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If you love orange, burnt orange is one of the best choices, but you’re not trying to create the brightest living room ever made. Orange can be tacky if you’re not careful, but burnt orange will create a lovely, warm, fall-hued space. You love the way burnt orange looks, or you already have a burnt orange room, and you’re trying to work with it. Either way, we can help with these Burnt Orange Living Room Ideas.

1) Burlap Ribbon

Burlap is a popular decoration for farmhouse, country, and seasonal decorating since it adds a rural or rustic look to an area. You can use natural burlap for an orange room since it’ll go well with burnt orange, but there’s also burnt orange-colored burlap and burlap ribbon like this from Amazon. You can use something like this to craft small decorations or even drape it in places like side tables, mantels, or centerpieces like a garland.

2) Burnt Orange, White, and Taupe

Burnt orange is a lovely color, but it’s too intense to use on its own. You’ll want a few different colors in your room, and the burnt orange should make up about half of the room, or slightly more or less. You can start with some neutral colors like white and taupe and then get burnt orange accents like chairs and decorations, or even paint an accent wall. You can see in this article from F&P Interiors that white, taupe, and burnt orange go well together, though you can choose other, similar neutrals.

3) Accent Wall

Burnt orange is the sort of color that can take over a room, but unlike a lot of colors, it won’t be too intense. You can see in this video how you can paint a burnt orange accent wall that’ll be bold and look incredible but won’t seem too bright at all. The nice thing about this color is that you can use large amounts of it, so you can use it as an accent wall and also use it elsewhere in the room, such as in a rug.

4) Velvet

Burnt orange is a versatile color that can look dark like rust, but it can also look like sun and fire. If you want a bright and sunny room, then you’ll want to choose some items that are reflective or make the room look brighter. Velvet is a nice choice because it makes any color look shinier and brighter. You can see in this Decor Pad picture that burnt orange velvet looks almost gold, and a vibrant velvet couch like the one in the image can take over a room as a centerpiece.

5) Abstract Spheres

Burnt orange can look like rust, or it can be the color of the sun. For a bold and bright room, you can get art pieces like this that bridges the gap between darker, almost brown oranges and the vibrant color of the sun. The spheres in the abstract image make it look like an image of the sun, and the painting is huge so that it’ll become the centerpiece of the room. Try getting plenty of mirrors and making sure this is directly across from a window, if possible, to increase the amount of natural sunlight, too.

6) Glossy Suspended Fireplace

Burnt orange is the perfect color choice for a fireplace since it’s the color of fire and a close cousin to brick red, as well. When we saw this suspended fireplace, we thought it’d make a neat, modern addition to your room, and the glossy shine would reflect light well. This would make an incredible addition to an outdoor living room or patio area, or you can get something like this for an indoor living room.

7) Embers

Burnt orange is the color of fire, and whether you inherited a burnt orange room or chose it because it’s a color you love, a fiery look will make the room vibrant, unique, and beautiful. We found these gorgeous throw pillows on Amazon with abstract designs that look like fire and lava. These will light up your entire room, making it look bold and giving it a sunny and exciting impression. These would make the best accent on a white or burnt orange couch, but you can put them on any warm neutral-colored sofa to create an intense look.

8) All Four Walls

Burnt orange is a bold color, but it’s not so intense that it’d be overwhelming if you use a lot of it. You can use it for small accents, but you can even paint all of your walls burnt orange to create a dark, stunning look. You can see the effect it can have in this video, as well as some of the decorations and furniture that go well with it. It goes well with neutral brown furniture or metallic gold and bronze decorations; try using white trim for a unique look.

9) Storm Clouds

You’ve chosen one of the fieriest oranges, and you can take advantage of fiery imagery without adding anything obvious. You can get things like this painting set with abstract imagery that brings storm clouds to mind. This vibrant set of paintings will brighten the entire room against a backdrop of burnt orange walls or even in a beige or tan room. Try finding a couple of accents like throw pillows with a similar, fiery look to match.

10) Starburst

Since burnt orange is the color of the sun, a starburst pattern makes a lot of sense. It creates a sunny image that makes the room bright and cheerful, so you can look for larger furnishings like this area rug from Amazon. This piece is burnt orange with a textured sunburst pattern that adds texture and dimension to your room while making it more exciting and cheerful. This could go with burnt orange walls or in a room with a few large burnt orange pieces, like a couch or chairs.

