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Teal can create the most beautiful or glamorous, delicate or bold spaces, but you can create an almost sickening look if you use it wrong. So how do you use it correctly? These are the loveliest, most delicate, boldest, and most glamorous Teal Living Room Ideas we could find. What look are you going for? Bold? Glam? Retro? Teal can be almost anything, and we listed just a few of the best teal living room ideas below.

1) Sheer

Teal looks the best when there’s a lot of light shining on or through it, so sheer curtains like these are one of the best choices for window coverings. They allow light to filter through and possibly tint the rest of the furniture teal. Even with them drawn, sunlight can come through and brighten your other teal decorations. Try adding mirrors to reflect that light and get the full effect the sheer teal curtains create.

2) Coral Accent Wall

Teal and coral go well together, so a coral accent wall is one of the best color choices if you don’t want a monochromatic room. Coral is a light color, so it looks good on a large area like a wall, and when you combine it with teal, it creates a beachy look. You can see in the teal and coral living room in this article that the combination of these colors with sunlight creates an unmatched vibrant look.

3) Teal and Silver Glam

Blue and gray almost always look good together, and tea and silver are just exotic variations of blue and gray. They make a wonderful color combination, particularly for a glamorous living room. If you like a glam style, you can mix silver decorations into your teal room as in this StyledByShakira room. In this room, there’s actually very little silver and teal, but the two colors create a glamorous look and take over the room. You can create a similar look by adding a few glam accents here and there.

4) Floral

Flowers are nature’s decorations, so it’s only natural to use them whenever you want to use a vibrant, natural color as part of your decorating scheme. One way to do this is to get decorations like curtains, throw blankets, or pillow covers with floral patterns. We found some teal floral curtains that could go well in a teal and white or teal and gray room. They’re colorful enough that you could use them and only one or two other teal objects to completely change the look of your room.

5) Illusion and Shine

Glass and reflective surfaces in a teal room make everything seem brighter and more airy or beachy. They complement the color teal well, so you’ll want a lot of glass and mirrors, particularly glass with a bluish or teal tint. When we came across this painting that looks like a flower under teal lights behind glass, we had to show it to you. It’s a highly realistic painting that’d look incredible in an airy teal room, and it’s big enough to be a centerpiece.

6) Natural Light

Natural lighting makes a teal room look airier and gives the opportunity for the teal to reflect on other surfaces, particularly if you have mirrors and glass around the room. This video has some guidance on how to let natural light into a room to bring out the vibrancy of the teal decorations and furniture while reflecting on surfaces and creating an open impression. This is wonderful for a beach house or modern living room more than anything.

7) Teal, Black, White, and Gray

This may sound like a lot of colors, but teal, black, white, and gray combine to make an eye-catching look. You can draw almost anything with it, such as the flowers in this rug or any number of art pieces. If done properly, teal can be mixed in with a grayscale image to blend together perfectly, as it is in this living room rug. When you add something like this, it’ll draw attention no matter what other colors you have in the room, so if you don’t want to replace a lot of furniture, you could use this instead.

8) Velvet Curtains

Velvet is known for being a luxurious fabric that only wealthy people could traditionally afford, so if you want a glamorous and lush living room, velvet is one way to go. Teal velvet curtains like these will match a teal-based glam color scheme, and they’ll add to the impression of glamour that you’re trying to give off. They’re also longer than most curtains at 95 inches, so they’ll flow to the floor dramatically and look even more decadent.

9) Dark, Bold Colors

Depending on who you talk to, teal can mean a few different things. Some people will point you to a light bluish-green color that looks like ocean waves, while others will show you a deep, lush blue. If you prefer a deeper teal, you can complement it with other deep, bold, or masculine colors. In this Studio McGee video, you can see how they decorated a bold and dramatic living room to match a teal accent wall. Dark colors, leather furniture, and matte finishes tend to work well.

10) Black and White

One of the most dramatic teal images we’ve seen yet is this black and white canvas art. It looks like somebody took a black and white photograph with high contrast and added some vibrant teal so that it looks like the teal is almost glowing. This dramatic image could look amazing in a teal living room against a dark gray or teal wall of the same shade that’s in the image. You can see in the product images that there are many ways it can stand out against black, white, and teal. 

11) Brown and Teal

Brown and teal look good together, often giving the impression of something mint or chocolate, or bringing the beach to mind when mixed with tan. This teal, brown, and tan accent rug would be a bold addition to the living room, particularly if you have a dull couch color but don’t want to replace the couch. Of course, this could look great next to a brown leather couch, too! We liked the rug’s geometric and circular patterns because they create a clean look, also.

12) Light and Airy

A teal room can be light, airy, and refreshing like the one in this article by Tanya from Dans le Lakehouse. The light teal blues and whites mixed together bring to mind the sky and the ocean and make the room feel refreshing, like a day at the beach or cloud-watching. To create a look like this, you can use various shades of blue teal, but use much more white than teal, and even mix white with teal as in the painting on their wall.

