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You’re having a little girl and you want your princess to have a princess-themed bedroom, of course! This way, she’ll be the star of the show, and she’ll have all kinds of cute princess decorations and toys to play with as she gets older. Most little girls love princesses and you want yours to feel like one, but what’s the best way to accomplish this? We came up with some Princess Baby Room Ideas to help you out.

1) Lace Netting Canopy

When you think of a princess’s bedroom, you probably imagine it with a canopy over the bed, and your baby’s room should be no different. You can get a canopy like this to hang over the bed or to use as a little fort or cozy space. Cozy spaces give children a place to feel secure and relaxed, and the lace and elegant netting will make it look like part of a princess’s bedroom whether you use it on the bed or floor.

2) Pink and White Ruffle Bedding

You’re probably not making a princess bedroom for a boy, so it’s a safe bet that pink will be a good go-to color. Pink makes a room more feminine, and white and pink create a more elegant look than pink alone, so we found a pink and white bedding set that’s fit for a princess. The pink and white are delicate and feminine while the ruffles and plush look make it sufficiently decadent for your princess.

3) DIY Twinkling Name Sign

When we think of a princess nowadays, we often think of the ornate, jeweled, and sparkly. Twinkling lights create a luxurious fairytale look, and most people think of fairytale princesses more than real ones when they’re outfitting a baby’s room. Since real princesses are nowhere near as interesting as fantasy ones, we found this tutorial for making a twinkling sign that you can shape to spell your baby’s name. It even has a remote so that you can turn the blinking lights on and off as needed.

4) Run Barefoot

Your little girl is a princess in your eyes no matter what, but maybe you don’t want her to be a delicate princess waiting for everybody to do things for her. Instead, you want her to experience life to its fullest and know that she can do anything. This plaque is neat because it encourages your little girl to act like a lady and listen to momma, but also to run barefoot and wish on dandelions. For your soon-to-be graceful and free princess, this is a good message to display.

5) DIY Glitter Letters

When we think of princesses, we often think of glittery gowns or the swirl of sparkling magic. To keep with this impression, you can make glitter wall letters to spell your baby’s name. The letters in this tutorial are gole, which is a wonderful color to represent royalty and wealth, but you can choose any color you want. Regal purple, sparkling midnight blue, or feminine pink are a few other wonderful choices for princess nursery letters.

6) Golden Crown and Scepter Name Sign

A princess needs a crown, so we found you a decal to show off your little girl’s crown. This wall decal from Amazon has a crown and scepter for your baby, and you can customize it so that it says your infant’s name. This way, it’s clear whose domain this bedroom is. The decals come in gold, but when you hit the customize button, you’ll have plenty of other options, including royal blue. Make sure to read the color descriptions since they may not look the same on a screen as they will on your wall.

7) DIY Crown Canopy

Canopies are standard when one pictures a princess bedroom, so you might be looking for just the right canopy for your baby girl’s room. If you haven’t yet found the one that works for you, making one might be the solution. You can use the directions in this article to make a canopy that befits a princess by topping it with a crown. The canopy will frame the crib without covering it so that you still can see to check on your baby.

8) Custom Pink Blush Floral Crown Blanket

If you’re having a little girl and want some feminine pink, pink blush is one of the softest pinks and makes a wonderful choice for a princess baby room. We found a pink blush baby blanket on Amazon with flowers and a crown that’s perfect for a princess-themed bedroom. The neat thing is that you can customize the blanket with your baby’s name so that it’s not just a generic princess blanket, but their personalized one.

9) Embroidered Bedding

Embroidering is a lost art, or pretty close to it nowadays. Your grandparents or possibly parents likely know how to do it, but few people in your generation or even your parents’ generation have that skill. If you want the room to feel regal, though, embroidery is a must. You can buy embroidered bedding from Amazon to create that homemade and old-fashioned luxury that belongs in a princess baby room. This bedding set has embroidered pink and ivory, the perfect color combination for a princess’s room.

10) Gold

Just because this is a girl’s room doesn’t mean you have to get stuck on the idea of using pink everywhere. After all, this is a princess bedroom, not a Disney princess one. Not all princesses wear pink. You can use soft golds like the ones in this damask gold rose petal nursery. Combine them with ornate features like the top and bottom of the gold crib, and heavy textures like the gold carpet that’s textured enough to look almost metallic.

