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You have a teal sofa or want to get one, and you need to figure out how to design your living room around it. What colors can you use? Is there a style that works best with a teal sofa? Maybe you aren’t a fan of the couch, but don’t want to get rid of it. Either way, these teal sofa living room ideas should help you make a beautiful living room that you enjoy.

1) ​Teal and White Stripes

If you’re looking to buy a new teal sofa, you can get a vibrant solid-colored one, but teal is an intense color, so you might want to break up the solid color somehow. One way to do so is to get a striped sofa or striped cover. Teal and white stripes like those in this image will create a lighter look, while the teal and black striped couch will look bold. You can also mix teal with tan to get a beachy look.

2) ​Tufted

Teal is a rich color that can be used in a glam living room or in a fancy traditional space, but you don’t want to focus only on the colors you combine it with. Instead, focus on adding rich textures to the rich color. If you’re buying a new couch, think about getting or making a tufted one like this. You can also get tufted cushions to create a fancier or more glamorous effect, depending on what theme you want for your living room.

3) ​DIY Dollar Tree Coastal Decor

If your sofa is a light teal, you can create a coastal or beach theme around it. Add tan or white furniture, paint, and decorations, and get beach- and ocean-themed decorations. You can also make neat coastal decor without spending a lot of money using dollar store materials. Watch this video by Jessica Lynn at Home to learn how to make a window frame decoration, seahorse, and twine ball decorations. You can generally use twine in any craft to give it a more nautical or beachy look.

4) ​Combine Colors Wisely

What colors look good with teal? Should you design a teal and red living room, or would a teal and brown room look better? Sometimes it depends on the shades of each color, so plan carefully to see if your color choice matches your teal sofa. You can use this guide by Kate De Palma from House Tipster to learn what colors combine well with teal. Then, buy or make accent pieces. If you choose tan, white, or grey, consider a beach themed room. For bold colors, use them as accents.

5) ​Full Couch Cover

If you have a teal sofa, but you’d rather you didn’t, you don’t have to design the room around the couch. Instead, get a full couch cover like this that will cover up the entire sofa. Make sure you cover the entire thing and that there’s no teal showing so that nobody can tell it used to be a teal couch. Little bits of teal peeking out from under your sofa cover can also look strange and mess up your new color scheme.

6) ​Brown and Teal Throws

When you pick your throw blankets and pillow, you don’t want to choose the same color and texture as your couch, because it’ll blend in instead of adding variety to the room. Instead, get brown, white, and teal throws like this one from Amazon. The brown and white provide a break from the teal color of the couch, and the teal color on the blanket makes the throw match the couch. This is even better if you have tan or brown decor, maybe mixed with a little teal decor.

7) ​Match Accent Wall

Teal is a unique color, so the best way to make a living room with a teal couch look good is to put items of the same shade of teal around the room. That said, you don’t have to stick with vases and decorations only. Try painting one wall the same color as your sofa like the designer of the room in this photograph did. This brings color to different areas of any room, and even more so if you have a large room. It creates a connection between the couch and that one wall, encouraging people to look around.

8) ​Velvet Teal Curtains

Velvet is a unique fabric because it shines differently from other materials. It gives the impression of luxury and makes the room look a bit fancier, as does the color teal. Teal is a good choice for a glam living room or a luxurious traditional one, and velvet teal curtains like these are an excellent way to make the room look glamorous or fancy. These work best if your sofa is a similar shade, but you can mix different shades of blue if you can’t find velvet curtains that match your couch.

9) ​DIY Matching Furniture

Since you have a teal sofa, you’ll want to get other teal furniture to match it, but it can be hard to get a matching set of teal furniture. If you’re having trouble finding one, consider making furniture that matches your teal couch. You can make a loveseat from an old trunk like The Outlands did in this video by following their instructions, or try to find tutorials for making other furniture. Make sure to find a teal fabric for cushions that matches your couch.

10) ​Velvet and Leather

​If you’re still shopping for your teal sofa, you’ve already decided on the color, but what material works best? You could go with standard soft fabrics, but teal is an unusual color that deserves more thought and effort than that. For a glam living room with gorgeous and luxurious furniture, try a leather, suede, velvet couch. While these materials are best for a household without pets and children, and they require maintenance, they have a beautiful shine that other fabrics don’t match and will make the living room look glamorous.

