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You live in the country, or you love the look of a country-style home, so naturally, you've decided on a country theme for your living room. Now, you're searching for some unique Country Living Room Ideas to set your living room apart, and the good news is, we've collected some ideas for you! Take a look and see what catches your eye!

1) Flowers in Mason Jars

Mason jars are about as country as you can get! They're common in country kitchens as drinking glasses, bathrooms as toothbrush holders, and living rooms as decorations and vases. Flowers in mason jars make a beautiful decoration, and they provide a lot of opportunities for customization. You can buy pre-made decorations like this from Amazon or paint a mason jar whatever color you like, then add your favorite flowers to it for a unique look that fits your preferences.

2) Buffalo Check

Checkers and plaid are typical country decor patterns, as is buffalo check. Buffalo check is excellent for a modern country living room, and you can even get black buffalo check decorations like these black and white curtains from Amazon. These are bold and create a country look. We'd suggest getting several items throughout the room in the same color buffalo check to help tie everything together. For example, if you like these curtains, you'll want to get them along with a couple throw blankets, pillows, or other black and white buffalo check decorations.

3) DIY Wood Flag

The American flag is something country folk fly high and proudly, enough so that it's a staple of country imagery. While you can fly a flag outside or in the corner of the living room, you can also do something unique. We found these instructions for painting a wooden flag that you can use on almost any surface. You can build a large wood sign to hang in the living room as a centerpiece or make a smaller one and place it on a mantel or side table.

4) Wood Baskets

Baskets are perfect for country decorating, preferably ones with natural finishes, and wood baskets like these from Amazon have an ideal look for a country living room. They make wonderful decorations because you can store other decorations inside them, giving you a chance to artfully display things, but they can also be decorations on their own. Try filling one of these baskets with fake vegetables as if you'd just come inside after picking them from the garden. You can even use them to pick vegetables if you have an actual garden.

5) Nature and Flowers

In the country, people are close to nature and tend to bring it into their home for decorating, so you'll want to do something similar. While you might not want to bring in real flowers because they take a lot of time and care, you can get decorations like these watercolor paintings of dandelions. They even look like they were painted on wood, adding to the natural and rustic effect. The three pieces take up enough room to make an excellent centerpiece.

6) DIY Pedestal Bowls and Plates

Pedestal bowls are a wonderful decoration for any theme, but they go very well with country decorations. You can use this tutorial to learn how to turn any bowl or plate into a pedestal plate for the kitchen or for living room decoration. Once you've made your country-style pedestal piece or pieces, you can fill it with other country decorations to create the slightly cluttered look that's ideal for country decorating, then place it on a mental or side table.

7) Vintage Night Light

Most country-style rooms have at least a few vintage items thrown in here or there since country living is considered old-fashioned, and a lot of vintage decorations match well with country decorations. We liked these vintage night lights because they look like old-fashioned lanterns, but they'll still light up your living room if people need to sneak through it on the way to get a midnight snack. It's also a good way to light the room a bit if you wake up early and don't want to turn on the lights.

8) Word Art

Every style of decorating has unique word art designed for it. For country decorating, you'll want word art like this piece from Amazon that says, "this is us, Our life. Our Story. Our home." It's a printed pallet wood sign, so it looks somewhat rustic, but the smooth corners and lettering style make it ideal for a country living room. Of course, it’d look amazing on a mantel, but you can also hang it on the wall or add it to a display on an end table.

9) Pallet Furniture

Pallets are neat because they can create a rustic look with very little effort, and they're a cheap project since you can get free or cheap pallets in many locations. We liked the idea of making pallet furniture and then adding cushions to make it less rustic and create a country look instead. You can use this pallet ideas article for inspiration to build your pallet furniture, then add cushions with barnyard imagery like roosters, buffalo check, or sunflowers. You can also get a cloth you like and cover any cushion with it.

10) Country Coffee Table with Metal Wheels

While not every living room has a coffee table nowadays, a country living room probably should since coffee tables are still common in the country. We like the idea of getting a country-style coffee table like this one from Amazon that has a wood top and metal industrial-style wheels. Believe it or not, industrial pieces with wood elements look great in a country room because most farms and country homes have had some iron decor for a long time now. These bring to mind old farm equipment and sewing machine tables.

