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Lavender is a soothing color, but it goes well with many other pastels and a few more vibrant colors. It’s the perfect color for a relaxing baby room, but what’s the best way to use it? If you’re looking for something creative to give your infant a unique space, these Lavender Baby Room Ideas might have just what you need.

1) Choose the Right Shade

We generally think of lavender as a shade of purple, but there are also different types of lavender. In essence, this hue is a mix of white and purple, but the purple base can be pinkish purple, grayish purple, or any number of other types. In that case, you’ll need to decide what other colors and decorations you want with it and which shade you prefer. For instance, pinkish lavender goes well with pink, but might not be ideal for a boy’s bedroom. This guide includes some more specific advice.

2) Lavender and Teal Name Art

The right shade of lavender goes amazingly with teal, adding a bright touch to the room while remaining a soothing presence. We found these pieces of word art that say “love” and have pictures of elephants, along with a panel that’ll have your little one’s name on it. Name art is a wonderful way to customize a baby’s room since it labels it as their personal space, and the gray and purple elephants with small teal birds are a cute touch that’s ideal for a baby’s space.

3) Fairytale

Lavender can be a fantasy color that brings to mind the many creatures and stories that aren’t quite a part of this world. Like those fantastical tales, this color looks as if it’s faded slightly from our world and been tinged with beautiful magic. It’s the perfect choice for a fairytale baby room like the one in this video, with a pinkish lavender color scheme and plenty of see-through decorations to give the impression of an imaginary world layered atop our own.

4) Polka Dots on White

The neat thing about lavender is that it can be faint enough to make a perfect background, but it’s also bold enough that you can use it as an accent. If your primary focus is creating a restful space for your infant, lavender polka dots like these could be the ideal solution. They’re pretty and look vibrant against a white wall, but they’re still not intense enough to interfere with sleep. The nice thing about polka dots is that they’re a stimulating design and ones of different sizes like these can be interesting and keep an infant’s mind active. 

5) Cloud Rug

Lavender is a restful color, so if you want to create the ultimate sleeping place, you can combine it with other soothing imagery and textures. For instance, a cloud rug like this has a soft texture that’d be both a tactile experience and a calming one for a baby lying on it. The rug is lavender and cloud-shaped, adding a soothing color and a soft image that can help induce sleep. This kind of thing would help a finicky baby by creating a relaxing environment.

6) Gray and Lavender

Gray is one of the best color combinations for a lavender nursery because it goes with just about any lavender. Whether you prefer a pinkish, bluish, or grayish lavender, gray should look lovely with it. This room, for example, has some pale grayish and pinkish lavenders, and both look wonderful, adding a touch of relaxing color to the gray room. All the colors in this combination make a room more restful, making them ideal for sleeping space, particularly if your infant’s finicky.

7) White, Dark Purple, and Lavender

If you want to add a spark of energy to the room but keep the overall tranquil impression, you might want to get something like these white, dark purple, and lavender butterflies. You can put them against a lavender or white wall that’ll be calming, and these pieces will have just enough contrast to make them stimulating and give your infant something interesting to look at. It’s important to have something interesting around when they’re awake if you’re using this room for play and baby care as well as sleep.

8) Neutrals With Lavender Accents

Lavender can be a beautiful color by itself, but a lot of lavender items in stores are the same shade. This creates the issue where a room begins to look monochromatic and boring, which isn’t any better than a vibrant room that’s too bright for your baby to get to sleep. One solution is to begin with a neutral base, such as tan, white, gray, or brown floors and ceilings, then add broad areas of lavender. You can see how well this worked in this room with a neutral base, lavender accent wall, and lavender curtain.

9) Room Darkening Curtains

Lavender is probably the most soothing color you could’ve picked, so you’re probably worried about making this room a tranquil place for your infant to sleep. With that in mind, you’ll want to add every soothing touch you can, so we found some lavender room darkening curtains. These are pinkish lavender, so they’ll look the best in a little girl’s room, possibly with some pink decorations since pink will go well with this shade of lavender.

10) Watercolor

This color is created by mixing white into purple, making it a pale and faded-looking color. Lavender looks good in watercolor, and the watercolor effect will make it seem even more ethereal while adding an interesting look that’ll provide stimulation for your infant. You can get something like these lavender watercolor polka dots in which each dot has multiple different shades that create a fascinating look. The dots’ irregular look adds an exciting aspect while the color is still calming.

11) Ombre

If you want your baby’s room to be as calming as possible, you might not want to mix in a lot of other colors, preferring to stick with one of the most calming choices. You’ll still need to find a way to add some variety to make the room look pretty in addition to its calming properties, but you can try things such as painting an ombre dresser like this. The ombre makes it so that each shade stands out against the next, but ultimately the room is full of nothing but lavender and white.

