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If you love the outdoors, a wilderness nursery will be the cutest and most beautiful thing for your little mountain man or woman. But the wilds aren’t cute and cuddly, and your baby is, so how do you make an appropriate wilderness nursery? We came up with these Wilderness Nursery Ideas to help you create a rugged, cute, and all-around perfect room for your baby.

1) Mountains and Bears Bedding Set

Mountains are one of the most popular and beloved areas of wilderness in the US, so if you love exploring them, you’ll probably want to include them in your nursery. Since mountains and bears often go hand-in-hand, a mountain and bears bedding set like this makes sense. Since it’s a nursery, the bears are a bit cartoonish with cute expressions that your baby will love. The set even comes with a diaper stacker and changing pad cover so that other parts of your nursery will match the bedding.

2) Mountain Forest Mobile and Garland

Mobiles are equal parts entertainment and soother, and they’re essential parts of nurseries. If you want a mobile that fits your theme, mountains and forests are a good choice since a lot of the most beloved wilderness is in mountainous forested regions. We found this cute mobile with a central mountain and evergreen trees dancing around it. The neat part is that it comes with a garland so that you can tie the whole nursery together by putting the garland on the other side of the room. Alternatively, you could use the garland behind the crib to frame the mobile.

3) DIY Forest Walls

Almost all wilderness people think about has forests, and chances are if you want a wilderness nursery, you’re thinking about trees and animals. If you’re planning to go all-out, you can paint the walls with trees and animals. All you need is the right tutorial and a little comfort with a brush. If you’re willing to try something that takes a little more skill, try copying the woodland in this video tutorial. The steps are fairly straightforward and you’ll get a more detailed scene than most nurseries have.

4) Mountain Shelf

Mountains are one of the most fun wild places, and if you’re a mountain-lover, there are so many wonderful options for you! We found this unique floating shelf designed with a mountain-shaped wire back that’ll add some subtle detail to the room. It also has a moon in the wire back decoration, adding some night-related decorations to give the subtle impression that this is a place of sleep. You’d be surprised at how effective subtle imagery can be.

5) DIY Woodland Trio

This woodland decoration set is neat because it includes a trio of a mountain, bear, and wolf, along with vital information about your baby. When you redecorate as your child gets older, you can keep these since they have your baby’s name, birth date and tie, and birth size and weight on them. You can copy the cute puns the designer put on them by getting pre-cut vinyl letters or printing letters on paper if you don’t have a vinyl cutting machine. You can find animal pictures online and print them off, too.

6) Bears and Rabbits

Bears and rabbits are some of the cutest animals in cartoons, though they’re also a vital part of nature and some of the most iconic survivors and predators in the wild. If you want your baby to sleep with wild animals, you could get this adorable bedding set with rabbits, bears, and other cute creatures. The animals are sleeping as if they fell asleep in your little one’s crib, making it a cute scene and a wonderful thing to take pictures of.

7) Wood Stripes and Antlers

If you want to give a wilderness impression, you don’t have to depict actual animals frolicking in the woods. You can use color and shape to create the look you want, which will likely mean using a lot of browns. The wood stripes on the wall in this room create a woodsy wilderness impression, but you could accomplish something almost as good with brown paint if you can’t afford wood. Antlers like the ones hanging on the wall are also a good way to create a wilderness look.

8) Moose Shadows

If you want a more dramatic look or don’t like cutesy things, even in a nursery, you can get art pieces like this that use animal shadows. This set has moose, elk, and bear shadows, but you can also get wall art of decals with other animal shadows frolicking around the room. Things like these pieces from Amazon would look best in a natural nursery with a lot of wood and rustic wilderness decor. The canvas art will also look good in an adult room when your baby outgrows the nursery.

9) DIY Natural Woodland Mobile

If you want your nursery to look more natural and less cutesy, then a woodland mobile like this would be a good start or an excellent accent. The piece has wooden beads and trees and mountains with rough textures that are more interesting for a baby and more realistic. Including things that are more natural in a nursery helps promote a love of nature and is the start of developing natural intelligence that’s often lacking nowadays. 

10) Adventure

The wilderness inspires adventure, and if you’re the sort of person who’d love to be lost in nature for days exploring the woods, mountains, and more, then you’ll want to promote that love of adventure. These mountain-shaped art pieces are simple but show parts of nature, and have the words “adventure,” “explore,” and “discover” on them to encourage your baby to develop a love of exploration. They even show an RV and a hiker exploring the mountains like you might do on vacation.

