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If you love cowboy movies and novels, a cowgirl-themed nursery probably seems perfect for your little girl. You can show her all your favorite movies, books, and shows, and help her develop the same love of the West that you have. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find decorations that are appropriate for a cowgirl since everybody seems obsessed with cowboys. We collected some Cowgirl Nursery Ideas to help you design the perfect space for your cowgirl.

1) Horseshoes

Horses are essential for cowgirls and they’re probably a bigger part of Westerns than the cows themselves. That makes horseshoes the perfect decorations for a cowgirl nursery, so we found this cute project for hanging horseshoes on the walls using cute ribbon. This creates a girlish look that fits a little girl’s nursery and has a bright and colorful look. The colorful ribbons will be fascinating for your baby and give them something to look at while fitting the cowgirl theme.

2) Boots, Class, and a Little Sass

Wall decals are a fun and inexpensive way to customize a nursery since you can generally take them off after a while without damaging walls. We found this neat decal that says “Boots, Class, and a Little Sass * that’s what cowgirls are made of.” This is the perfect thing to put on the wall for your cowgirl since it shows how unique cowgirls are and how brave and bold they are. If you want to teach your girl to be bold, classy, and unafraid to get dirty, you can get this decal on Amazon.

3) DIY Fence Wall

This DIY project is a neat and subtle way to make the nursery feel like a corral. You can use the video to learn to make a faint outline of a fence on nursery walls. Cowgirls and horses go together well, and a lot of girls love horses more than any other animal, so think about ways to add saddles and toy horses like the horse on a stick in the game. Try painting a saddle onto the fence by printing a side view picture of a saddle on cardstock and cutting it to make a stencil. Consider this idea for a nursery as you may be pleasantly surprised.

4) Wooden Name Sign

Your little girl’s name will be the first thing that really belongs to her, making it vital to include it in her room. One way to include your baby’s name in a way that fits a cowgirl’s nursery is to hang a wooden sign like this cut into the shape of her name. The wood makes it feel like something authentic and Western, and the unpainted look will also add a rustic touch that’s perfect for a cowgirl.

5) DIY Southwest Furniture

The Southwest has one of the most well-known and loved Western cultures, making it perfect if you want to create a recognizable and culturally rich space. Cowpunchers and outlaws in the Old West often wore serapes with Southwestern prints like the one in this DIY project, and you can add such designs to your baby’s nursery to give it a cowgirl look. Try creating something like this Southwestern-patterned dresser to store your cowgirl’s diapers and clothes in.

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6) Toy Story Cowgirl

Many children love Toy Story, so if you were a fan as a kid and still like the movie, you can get something like this Toy Story cowgirl. Using toys as decorations is a wonderful way to create a fun nursery with decorations your child will care about. Since cowgirls are harder to find than cowboys, it’s also vital that you find depictions of them for your baby girl. Try getting a decal like this that shows a toy cowgirl.

7) Forget the Glass Slippers

If you want your baby girl to grow up in a rough and tumble way as a cowgirl, not as a damsel in distress like Cinderella, this Cinderella reference is perfect. This poster from Amazon says “Forget the glass slipper; this princess wears cowboy boots.” This is a great way to say that your daughter doesn’t need a Prince Charming, and would rather be out getting her hands dirty, riding, and having fun like a real cowgirl.

8) Antlers and Flowers

In some ways, a cowgirl nursery is basically a Western nursery with some movie or book themes, and probably quite a bit of focus on horses. You can start with a Western nursery, then add cowgirl-specific decorations. We found this beautiful antler decoration with flowers on it that would be beautiful for a Western nursery. Try making something like this to hang up, then adding things like horse figurines, pictures of cowgirls, and Western hats and boots. 

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9) Wild West Crib Set

It’s hard to find images of traditional movie cowgirls instead of the more popular cowboys. One of the simplest ways to make a cowgirl nursery is to start with a Western nursery and add just a few cowgirl images and pictures of other cowgirl-themed stuff. Try starting with this Wild West crib set from Amazon as part of your Western base, along with tan and red furniture and walls to create a Western look. Then, add thematic decorations in a few key spots.