11) Pink Castles and Carriages

If you love fairytale princesses and want a delicate pink fantasy princess room, then you’ll want to include some of the major fairytale princess themes. For example, the princess in a carriage is a common image in Disney and fairytale princess stories, so including pictures of carriages is a good idea. Castles are essential for a princess room since that’s where a princess would live, so we found a fitted sheet with pink fairytale castles and carriages on it.

12) Dream Big Princess

You’re dreaming big with this bedroom, picturing your little girl as a princess someday. Since you’re willing to dream big, it’s important to teach your baby girl to dream big. We found a sticker that’ll help you remind your baby to dream big. The sticker is about two feet wide and says “dream big princess” in pink, with a pink crown next to it. This would be the perfect size to put right over their crib or changing table.

13) Dollhouse Bookcase

Most little children love dollhouses, so having dollhouse decorations in a baby girl’s room is a great way to make your little girl love her furniture. You can make a dollhouse bookcase like the one in this bedroom so that your little one will be excited by their furniture. They can even use the bookcase as a dollhouse as they get older and begin pretend play. This is great for a princess room because it makes it seem like the room is an entire town. And the castle? The crib where your baby sleeps, of course.

14) Pink Netting Canopy With Stars

We found this pink netting canopy with star decorations on Amazon and thought that it could be the perfect addition to a princess baby room. The pink color gives it a feminine and fantasy look while the star tiebacks add a fairytale aspect. With the delicate pink netting, it looks like something you’d find in a real princess’s room, and it’ll create a cozy feeling around their crib, minimizing distractions during naps. You can even put it up in a play area to act as a fort and give them a space that feels cozy outside their crib.

15) Incorporate Your Culture

Most people in the United States tend to think of European princesses rather than those from other cultures, whether it’s a European fairytale or a real European princess. If you know what country or culture your family came from, whether it’s Navajo, France, Zulu, or elsewhere, you can incorporate that into your princess theme. One of the first things Sarah Prager suggests in this article is that you bring your own culture into a room, but it doesn’t even have to be your own culture. How can you show off a variety of princesses?

16) Crown Night Light With Name

Night lights are valuable in babies’ rooms because they allow you to check on your baby at night without turning on bright lights that may wake them. Plus, you don’t have to trip over toys or small furniture on your way in. We found this crown-shaped night light on Amazon that you can even customize with your baby’s room. Since it’s battery-powered, you don’t need to put it in an outlet and can place it anywhere that shines the light where you want it.

17) Gold Bows

Gold may not be the color of royalty, but it’s the color of wealth, and castles definitely have their fair share of golden decorations and furnishings. Bows are cute decorations that fit a princess baby room since they’re a delicate and pretty feminine decoration, so they’d make a good decoration. You can tie gold bows to your little one’s crib or even do something creative like this family did by adding bows to any canopies you have.

18) Pink Twinkle Star

Pink is a good color choice for a princess baby room since it’s a feminine color that benefits a little girl’s room. You can add a fairytale look to the room with some twinkling stars and a transparent cloth like the one on this curtain. The curtain is pink with both a solid and a see-through layer. The solid layer has cutouts that make the sunlight shine through the solid curtain in the shape of the moon and stars. 

19) DIY Framed Letters

If you want a regal sort of look, you can make or buy decorations that are ornate with gold, purple, or other wealthy or royal colors. You can use these directions to make wall letters with fancy frames. While they painted them purple, you can choose any color and even modify the designs to choose an ornate look that you like. You could even try making the frames similar shapes to the letters of your baby’s name, such as using a circular frame for the letter “a” or a rectangle for the letter “l.”

20) Roses and Pearls

Roses are the flower of love and are generally considered feminine flowers. They’re also expensive and high-end, which is why most people only buy them for special occasions. If you want to make this room seem fancy like a real princess’s room, you can get decorations like this lamp with faux roses on the lampshade. The base even looks like giant pearls with an opaque and shiny white that’ll make it seem even more luxurious.

21) DIY Regal Pink and White

Pink and white are a good color combination for a princess bedroom since pink is a feminine color, but adding white makes it look more delicate and tones it down. You can take something fancy-looking like the dresser in this article and paint it pink and white to make it seem more like a feminine princess room than a generic royal one. That said, if you wanted to do something that looked more like the original unpainted dresser, it’d look amazing. Try a golden or white dresser if you don’t want pink.