11) Black, White, and Gray

You might be thinking that a wilderness nursery has to be green, brown, and earthy tones that match the colors of the wilds, but there are other ways to create a similar look if you don’t like brown and green. Black, white, and gray can make a grayscale room that still looks wonderful and natural. An accent wall made with chalkboard paint will give you a dull, natural slate look, while a chalk texture and decorations like the tipi in this nursery can create a wilderness camping impression. Later on, they’ll love drawing on the chalkboard wall.

12) Tipi

One simple and quick way to make it feel like the nursery is a campsite or remote village is to add a tipi. This gives your little one a place to hide or feel comfortably enclosed since a lot of young children and toddlers will try to find closed-in spaces for comfort. It can also be a pretend house during games later on, and in the meantime, it adds to the impression of a remote area. If you’re non-native, it’ll also expose your baby to Native culture more than a wilderness cabin decoration would.

13) Polar Bear Night Light

Night lights are important because they let you check in on your little one in the middle of the night without turning on a bright overhead light and waking them, or worse, tripping all over yourself in the dark. This polar bear night light from Amazon would be an adorable way to light up the room while fitting in with all your other wilderness decorations. You can also get the same one, but shaped like an owl if you like those better.

14) DIY Buck Sign

If you love exploring the wilderness and photographing or hunting deer or elk, then you’ll want a few deer and elk in your little one’s nursery. For a newborn boy, a sign like this one that’s shaped like a buck would be ideal for your little buck. You can use the directions in this video to buy and redesign a buck-shaped sign, or print a deer picture, trace it onto wood, and cut it out with a jigsaw to make your own sign.

15) Tree Blanket

Trees are common in wilderness environments as people rarely think about deserts and other “empty” places. If you love trees and forests, you’ll want some tree-themed decorations and furnishings in this nursery. We found this cute tree-themed crib bedding set with all kinds of woodland animals that you’d find out in the wilderness. This is great if you want a slightly cuter nursery that still fits a wilderness theme, and the foxes and raccoons are less typical than animals like deer and bears.

16) Forest Animal Crib Sheets

If you love animals, you might want to focus on that aspect of the wilderness by getting furnishings with different wild animals on them. We found these brown sheets from Amazon with patterns that look like twigs on a forest floor, along with tree leaves and animals like deer, rabbits, and bears. The neat thing about these is that they convey the setting without actually showing a picture of a forest, and the focus is still on all the different animals on them.

17) Tipi Wall Art

Tipis are a neat addition to a wilderness nursery because they’re not something most children will see outside of a museum, and you’ll rarely see them in cities or towns nowadays. They make better decorations because they help people learn about a culture that few people are exposed to nowadays, and still create a wilderness home impression. The tipi decoration on this nursery wall is a nice way to show the different buildings in wilderness areas and make your child curious as they grow older.

18) Woodland Shadow Decals

If you want a more dramatic look instead of a standard cutesy appearance, then shadows are a good way to create that effect. You can get decals like these that depict forests filled with wild critters but with a dark look that makes them seem like the shadows of the actual trees and creatures. This set from Amazon is nice because it doesn’t just focus on a couple of animals; you see more animals and details of the surroundings the longer you look at it.

19) Arrow Wall Art

Arrows are thought of as primitive weaponry, but they’re still commonly used for hunting. If you’re a hunter or a fan of archery, a wooden arrow decoration will bring to mind old-fashioned wooden arrows. You can make or buy one like this with your baby’s name on it, though you may want wooden letters instead of the metal letters used in this nursery. Then, surround it with other wooden decorations that make one think of nature.

20) Milestone Blanket

Milestone blankets are a popular trend nowadays. They let you take a picture with your baby every month and use those photos to track their growth and changes in their facial expressions, even. We found this baby bear milestone blanket so that you can get pictures on a blanket that matches your nursery theme. The blanket has a picture of a bear and also trees and mountains where you’re most likely to find a bear, and it goes to 12 months of age.

21) Cute Wild Animals Mobile

You might not want a wilderness nursery to be cutesy the way a lot of woodland ones are, but the baby’s mobile should be more about what entertains them. It might even be the only cute thing in the whole room, other than your baby, of course! We found this cute animals mobile on Amazon with wild animals underneath some leaves, and an owl flying above. This would fit your theme, but be a bit cuter than most wilderness decorations.

What other ideas could we put in here? Have you come across anything we’ve missed? Please tell us about it in the comments below.

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