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Teal and gold is one of the most glamorous color combinations out there, but it can also be subtle and delicate or create the illusion of wealth. It makes a space warmer and adds some whine without being gaudy. We found some Teal and Gold Living Room Ideas that'll help you design an elegant, glamorous, beautiful, and all-around excellent living room!

1) Tropical Velvet Luxe

Teal lends itself to a tropical look, so if you were thinking tropical when you picked this color, you're on the right track! Believe it or not, darker teals can create a tropical look just as well as a lighter teal can. In this case, a deep teal with gold accents forms a luxurious, welcoming tropical warmth. The dark colors create a cozier atmosphere, and velvet makes the room feel rich and lush. You can see how the tropical velvet luxe look works in these images from When It Alteration Finds.

2) Teal and Gold Pillows

Throw pillows are probably the most subtle and inexpensive way to radically change the look of a room. If you have a beige or white room, but you desperately want that lush teal and gold look, you can get gold and teal throw pillows like these from Amazon to transform your space. These would look good on a tan, white, or off-white couch, and if your couch is the wrong color, all you need is a throw blanket or couch cover to make it match your new color scheme.

3) 3D Accent Wall

Accent walls are an excellent way to go with a two-color scheme, but you don't want the room to look flat with a metallic color like gold. Instead, you can bring out the changing tones of metallic paint by building a three-dimensional accent wall like the one Jennifer Rose designs in this video. While she's installing it in a bedroom, it'd help bring out the gold of your living room accent, too. Try putting it across from a window and getting gold paint with metallic flecks in it.

4) Curtain Lights

Lights can be part of any decorating scheme if you use them right. They can be a feature, or they can highlight existing features, so if you like the idea of a teal waterfall in your living room, you can get some color-changing curtain lights and make a feature with them. If you prefer a more subtle approach, you can use something like this curtain light set to create a glow that'll reflect on any metallic gold around the room.

5) Stripes

If you want a subtle and more old-fashioned look, you can design your living room with teal and gold stripes. This is one of the finer gold and teal options, creating a beautiful and tasteful look that combines the subtlety of light teal with the bright trace of gold. You can get things like these teal and gold curtains that fall to the floor in a single luxurious wave or look for furnishings with thinner stripes.

6) Gold, Brown, and Teal

It's possible to create a two-color theme, but in most cases, a theme will have a third color to help tie everything together or to accent the existing ones. Brown can make an excellent accent for teal and gold since it goes with either color, but it's considered a neutral color so that it won't take over the room, either. You can get furniture with wood legs or use lighter browns and beige throughout the room, then use teal and gold in more prominent places, as they did in these layjao rooms.

7) Fairy Light Jars

Fairy lights are a subtle way to highlight an existing feature in most cases, but you can also use them as a feature if you get something like this mason jar decoration that contains them in a decorative way. Lights like these with a yellowish tint will bring out the gold more than lights with a white hue, though bluish lights could look good with teal regardless. Make sure any decorative lights you get have some decoration that'll be visible during the daytime, like the flowers on this piece.

8) Paint the Fifth Wall

Don't forget about the ceilings! Your room should be an experience, particularly if you're picking unique colors like gold and teal. Imagine one of the tray ceilings from this video painted in deep gold with subtle white walls and teal furniture below. This would create a luxurious and rich look that you'll rarely see in a living room, but that's perfect for a medium or large living room in which you entertain guests. You can also do this with teal walls, but be careful not to add too much color and make it overwhelming.

9) Spray Paint

Gold things can be hard to find, even though it's a lovely color. Once you do find something, there's a fair chance that it won't look good or work for your purposes. Instead of settling for things that look good but aren't quite what you want, you can take anything you find and make it gold with some spray paint. You can see how lovely Lianne's teal and gold room looks with spray-painted gold pieces that stand out in the sunlight with a beautiful metallic shine.

10) Teal Candles

Yellowed lights and flames all have a bit of gold in them, so they make lovely decorations for a gold and teal room. All you need to do is get lights, lanterns, fireplaces, etc., and put them in a teal container. For a small, subtle decoration, try something like these teal flameless candles. For something larger, try getting an electric fireplace insert and surrounding it with broken teal china pieces; just stick them to the wall around the insert the way you would a brick or stone face.

