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Batter up! It’s time to step it up and make that nursery for your little one, but you’re stumped. You want to bond with your baby boy or girl, but you’re designing a nursery, not a man cave! What are the best ways to connect over your favorite hobby and still create an infant-friendly space? We found a few Baseball Nursery Ideas to help you out.

1) Little Slugger Milestone Blanket

You’re probably going to want to preserve some memories with your little slugger, and one way to do that’s to get a milestone blanket like this one. These types of blankets let you record each month of your baby’s growth by taking photos of them against a cute or fun backdrop. In this case, it’s a baseball-themed one that says “little slugger” and has a giant picture of a baseball for your baby to lie on 

2) Baseball Night Lights

Night lights are essential for nurseries because they allow you to check up on your little one without tripping all over yourself or their toys and furniture. They also make it so you don’t have to wake the baby up with bright overhead lights. We found this pair of baseball-shaped night lights that’ll improve your baseball theme with warm white light. The warm light is more appropriate for a bedroom space, as opposed to cool light that you’d use in an office.

3) Vintage

Baseball has been America’s favorite pastime for a long time, and your parents and grandparents probably loved the sport as much as you do, and as much as you hope your baby will someday. A vintage baseball nursery like this one would be a perfect way to pay homage to that long and historic past and connect your little one to the memories of past generations. You can copy some of the decorations in this nursery and add a few of your favorite memories to the space, too.

4) Baseball Monogram Letter

Wall letters are a standard nursery decoration since they let you customize the nursery for your little one before they’re even born. Naturally, we had to find you some baseball-themed wall letters. You can use these directions to make letters that look like baseballs and spell your baby’s name on the wall, or spell out an inspirational message like “this one’s a home run.” This craft is involved enough that you’ll probably want to stick to something short.

5) Baseball Changing Pad

The crib and the changing table are probably the two most important things in your nursery since your baby will probably spend most of their time there. That means you’ll probably want them to be baseball-themed, so we found this changing pad cover with baseballs on it. It should fit almost any standard-sized changing pad, and you can place it on a dresser to convert it into a changing table. This particular one even has matching accessories that you can find with the same pattern.

6) DIY Baseball Bat Crib

Baseballs are probably the first thing that comes to mind for a baseball nursery, but don’t forget about the bats! They’re certainly an iconic and unmistakable part of the sport, and they have so much DIY potential! Try making something cool like the DIY baseball bat crib in this article. You can even use their tutorial to build it without having to figure out the specs yourself. Try making other things like shelves with a baseball bat to keep books and toys from sliding off. Be creative!

7) Baseball Crib Sheets

Since the crib is probably the most important furnishing in your nursery, you’ll probably want to ensure that it fits your theme more than anything else. We found these baseball-themed sheets for a crib, and the neat thing is that there are other furnishings from the same collection that’ll match them. With these, you can start with the crib as the room’s centerpiece and then add other baseball decorations on the walls and furniture. It’s machine washable and elastic, making it convenient, too.

8) Baseball Clothing Dividers

Clothing dividers are useful for a nursery, particularly if it’s for a newborn you’re bringing home from the hospital. You’re going to have your hands full with a newborn, so do you really want to have to rearrange their wardrobe every month or two? Instead, you can have everything set up and divided by size, then just grab things from the next size up each time your baby grows out of something. Because these are so convenient, we found you these baseball-themed ones.

9) Baseball Stitch Wall

Baseball stitching is something most people can recognize out of context, even if they’re not a fan of baseball. That makes it a wonderful decoration for a nursery, even if it’s not on a baseball or an image of a baseball. We found this tutorial for making baseball stitch walls. To get the curves right. Tape a string to the corner of the wall and attach a pencil to the other end. Then, draw with the pencil at the farthest reach of the string to make a perfect semicircle. Then, follow these instructions.