11) Fishing

Do you like fishing? If so, you're going to want to show it in your living room, but this doesn't mean you have to hang a fish on the wall. Instead, you can get little signs like this welcome sign to greet people and let them know you like fishing. This makes an excellent conversation starter since your guests will know you like fishing, and it certainly fits an everyday country style. Try to put it near the doorway or somewhere that guests will notice it.

12) Analog Clock

Clocks are a bit of an old-fashioned fixture nowadays since most people check the time on their cellphones, but that makes them perfect for a country living room since they're not typical in modern rooms. Grandfather and grandmother clocks are probably the first clocks that come to mind. Still, any decorative analog clock would look wonderful. Think about ways to make it blend in with the rest of the room like the one in this Airbnb home does, or find a way to make it stand out.

13) Nature and Religion

Nature and religion are two fixtures of country life, though if you're not religious, you can still have a lovely country living room. If you’re religious, however, you can really let your faith shine in this style of living room. Wall hangings like this piece from Amazon with natural scenery and religious quotes are perfect for a country home, and you can even use a piece of this size as the centerpiece for a small display over a mantel or side table.

14) Dogs

Country folks tend to have dogs, and they love them dearly. Whether you're thinking of Lassie, a Western ranch dog on the prairie, or another iconic image, you've probably heard about country folk and their dogs. You don't need to own a dog to appreciate this, but if you're a dog lover, signs and decor related to dogs are perfect for a country home. We liked this one that says, "Love is wet noses, sloppy kisses, & a wagging tail." It even has a vintage style if you want a vintage country look.

15) DIY Railroad Spike Bar

People often forget about the railroad and the way it dominated country life for a long time. For a long time, people in rural areas relied on the railroad for transportation, supplies, and selling goods. If you're a train or railroad fan, railroad spike decorating can look amazing and complement your other country decorations. Of course, they'll match your theme, and you can create all types of decorations with them, but we liked the idea of this home bar. You can even use this tutorial to learn to make a railroad spike wine rack.

16) Six-Shooters

Six shooters are iconic when it comes to the old West, but they were a major part of country life for a long time, whether you're talking about the East, West, North, or South. In many places, people went everywhere armed, and you can pay homage to that part of history while matching your country theme with six-shooter decorations like these. These hooks from Amazon are shaped like six-shooters and have a distinct cowboy theme to them.

17) DIY Wood Bucket

Wood decorations are some of the best vintage country pieces. Wood has a unique look that's hard to mimic, and it brings to mind an era before everything was made from cheap plastic. In the country, wood and metal are more common than in cities, and you can include that in your country decorating with pieces like a wooden bucket for decoration. We even found this tutorial to help you learn to make a wood bucket decoration. Try filling it with flowers, gourds, or other country decorations.

18) Sunshine

Sunshine and love of nature are common factors in country-decorated homes, and you'll want to include plenty of sunshine. If you've ever heard the song "You Are My Sunshine" and sang along, you'll love these pillows from Amazon as much as we did. They have daisies and inspirational language, and they're all about sunshine and happiness. This would create a wonderful springtime country look, particularly in a vintage room with lighter colors or natural woods.

19) Barn Star

A metal barn star is an important country symbol, particularly in the West, though you'll likely see it in any rural area. We found this metal barn star that's designed to look like it's surrounded by a rope circle. It has a vintage finish and wound make a perfect country decoration for anybody who likes Westerns or ranching or anybody living in Texas or nearby. We thought the 12-inch one would look nice in a country living room, but you can get this in larger sizes up to 32 inches to use as a centerpiece.

20) DIY Hardwood

Cheap materials may be...well, cheap, but they're not always going to give you a look you want. In a country living room, the best look will probably be hardwood floors since those were more available in the country once upon a time. They're also durable enough to stand up to work boots tracking in mud, and you can refinish them and keep using them instead of replacing them when they're worn. These are all country qualities, and hardwood will match country decor best, so if you like the idea, we found this article on installing hardwood floors for you.

21) Flowers

Flowers are one of the earliest types of decorations since you can go outside and pick them no matter where you are. They're used in country and farmhouse decorating a lot, and they're a wonderful way to make your living room unique to you since there are seemingly infinite varieties of flowers out there. For people who don't like the hassle of caring for live plants, we found these faux flowers on Amazon that will match your country decor perfectly.