11) Gold Throws on Teal Couch

You might be thinking that you'll have to use teal for softer furnishings like throw blankets and upholstery and gold for items that are made from metal or can have metallic paint, but there are ways to create a metallic shine on cloth. If you look for things like these throw pillows that are made from velvet, they'll have a sheen that looks almost like metal. These kinds of things can be perfect accents for a teal couch, or you can start with a white or beige sofa and put teal and gold throws on it.

12) Sequins

If you want your gold to look like actual gold with a metallic sheen, such as in a glam living room, there are many ways to mimic the shine of metals; you don't have to get a lot of metal decorations to create a metallic gold look. The important part is to have something reflective to create the illusion of real gold, and sequins are one way you can do that. Take a look at this video by Yay its Fullertime to see how they used sequins to create a rich, glamorous look in their gold and blue living room.

13) Gold Mirrors

If you're trying to keep the metallic properties of your gold, then you'll need something shiny to reflect light around the room. Beyond that, light teal and gold are both colors that look better with light reflected on them, so you'll want a space with plenty of mirrors and windows if you're planning a lighter theme. We loved the idea of these decorative gold mirrors because the gold decoration around the edges is beautiful, and the mirror will reflect sunlight to create a brighter room.

14) Gold Lines on Teal

When you design your living room with a two-color theme, a typical way of doing it's to pick one color as your main color, typically the lighter or more subtle one. Then, pick the other color as your accent or secondary color. In this case, you're probably going to want teal as your main color and gold as the accent since people aren't used to seeing large areas of gold, and too much of it'll diminish the striking effect that color has. Try doing something like this Caradise accent wall with gold veins running through it.

15) Gold Patterns on Teal

Since you'll typically want to use a smaller amount of gold than teal, getting teal decorations with gold patterns is ideal. This is perfect if your main color is beige, white, or another light neutral, and you're adding teal and gold. In this case, teal should be the second most prevalent color, and gold should be an accent. Try getting things like this teal throw pillow with a gold pattern embedded in it or other medium-sized teal decorations with small amounts of gold on them.

16) Teal Curtains With Gold Leaves

Sheer teal curtains have an ethereal look that almost nothing else can match. When you pick your curtains, whether your room is primarily teal with gold accents or primarily another color with teal and gold accents, teal will be a good color choice. You can get a slightly dark sheer teal curtain set like this one with some sort of gold accent. In this case, the set has gold leaves embedded in it, creating a lovely and natural look. Gold leaves are a traditional decoration, and having them threaded through your curtains will only improve your room.

17) Gallery Wall

Gallery walls allow you to show the world who you are and what you value. Do you have some pictures of the time you went to Hawaii? Maybe there's an old picture of grandma and grandpa on their honeymoon and school photos of the girls. Perhaps you have a few photos of your favorite pet. A gallery wall with gold frames would look wonderful in a teal and gold living room and give you a place to revisit memories. You even can make a gallery wall like this one in this video by simply spray painting some cheap frames.

18) Gold Bands

Gold almost always attracts the eye, so you'll want to be subtle in how you use it. Choose the few key places you want to use gold, and make sure you have something for the walls and a couple things for the floor and tables. This creates a visual variety that'll make the room look better. The items you choose don't have to be fully gold either; you can get something simple with gold bands or other small areas of gold like this white and teal pillow with a gold band from Amazon.

19) Start With Yellow

Gold is a type of yellow, so if you find yourself struggling to get all the gold furnishings you want or unable to find ones you like, you may want to start with a yellow and teal theme like the one in this F&P Interiors room, then add just one or two gold pieces. The yellow will serve in place of gold to create a sunny look, and the gold pieces will only be for the most important parts that you really want to shine.

20) Crashing Waves

Teal is the color of the sky and the ocean, and adding gold accents enhances that rather than diminishes it. A teal and gold room might feel like a beach home, but even if it doesn't, it'll feel light and calm and natural if you design it that way. One way to create a natural look and connect to the ocean and sky that teal and gold bring to mind is to get abstract imagery that's designed to bring the ocean and sky to mind. For example, this painting from Amazon looks vaguely like crashing waves.

21) Owls

We couldn't help but include these cute owls from Amazon on our list. They're dark teal with gold eyes so that they'll match your theme, but if you have lighter teal elsewhere, they'll provide just a little contrast. The statue is of a mama owl protecting her offspring with one large wind held over them like an umbrella. If you're embracing the theme of teal in nature with ocean and sky images, this statue will go well in your living room.

Did any of these ideas help you design your teal and gold living room? What are your favorite shades of teal, and how are you using them in your living room? We'd love to hear all about your project in the comments below!

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