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Purple is an elegant and beautiful color that people love to use in nurseries. It comes in soothing and stimulating shades that can form the perfect environment for your baby. After all, this is the place your baby will sleep, play, and learn about the world. But how can you make sure it’s the perfect blend of stimulating and calming? Can it even be both? We found some Purple Nursery Ideas that we think will do just that.

1) Purple Floral Blankets

It’s important to show your baby parts of nature and expose them to all kinds of things they’ll see outside. This promotes natural intelligence and stimulates their mind, so you’ll want to have plenty of natural decorations. Since there are many naturally purple flowers, you can get floral decorations like these purple floral blankets to introduce nature to the nursery. This blanket in particular is nice because it also has dots on the back that’ll help your little one sleep.

2) Choose Shades Wisely

It’s important to pick the right shade with a color like purple because it can be one of the most intense colors or one of the softest, depending on what shade you choose. We found some ideas for shades that go well in the nursery, so now you’ll have to decide what you’re looking for. Which shade looks good to you, and do you want to paint the walls, the trim, or even just the door? Maybe you’re just using it on furniture and so you can use a more vibrant shade than you would on a wall.

3) DIY Crayon and Epoxy Resin Surfaces

This DIY project is a cute one that’ll make your nursery look like your child or children had a say in the decorations. You can use these directions to make a crayon and epoxy resin surface on almost anything. While the tutorial video is for a coffee table, you can use the same instructions to make a cute little play table or a dresser. Try picking a purple crayon color to make the use of purple in your nursery seem more kid-themed.

4) Lavender

Lavender is probably one of the most soothing things out there, and we’re not just talking about the plant itself. It’s a cool color, making it calming, and its lighter shade also keeps it from becoming overwhelming. You can use this shade for anything near the crib so that your baby has a soothing color near where he or she sleeps. Try getting things like these lavender crib sheets to create a restful crib environment.

5) Floral Toy/Laundry Bin

Flowers are one of the best decorations for a purple nursery because there are a lot of purple flowers, so they’ll look natural. You can look for real or fake flowers or get furniture with floral patterns. A laundry and toy bin like this is an excellent option since you’ll need a place to store toys, laundry, etc. and the vibrant flowers will add a big splash of color. This way, you wouldn’t need to do much painting or anything expensive to create a tasteful purple nursery.

6) Plant a Seed

Since purple is an intense color, you don’t want to use too much dark or vibrant purple. One way to create a lovely nursery that isn’t too intense for your baby is to plant a seed with a single purple centerpiece. If you have a favorite purple piece that led to your color choice, you can use the advice in this article to design the nursery around that piece! Just make sure you don’t focus too much on that purple theme because a heavy focus on one thing can be too stimulating.

7) Felt Mobile

A mobile is one of the things that’ll be essential for your nursery, so you’ll have to pick a design that’s interesting but also calming enough to help them sleep. Since your theme is purple, you can try getting neutral furniture and adding purple for small accents to avoid overwhelming your baby. A purple felt mobile like this one would be perfect since it’ll add a touch of purple without being overstimulating and the felt will create a softer look.

8) Purple Clothing Dividers

Clothing dividers are useful for a nursery because your baby is going to grow rapidly and you’ll be busy caring for them. With convenient dividers like these pretty purple ones from Amazon, you can grab the next size up whenever you need to without having to rearrange the closet, making them the perfect tool for organizing your baby’s clothes. These have sizes up to 24 months so that you won’t have to get new ones for a long time.

9) Contrasts

Dark, gemstone purples are some of the most beautiful tones, and they look wonderful when paired with lighter colors. If you combine purple with white, you can create a beautiful contrast that can be fascinating for your baby and will look lovely to you. Try getting art and decorations like the wall art pieces and blanket in this nursery, or look for other crisp purple and white nursery decor. Don’t go overboard, though; you don’t want it to be overwhelming.

10) Milestone Blankets

Milestone blankets can be an important part of your baby’s childhood since it gives you a chance to document every month of your child’s life with pictures of them on the same beautiful blanket. We found this lovely white one with purple flowers and purple accessories to match your nursery and help you remember your nursery theme years from now. It even comes with an adorable purple floral headband for your little one to wear!

11) Lavender Floral Sheets

Lavender is one of the best purple shades for a nursery because it’s a calming color that’ll help your baby sleep. That makes it a particularly good choice for crib sheets because they’re right next to your baby when he or she sleeps and you want something soothing in the crib. You can get floral lavender, gray, and light pink sheets like these to add a small amount of variety without losing that soothing effect.

