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Purple and teal can be a delicate color combination, or it can be incredibly lush and bold. It can even look glamorous if that's what you have in mind! The kind of living room you're designing will determine which Purple and Teal Living Room Ideas you use. As you peruse, keep in mind whether you like bold, glam, luxury, or something else as you explore our ideas.

1) Sheer Vertical Stripes

Teal and purple are two of the best colors for sheer window curtains because they look amazing with light filtering through them. We loved the idea of combining the two by getting sheer curtains with vertical stripes in both colors. Curtains like these would make a wonderful accent to a purple and teal room, or you could put them in a white room to add a splash of color. These curtains, along with one or two items in different shades of teal and purple, would complete a room in no time.

2) DIY Rags Rug

This is one of the neatest DIY projects we've seen. You can take some purple and teal rags and combine them in any order you like to make your own purple and teal rug. Can you imagine talking to a guest and telling them you made the rug yourself? If you're not that confident in your crafting ability, that's okay. We found this video to help. This is best if your living room isn't a formal place, either because you don't entertain guests there or because you don't try to put on a formal show for guests.

3) Distressed Furniture

Teal is a color that looks great whether it's light, dark, distressed, or brand new, but distressing it might be the best way to combine it with purple in a tasteful way in a living room where you'll entertain guests. You can even use this tutorial by That Shabby Guy to learn how to make distressed teal furniture that'll give your living room a retro look. Then, add soft purple decorations like throws, lamps, and flowers to complete the look.

4) Purple Waves

Purple and teal both make one think of the ocean, depending on the shade. Imagine a lavender sky with soft teal waves cresting beneath… If this imagery sounds heavenly, then you could fill out your room with waves and ocean imagery like these grape curtains with a wave pattern on them. If you want an oceanic living room, these should be the darkest thing in the room, with light teal and purple items throughout the rest of the room to make these curtains stand out.

5) Flowers and Butterflies

Purple and teal both exist in nature. While teal brings to mind an image of a bright blue sky and sea waves, purple makes one think of flowers dotting the landscape and butterflies roaming about. If that's the sort of imagery you love, then you'll probably want to look for decorations like this blue and purple floral canvas. It's an almost mystical scene that'll transport you and anybody looking at it into those fields of purple flowers you were thinking about.

6) Neutrals With Teal and Purple Accents

Purple and teal can be your main colors without being the colors you have the most of. They're both vibrant colors that can take over a room if you let them, so there's nothing wrong with starting from neutral colors and adding teal and purple. In fact, this will call more attention to your purple and teal decorations. You can see an example of a beautiful room that uses this method here. Take advantage of the reflections of light through teal or purple glass to call attention to that color.

7) Peacock Feather Imagery

Peacocks are one of the most beautiful birds there are, so if you're trying to create a beautiful space using vibrant colors like purple and teal, why not borrow from nature? You can get things like these pillows with peacock feather images on them and maybe some peacock prints if you want to create a theme. These will take colors that seem unnatural to a lot of people and add context so that the bright colors you love look tasteful to guests and beautiful to you, as well.

8) Subtle

Teal and purple can certainly be bold, but they don't have to be overwhelming and ostentatious. If you're looking to create a tasteful room, but can't figure out how to make the room look more subtle instead of gaudy, this video might help. You can see how the living room in the video has purple patterned furnishings and a combination of light and dark purples in a few places. You can do the same thing with teal and purple, combining lights and darks in a few key places around the room, then using a gray base for everything else.

9) Vibrant Paintings

If you think that too many people use a cheap, bright, beachy ocean theme for a teal room, but you do like the ocean, this idea might suit you more. This style of painting is vibrant and dramatic through the careful use of color. The few places that have intense color almost seem to glow, while other areas are almost colorless. An art piece like this would be wonderful for a room with light teal and purple touches, as it's both bold and subtle and would draw the eye to it.

10) Tropical Velvet Luxe

Velvet is a high-end fabric that creates a glamorous or luxurious look. If you combine deep teal velvet with purple, it creates a lush tropical look that Jules from When It Alteration Finds calls Tropical Velvet Luxe. Have a look at some of her images to see how this style can look and get inspiration for your living room. While she doesn't use teal and purple, you can see how teal combines with almost any color for this look, and purple will create a darker and cozier vibe.

