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You or a friend is having a little girl, but you don't want to go with traditional girly pink; you want something unique, either because you like to stand out, because you want to defy gender stereotypes, or possibly because you don't like the color pink. Whether you're looking for yourself or a friend, you've found that most ideas for a baby girl's room are pink. Here are a few Baby Girl Room Ideas That AREN'T Pink.

1) Beige

Beige probably doesn't sound that feminine, but if you use it correctly, it can create a subtle, old-fashioned or natural feminine touch. Use rope for pieces like this diaper caddy and beige for cloth items to create a natural feminine look, or use baskets and rope pieces with floral prints to make the room look vintage. Since this is a soft color, it'll help your baby girl sleep, and a diaper caddy like this would be a useful gift.

2) DIY Polka Dots

While this article from Hometalk is about a boy nursery, the design idea works well for a girl nursery or even a gender-neutral one. Gray or multicolor polka dots like the ones in the Hometalk nursery would make tasteful and subtle decorations for a girl's nursery. Believe it or not, gray is a common color for girl's nurseries, and it's soothing enough to let the little girl sleep. Polka dots are nice because they give the baby something interesting to look at and because you can pick multiple colors, too.

3) Choose Your Own Colors

It can be hard to get girly things that aren't pink, so you might have to make some things. If you're not skilled at crafting your own furniture, we'd suggest using tutorials like this one to learn how to make cloth items. For example, you can use this tutorial to make an easy baby blanket with any colors you choose. Try color combinations like yellow and gray, purple and gray, or brown and yellow to keep a feminine look.

4) Old Fashioned

Old-fashioned nurseries often have browns, tans, and natural colors instead of soft pink themes like a lot of modern nurseries. Vintage nurseries can have a feminine look without any pink, so you can get inspiration from them to design your baby's room. Try using things like the blanket ladders and natural wood in this Leonard Home and Outdoor baby room, but with lighter colors such as beige or white walls. Take note of all the textures in the baby's room since using various textures will help stimulate her mind.

5) Cartoon Characters

One way to include modern decorations that aren't the standard pink is to get artwork and other decorations that depict cartoon characters. You can get princess decals like this one to show female imagery that's not pink. Try looking for princesses who don't wear pink or female animal characters like Minnie Mouse or Nal from The Lion King to make it clear that it's a feminine space and show real or fake female characters without including any pink.

6) DIY Doll Furniture

Dolls are traditional toys for girls, so using dolls and doll furniture as decorations is a unique way to create a feminine look without decking the room out in pink. The doll furniture will make a cute decoration for now, and then once your baby girl grows up a little more, she'll have plenty of furniture and dolls to play with. You can even make some of it yourself using video tutorials like this one since dolls and doll furniture can be expensive.

7) Gray

Light gray is a feminine color that goes well with pink, but it also looks wonderful on its own. You can add gray pieces of furniture like this playpen or paint the walls gray to create a soft feminine look that'll be soothing for the baby when she's sleeping. If you're using a gray theme, you'll need to have various textures, too, so that she'll have something interesting to look at and keep her mind stimulated while she's awake.

8) Floral

Flowers and floral decorations are traditionally feminine, like the color pink, but they come in so many colors that you can easily create a floral theme without using a bit of pink. Try using flowers or plant patterns like the one on the wallpaper in this Room For Tuesday nursery. This way, you can include nature in your little girl's room and promote natural intelligence and curiosity. Color variety will also be stimulating for her as long as you don't choose too many deep, vibrant colors.

9) Unicorns and Shimmering Paint

Unicorns are a wonderful thing to have in a baby girl's room, and they can be many different colors. We loved the unicorns in this unicorn-themed nursery, and we think white, purple, or even blue unicorns would be lovely in a baby girl's room. The nursery in this video also has shimmering paint that'd be adorable and create a magical effect that your little girl will love. The glitter adds a new texture to the room, while the unicorns promote imagination. Add some stuffed animal unicorns to give her something to play with later!

10) Fawn Decor

Fawns are cute animals that'll create a feminine look for the nursery, and little kids love baby animals, so they're something your child will love as they grow older, too. Deer are more typical in feminine spaces, so having a baby deer in a little girl's room is perfect. We loved this deer stuffed animal and blanket that your baby can cuddle with for years to come, but you can also get all kinds of stuffed animals to use as shelf decorations.

11) Delicate

Pink is one of the ways that people create a feminine look for their baby girl's room, but it's not the only way by any measure. You can design a nursery with delicate decorations like the wall hangings in this Refashionably Late nursery. The frames look feminine on their own, and you can cut your own from cardstock or cardboard, then paint them white, tan, gray, or other colors. We adored the lace decorations and the bead-like monogram in the center of one of the frames, too.

11) Woodland

Nature and woodland themes are ideal for nurseries in which the parents don't want to use a single- or two-color theme, like a typical gray and pink or pink and white girl's room. To make a woodland theme that's right for a baby girl, we'd suggest using images of female animals and animals that are traditionally used in feminine spaces like foxes. Try getting decorations like this crib blanket with foxes and leaves for a woodland-themed baby room.

What theme suits you and your baby girl best? Did you find any decorations or gifts that you loved? Please let us know in the comments below!

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