bits of nature into the room, but don’t worry; we’re not talking about getting live plants. We know that caring for an infant and a real indoor plant can be a lot of work, so we looked for things with natural imagery, instead. Since milestone blankets let you see your child’s progress for years to come, we found a league milestone blanket with a green wreath surrounding where the baby would sit. This one even gives you the ability to capture pictures weekly, not just monthly.

11) Seafoam and Pink

Chances are, you won’t want to color everything in seafoam green since that’d be somewhat monotonous and overwhelming at the same time. You don’t want a boring room, and certainly not a boring nursery! To make the area prettier and more stimulating, try mixing in other pastels that are appropriate for a baby room. We thought that these curtains from Amazon had the perfect pink shade to liven up a little girl’s seafoam green room.

12) Very Subtle Accent Wall

One of the best things about seafoam green is that it’s such a subtle color, adding a feeling of warmth to a room without becoming overwhelming. We came across this nursery Megan Acosta with one of the most subtle accent walls we’d yet seen. The wall was barely visible but creates a noticeable warmth in the room. It also keeps the other walls and furniture from feeling sterile, because even though you can barely see the color, it removes some of the intensity of the whites.

13) Green Glass Vase

Seafoam green has a bluish-green look, and you can decide whether you want to focus more on the blues or the greens. If you want the nursery to be a bit more lively, you’ll probably want to add a few touches of warmer green decorations. Clear green glass vases like these are perfect for that type of project because they’re a warm green and the glass will reflect sunlight from the window. Then, at night, that reflection will go away and your baby can still sleep soundly.

14) DIY Mermaid Scale Letters

Adding letters to your baby’s nursery is a wonderful way to teach them letters, and you can put their name on the wall to customize the nursery for them. For a sea foam green nursery, you can focus on other sea colors, like blues and purples. We found these sparkly mermaid scale letters that’ll transform your baby’s nursery into a glittery and fantastical room as the many-hued letters reflect light. This will fascinate your baby and when the lights are off and windows are closed, it shouldn’t affect their ability to nap.

15) Leaves

It’s uncomfortably easy to lose track of nature nowadays, and it may be important to you for your baby to have exposure to nature. Seafoam green is already a natural color, so it makes sense to add more natural decorations and help immerse your little one in nature, even while they’re in their cozy crib. Leaves make a lovely decoration if you want to use natural imagery and patterns, so we found these pastel green crib sheets with leaves that should match your color scheme.

16) Seafoam, White, and Creamy Tan

You don’t ever want to design a room with just a single color in mind, so you’ll need to choose a palette of at least two, but generally three colors. For this room, you can create a palette using seafoam green, white, and creamy tan, as the Jappe family did. You can see in these pictures how the three colors combine to form a light, airy, and naturally-feeling space that’d be soothing to sleep in. 

17) Vintage Green and Brown Flower Bottle

Seafoam has a natural and pale look that used to be more common before the days of cartoon-themed nurseries. It’s the perfect color for a vintage-style nursery, so we found some vintage green and brown flower bottles on Amazon. These pieces are somewhat clear and would make pretty vases, and the green and brown will add a bit of bolder vintage color without conflicting with your color scheme. This will help make the room more stimulating without going overboard.

What would you put in a seafoam green nursery? Have you come across something that we didn’t list here? Please let us know in the comments below

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