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If you’re a hunter or a military enthusiast, camo is probably your favorite pattern. The good news? Patterns are wonderful for infant mental development, making camo the perfect nursery theme for you and your baby! We’ve compiled some Camo Nursery Ideas for Boys and Girls so you’ll have the best choices whether you’re expecting a little girl or baby boy.

Camo Nursery Ideas for Boys

1) Jungle

Camo is designed to blend into various environments, but the most popular is forest or jungle camo. If you like this camo style, then you’ll also want to include some forest of jungle animals in the nursery. We found these cute jungle animal stickers that you can put up to complement some jungle camo decorations. Since they’re on the light side, they’ll even look good with pale yellow or light gray camo that looks better in a nursery.

2) Crawl, Walk, Hunt

If you’re a hunter, you probably want some hunting-themed things to go along with the camo in your little boy’s nursery. These adorable camo buck wall art pieces would look amazing in a little future hunter’s nursery. The pieces have two camo bucks and say “buck wild” and “crawl, walk, hunt.” This is a neat baby-themed way to show the order your little boy is going to learn the essentials in life. The camo will accent almost any color scheme to add a bit of your favorite pattern.

3) DIY Forest Green and Black Camo

You can paint anything camo, regardless of whether you can find that piece of baby furniture in the camo your like. You can use this tutorial video to learn how to paint the pattern, then use it for all kinds of decor. Try making a camo dresser and changing table or painting the crib camo! Forest green and black are probably your best options because they’ll match a lot more store-bought stuff, but you can also make baby blue and navy camo, or any other color combo you like.

4) Dinosaurs

You can combine your interests with things that your son is likely to be interested in as he grows up. For example, you can get this jungle dinosaur mobile that has jungle leaves to match camo decorations and dinosaurs because most little boys love dinosaurs. The stem that attaches the mobile to the crib is even a greenish camo that matches typical camouflage but also looks like a stem to match the rest of the mobile.

5) DIY Antlers

If you’re a hunter, deer or elk go hand in hand with camouflage, so you’ll probably want some deer- or elk-themed decorations like antlers. You might not have a spare set of antlers, or you might be more of an enthusiast than an actual hunter. In that case, you can do a quick and inexpensive craft using these directions to make faux antlers. The nice thing about this is that you won’t have to spend a lot to buy real antlers or have them mounted.

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6) Green Camo Crib Sheets

Green camo is probably the most popular type since most hunters are in forests and a lot of military camo is forest camo, too. If you like the color green for your baby boy, you can get green camo furnishings like these green crib sheets that have tan and brown camouflage patterns. The patterns have rounded edges that create a softer and more soothing look that’s good for a place where your son will sleep.

7) Gray Forest and Rope

Effective storage is essential for creating a nursery that’s comfortable and functional for not only you but your baby, as well. When we found this tutorial for making rope storage baskets from a cheap plastic dollar store basket. The rope look would go well with some camo cloth, but you can even use the same gray forest cloth she uses in the video since forest and camo go hand-in-hand. Try using blue cloth for a traditional boy’s nursery look.

8) Deer

Deer are, of course, a major part of hunting, and so is camo. If you want the room to look like your baby boy is a big-time hunter or help him develop a love for the activity, then adding deer decorations is an amazing way to do that. This bedding set has a rustic camouflage look with deer made out of camo to give the impression of a hunting lodge and nursery. The light beige and ivory contrast with the dark green and brown camo to create an intense effect.

9) Modern Woodland

Just because something’s camo doesn’t mean it has to be rustic. You can design a room with some camo and modern styling that’ll give it a crisp and clean look. Try copying some of the decorating from this modern woodland nursery with solid lines, hunter’s orange, and a variety of woodland decorations mixed tastefully with camo. While this nursery doesn’t have much camo, you can add camo decorations with white images to them to match this modern decorating style.

10) Realistic Camo Seat

There are so many types of camo nursery ideas, and while a lot of military fans think about splotchy or digital camo, you might prefer a more realistic type with actual images of leaves and twigs. We found this chair with leaves and sticks that’ll be the perfect place to cuddle your future hunter or feed him and read to him. The seat has orange and green leaves that look just like the actual outdoors, which is great for encouraging your son to want to learn about nature.

