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Maybe you love the color orange, and you're looking to create a gorgeous orange living room. Or, perhaps you've inherited or bought a home with an orange living room that you're not ready to repaint, but it looks tacky, and you NEED some ideas to make it look better. Orange can definitely look tacky if you're not careful, so we found some Orange Living Room Ideas to show you how to create a beautiful orange room.

1) Add Navy and White

One way to take advantage of the natural vibrancy of orange is to add darker colors and contrast to help bring it out. We loved the way this designer used blue and white patterns to create bold decorations and then combined them with orange decorations to take advantage of the contrast between orange and navy. By using white and navy patterns instead of solid navy, they kept the room from being too dark while still using that contrast. This type of design would be excellent for a basement living room.

2) Distressed Boho

Bohemian designs are perfect for using a vibrant color without making it seem out of place. They add bright colors to a tasteful room without making them look tacky, so they're ideal for an orange room. You can get a boho design tapestry or rug like this with a bohemian pattern and distressed look that'll go with almost any other decorations. The neat thing about a rug or tapestry is that you can use them as a centerpiece and tie together a sitting set in a living room.

3) Copper

Orange and copper are similar, so if you want a brighter shine, you can add copper to an orange room. You'll want to make sure to use the right tone of orange if you use a lot of copper, as in this copper accent wall, but you can also get pieces with small amounts of copper threaded through. In smaller amounts, copper will simply add a shine to the room without making it clear where that extra vibrancy is coming from.

4) Bright Orange

If you want a retro orange living room, you'll want a certain, nostalgic shade of orange, like the one used for this chair. This bright orange will liven up a living room and looks particularly good in a room with white walls and a couple of other furniture pieces like it. It's bright enough that you don't need to use a lot of it, and too much could be overwhelming, but you can combine it with other pieces to create a retro look or just a lighter one.

5) Sheer Curtains

If you plan to use bright orange, sheer curtains like these will accent the room well. This shade looks great with sheer curtains like these because of the way it becomes noticeable brighter with light behind it. Since it's a light color, it doesn't block as much light when you use it for sheer curtains, adding beautiful natural lighting to your living room. Natural light makes a bright room seem brighter and feels uplifting for people in the naturally lit room.

6) Colorblock

If you want a bright and exciting living room, colorblock is a neat design idea that'd add a kick to your room and get people talking about the unique color scheme. It would work wonderfully with orange, as you can see in this article by Brittany from The House That Lars Built. Colorblock is a creative design idea in which you paint your room in blocks instead of in the traditional manner with one wall color and maybe an accent wall. You can check out her article to see if it seems right for your room.

7) Yellow and Orange

Orange and yellow go well together since they're bright, sunny colors, and yellow is an excellent way of adding a little dimension to an orange room. Try using a combination of yellow and orange on a neutral base so that neither color is too intense. For a white or very light room, use small to medium bright yellow and orange pieces like this. If you use brown as a third color, you might want a darker yellow.

8) Orange, Red, and Tan

In some rooms, you'll have several shades of the same color, while in others, you'll want to use a few different colors that go together well. For an orange room, a monochromatic living room wouldn't look as nice as one with several orange-adjacent colors like red and tan. You can see in this Houzz photo how well orange and red go in a tan room, creating a rich look that can be open and airy like this one or dark and cozy if you prefer.

9) Nature

Bringing wood and pieces of nature into a room makes the room feel more rustic and homey, particularly if you add some natural light with sheer curtains or mirrors. In an orange room, you'll want some natural wood, either in light colors with orange furniture or in dark colors on its own so that it'll stand out. A wood decoration like this piece from Amazon would create a homey feeling, particularly with the green wreath that adds in some plant life.

10) Brown Orbs

Broan and orange almost always go well together since they're part of the fall color palette and are often seen together in nature. The two colors work together to create a rich look that can be cozy, classy, or natural. For a lighter touch of brown, try adding something like these brown orbs as a coffee table decoration, or you can add them to a room with brown trim and decorations to create a darker brown and orange combo.

11) Beige With Orange and Yellow

If you have a beige room, you don't have to make a lot of radical changes to create a lovely orange living room. Beige is a good base for an orange room, so you can start with a beige room and just add orange pieces. It may be a good idea to combine orange with other, similar colors, such as red and yellow, if you're using a beige base. You can see how beige works with yellow and orange in this Real Simple room.

