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Many of us grew up with Star Wars, watching Luke Skywalker fight the empire and later learning the history of the original Clone Wars. Now, our children grow up with The Mandalorian and the entire collection of Star Wars films before it. You’ve chosen to bring your love of Star Wars to your child, whether it’s the original series, prequel, or everything and anything. These Star Wars Nursery Ideas will help you do so.

1) Rebels Crib Sheet

The Rebels featured prominently in the original series and later came back in some of the newest films. If you’re a fan of the originals, you’ll love these Rebel-themed crib sheets. They have cute caricatures of characters like Darth Vader, C3PO, the Millennium Falcon, and many of the other ships from the movies. The black on white design will be easier for newborns to see and provide something stimulating and close by for them to look at.

2) Spaceship Decals

Spaceships are, of course, one of Star Wars’ most popular features, alongside lightsabers, mystical powers, and more. You’ll want to have plenty of spaceships in whatever form you choose. One option is to paint the walls like the starry night sky and get decals like these to make the entire room feel like it’s in outer space. You can also place them on any colored walls to give a similar effect without having to do any repainting, then remove the decals without causing any harm to your walls.

3) Galaxy

Since Star Wars is set in space, you can create a Star Wars nursery by starting with a space theme and adding specific decorations afterward. Try creating a galaxy theme like the one in this nursery, then add Star Wars-specific decals like spaceships on the walls, Millennium Falcon mobiles, and more. Check out the decorations and space-themed toys in this nursery and pick and choose which ones fit your Star Wars theme. Try replacing the moon and stars sheets and blankets with Star Wars character bedding.

4) DIY Dresser Remodel

Thematic decorations can be expensive, so you might need to buy some inexpensive furniture from garage sales or get generic furniture to modify. Try using a generic dresser as a blank canvas and painting it like the one in this nursery. You can even print out other designs and create cutouts to spray paint a different design onto a dresser. The neat thing about this is that you can keep it as your child grows older if you pick a design that’d appeal to both a baby and a child.

5) Thematic Knit Blanket

Knit blankets help children’s development by exposing them to different textures that stimulate their senses. A thematic knit blanket like this will keep them warm as they grow and can become a keepsake. This one has cute, simplified pictures of Star Wars characters that your baby and young child will love. The blanket is the right size for a stroller or car seat, too, so you can take it with you on walks and drives if you need to.

6) Jedi Code

The Jedi Code is central to all the things they do to keep peace in the galaxy. Jedi believe in peace, knowledge, serenity, harmony, and the force. If you want your little one to grow up like a Jedi, you’ll want the Jedi Code to be a part of their nursery. Try putting up this neat Jedi Code decal sticker as a decoration and a neat thing for them to remember as they grow up. 

7) DIY Painted Darth Vader Lamp

Darth Vader was a main character in the original series, and the impact of his presence was felt in the prequels and all the movies made later on. As the primary villain, he deserves a place in a Star Wars nursery, but there are so many ways to add Darth Vader imagery. We saw this idea for painting a Darth Vader lamp and thought it’d fit a nursery. Lamps are ideal for a nursery since they allow you to light up only a small area to avoid waking up your baby when you don’t need to. 

8) Light Up Death Star

Night lights are essential in nurseries since they let you come in, check on your baby, and leave without waking them or tripping on anything. For a Star Wars-themed night light, try making a light-up death star decoration like this wall art piece. Unlike a typical night light, it’s battery-powered and doesn’t need an outlet, so you can place it wherever it provides the best lighting. It even has a tie fighter switch so that you can turn it off and on whenever you want to.

9) Millennium Falcon Mobile

Mobiles are an excellent way to stimulate a baby’s mind and senses, so you’ll want a Star Wars mobile, of course! This Millennium Falcon mobile has a unique design with the Millennium Falcon as the central piece and several characters dangling from it like a traditional mobile. Since it clips to the side of a crib, you won’t have to go through the trouble of trying to mount it to the ceiling, but you can hang more ships around the room as the falcon hangs from this mobile.

10) R2D2 Changing Table

R2D2 is one of the few Star Wars heroes that appears in a major role in almost every movie, performing heroic acts and saving the main characters’ lives more than once. He deserves a place in a Star Wars nursery, and we found a way for you to include him if you want to. You can design an R2D2 changing table like the one in this nursery by adding a plywood or cardboard back and painting the dresser to look like the famous droid.