12) DIY IOD Mold Makeover

Flowers are fitting decorations for a nursery because they’re beautiful and you probably want your baby to grow up surrounded by beautiful things. They’re great for a purple one specifically because many flowers are purple, so they’ll look natural and appropriate. When we saw this floral dresser makeover, we thought it could look amazing in purple or in white with the flowers painted dark purple for contrast. You can use this video to learn how to decorate your own dresser this way.

13) Basket Cubes

Basket cubes are excellent organizers for nurseries because they’re the perfect size for baby clothes, toys, or little kids’ clothes, so you can keep them for a long time. These dark purple ones would contrast against a white organizer or shelf unit, creating a more stimulating environment without being too intense. Adding these to a white shelf can also break up the purple in the room so it won’t become too overwhelming for your infant.

14) DIY Ombre Letters

Ombre is one of the prettiest things you can do with purple, so why not do it in your nursery? We found these instructions for making purple ombre decorations, and while they’re used for an undersea theme in this article, you can use them against a lavender backdrop in your nursery. Try making letters with your baby’s name, or even using this same technique for growth charts or any wall art. If you don’t like the colors from the article, try using your own choices, or make it a white and purple ombre.

15) Butterflies

Depending on where you live, you probably haven’t seen a lot of purple butterflies, but if you search for nursery decorations, you’ll find plenty of purple butterflies. Butterflies are a cute and pretty decoration, and they’re a lovely way to add a splash of a dark color like purple without going overboard. Try finding things like this butterfly light switch cover or other purple butterfly decorations to go against a white, lavender, or another light-colored wall.

16) Bold Sheets

Purple can be a bold and stimulating color, so don’t be afraid to take advantage of that. Your nursery will need to be restful, but if your baby is going to spend time here playing, you’ll want stimulation, as well. Try getting things with small splashes of bold color like these bold purple crib sheets with light flowers. You can also get ones with purple and white on them since that contrast also creates a bold look.

17) DIY Floral Letter

Nowadays, many nurseries have letters on the walls spelling their baby’s name and there are so many varieties. You can get wood letter-shaped signs, wall art with letters on them, letters shaped like cartoon characters, and more. We found this unique letter design using flowers that may be the perfect decoration for a purple nursery. Try finding some purple faux flowers, then use the directions in this article to make a letter with them. You can choose just the first letter of your baby’s name or make smaller versions of the letter to spell their full name.

18) Mix Shades

A purple nursery doesn’t have to be a sea of endless purple, of course. You can mix it up to make sure it doesn’t seem too intense or monochromatic, but how? Try mixing different shades of purple and adding pink, red, and blue to create an overall purplish effect without using much purple. For example, you can get things like this set of butterfly decorations that have many shades of purple, red, blue, and pink.

19) DIY Abstract Nursery Art

The neat thing about a color-based theme is that you can make your own art without having to learn to draw cartoon characters or other complicated things you’d need for, say, a Winnie the Pooh theme. We even found this video to give you tips on designing and making nursery art. Of course, you can always paint some abstract watercolor decorations, and they don’t even need to look like anything. They’ll still add some lovely color to the room and help create a soothing atmosphere!

20) Purple and Tan

Purple is an intense color, so you’ll probably want to do something to tone it down. One of the best options is to mix in other colors, and if you’re not trying to create a heavy contrast, tan is an ideal choice. It’s a neutral color that looks good with purple, and you can find it fairly easily. Try finding things like these light purple and tan foldable storage bins that have just the right shade of purple to match the tan tops.

21) Stenciled Animals

Animals are always a fun and adorable option for a nursery, and little kids and babies love animals, so adding purple animals to a purple nursery could be a cute idea. We found these fitted crib sheets with purple animal outlines on white that look cute and fit your color scheme but wouldn’t be too intense. The stenciled design shows the animal’s outline without filling it with a lot of color that could be too stimulating for a baby to sleep.

22) White With Subtle Purple Pieces

White and purple go well together, so we thought we’d show you how they worked in this nursery. In this nursery, Brittany used mostly white but added subtle purple pieces. These helped create a purple impression without using way too much of this intense color. You can see how the dark purple backs of the shelves and the purple letter decoration tie together without becoming overwhelming. The wall art pieces all have a combination of white and purple to break the purple up, and the designer can take advantage of that white and purple contrast.

23) White Polka Dots

While you can do polka dots in any color, purple is one color that looks good as a background with white polka dots and makes for a great nursery idea. Unlike some colors, any shade of purple can be a background or a foreground color. You can get things like these light purple nursery organizers with white polka dots. The organizers are perfect for a dresser that you’re using as a changing table; plus, the polka dots will break up the monotony of so much purple.

Did you see any ideas you liked? How’re you using purple in your nursery? Please let us know in the comments below!

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