12) Orange and Gold

Gold is like yellow. It's a vibrant color that goes well with orange and adds a sunny look to your entire room. If you'd like a bright orange room, try starting with a tan or light base like white or beige, then adding yellow and orange furnishings with decorations like this gold and orange painting. If you include some mirrors, the natural sunlight will add to the bright, sunny effect you've created with the orange and gold.

13) Teal

Teal and orange go well together because blue and orange are opposites. You'll need to pick the correct shade of orange to go with teal, like the darker orange used for this table lamp. You can add orange and teal to a white or off-white room to create a beachy look, or even add a teal accent wall with orange furniture to create a complete color scheme. The neat thing is that both colors can be equally intense so that you can choose which one to use more of and which to use as an accent, or use both equally.

14) Fall

Orange is, of course, a classic fall color. If you love that season, you can embrace the seasonal aspects of orange and create a seasonal living room, either for a short period of time or as a permanent home fixture. For a permanent fall living room, you'll want to do some subtle decorating since a banner that says "Happy Thanksgiving" won't be appropriate in July. You can find some subtle fall inspiration in this StyledByShakira video.

15) Area Rug

Orange is neat because it's a vibrant color, but if you choose the right tone, you can still decorate with large swathes of it without creating a space that's too bright and overwhelming. This area rug from Amazon should be the right color for that, so you can use a solid-color rug like this as the centerpiece for a room. It's a great way to add orange without repainting or making drastic and expensive changes, too.

16) Swirl

One creative way to mix several colors is a swirl pattern. The neat thing about this is that you can choose exactly the amount of each color you want so that you can mix several colors together and still have the piece feel as if it's one color. This creates the illusion of depth and variety while maintaining your color scheme, so it can be perfect in an orange living room. We found this orange swirl rug on Amazon that accomplishes this exactly.

17) Mirrors

Orange looks amazing in a sunny room with sunlight reflecting against it. In such a place, it creates the illusion of a sunset or sunrise, one of the most beautiful things that nature has to offer. To create this look, you'll want to let light in through the windows, of course, but you can also do a few things to help the light along. One of the best ways to do this is to add mirrors throughout the room, and you can even get mirrors with frames that match the orange room like the one in this article.

18) White Shelves With Orange Interiors

White and orange go together well if you're trying to create a light, cream-colored or sunny room. You can get individual pieces like these shelves from Amazon to create a light, creamy look that goes well in a white room that you're trying to add some orange to. Try to find several pieces that are the same color, and choose a single centerpiece such as an orange couch that matches the orange in your accent pieces.

19) Black and Orange

Black and orange is one of the boldest orange color combinations since black and orange contrast heavily. If you want to create an intense contrast, you can get pitch black pieces like these vases from Amazon as decorations, then add orange pieces throughout the room. Since orange and black together are intense, you can add orange and black pieces to a white room for a modern and bold look using your favorite color. Try getting pieces with black outlines, too.

20) Tangerine

Picking your shade of orange is one of the most important parts of designing an orange room. When you redecorate, you'll need to pick a shade that creates the feeling you want, whether that's light and airy, dark and cozy, or some combination in between. Tangerine is one of many orange options, but it's nice because it goes well with lighting-based decorations like accent lights or faux candles. You can also paint a whole room tangerine without it becoming overwhelming, particularly if you use white accents like the ones in this Southern Living living room.

21) Orange Ochre

Orange ochre is a charming tone that's wonderful if you want a simple design with some solid colors. It looks excellent in a room with tan or brown accents, and you can use large areas of it. For example, you could get a solid-color orange ochre rug and orange ochre curtains like these. Imagine such a room with tan walls, brown trim, and these curtains with an orange ochre rug. You can even use orange ochre as a darker contrast for a white room.

22) Color Blocks

Color blocks are a neat way to plan a room, and they work well with an intense and sunny color like orange. While this Stylish Dekor article is based on a small living room, their focus is creating a fun, colorful room using color blocks, and you can see the vibrant result of an orange and green room using this method. You can create a similar living room with orange and any other color using the concepts in the article.