11) Burnt Orange Cushions on White

Burnt orange doesn’t need to be toned down in most cases, so you don’t need to use similar colors and neutrals with it. Instead, you can use straight white or off-whites with burnt orange to create a bold look and keep the focus on the orange. For example, you can see how lovely these darker burnt orange cushions look on the white couch in this Decor Pad image. You can use it to create a natural look like the one in the image or create a bold contrast.

12) Natural Jute

If you like a more natural look, jute is one of the best things to decorate with. You can use it as a decoration or make homemade decorations from it quickly and easily, and it doesn’t require any special skills to use. If you’re just looking to use jute textures to create a natural look, you can get things like this burnt orange jute rug to add a natural look and texture to the room. It’ll match any farmhouse or rustic decorations you have, as well as anything burnt orange.

13) Burnt Orange and Grey

Your burnt orange room doesn’t have to be 90% burnt orange and 10% other colors. In fact, it only takes a little bit of a color like this to make a room stand out. If you’re going for a more subtle look, grey and white are good neutrals to start with. You can style a grey and white room and then add in burnt orange pieces like the flowers and throw pillows in this living room makeover video by Carissa Cleans It All.

14) Bold Vintage

You can make almost any color look vintage, and burnt orange is no exception. If you love the bold look of burnt orange, but you like the idea of a vintage living room, you can combine the two. Look for vintage decorations like this rug that are burnt orange, and find vintage wood furniture to go with it. You can even buy or make distressed orange decorations and distressed leather furniture to match your theme. If you get something bold like this rug, you’ll want to pick similarly bold vintage decorations.

15) DIY Two-Tone Wall

One way to keep the focus on your color choice or tone down the color choice if you need to is to paint a two-tone wall. The neat thing about a wall like this is that you can use just one color, such as burnt orange, but when you’re done, it’ll look like two separate colors. This creates a much-needed impression of variety and keeps your room from becoming boring. It also keeps the room from becoming too dark since burnt orange is on the darker side.

16) Heavily Textured Rug

Another way to create some variety if you choose to use mostly burnt orange in your decorating is to get decorations with heavy textures. For example, this fireside rug from Amazon would add a lot of texture to the room and would look slightly different from most of your burnt orange decorations and furniture because of its texture. Imagine this rug next to your fireplace or gaming console or in front of a side table display.

17) Burnt Orange Curtains

Your living room is most likely where you’re entertaining guests, and no matter how much you like a color, you’ll probably want to tone it down a bit and add some variety so that it’s interesting for any visitors. One way to do that’s to paint your walls white or off-white and then get burnt orange curtains. This might seem like a simple idea, but there are many different patterns and styles you can get. You can even see some ways people have used burnt orange curtains in this video.

18) Gold Stripe

Burnt orange and gold go well together, with gold acting to bring out the warm qualities of the burnt orange while simultaneously highlighting the contrast between the light gold and dark orange. You can use gold to your advantage by decorating with just a slight amount of it since it doesn’t take much for it to have an effect. Try something like this burnt orange throw pillow cover with a gold stripe, or buy small, gold-painted decorations.

19) Farmhouse

Burnt orange is the color of fall, and while that naturally seems like a seasonal observation, you can actually create a fall-themed living room that’s appropriate year-round. Look for farmhouse- or country-style decorations, and add things like these faux leaves and pumpkins. You can fill wooden bowls with these or drape them around a mantel, and they won’t seem out of place in a farmhouse theme with other natural decorations and plant life. Make sure to add some plants from other times of the year, such as cotton sprigs, to go along with your fall decor.

20) White and Gold

There are a variety of colors that compliment burnt orange, but white and gold are probably two of the best. White makes the perfect backdrop for a burnt orange decoration or furniture piece such as the couch in this Decor Pad photo. In turn, gold makes a lovely accent color to bring out a little bit of shine and reflection. You can even get things like the gold mirror in the Decor Pad photo to add some extra shine.

21) Leather

If you want a fancier space but don’t want anything froufrou, leather is almost always a good option for furnishing a living room. You can get a leather chair to create a classier look, and most brown leathers would be a bold match for a burnt orange room. You can even get furniture in burnt orange leather like this Italian leather swivel chair from Amazon. Something like this would speak of both plush comfort and luxurious wealth, all the while matching your color scheme.

Did this help you figure out your burnt orange living room design? Everybody has a different decorating style, even within the same color scheme, and we’d love to hear what helped and what didn’t. Go ahead and let us know in the comments below!

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