22) DIY Blanket Ladder

If you have family that lives in the country, you've probably seen a blanket ladder or two. These used to be a common way to store blankets, though they've become less common. We liked the idea of a homemade one because it'll make your room special and more authentic to have some simple homemade furniture. If you're not an expert woodworker, this would be a good project to get you started, too. This might be a simple blanket ladder, but this inexpensive DIY piece will be ideal for your country living room. What blankets would you put on it?

23) Make a Statement

Your home is your opportunity to make a statement, and your living room is the best place to do that since this is probably where you'll be entertaining the most guests. What kind of statement should you make, though? While you can pick something specific to you and your family, a safe bet for a country living room is to say, "life is better in the country." We found some vintage country throw pillows on Amazon that say just that.

24) DIY Yarn Wall Hanging

Do-it-yourself projects are one of the best ways to furnish a country living room because they make the space feel authentic and give you a sense of pride knowing that you created some of the decorations yourself. Yarn projects are ideal because knitting and working with yarn has become much less common, but a typical country living room would have had them only a few years ago. If you don't know how to make a yarn hanging, we found a set of tutorials that'll show you three different ways to make one.

25) Cowhide

Animal skins can look great in any rural or rustic home, but cowhide is more typical for a country home because they tend to focus more on farming and agriculture. Cowhide is easy to come across and is one of the most durable animal skins you'll come across. We found a cowhide throw rug that would look great in a country living room as a natural centerpiece to create a more authentic look. These ones from Amazon are all recycled from the meat industry to avoid wastefulness.

26) DIY Floating Cup Statue

This is one of the most beautiful statues we've seen in a while, and it’d make a lovely piece of country decor. We'd like to see this in a vintage country living room, but it'd look incredible in any country living room. The statue shows a cup pouring water down like a fountain, but the cup is suspended in the air, and there's no water to make a mess. This is a neat alternative to a running fountain, and it's actually a surprisingly simple project. You can watch this video to learn how to make it step-by-step.

27) Family Photos on Wood

One way to create a country vibe is to use more wood. Wood, metal, and textured cloths are typical in country decorating, so taking something glossy like a photograph and transferring it to wood will create a rougher, more countrified look. It'll make the room look more rural or vintage, but transferring your own family photos will add a custom touch. Imagine putting a recent photo of your five-year-old on wood so that it looks like it was from 100 years ago! The good news is, you can order one from Amazon instead of doing it yourself.

28) Bears

Have you ever seen a black bear climb a tree? It's one of the most adorable sights you'll see in the country, which is probably why black bears are so common in country decorating. Since they're so common, we suggest finding a unique way to include them, and showing them climbing a tree will be something your guests will never forget. You can get a photograph, but we absolutely loved this lamp with three black bear cubs climbing a tree, and we think you will, too!

29) DIY Pallet Room Dividers

Pallets make a room seem more rural almost immediately, and you can use clean pallets for country decorating, too. They're typically free or cheap, and as long as you get ones that have spent most of their time indoors, they won't be too rough and discolored. If they're too rough, you may want to sand and stain them to look more like country decor than rustic cabin decor. Then, you can use them to create TV stands, bookshelves, and all kinds of room dividers for your living room. Check out some of these images for inspiration.

30) Milk Can Decorations

A lot of people in the country have taken milk cans and painted them or otherwise altered them to make them into decorations, and you can participate in this tradition without all the effort of finding and decorating them. We found this pre-made milk can decoration on Amazon that says "family" on it. This would be a lovely mantel or table decoration, depending on the size of your mantel, or you could find some old milk cans to decorate however you like.

31) Wreaths

You may think of wreaths as Christmas decorations, but you can actually use them all year round. They make spring, summer, and fall wreaths, and while they're very common in farmhouse decorating, some wreaths look good in a country living room, too. We liked this one from Amazon with bright greenery and a sign that says "welcome." You'll probably want to make sure it's visible from the front door or from wherever your guests are likely to sit.

32) DIY Wood Pallet Wall Art

Pallets aren't just for room dividers and furniture. They make beautiful art, too. One of the nice things about making your own art is that you can copy typical country decorating themes, but add a unique twist that fits your taste better and makes the room feel more like it's yours. For example, try taking pallet wood pieces and writing country sayings on them, then hanging them on the wall, or using these instructions to make more complicated pallet wood wall art.