11) Milestone Blanket

There are so many milestones in a baby’s life, and it’s a good thing we have cameras now so that we can capture them all. One way that we capture those many memories is with milestone blankets like this Star Wars-themed one. This blanket has cute pictures of different characters, along with the famous line “May the force be with you,” making it a perfect background for all your milestone pictures. The blanket is also designed for everyday use and machine washable, so it’ll probably become a favorite.

12) Wampa Rug

Wampas were one of the furriest and warmest-looking animals in Star Wars, so it’s no wonder somebody thought to turn them into a nursery rug. If you want your baby’s nursery to look like somewhere a Hoth infant might live, this adorable wampa rug and play mat would be the perfect decoration. This will not only be a soft and comfortable place to play but add texture to stimulate your baby’s mind through a combination of touch and sight.

13) Millennium Falcon Play Rug

The Millennium Falcon was one of the earliest icons of Star Wars, and if you’re an original trilogy fan at all, you’ll probably want some decorations with images of it. While this can include 3D models, it can also include amazing things like the enormous Millennium Falcon play rug in this nursery. The neat thing about a play rug like this is that your child will probably enjoy playing on it for years to come, and it’s big enough for them to do so.

14) Stars and Space

Star Wars-themed furnishings can be expensive, so there might be times when you’d be better off buying something generic and space-themed and adding only a few Star Wars-specific touches. Try getting things like these star and space-themed changing pad covers that’ll all look appropriate with Star Wars decorations. Some even have constellations traced in the stars. The patterns will also be stimulating for your baby, and the soft cotton should be comfortable and easy to clean. 

15) Grogu Night Light

If you’ve watched the Mandalorian and love baby Yoda like so many people do, you’ll want to include that adorable alien creature in your baby’s nursery. After all, he’s basically the only baby Star Wars character (even if he is 50 years old). Night lights are important in a nursery since they let you check on your baby without waking them or tripping on anything, so why not try a baby Yoda night light like this one?

16) Darth Vader Clip

Darth Vader is one of the main Star Wars characters, and you’ll probably want some images of him in your nursery. You can take regular decorations and furniture and make them Darth Vader-themed with small additions like the Darth Vader clip these DIYers added to a lamp in their son’s room. You can even make things fit a Darth Vader theme by painting them the signature black of his suit and helmet, as they did to their son’s nightstand.

17) The Force Is Strong With This Little One

The Force is as much a part of Star Wars as the characters, so you’ll want to find a way to incorporate it into your nursery. Since you can’t include pictures of it, you’ll have to use words, either through quotes or modified quotes. This blanket says “The Force is Strong With This Little One,” something that someone might say about your little one if they were living in the Star Wars universe. This makes it a neat way to create the illusion of being in that galaxy far far away.

18) Baby Yoda Lamp

If you like The Mandalorian, baby Yoda is probably the best character to use in your nursery since he’s one of few babies or children that are central characters. He’s also adorable, and your baby will likely love him as he or she grows up. This makes a baby Yoda decoration perfect for your nursery, and this lamp would be an ideal choice since it’ll let you light small sections of the room. This way, you can sneak in at night to check on your little one without having to turn on overhead lights.

19) DIY Lunar Night Light

Night lights are vital for nurseries since they keep things lit at night without waking your baby up. This way, you can check on them any time you like, and you won’t risk tripping on furniture or toys scattered on the ground. That said, what night light should you get? We actually found one that we think could be fun to make, and this one would also be a solar system decoration, fitting the Star Wars theme perfectly!

20) Star Projector

Star Wars is all about star systems and space travel, so having stars in your nursery is essential. A star projector like this would be an incredible way to show your baby those stars in an engaging and colorful way that’ll fascinate them. You won’t want to use it all the time, but you can amuse your little one with the stars in the sky every so often, and these will make your other Star Wars decorations look even more amazing!