10) Baseball Glove Milestone Blanket

Milestone blankets are a fun thing to have because they give you an easy way to keep track of how your baby grows and changes over time, even if you don’t notice those changes because of how gradual they are. A baseball theme presents a unique opportunity because gloves are an integral part of the sport. You can actually find a milestone blanket like this one that’s designed to look like your infant is being held in a gigantic baseball glove!

11) DIY Baseball Sign

Signs often make neat wall decor, so if you’re looking for good nursery signs and having trouble finding them, we found this tutorial that you might like. You can take a round sign and make a baseball look like this, but you’ll want to try and find something that doesn’t say “home” on it. Instead, spell out whatever you like, such as your baby’s name, an inspirational quote, or a baseball reference. You can also use signs shaped like baseballs as letter signs and put one letter of your baby’s name on each sign.

12) Baseball Bedding

If you don’t want a simple bedsheet with baseballs on it, you might need a more colorful bedding set like this one. It has bats and balls, and it’s a reference to baseball being America’s favorite pastime with red, white, and blue stripes and quilt-like patches. This would look great in a vintage baseball room since it has a bit of an Americana look that was common in vintage spaces. The blue makes it best for a boy’s room, but the patriotic colors make it work for either a boy or a girl.

13) Printable Baseball Banner

Banners are a big part of a lot of sports, and if you like to use them to represent your team spirit, you can print a free banner to use as a nursery decoration here. The pennants aren’t team-specific, though you could make paper pennants for your favorite team. Instead, these ones have baseball stitching patterns that fit any team and encourage your little one to love the sport itself. You can also get this in two different sizes depending on what you want for your space.

14) Bearington Bear Little Slugger Belly Blanket

A lot of little kids grow up with the Bearington Bears, and if you did, too, you can include them in your little one’s nursery with this Bearington Bear blanket. The blanket is shaped like a baseball but with the Bearington Bear wearing his baseball cap embedded in it. This would make a fun and thematic play rug for your baby’s tummy time and as they grow older and start playing with toys on the rug.

15) Baseball Fabric Letter

Letters are, of course, a major part of nursery decorating as many nurseries have the child’s name spelled in big letters above their crib. Typically, those are hard letters, but we found this tutorial for making soft letters that we thought were unique. The soft letters will help create a softer look that’s more appropriate for a bedroom, promoting better sleep and making the room as a whole more comfortable. You can even sew them into a blanket as a keepsake later on.

16) Baseball Storage Bin

Storage and organization are essential to a nursery because you don’t want to be searching for something you need while holding a squirming infant or toddler. You need things right at your fingertips, so you’ll want to make plenty of appropriately-sized nursery storage containers and organizers. This baseball storage bin is the perfect size for clothes or small toys, and you can use it to keep clothing, soothing items, or diapers available so that you don’t have to hunt for them.

17) DIY Team Wreath

If you have a favorite baseball team and want some decorations based on that team, you can make something like this team wreath. The wreath is made from baseballs with a cute baseball cap in the middle, and it’d be a neat way to show your little one which team your family roots for. If your team has bright colors, this would also be an ideal way to add a splash of color to the room.

18) Locker Growth Chart

A lot of parents and grandparents like to have growth charts to keep track of their child’s growth as they get taller and older, so we went ahead and found a baseball-themed growth chart. This one is neat because it looks like a baseball player’s locker with a shirt and hat in it, but you can have the shirt and the top of the locker customized to say your child’s name as if they’re the player. 

19) Custom Baseball Name Sign

Name signs and letters are fun to have in a nursery because they’re one of the few ways you can customize a room to fit a bay. After all, you can’t base the decorations off of their personality until you take them home and get to know them. If you don’t want to make letters or buy individual ones, you can get a customized wall decal like this with your baby’s name on it. The decal is an image of a baseball, and their name will go right through the center of it.

What would you put in your dream baseball nursery? Are you rooting for your team or just trying to instill a love of the sport? Tell us about your nursery in the comments below!

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