33) Burlap

Burlap can make almost anything look a little more country. You can get a big roll like this and use it for a table runner or mantel cover or cut bits and pieces off to use on your decorations. Tie a piece of burlap around a vase like a ribbon or glue some burlap to a piece of wood as a backdrop, then add wood lettering in front of it. There are so many uses for burlap that we can't think of them all, and we'd love to hear what else you come up with!

34) Family Name Art

Your family name is an important part of your identity, and a lot of people like to get monogrammed things with their family's name or initials on them for that reason. Your living room is the perfect place for these kinds of things because it's a central gathering place, so we liked the idea of getting a name sign that matches a country theme for your living room. This one from Amazon would look amazing in a country living room, and you can customize it with your last name.

35) DIY Wood Accent Wall

Wood fits a country theme better than plastic and metal, though there's some room for metal decorations in farm or country decorating. We liked the idea of using wood, but it's expensive, so instead of using it for the entire room, we'd suggest an accent wall. You can use these directions to panel a wall with pallet wood and decide whether to stick with one wall or do all of the living room walls in pallet wood. If you do several walls, you might want to decide whether vertical paneling would look better than horizontal.

36) Macrame

Have you ever done macrame before? Or maybe you've seen it, at least? It's a popular decorating trend nowadays, and while people use it in bohemian rooms, it has a distinct old-fashioned country look, similar to the textured cloths that come from crocheting and knitting. Macrame can be a good way to make your own wall hangings and create the impression of a homemade room. For a country theme, we recommend using a natural-colored cord like this one from Amazon instead of a dyed cord.

37) Wood Look Canvas Wall Art

Making things look like wood is a good way to create a country look, though the contents of each piece are important, too. While wood is hard to come by, you can get canvas art pieces like these that are designed to look like they were painted on wood. This piece happens to be an American flag, which makes an excellent country image since the flag is revered by most people in the country. That said, you can look for other images that fit your living room.

38) DIY Indoor Turtle Pond

This is one of the cutest country decorations we've seen in a while. While you’ll have to make it yourself, we think it's well worth it, and of course, we found you a tutorial to learn from. This piece is an indoor turtle pond decoration with a tiny house and everything. Even if you don't have pet turtles, it'd make a wonderful decoration, and the brick house and natural elements will make it blend well into a country living room.

39) God and Guns

God and guns are common country themes, and if you like both of those things, then you might like a sign like this for your living room. This one is a bit ornery, but of course, you can choose different sayings or even build your own sign. Think of religious symbols you might want to include, and display any antique guns you might have. Each of these themes will fit snugly into your overall country theme.

40) Cute Country Messages

Cute messages are a staple of almost every type of modern decorating, and country decorating is no exception. What kinds of cute, country sayings would you like to have around the living room? We found a favorite, though it's a bit corny… It says, "I love you a bushel & a peck & a hug around the neck." This is wonderful for couples and even people with small children who want to express the love that holds their family together, and the saying is printed on a burlap pillow to add to the country feel.

41) Texas

Texas is a pioneer of country decorating, and a lot of standard country decorating ideas come from Texas, so we figured we'd borrow one of our ideas from there, too. String art is a neat way to introduce homemade decorations to your home, and it should look good with the other country pieces you have. We found this tutorial for Texas string art since Texas is a common piece of country imagery, but you could customize this to represent your home state or even a map of your property or a favorite image.

42) Farm Fresh

Farmhouse decorating style is a part of country decor, so when you're designing your country living room, you can include farmhouse decorations, too. Try getting a few simple farmhouse- or country-style signs with just a few words on them, like this "farm fresh" sign. This sign could also look good in a kitchen, but if your living room is the only place with a country theme, it will still look good in a living room. You can also put it above a kitchen door.

43) DIY Mantel

A fireplace and mantel are iconic country images, so if you don't have one, you might want to make one. Mantels are the perfect place to set out a display of country decorations, and the mantel will make the room look more like an old country cottage. You can use this tutorial to build a mantel over an existing fireplace or fireplace insert. Make sure to choose a stain color that matches the rest of the room.