21) Darth Vader Clothing Organizer

Organizing is essential when designing a nursery, so you’ll want to find some Star Wars-themed organizers like these. Collapsible clothing organizers like these are excellent for nurseries because they’re inexpensive and they’re small enough to be appropriate for young children’s clothes and toys. They can fit most shelves, making these Darth Vader-themed ones ideal for your Star Wars nursery. You can even keep using them as your child grows up because they work well for all different ages.

22) DIY The Jungle

For original trilogy fans, jungles are almost as important a setting as space, so if you’re looking for a way to create an original concept, they might be the key. Instead of creating a space-themed Star Wars nursery, try creating a jungle-themed one like this. You can base it on the original trilogy or the newest films by adding different characters and technologies as decals or painting furniture that looks like the appropriate ships and land vehicles.

23) Decal Collection

Decals are an excellent way to decorate a nursery because decals are temporary, meaning that you can get rid of them or change them easily at a later date. This is essential since the nursery will later become a child’s bedroom or other room, and Star Wars decorations might not be appropriate. You can decorate with a collection of decals like this classic decal set, or even get some from the prequels or other films and shows.

24) Chalkboard Painted Wall

Chalkboard paint is one of the coolest things you can put in any nursery or child’s room. If your little one’s room will be their bedroom as they grow older, this would be an incredible upgrade! You can paint a wall with chalkboard paint like the one in this nursery, then treat the black chalkboard as a space background and draw all kinds of decorations on it, then let your kid play with it as they grow older.

25) The Famous Credits

Star Wars is probably the only film or series whose credits are valued as much as the rest of the show. The Star Wars intro is recognized by fans and non-fans alike, and you can include it in your nursery through decals and decorations like the ones in this bedroom. You can even paint a chalkboard wall and draw the credits on it or print something to use as a stencil and paint the credits directly on the wall. 

26) Baby Yoda Binkie

A child’s binkie is a beloved part of their childhood, even if they don’t remember it when they’re older. When you’re designing your nursery, you can include Star Wars-themed blankets, including a security blanket like this baby Yoda binkie. Baby Yoda would be an excellent choice since he’s a cute baby alien and young children love babies. This security blanket even comes with a “baby sleeping” door hanger that fits a Star Wars and baby Yoda theme.

27) DIY Jabba Pillow

Jabba the Hut was another major Star Wars character, and while he was gross in the movies, he can be surprisingly cute in the right form. You can make Jabba into a cute decoration like a pillow, making him into a soft and lovable blob that’ll make an ideal display. Then, they can use it as a pillow when they’re old enough to sleep with it. You can use these instructions to make a homemade Hut pillow.

28) Millennium Falcon Bedding

The Millennium Falcon is an iconic Star Wars vessel, and you’re probably going to want to include it in your nursery. If you don’t want to make permanent or expensive changes, a thematic bedding set is an excellent option. This bedding set has the Millennium Falcon and several main characters on it, and you don’t have to go to the trouble of painting or other customizations. This set would go well with blue walls since it has a blue background.

29) “The Child” Pillow

“The Child” from the Mandalorian, known by many names, including the popular “Baby Yoda” moniker, is one of the most popular Star Wars characters nowadays, and he’s an adorable character for a nursery. This pillow shaped like The Child in his bassinet would make a cute decoration, and when your baby is old enough for pillows and stuffed animals, he or she can share their bed with this adorable and unpredictable alien infant. The pillow looks round in the pictures, but it’s flat enough to be a comfortable pillow.

30) DIY Planets

Mobiles and hanging decorations are central to many nurseries since a young baby spends a lot of time staring up at the ceiling, and mobiles give them something to look at. Any hanging decorations can have a similar effect as your baby’s vision improves and they begin to look around the room, too. When we saw this fun planets’ decorations, we thought it could be an entertaining craft for you and your little one. You can make a planet hanging decorations like this by wrapping some foam balls in yarn and hanging them from strings.

31) Death Star and Ships Decal Set

The death star was one of the most recognizable ships in Star Wars, so if you want something that’ll stand out even as a 2D decal, it’s one of the best choices. With decals like this death star and surrounding ships, you can make the room look like a space scene in less than a day. Since they come in various colors, you don’t even have to paint the walls to make them have the right contrast. Just make sure to pick a color that’ll stand out against your current wall color.

What’s your favorite part of Star Wars? Did you find an idea here that you liked? Please tell us about it in the comments below!

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