23) Green

Green and orange go well together. While they typically come out at different times, they're both natural colors, and they look wonderful together. You can use bright greens and oranges or choose a natural green like this rug from Amazon to mix with anything from bright orange to pumpkin orange. The nice thing about a natural orange and green combo is that you can add brown trim and other brown decorations in, and it'll still look natural.

24) White On Orange

Orange looks good as an accent, but you can also go against expectations and use orange as the base color with white patterns. You can see the effect it has in pieces like this orange curtain set with white birds. Imagine your living room with orange walls and white trim or a white carpet. This creates a luxurious look similar to a glam living room, particularly if you get floor-length pieces like these long curtains.

25) Orange Accent Wall

Accent walls are amazing decorations since they allow you to use vibrant colors easily and allow you to make a neutral room more exciting. They're a simple solution, but they're popular because they work! You'll need to look at your living room and think of the most noticeable place for an accent wall, whether it's a wall with an unusual outline, the largest wall, or the first one you see when you enter the room. Then, you can pick a shade of orange and create a lovely accent wall like one of the ones in this rochella beauty video.

26) Red and Orange Flowers

Floral patterns are one of the oldest and most traditional ways to add color to a room. They look natural and add organic shapes to a room to make it feel softer and more beautiful, and comforting. For an orange room, you can combine red and orange to add a little extra dimension and get orange and red floral decorations like these curtains. Using flowers for a large area like this helps create a traditional look and soften the whole room.

27) Heavy Texture

If your room is mostly orange, then you'll need to think of a way to make that stand out so that it doesn't look boring or one-dimensional. You don't need to add a lot of colors if you prefer to use orange and maybe some neutrals; instead, try adding more texture. You can get heavily textured things like this orange accent seat from Amazon. The texture makes it look different from other furnishings, even if they're the same shade of orange, thus making your room more interesting.

28) Patterns

When you use a lot of one color, you'll need something to break up the monotony of that color, no matter how pretty or exciting the color is. You might use other colors to break up the room or only use your main color in small amounts, but if you want large swathes of it, all you have to do is get patterned pieces like the ones in this living room. The patterned pieces are still distinctly orange, but they don't look flat the way solid orange might.

29) Burgundy

If you want everything to blend together well, you're probably going to decorate your living room with warm tones. To create a range of colors and add dimension, you'll want some that are lighter than your focus color and some that are darker. Burgundy is a good warm-toned color to use in an orange room because it's on the darker side but blends perfectly with orange. This rug is one of the best we've seen for tying an orange room together.

30) Brown Leather

Not everything in your living room is going to be orange. You're going to want a bit of variety, but if you don't want to add more colors to your color schemes, try using neutrals instead. People tend not to notice neutral colors, but they'll still break up the room and make the orange pieces you have stand out more. Brown leather furniture like these chairs from Amazon would be ideal because brown goes with orange, and it's neutral.

31) Light Gray and Orange

In a lot of cases, you'll use a warm tone in an orange room, but if you're looking for a way to tone your orange decor down, grey is an excellent choice. You can start with a light grey base and add a few orange touches, as this designer did. In these rooms, the grey is used as a base and to tone down the brighter orange, and they picked a couple orange pieces as accents. Think about what you'd use as an accent in your ideal living room.

32) Plush Italian Leather

Italian leather is known for being luxurious, and nowadays, you can get leather in almost any color. We found this orange Italian leather seat on Amazon, and we think it could make a wonderful accent for an orange room. This orange leather is toned down a bit and would make a great addition to a luxurious and cozy living room, making it look classy. You can even use it alongside other orange furniture since it's not as vibrant and won't be overwhelming.

33) Orange Spectrum

There are so many orange tones and shades that you can actually design a living room with nothing but variations of orange without making it look monotone. You can start by picking any of the tones that this paint from Amazon comes in, whether it's the pale Linen White or dark Georgian Brick. Then pick furniture and accents that fit on this spectrum of colors so that they look good together, but none are quite the same, adding variety to the area.

34) Dark Orange Walls

Dark orange can be a better wall color than light orange because it starts to look more neutral, though it still has a powerful effect in a room. If you want your living room to feel cozy and also have an intense orange vibe, dark orange walls or accent walls like the ones in this Life with Marfarlane video are a good start. With walls like those, you wouldn't need any extra orange furniture or decorations since the walls would be such an intense decoration.

