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Many children love mermaids. They’re a beautiful fantasy that makes the world seem so much more magical. Whether you’re a fan of Ariel or a mythology buff, you can create a lovely world for your little one, but you’ll need some Mermaid Nursery Ideas to create the magical mermaid wonderland you want. We found some things for you to buy and take inspiration from to make your dream into your child’s reality.

1) The Little Mermaid

Mobiles are an essential part of a nursery because they keep babies entertained in their crib or on the changing table, so you’ll want a mermaid-themed one. Since the Little Mermaid is probably the most famous mermaid nowadays, she would make a good mobile choice, so we found this pink starfish mobile with Ariel on it. This is perfect if you’re a Disney lover and want to raise a baby girl with the same love.

2) DIY Mermaid Mobile

Mobiles are essential in a nursery because they give a baby something to entertain them and help the infant fall asleep. That said, most are soft and cartoonish, and it can be hard to find mermaid mobiles instead of generic undersea ones. If you want a realistic mermaid theme instead of a Disney one, you may have to make a mythology-based mermaid mobile. If you like the idea, you can use these instructions to make a mermaid mobile that’s not a cartoon.

3) DIY Sea Glass

Since mermaids exist under the sea, you’ll probably want some undersea decorations to make the room feel like an underwater paradise housing these mythological creatures. Sea glass is a lovely choice because it’s reflective and the colorful twinkle of light against it will fascinate your baby. You can create a sea glass decoration or mobile using the directions in this video. By hanging the sea glass, you’ll make the reflections less predictable and therefore more interesting to your little one.

4) Sea Creature Clothing Dividers

Mermaids are part of a slew of mythological and real sea creatures, and in some cases, you might want to include some of their friends in your decorations. For instance, you can get these sea creature clothing dividers with mermaids and various other sea creatures on them. These will also make it easier to sort your infant’s clothes as they rapidly grow from one size to the next. Organizers like these will become essential as you’re occupied with caring for your child and don’t have as much time to hunt for things.

5) Milestone Blanket With Props

Milestone blankets are wonderful ways to keep memories of your infant since they’ll grow up so quickly. You can get a milestone blanket with almost any theme, and this mermaid one is unique because it comes with props. With this, you can make your baby look like an infant mermaid on the undersea backdrop created by the blanket, and see as he or she grows each year. The blanket itself can even become a keepsake someday.

6) Seashell Mobile

Mobiles are essential in nurseries since they entertain babies in the crib and on the changing table, but there are so many different options. It’s hard to find mobiles with mermaids on them, so instead, you can use them as part of the undersea setting in which mermaids live. We found this tutorial for creating a realistic seashell mobile. The amazing thing about this is that it brings in real pieces of nature and helps promote natural intelligence and curiosity.

7) Toy Storage Net

Mermaids and fishermen have been intertwined ever since the first fishermen brought home tales of these exotic creatures. This toy storage net would help create an undersea or fisherman vibe for the nursery, and be a convenient way to store your baby’s toys. The purple color should complement any undersea or mermaid theme, but you could try and find a blue one. You can even get a natural one that looks more like a real fisherman’s net.

8) Little Mermaid Baby Blanket

If you love The Little Mermaid, then you’ll want plenty of decorations and furniture with Ariel on them. Baby blankets are one of the most common keepsakes, and they’re one of the things your baby is most likely to remember. That means you’ll want them to match your theme so that your little one can remember their mermaid nursery long after you’ve redecorated. We found this The Little Mermaid baby blanket on Amazon that would be perfect for a mermaid nursery.

9) DIY Sparkly Wall Art

Nurseries can be cute and fun places where your baby will feel comfortable and have plenty of things to entertain them. One way to make sure they have plenty of bright and stimulating things to enjoy is to get sparkly wall art like these pieces. You can follow this tutorial from Party With Unicorns to learn how to make sparkly mermaid wall art with mermaid tails and shells. The neat thing is that they don’t cost much since you’re making them, so you won’t lose a lot of money when you redecorate later.