22) Pink Crown Changing Pad

Crowns are an important image to show that you’re not just creating a fancy little girl’s bedroom, but a princess bedroom. You can put them just about anywhere, but one option we found was this changing pad cover that’s pink with a crown on it. The cute thing is that the crown is in just the right spot to sit on top of your tiny princess’s head while you’re changing her. You might want to buy a couple of them since they’re machine washable and you can just swap them out.

23) Pink Crown Mobile

Pink and crowns are two of the most popular themes when it comes to princesses. You can deck your baby’s room out in feminine pink to make it as pretty and cute as you can, then add crown images. Or…add pink crowns like the ones on this mobile. If you think about it, your baby will spend much of her time looking up at the ceiling or at her mobile, so you’ll want to make sure they have something pretty that fits your theme to look at. For example, you can get a pink crown mobile like this.

24) Sparkle Doll Dresses

Every little girl should have figurines or dolls of some sort. While your little one is probably a bit young to play with dolls, you can display figurines and dolls for them to play with later. You can also set up figurines to keep on display like these princess ones. You can use this video to start with a Disney princess or any other figuring, then make a beaded dress like the ones in the video. While you can follow the instructions in the video exactly, you can also modify it by adding glitter or other decorations to it. 

25) You are Precious

It’s important to remind any baby that they’re precious and loved, but for your tiny princess, part of your theme will be doting on this little bundle of joy the way people dote on princesses. You can get decorations that reflect that like this sign that says your little one is precious, special, strong, and more. This piece has references to God and Bible verses for religious people and is a lovely way to introduce your faith into your princess baby room.

26) Princess Castle

Princesses live in castles, so you might find yourself buying toy castles instead of dollhouses, if only as decorations at first. As your baby gets older, they’ll begin playing in the castle. You can use a castle toy as a decoration for now, but you might want to put it somewhere that your toddler or young child will be able to reach so that they can take it down and play with it when they get old enough. The table from this bedroom is perfect, and you could find a similar end table.

27) Pom Pom Mobile

Pom poms and tassels have just enough frill to be perfect for a princess. They’re soft and cute and come in many different colors, so they’re ideal for a baby’s room when you want it to be a soft and cozy space that they can feel safe in. If you already have enough princess decor elsewhere, you can use a pom pom mobile like this one with pink, gray, and white pom poms and tassels at the end of each strand. 

28) Gray Cotton Canopy

If you’re not trying to fill the entire room with pink like a Disney princess room, then you’ll probably want to mix your colors up a bit. Gray is a soft color that works well in feminine nurseries, whether it’s gray and white, gray and pink, or gray and yellow. We found an example of a gray cotton canopy that’ll be comfortable and has a cool, soothing color that’s ideal for a relaxing fort. The gray fortlike canopy even resembles a castle if they want to use it for pretend play later.

29) DIY Teapot Lamp

Most of the time when we think of princesses, we think of either British royalty or Disney princesses. Either way, teapots make good decorations, whether you’re picturing animated ones from Disney films or real china that royalty might drink from. You can create a regal and elegant teapot lamp using minimal tools and cost by following the instructions in this article. In the article, MANDI even includes tips on how to hold the drill to avoid damaging equipment or breaking pots.

30) Pink Floral Mobile

Pink and flowers are two common things people think of when it comes to a girl’s bedroom, and you’ll certainly want some in a princess’s bedroom. Princesses bring to mind older times when flowers and masterwork paintings might have been the only decorations in a princess’s bedroom. You can get a pink mobile like this that has a flower picture and pom poms that look like flowers hanging down for your baby to look at.

31) Mini Crystal Chandelier

Many people forget about light fixtures when they’re decorating a room and just keep the lighting as it is, particularly if they’re not looking to renovate. Light fixtures are an important part of creating the overall impression of a room. You’ll want to pick soft light to make it a soothing place to rest, but in this room, you’ll also want a royal-looking fixture like this mini chandelier. It’s small enough to look okay in a bedroom, but the crystals and ornate design make it fit for a princess.

Did any of these ideas fit what you’re looking for? How else would you decorate your princess baby room? Please let us know in the comments below.

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