35) Yellow Orange

One way to change the tone of an orange piece is to add yellow. This typically creates a sunnier look, but it can also create a vintage look as it does with this traditional vintage-style rug from Amazon. The nice thing about a vintage-style area rug like this is that area rugs are perfect for tying a room together. Just place it in between your primary pieces of furniture, even though it won't cover the entire room.

36) Velvet

If you're looking to create a plush, cozy, and luxurious room, velvet is one of the best fabrics for it. It's known as a luxury fabric and makes an area look richer with its unique shine. You can even get a piece like this plush orange velvet chair with gold legs. The gold and orange velvet act together to make it shinier and brighter to add some glam to your room, and the plush design will make it easy to cozy up in the lap of luxury.

37) Sunny

Orange is the color of the sun, and it's one of the most straightforward color schemes to create a sunny look with. All you need is enough lighting, whether it's natural or whether you use lamps like the one in this living room. Then, use bright oranges, bronzes, and golds to make the room brighter and sunnier with light and reflective colors. You can see how some orange with a bright lamp combined to make this room look bright and cheerful.

38) Jute

Jute is a natural fiber that looks good in many farmhouse-, rustic-, or country-style homes, but it also goes well with orange. It's a textured neutral color that'll give the eye a break from orange and other colors and flat textures so that you don't need to use a lot of different colors. You can even add plants and other natural decorations around the room since they tend to look attractive next to orange and in rooms with jute rugs.

39) Wing Back

Orange is an excellent color choice for retro and other older decorating styles since it's not used as often nowadays. For instance, you can get a wing back chair like this to create a mid-century look. The orange looks good in a wing back chair, and you can pair it with a tan leather couch or patterned orange couch so that you don't have too much intense orange together. The nice thing is that a medium to large furniture piece like this wingback chair shouldn't need many other orange decorations and furnishings to accent a room.

40) Airy Look

In most cases, when you design a room, you'll start with a lighter color and add the more intense or darker colors, but orange is light enough that you can flip this around and use orange as the main color, then use a lighter color for your furniture like the designer of this room did. The heavy orange accent with the white rug and light couch create an open and airy look even though their wall color was the darker color.

41) Faux Houseplants

Orange and green look good together since they're part of nature, and there are quite a few orange plants in nature. You can use this in your decorating by getting faux houseplants like this orange and green houseplant set from Amazon. The orange pieces will help bridge the gap between the orange decor and green houseplants, and placing a few plants around the room will create a natural look. You can even use these to introduce a little orange to a neutral-colored room.

42) Leaves

When we think of orange in nature, leaves are one of the first things that come to mind, so it's only natural to include some orange leaves in our living room decorating. You can, of course, buy faux plants and have orange leaves all year round, but when we saw this orange memory tree on Amazon, we thought it could look lovely in an orange living room. The orange-yellow leaves will add a touch of orange while you display some of your most treasured memories in the picture frames.

43) Rust and Peach

Rust is an excellent orange for decorating because it blends well with many colors, like peach, for instance. When we saw the way rust and peach blended together in this living room, we had to show it to you. You can go all-out and paint your living room in those colors like they did or use touches of both colors in a neutral or light-colored room to create a lighter and more subtle orange living room.

44) Orange Flowers

Flowers are, of course, one of the loveliest ways to add hints of orange to a room, though real flowers can be a pain when you're trying to keep them indoors. Fake flowers like these ones from Amazon work well because you don't have to worry about keeping them near a window and can instead focus on where they'll suit your color scheme best. These ones, in particular, have a bit of yellow to them, creating a sun-lit look that should be there no matter where you place them.

45) Brass or Bronze

Brass and bronze are both lovely ways to add shine to your living room since they both complement orange well. You can get pieces like this abstract statue that mix orange with brass or bronze to create a brighter space while still showcasing orange as your focal color. The unusual design will make it a focal point, as well, and serve to further highlight the orange color. You can make this a centerpiece by putting it on a coffee table or add a couple pieces around the room, though a sculpture like this should probably be your primary focus.

Did these ideas help you find what you wanted for your living room? There are so many ways to design an orange living room; did we help you create yours? Please let us know in the comments below!

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