44) Horses

Horses are a wonderful piece of imagery to include in your room if you love horses, even if you've never ridden one. There's nothing wrong with loving them from afar, and you can get all kinds of decorations and furniture with horse images on them. We liked the idea of getting something like these horse prints from Amazon or finding a wood block with a saying or praise for horses in it. These canvases will look good in any country living room, while a wood block would be best in a modern country room.

45) Hardwood Alternatives

Hardwood is a good option for a country living room because it's durable and authentic, but it's also expensive, and some people like cheap, low-maintenance materials. What's the alternative, then? If you want to keep the natural wood look, but don't want hardwood, we found a list of alternatives that should still have that natural look that goes well in a country-themed room. See if any of these options would work well in your room.

46) Metal Decor

Believe it or not, country decorating doesn't mean that everything has to be homemade cloth and wood. Metal has been used in the country for a long time now, from wrought-iron gates to barbed wire fences to farm equipment. People even use recycled metal for decorations! Luckily, you don't have to make your own decorations, because we found some metal flowers on Amazon. These would look lovely in a country living room, and you can even pick which color you like better.

47) Cable Knit

Knit fabrics always have a way of creating a homey feeling, and they make perfect country decorations since they give the impression of being homemade and add texture that's essential to this type of decorating. While you've probably thought about using knit blankets and crocheted fabrics for your decorations, a cable knit blanket like this one will make a beautiful throw blanket for your couch. The texture is unusual, but it'll still match your decor.

48) Vintage

While we've come across a few individual vintage pieces, we haven't talked about what makes a room as a whole look vintage. How can you make your country living room feel like an older space? You'll want to get accessories that you like first, but when you're ready to put it all together, you can use this Home Guide by Jan Czech. It goes over some of the things you'll need to do to tie a vintage country room together, in addition to the decor items and furniture we've mentioned.

49) Wood Barrels

Wood barrels make excellent furniture and decorations since they bring to mind country or Western themes, and you can find anything from a miniature replica to a barrel big enough to make a couch in. You can even get barrel lighting like this carved barrel chandelier. This type of lighting works best when directed at a specific area, such as a home bar. Look for wine or whiskey barrels to make a home bar or bar seats with or to use for end tables.

50) DIY Barnwood Accent Wall Kits

Barnwood is one of the best woods for a country theme since it has a slightly weathered look that seems like something you'd find in the country, but working with wood can be tiring. We liked the idea of getting a kit like this and using it to create an accent wall in your living room. The kits seemed a lot easier than cutting the boards yourself, and you can even hire a contractor to place the boards.

51) DIY Wood Well

Wells look different nowadays than they used to, but most people think of old-fashioned wells with well houses when they think of country decorating. We loved the idea of making a well like this one out of pallets to mimic an old-fashioned well, then using it as a living room decoration. You can make a large version for storage or a smaller one to place on an end table, coffee table, or mantel. Try adding a bar across it to hang a small bucket from!

52) Inspiration

Most people need inspiration sometimes, and having little inspirational quotes or sayings in your living room can be an excellent way to start the day. You'll want to find something that matches other country decor with similar styles and colors, but other than that, your inspirational words can be anything that helps you get through the day. Try something like this hodgepodge of inspiration on a wooden sign with a pallet style and country paint colors.

53) Barns

Barns are a staple of country life. You pass them every few miles if you drive through the country, and they're one of the first things that come to mind when people think of country life, making them ideal for decorating a living room in that style. You can get something like this with some inspiring "family rules" and a picture of a classic red barn and cows. It even has an old-fashioned windmill and other iconic country images like the American flag.

54) DIY Faux Fireplace

Fireplaces create a homey feeling that's perfect for a country living room, but what if you don't have a fireplace? You can get a fireplace insert, but those are expensive, so if you're just trying to create a particular look, you can build a fake fireplace. A brick fireplace is more authentic than a wooden one, though it's easier to find instructions for making a fake wooden fireplace. We found you some instructions for making a faux brick fireplace here.

55) Wood Bucket Decoration

Some country decorations are more rustic than others, but if you want a modern or non-rustic country living room, you'll want wood pieces with lighter stains, but a solid look like this wood bucket decoration. You can get something like this wood bucket with a rope handle from Amazon. It's big enough to be either a floor or table decoration, and you can store things or put other decorations in it. Try turning it into a bucket of wildflowers!

Which ideas sounded best to you? Did you find something you want to put in your living room? Please let us know in the comments below!

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