11) ​Ashen Tan Walls

Teal looks good with greys, tans, and browns, though usually not all three at once. If you’re still deciding which other colors to put in the room, or if you want to be able to change your furniture around in the future, try using this ashen tan paint from The Home Depot. The color is somewhere between brown and grey so that it will match a teal and brown, teal and grey, or teal and tan theme. This way, you keep options open, but still have a wall color that goes with your couch.

12) ​Sheer Teal Curtains

You’ll want a variety of teal decorations and maybe teal furniture to match your sofa, but how much do you want? Do you want a few teal accents, or perhaps you’d like a teal-themed room? For a teal-heavy room, try finding sheer curtains like the ones in this picture. These will tint the light coming through the window and create a pleasant thematic atmosphere with less effort than teal paint. This way, you can get white furniture and paint and let the teal shine through the windows instead of hunting for the exact shade you want to match your couch.

13) ​DIY Custom Teal Decor

Sometimes, teal decor is easy to find, but it’s often confused for turquoise. While you can mix these colors, you might want a true teal color for all your decor. To get a true teal color instead of turquoise or other similar blues, you can use the mixing instructions in this video by TS Handcraft to paint your own decor. Use this to paint decorations or even create your own abstract art by painting swirls and patterns to match your sofa and other teal decorations.

14) Dark Teal Curtains

One of the great things about bluish colors is that you can mix different tones and shade more than you can with other colors. For example, if you have a light teal sofa, you can get darker curtains like these from Amazon to provide a bit of contrast. Similarly, you can get black curtains if you have a bright teal sofa. For a dark teal couch, you’ll want to make sure the sofa and curtains are the same shade.

15) ​Brown Wall Art

Teal and brown is an amazing color combination, and a teal sofa provides a great opportunity to take advantage of it. Try getting large pieces of brown wall art, like this gorgeous shiplap wall art, to hang behind your sofa. Make sure the wall art takes up most of the space behind the sofa, even if it takes several pieces. The pieces or pieces should be centered behind the sofa. This brown and teal combo creates a mint chocolate look if you have a light sofa and looks best with lighter teal furniture.

16) Distressed Furniture

If you have a vintage teal couch, or if you like the idea of vintage furniture, this is a great chance to create a vintage or retro living room. If your couch isn’t distressed, you’ll have to find methods of making it look older. Velvet and leather will fade on their own and end up looking old if you don’t maintain them. Then, get some wood furniture and use a teal stain to distress it using the instructions in this article by Emily Fazio on diy network.

17) ​Teal Valance

Teal is a vibrant and bold color, so you’ll want to use a lot of contrast to create a dramatic-looking living room. Get a matching teal valance like this scarf valance, then buy black or dark brown furniture to provide contrast to it. This will give a mint chocolate look. You can also use it with white to create an airy look since the scarf valance already has an open and light appearance. The unusual shape of this scarf valance makes it fit well with the bold teal decor, such as glam decorations.

18) ​DIY Glam

Teal is a great choice for a glam living room theme, and it matches other glam decorations well. If you like the idea of a glamorous and luxurious living room, you can cover your couch with a crushed velvet fabric using the instructions in this video by yoduvh essentials. The fabric is shiny and creates a bright, glamorous look, and you can use any extra fabric to make more glam decorations to match your teal couch. Think about adding teal fabrics to a few pieces of furniture, too.

19) ​Blue Flowers

In most cases, you can mix different blues and still come out with a fashionable living decorating scheme. One way to add splashes of unique blues and create a more three-dimensional look by adding variety is to get blue flowers like the ones in this picture. The different shades of blue complement each other well, and dark blue flowers will provide a nice contrast to your teal sofa if you set them on a shelf behind it, on the coffee table, or on both.

20) ​Chocolate Cover

If you want a couch cover, you might be struggling to find a teal one that matches your couch. Instead of finding a cover with an identical color, get a cover in a more common color that goes with teal. For example, this chocolate-colored couch cover will look exceptional on a teal couch since it will create a mint chocolate look. Brown also goes well with teal, so if you have a brown and teal room theme, this will look great!

21) ​Seashell Coasters

Teal is an amazing beach color. It reminds one of the water, and it looks good with light, sandy tans. Since teal has some yellow and blue in it, it matches common yellow and blue beachy decor while also blending with decor that’s reminiscent of yellowy sand and aqua waves. Get beach decor for your living room to make it look like a beach house, or build decorations like seashell coasters using these instructions, and put them on your coffee table.

What kind of teal sofa do you have? There are many themes that go with a teal sofa; which one did you pick? Tell us all about it in the comments below.

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