13) Fringe Accent Mirror

When we saw this fringe accent mirror, we thought it’d be a neat thing to have in a teal room since mirrors create an open and airy look that’s great for most teal rooms, but if you’re trying to make a darker, bolder, and masculine teal room, you might want a deep teal like the one used for the mirror’s fringe. This feature makes the mirror look good in a darker or lighter teal room, and it’ll reflect light to scatter natural light throughout any room.

14) Medium Teal, Black, and Dark Gray

People often talk about dark teals and lighter, airy ones, but ignore the plethora of shades in between. Medium teal is as bold as any other shade, but because of its shade, it doesn’t take over a space the way a darker or lighter color will. Instead, you can combine it with other colors like black and dark gray in particular, and it’ll create an even look where all the colors are perfectly balanced. You can see how this happens in this rug from Amazon

15) Textures

Teal has a variety of shades, and most rooms will have several different shades of teal. Along with the color variety, you can have several different textured teal items. This color is known for its versatility and variety, so you can look for decorations in different teal shades, along with shiny ones, natural textures like rope, geometric textures like the ones on some pillows in this video, and more. You can even add hints of pink or coral like Sally Fazeli did to create more variety.

16) Glass Sculpture

Teal and glass go well together, whether it’s decorative glass or just a simple pane hung on the wall to reflect and filter light. That’s why this glass sculpture from Amazon seemed like an amazing idea for a teal living room. Unlike many teal glass decorations, it has gray and teal woven together to make a darker and bolder look instead of the airy design of a white and teal art piece. The dark gray means that it can look good in a deep teal living room or accent a lighter room.

17) City Lights

Teal lights create one of the most magical looks that can come from artificial lighting, and there are moments when a city can look magical when you see it lit up against a dark sky. This image from SEVLITTT on Amazon combines these two things together, creating a cityscape with glowing lights in nothing but teal and shades of gray. The teal city reflected in the water is mesmerizing, and it’d be a wonderful thing to look at day after day.

18) Research Your Color Palette

Teal mixes with a lot of colors, and you can combine different shades of teal together in one room, but that doesn’t mean that it’s infallible. There are still ways to use teal that won’t look good, so we’ve found a site where you can research your color palettes quickly and easily to pick colors that look good with the shade of teal you prefer. You can even see examples of living rooms with those palettes here.

19) Teal and Gray Patchwork Look

No matter what gray shade you choose, almost any teal shade will look good with it. There are many ways to combine teal and gray, but one favorite is the teal and gray patchwork paint look. Decorations and furnishings like these pillows sometimes come with a patchwork of squares in teal and gray, but with an overlap that makes it look like they were painted with sponges. This blends the two colors together unevenly to create an interesting look that’s different from typical decorations.

20) White and Teal

White looks good with light teal because it makes the teal look even lighter and helps create a cloudy look. This is perfect for an open space with a lot of light coming in from windows, particularly if you’re trying to create a beach vibe or make it look even more modern and open. You can get small pieces like this lamp that have touches of teal, then get larger furniture in white. For the lightest look, paint the walls white, too.

21) DIY Worn Leather Accent Wall

Worn leather might sound like a strange choice, but teal leather is popular for a reason. You can paint a wall to look like real leather, and the texture has a surprisingly pleasant look. Take a look at the teal leather accent wall in this video to see how the texture complements the room while giving it an unusual look. You can also use the video to learn how to paint a wall like this for your living room.

22) The World

If you want your art pieces to complement your color scheme, but aren’t a fan of abstract art, you can look for things in the real world that are naturally teal. For example, the ocean is teal, so you could get a map of the world like this with teal splotches that give it a cool, world-traveler look. You can even use teal walls to create an overall travel theme by adding decorations and furniture from different countries around the world.

23) Navy Blue, Pink, and Teal

Navy blue, pink, and teal make a wonderful color combination. The pink and navy blue both complement the teal, and the three colors create a range of light and dark shades that give variety to your living room. You can use them to create patterns and mix and match the colors the way Brooke Ulrich did in her living room. Also, look for different textured whites and pinks like hers; they can add even more variety and make the area stand out. The neat thing about this is that you can buy new pillows and transform the whole room.

24) Ombre Sheer

Sheer curtains let in light and filter that light through whatever color the curtains are, creating an ethereal look for an open room with light colors. Combine this with teal and white, and you have a beach-like atmosphere and a light, open space. Ombre white and teal curtains like this are even better because of the way the light filters through, making it look like the light is changing the color of the curtains. Adding more white also makes the room seem lighter and airier.

25) Simple Color Palette

Sometimes you want a complex color palette, and there are certainly enough colors that can go with teal, but just because you have the option doesn’t mean you need to use a lot of colors. In some living rooms, a simple color palette will look better. Jackie from School of Decorating even has some tips for how to create a simple, two-color palette using just teal, lime green, and neutrals. Despite the small number of colors, she was able to create a colorful room by getting many items in those colors and filling the room with them.

Did you like any of these ideas? Let us know which ideas you liked, and what you’re thinking about for your teal living room, in the comments below.

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