12) Sachets

Lavender isn’t just a color but a scent, as well. This opens up a new realm of possibilities, particularly since lavender as a scent is known to help with sleep and soothe people. You can get things that add a hint of lavender scent to the room, such as these sachets from Amazon or even diffusers and candles. Overall, lavender should be safe for babies, but if you’re using a diffuser and want to be sure, you’ll have to look up the particular product you’re using. 

13) Lavender Walls

Unlike a lot of color choices, lavender is light enough that you can paint the whole room with it and it won’t become overwhelming or seem too dark. You can choose a light shade of lavender and paint all the walls with it as this family did, then add white or see-through decorations as accents. Fairy lights make wonderful accents and add a fairytale look to the room, as do transparent curtains. You can accent this space with white and with whatever color most closely matches the lavender tone you used.

14) Elephants

Elephants are a common nursery decoration because they’re cute, and since they’re gray, they go well with almost any shade of lavender. You can get decorations like these stickers from Amazon that have a playful elephant and a sleeping one. There are images like a pacifier and a mother elephant’s trunk, adding both a fun and happy look for when they’re playing and a sleepy and safe impression for when they’re ready to get to sleep.

15) Lavender and Sleep

The lavender flower is known for helping people to relax and is an excellent way to create a sleep-inducing environment, making it the perfect match to a lavender-colored room. Is it safe for your baby, though? If you’re worried about whether lavender will have the right effects on your child, but like the idea of having the soothing plant or scent paired with your lavender-colored room, this article may help you figure out the best way to use it.

16) Floral

Since lavender is both a color and a flower, you may decide to feature the flower prominently while setting up the room. There are also many different purple flowers that you can mix into the room to decorate it naturally. To do this, you can get floral-patterned bedding, floral wall art like these pieces from Amazon, or even add real flowers to the room. Real flowers can be a handful, though, so faux flowers that look real may be an easier choice.

17) Galaxy Night Light

Night lights are great for infants’ bedrooms because they give you enough light to check on your little one without being bright enough to wake the baby up. They’re also nice because they aren’t bright enough to hurt your eyes the way overhead lights tend to be when you turn them on in the middle of the night. We found this galaxy night light that looks like a luminescent planet and gives off colorful light. You can even set it to give off purple or pink light that’ll highlight lavender walls.

18) Paper Flowers

Since lavender is a flower, it makes sense to use flowers as part of your decorating. We even found this tutorial video from AS World that you can use to learn how to make lavender. Then, you can place stems of lavender around the room and make it look like you’ve decorated with real flowers, sans the extra care and the mess they leave. This is great when you’re already taking care of a new baby and don’t want to add houseplants to your to-do list.

19) Pink, Purple, and Green

Lavender goes well with a variety of colors, and if you want to create a colorful room, you might decide to mix it with several colors at once. We found these brilliant green, lavender, and pink curtains from Amazon that create a fantasy effect and would be amazing for a magical fantasy- or fairytale-themed bedroom. This curtain set even has tiny stars twinkling throughout it, along with a transparent layer that adds to the ethereal effect. 

20) Tissue Paper Flowers

Lavender, purple, and white form a surprisingly vivid combination, with the purple and white creating contrast and the lavender bringing it all together. This makes it ideal for a baby room since the lavender will help them sleep and the purple and white contrast will be interesting and stimulating for them. We found these purple, lavender, and white tissue paper flowers on Amazon that’d be perfect since they add a natural look but also create that impressive stimulating and soothing effect.

21) Lavender Walls With White Furniture

With most colors, you’ll want to use white or neutrals as a base and add the color, but lavender is such a pale color that you can use it as a base with white as an accent. Start with lavender walls like the ones in this nursery, then get white furniture like the pieces in this article. You can get accents and decorations in various shades of purple, or choose another pastel to add a little flavor to the room from there.

22) Butterflies

Butterflies are a cute and beautiful way to decorate a baby’s room. They’re colorful and fun, and they’re an easy way to add pieces of nature to a room and encourage a love of nature in your baby. We found these iridescent purple butterflies with hints of blue and pink that’d make your baby room’s walls look brilliant. These butterfly stickers are removable, so you can take them off if your little one doesn’t want flowers as they get older.

23) Pink

If you’re having a little girl, pink makes a wonderful accent to lavender. If you have a pinkish lavender, it can create a two-tone impression since both colors have hints of pink. For a grayish or neutral lavender, it’ll create a similar effect to a gray and pink room with a soft, soothing pastel look. You can get something like this pinkish lavender curtain with cute bow tie-ups to make an adorable little girl’s room.

Is there anything else we could have put on our list? What would you put in a lavender baby’s room? Please let us know in the comments below.

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