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10) Girl Cave

Instead of a man cave, your daughter can have a girl cave. This cute girl cave sign says that no boys are allowed, except Daddy, making it perfect for Daddy’s little girl. The pink color and wording make it a feminine and cute nursery idea, while the images of arrows give it a distinct Western look that’s perfect for a cowgirl nursery. It also has a little picture of the moon on it to create the impression of a nighttime space that’s dedicated to sleeping.

11) Southern Belle

Not all cowgirls are from the West, so if you’re a fan of movies from the Wild West times, but also enjoy historical Southern movies, or come from the South, then a Southern Belle theme would be a neat thing to make. This version of a cowgirl nursery can have cowgirl-themed decorations like the cowgirl boots on the wall of this nursery. Try adding things like the blanket ladder to create a feminine charm, mixing cowgirl decor with old-fashioned decorations as this family did.

12) DIY Cactus

Cacti are common out West and appear in many Westerns, so if you like the idea of a cowgirl nursery because you’re a fan of Western movies or books, then cacti will be a wonderful decoration to create a miniature Western desert in your daughter’s room. You can use the directions in this video to learn how to make inexpensive and safe cactus decorations. The nice thing about this video is that the maker tells you about her mistakes so that you can learn from them. Try putting a cowgirl hat on top!

13) Peel and Stick Horse Wall Decals

Horses are a cowgirl’s best friend, and it’s never too early to let your little girl get acquainted with them. We found these peel and stick wall decals of horses, and the neat thing is that they’re wild horses. This fits a classic Western theme much better than only including tame horses, though you’ll certainly want some images of girls roping and riding, too. These decals stick on their own and can be removed easily when you’re done with the nursery.

14) Desert With Cowgirl Touches

Cowgirls were typically in Western areas, and in most movies, that means deserts of Texas, Wyoming, Arizona, and more. You can start by designing a desert nursery like this one from A Little Paper Doll, then add some cowgirl imagery. This way, it will feel like a cowgirl movie set in a desert. Try taking some ideas from this desert nursery, such as the amazing desert rock pattern on the wall and the tannish brown knit throw pillow.

15) Blue and Pink Horse Crib Sheets

Horses are, of course, a significant aspect of a cowgirl theme since cowgirls rode horses and trained and caught wild horses. Horses were an inescapable part of Western life, and many little girls nowadays grow to love horses, making them perfect for a baby girl’s nursery. We found these crib sheets with horses on them that have blue and pink, making them ideal if you want to create a more colorful nursery with traditional pink instead of just neutral browns.

16) Canvas Growth Chart

Canvas was a common material in the Old West for things like tents, so if you want to create an Old West cowgirl room, you can use canvas decorations. Since growth charts are a beloved way of measuring a child’s progress as they get older, we found this canvas wall hanging that’s also a growth chart. Since the chart reaches 6 feet tall, it’ll probably last her whole lifetime, and since you can hang it, it can move into your daughter’s bedroom or another room when she grows out of the nursery.

17) DIY Rope Name Sign

Name decorations are common in nurseries because they’re one of the few ways you can express your child’s identity. Later on, you can start using their favorite colors and toys, but for now, their name is a way that you can customize the room for them. To make a cowgirl-themed name decoration, you can use these directions for a sign made of wood and rope. You can use flowing cursive for the sign so that you can use one continuous rope, and because it’ll give it a more feminine look.

18) Horse Night Light

Night lights are essential in nurseries because they allow you to check up on your daughter during the night without tripping over toys and furnishings or having to turn on a bright light that could wake your baby. Since this is a cowgirl nursery, we found this horse night light from Amazon that would be perfect for a cowgirl nursery. This one is unusual because it looks 3D and can change to whatever color you prefer.

19) Tribal Art

Part of the cowboy lifestyle was interactions with the Native people of the West, so if you want the nursery to be complete, you might need some tribal decorations. We found these lovely Bohemian-style wall art pieces with tipis, feathers, arrows, and dreamcatchers. Each panel has some lovely advice, like “dream big,” and colorful flowers to create a feminine look. This will add a Native touch to create a more Western look for your cowgirl while exposing her to more cultures.

Are there any other cowgirl nursery ideas we could have added? Cowgirls mean something different to everyone, and we’d like to hear your perspective. Please tell us in the comments below!

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