10) DIY Blue and Purple Mobile

Blue and purple are the colors of the sea and the most common colors to see on mermaids, making them some of the best choices for a mermaid nursery. If you like the idea of using a lot of blue and purple, you can make this blue and purple mobile to match your theme. It’s hard to find mermaid mobiles, so you’ll probably need something that matches the undersea setting or, in this case, your color scheme, instead. 

11) Musical Seashell Mobile

Mobiles are one of the best ways to get babies to fall asleep when you want them to, as well as to entertain them and promote mental development. Mermaid mobiles aren’t easy to find, but if you like the idea of a soft, cutesy nursery mobile, you might have trouble finding a tutorial for making one. Instead, your best option may be to choose undersea scenery for your mobile, such as the seashells in this musical one. The music will also help your little one sleep.

12) Fish

Mermaids live under the sea, so you’ll probably want to have some undersea decorations to complement your mermaid ones. Since mermaids live among the fish, you can create wooden fish like the ones that swim through this Sweet Teal nursery. The natural look of wood wall hangings like these will make the nursery feel more natural than plastic or vinyl decals would while still creating the aquatic wonderland you want your infant to grow up in.

13) Undersea Wall Decal

Mermaids live under the sea, so a mermaid-themed nursery is an undersea nursery. One way to create the underwater setting you need is to get decals like these showing the plants that would live at the bottom of the sea. Try putting decals like these just above the floor trim in any open areas to make the illusion you want. You can even paint the walls blue or green for an underwater effect, then add a few mermaids to go in your oceanic paradise.

14) DIY Ocean Letters

Wall letters are a standard way of decorating a baby’s room because they’re an effective way to label the room as your child’s. After all, you can’t fill the room with their favorite things and make it feel like home until they begin to develop preferences. Even if you’re making this nursery for an older baby, letters are a great way to make the room feel like theirs while showing him or her letters. You can make mermaid or ocean-themed letters using this tutorial from Glamorous Addiction.

15) Mermaid Name Decal

Name decals are a wonderful way of making a baby’s room feel like it belongs to them, and they’re a common decoration, but how do you make them fit a mermaid theme. You can paint them blue, but that’ll only create a generic ocean theme. If you want to include mermaids in all aspects of the room, or at least in your baby’s name, you can get a customizable name decal with mermaid imagery like this one with a mermaid tail behind it.

16) Cute Mermaid Crib Sheets

Crib sheets will, of course, be an essential part of your nursery decorating, but will you choose something generic or something majestic like the beautiful sea creatures you love? We found these mermaid crib sheets from Amazon for you, and they’re some of the cutest available. While you could choose something realistic, cute creatures will make babies happy the same way cute animals do. These sheets even have adorable images of other sea creatures alongside the mermaids.

17) Aqua and Coral

A color scheme is one essential decision you’ll have to make, and while blue might seem like the obvious shade to represent water, what colors really make you think of mermaids? This aqua and coral nursery brings to mind coral reefs and undersea adventures while also making one think of The Little Mermaid. The neat thing is that the color scheme is appropriate whether you’re thinking about Disney mermaids or the real-life maids you’ve heard about in legends.

18) Mermaid 3D Night Light

Night lights are valuable since they allow you to check up on your baby without turning on overhead lights and waking them up. They also save your shins from hitting things and are easier on the eyes than a lamp would be. You’ll probably want a mermaid-themed night light, and we found this incredible night light lamp shaped like a 3D mermaid statue. This would make a vibrant decoration that looked like a real mermaid. Plus, it’s practical.

19) Seahorse Mobile

Mermaids live amongst the many creatures in the sea. In many stories, they befriend them, and they must certainly rely on them for food or as a part of their environment. Since seahorses are one of the most unusual and majestic sea creatures, they go well alongside mermaids, making them an excellent choice for a mobile. Mermaid mobiles are hard to find, so try using this seahorse one instead, and placing mermaids elsewhere in the room.