Camo Nursery Ideas for Girls

11) Green Cushioned Rocking Chair

Girls’ nurseries tend to be more subtle than boys’ nurseries, so if you don’t want a lot of bold colors, you can get some lighter decorations and furnishings that still match the few bold, camouflage pieces you choose. We found this green cushioned chair that has a lighter and more subtle look than most camo, and since it’s a rocking chair, it’ll create a log cabin-type feel. This should be a comfortable place for you to nurse or read to and cradle your baby.

12) Pink Forest Camo Sheets

Pink is a traditional girl’s color, so you’ll probably want some in your little girl’s nursery, but how do you combine camo and pink? You’ll probably want to use a limited amount of pink to preserve the outdoorsy look of the camo, but you can use pink camo like this bedspread so that the room is equal parts camo and pink. Then use neutral colors for the walls and such to make it feel a bit more rustic.

13) Camo Letters

Wood letters are popular nursery ideas because they’re an excellent way to customize the space while your little girl is learning what she likes and dislikes. After all, you can’t fill the room with her favorite colors and toys until you know what they are. We found this tutorial for making your own camo letters; you can even customize the colors to make feminine pink camo letters and spell your daughter’s name with them, which can make an excellent nursery idea.

14) Forest Decals

Since most camo is forest-style camo, you can get forest-related decorations to complement your camo. These forest wall decals are particularly good for a girl’s nursery because you can place them against any background and they’ll still look right for a camo nursery. Try painting the walls a light or blush pink and putting up these decals to create a subtly feminine space, or even use another light color like pale yellow or tan for the same effect.

15) Camo Accents

If you design a room that’s entirely camo, with camo cushions, a camo crib, camo rugs, and more, it’ll probably be too much and become overwhelming for both you and your daughter. Instead, try starting with a neutral base, as suggested in this CamoTrading article, then add camo pieces where you think it’s appropriate. This is even more important if you have pink camo because while regular camo is intense, pink camo is even more so.

16) Pink Camo Baby Throw

Baby blankets are an important part of childhood, and parents often save them. They become fond memories as little kids grow up and wonder “what happened to that pink camo blanket I remember sleeping with?” We found this camo baby blanket in a feminine pink camo pattern that could become your baby’s favorite blanket and a fond memory for your child as they grow up. It’ll also stay with them for a bit longer than, say their crib, which you’ll get rid of when they outgrow it. A baby blanket can be a decoration long after the crib is gone.

17) DIY Stencil

It can be hard to find camo for girls if you don’t want a traditional green and brown or green and black camo. What if you want a feminine pink or baby yellow? One solution is to make a camo pattern stencil using these directions, the paint things in a camo pattern with whatever colors you prefer. With this project, you can have a gray and pink camo dresser or a yellow and gray camo toy chest that’s feminine without being pink.

18) Reversible Light-Colored Camo

Light-colored camo generally has a more feminine look than dark camo without replacing the camouflage effect the way hot pink camo does. A light desert camouflage blanket like this would be the perfect way to create a feminine look without showering your baby in pink camo. After all, when have you ever been to a pink desert or forest? This reversible blanket has a good color palette and it’s big enough that she can keep it with her into toddlerhood.

19) Mud Cloth Pattern

You probably don’t want the nursery to be nothing but camo because it’d be overwhelming, so you’ll want to find patterns and colors that complement camouflage. The mud cloth pattern on these DIY nursery letters would be an ideal choice because it resembles feathers or arrows that you might use in hunting. Mariyah from Craft Cuts painted half the letters one way and half with a mud cloth pattern, so you can copy her, but make one half of the letters pink or camo with the mud cloth pattern on the other half.

20) Pink Woodland

While there’ll be a lot of camo in your nursery, you’ll need things to break up all that camo, or things to use as a base while you add just a few camo accents. These pink woodland blankets are a lovely choice because they’re a traditionally feminine color and the woodland design is softer and more feminine than camo. This way, they’ll add a female touch to offset the more masculine camouflage. Try to combine these with tan or light green camo.

Have you found any amazing camo ideas that’d make a nursery pop? We’d love to hear your ideas for your baby boy or girl. Please share them in the comments below.

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