11) Two Shades

You generally don't want to use just one shade of either teal or purple. They're some of the few colors that look good when you combine light and dark versions of them, as long as you use roughly the same tone. Furnishings with two shades of either purple or teal will help make the space look more textured and interesting. For example, this purple rug from Amazon has two shades of purple in it, making it blend into the room better than a rug that was only one shade of solid purple.

12) DIY Dark and Light Pattern Accent Wall

This accent wall design is one of the best for a room with a combination of dark and light colors. Imagine your living room with a single accent wall. Which wall would you pick? Now, imagine what color the rest of the walls will be? If they're white, you could paint an accent wall like the one in this Eleni Nicolo video using purple or teal with white stripes. Or, if they're teal, try a dark purple accent wall with stripes in the same teal shade as the rest of the wall.

13) Vibrant Curtains

Purple and teal can be some of the most vibrant colors if that's the route you want to go, but you don't want your entire living room to be nothing but the brightest colors. You'll need some sort of visual break, and ultimately, having too much bright color will take away from the effect rather than add to it. Try using subtle teal and purple, for the most part, and getting a few things that are very bright, like these teal curtains. If the rest of the room is lighter and more subtle, you'll find that these become a centerpiece.

14) Purple-Tipped Ombre

Ombre is an excellent way to combine two colors since it has a soft transition. Typically, the tip of the ombre will be the darker color, so you'll probably find that purple-tipped ombre like these curtains from Amazon look best. The nice thing about ombre curtains is that, unlike most sheer curtains, they don't need sunlight to look nice. If you do get sheer ones like these, they'll look even better when they have sunlight shining through them.

15) Nature

Natural spaces generally feel better than artificial ones. Anything that's from nature can improve not only the look but the feel of your room. Since purple and teal are found in nature in the form of purple flowers, blue skies, and the ocean, it's not hard to make a room feel natural. We loved the way the living rooms in this Addicted To Decorating article were designed, with actual pieces of nature such as flowers and fruit as decorations.

16) Ombre Blackout

If you don't like to let in a lot of light, or if you're prone to migraines or sometimes want to keep light out, you'll need more than a sheer curtain. Blackout curtains let you keep out the sun when you want to, and you can get ombre ones like these. Ombre is a neat way to combine two colors in a single object since it has a smooth transition that's easy on the eyes. Blue and purple ombre curtains will look nice in your living room regardless of how much sunlight there is.

17) Purple As Accent

If you have an accent color, you'll almost always want it to be the darker colors since that tends to look better to the human eye. In this case, there are different shades of teal and purple, but overall, dark purple with light teal will look better than the other way around. If you have some furniture or decorations that prove otherwise, we'd love to hear about them in the comments, though! If you agree that purple is the best accent choice this time around, we found a video you can learn to paint a purple accent wall with.

18) Velvet

Velvet is the material of luxury, so if you want a lush purple and teal room, one way to make that apparent is to use velvet furniture and decorations. Velvet also has a shiny texture that looks wonderful in almost any shade of teal or purple, so all you have to worry about is deciding which shade of each color to use. We liked the idea of darker teals and purples like this chair because shades like this seem more cozy and luxurious.

19) Lavender

One of the best things about purple is that it's found in nature, but generally only on some of the most beautiful things, such as flowers. You can bring this natural beauty into your living room by growing lavender in a sunroom or garden or by buying lavender to place around the room. Lavender, in particular, has stress-relieving properties, so we found a guide to growing it if you'd like to place some in a vase in your living room.

20) Leather

Leather looks good in a teal and purple room. Imagine a leather piece like this ottoman in your living room with a teal couch and purple accents around the room. Small leather accents will add to the lush impression the room gives off. We suggest light teals and dark purples to go with leather pieces since teal leather is typically dyed in a medium or light shade. You can also get teal leather and create a contrast between light teal and dark purple that way.

21) Elephant Cushion

When we say "elephants," we're not talking about cutesy nursery elephants. Instead, we're thinking about Japanese-style elephants that'd add an ethnic touch to a teal and purple room. We found this blue elephant floor cushion that'd look lovely in a cozy corner with a floor-height table or in a reading nook. This could be a neat ethnic addition or something for a family living room if you're not Japanese. If you prefer sitting on floor cushions, you could design the entire living room that way.

Are you looking for something bold, luxurious, natural? Something else? Tell us about your experiences, and let us know whether these ideas helped in the comments below!

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