20) Mermaid Dreamcatcher

This nursery is likely where your baby sleeps, and you’ll want them to rest well and have only the loveliest dreams, so a dreamcatcher is a perfect thing to have. The dreamcatcher will catch bad dreams and help your baby sleep, and you can use these instructions to make a mermaid one. The dreamcatcher will have decorations that bring mermaids to mind, from gemstones to fishlike tails, matching your other decor while keeping your infant’s dreams happy.

21) Golden Mermaid Decals

Decals are an adorable thing to have in a nursery if you don’t want to permanently repaint the room. After all, your little one will soon grow up, and you might not want to keep the mermaid theme beyond toddlerhood. These mermaid decals from Amazon are removable so that you can place them where you want and then take them off after the room is no longer a nursery. We chose this set because it has a mermaid, dolphins, and over forty fish that you can spread out around the room.

22) Sequins

You probably don’t have fish scales lying around, but if you’re doing a lot of crafts for this room, sequins can create a similar effect. They make a good background for things that don’t have pictures of mermaids on them but that you want to look mermaid-like. For instance, we found these bins with colorful sequins that create a mermaid scale look. This type of bin set is perfect for holding children or infants’ clothes and toys, too.

23) Undersea Walls

Since mermaids live under the sea, you can make the nursery feel like it’s underwater by painting the walls blue or green like the ones in this nursery. Then, ass seashell and ocean plant decorations and find decals of mermaids. Look for mermaid pillows, sheets, wall hangings, and more to make it look like those maids are swimming through the room. You can even get thematic curtains like the cute and silly mermaid cats on these curtains.

24) Pastel Mermaid Wall Art

Pastels are typical in nurseries because they’re soothing and make it easier for a baby to fall asleep. You can even use warm colors that are generally too stimulating if you choose a pastel version. If you’re going for that pastel look, these mermaid wall art pieces are perfect since they show three different mermaids, each in a different pastel color. This will create variety to interest your baby while staying with your calming color scheme to help the little one sleep.

25) Light Blue Background

You don’t have to make every bit of the nursery into an aquatic seascape filled with mermaids to create a lovely and mermaid-themed room. Instead, you can make a few key changes that’ll support your mermaid theme but reduce the number of changes you’ll need when you no longer use the room as a nursery. For instance, light blue walls like the ones in this room will transform the space, but they’re subtle enough that you probably won’t even have to repaint the walls when you no longer need the nursery.

26) Mermaid Mirror

This mermaid nursery decoration creates a magical effect that would be perfect for an infant’s development. The mirror mermaid with 53 stars from Amazon looks magical, and it’ll reflect light. The light will not only be fascinating for the baby but stimulate their mind and help them learn. Natural light from windows and window reflections creates a better learning environment, and right now, your little one’s entire life is all about learning. The many star mirrors will only contribute to the magical effect and the intriguing reflections this will make.

27) Ariel

If you love The Little Mermaid, then you were probably thinking about that when you chose a mermaid theme for your baby’s nursery. That means you’ll want decorations with Ariel and other The Little Mermaid characters on them, so we found these decals from Amazon. With these, you can make it look like Ariel and her friends are swimming around in your baby’s nursery, frolicking and playing. These can stick to any smooth surface, too, so you can put them in places other than just walls.

28) DIY Mermaid Pillow Decorations

While your baby won’t have a pillow in the crib with it right away, pillows generally make a good decoration for soft space. Soft spaces are areas that are designed for sleeping and other non-intellectual activities, making a nursery a soft space that you’ll want plenty of soft decorations in. We found these directions for making mermaid pillows, and you can even try to find the gold fabric they used to mimic that shiny look that’s sure to fascinate a baby.

29) Light Blue Fleece

Light blue is one of the colors that makes the most sense in a mermaid nursery since it makes people think of the light blue of the ocean. Fleece can have a shiny texture that mimics the uneven color and rippings on the ocean’s surface, along with the shiny reflectiveness of the water. That makes a teal fleece baby blanket like this an ideal decoration since it’ll create that effect while also keeping your baby warm.

Did you see any ideas you liked? What ideas did we miss? Please tell us about it in the comments below!

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