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Maybe you have some existing valances that need to be replaced, either because they're damaged or because you don't like the look of them. Or, maybe your living room is missing something you can't explain. You've settled on the possibility of getting new valances, but what should you look for? We have a few Living Room Valances Ideas that might help!

1) DIY Box Valance

Valances are often made with cloth, like curtains, but you can also get or make bow valances. Bow valances are square pieces with a solid frame and fabric covering like these. You can use these instructions by Michelle Fortin from Her View From Home to make a simple box valance that'll be more durable than a cloth one and that'll keep its shape. This is also a reasonably easy DIY if you're not experienced at sewing.

2) Chenille Waterfall

A chenille waterfall is a fancier valance than a box valance, and it's as gorgeous as it sounds. The beautiful waves of this valence cascade in loops across the top of your curtains, creating a unique effect that looks like ornate waves. This is wonderful for a fancier or formal living room, or even for a nice living room on the beach. You can even get this chenille waterfall valance in silver gray, blue, or many other colors.

3) DIY No-Sew Valance

If you're not experienced at sewing, you might think you have no choice but to buy a valance, but there are ways to make them without any sewing. We found a video tutorial that goes over how to make a valance without sewing so that if you like making things yourself, you'll be able to say that you made the valances. Making things yourself also comes with the rewards of being able to choose whatever patterns you want instead of being stuck with what's in the store.

4) Sheer

A valance is primarily decorative, so it doesn't have to cover much, and you can get a sheer one. A sheer valance will complement the curtains underneath better since you'll be able to see the curtains through it, and if you get one like this, it'll also add a lovely pattern to the curtains. This valance from Amazon is the perfect addition to almost any room, but it'd look even better in a room with some furniture that matches the ruffles.

5) Bamboo or Pallet Wood

If you like the look of a scavenger, reclaimed, or natural room, a bamboo or pallet wood valance might be the perfect choice for you since they have a natural look, and pallet wood is scavenged from old pallets. You can use these directions to make a bamboo or pallet wood valance from scratch for a truly unusual look. You could even try something more unique, like the rolling pin valance at the bottom of this Scavenger Chic article.

6) Scalloped

Scalloped valances have a distinctive look that could be just what you need in your living room. They have a wave to the edge that makes them look more textured, though they don't have ruffles. These scalloped curtains from Amazon would be fantastic if you like a neutral tone but don't want the room to look dull. They're even set up with pointed sides that create a dramatic look that'd spice up a neutral-colored room.

7) Wood Valances

A wood valance may be the best option for your living room if you're trying to cover the tops of your curtains and don't want to worry as much about maintenance. Wood valances can look nice, like the one in this video does. You can use the video to learn how to make one with some simple steps. The curved look of these wood valances creates a lovely and subtle arch that makes the room seem more elegant overall.

8) Valance and Window Panel Set

You might want to buy your valances at the same time you buy curtains. While it's not always necessary, getting them together as a set ensures that they'll match when you put them up later. For example, the window panels and valances in this piece from Amazon look good together, whereas if you bought them separately, you might accidentally buy two shades that looked like they'd match but aren't quite right when you get them home.

9) DIY Industrial Valance

If your room is designed in an industrial style, you can still use some valance ideas without creating a look you don't want. We liked the look of this industrial wood valance from It has a pattern that looks amazing, and the wood is durable and attractive while matching an industrial theme. The metal plates on the side will also match your theme, and you can paint them black or another color if you need to.

10) Scarf

Scarf valances are some of the most elegant and airy ones available. They drape casually over the curtain rod, but ones like this have a soft and elegant look to them. If you like that elegant look, you can get them from Amazon, or if you prefer a more chic look, you can do things like draping only one side to create a less even and more unusual and bold look. You can even get sheer scarf valances for a more relaxed look.

11) DIY Professional Look

If you can't find a pattern you like, you can always make your own valances. While you'll need some sewing ability for this DIY project, you'll come out of it with a customized, professional-looking valance that's perfect for your room. This is excellent for people with sewing skills who can't find the exact pattern or cloth design they want, or for somebody who wants to invent something new and unique. This video has instructions so that anybody with some sewing skills can make these.

12) Leafy Embroidery

If you want some hints of nature in your living room to go along with vases of flowers, cotton bundles, and willow fronds, you'll want valances that have nature imagery like these pieces with leafy embroidery. They're also slightly see-through, so if you choose sheer curtains, you'll allow some sunlight to filter through the whole thing and create a sunny effect. The white color is also elegant, so you can use it over a sleek set of curtains to add just a touch of natural beauty to the room.

13) Crowned Top

Instead of a simple bow valance, you can build a more complex and fancier window cornice with a crowned top. This will undoubtedly look more regal if you want a grand living room, and you can use these directions from Remodelaholic to learn how to build the cornice. The neat thing about this project is that you can do it in an old-fashioned or modern room or in a colorful or white room, and it'll still have a strong effect. You can see some of the different effects in this article and pick one that resembles what you want.

14) Tree Branches

Most valances have unique textures instead of patterns, but you don't have to rely on ruffles and folds that are hard to clean to get a beautiful look. If you have a farmhouse living room or want to bring in bits of nature, a tree branch pattern valance would be lovely, and you wouldn't need to look for something heavily folded and textured. Instead, you could get something with a beautiful tree branch pattern like this.

Are you looking for a solid valance or a cloth one? Are there any valances ideas you'd like to add? Please tell us in the comments below!

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