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You’re designing your living room from scratch or updating an existing room, and you love the idea of a teal and grey room. Whether you’ve fallen in love with some bold and dark rooms from images on the internet or some light and open teal and pale grey themes, you need a little help with your idea hunt. Luckily, we have some teal and grey living room ideas to help you out!

1) DIY Print Decor

You’ll want teal and grey artwork to match your decor to get an attractive and coordinated look. Unfortunately, artwork can be expensive, and you might have limited options if you want to match your decor. If you want a specific style that you want, or if you don’t want to spend as much money, you can print your own art. Use the information in this article to print teal and grey art that looks professional at home.

2) DIY Distressed Vintage

Teal is a versatile color. It looks good in a glam living room but also fits in a vintage or farmhouse room well. Teal and grey combined are an excellent choice for a distressed vintage style room. Combine faded or distressed grey furniture with vintage or retro distressed teal furniture. You can use the instructions in this article to make old furniture look vintage, and mix grey and teal pieces together so that it looks like an old living room that was worn naturally by time.

3) Glam

Teal and grey also lend themselves to glam style decorations. Teal is an intense color, and it looks good in a glam living room, while grey can be used to imitate silver or as a natural part of the glam room. Watch this video by Valerie’s Glamorous Castle Diys to see how a living room is transformed into a glam living room using teal and grey, and see if you find inspiration for your own transformation. Consider using shiny fabrics and sequins to make the grey look silvery and make the entire thing prettier.

4) Wall Art

Teal and grey can be a lighter and airy combination, or it can be bold and dramatic if you’re using deeper greys and vibrant teals. Look for wall art that matches your color scheme, whether it’s beach scenes in grey and teal or intense and dramatic wall art like this piece from Amazon. For a bold color scheme, look for large art pieces that focus on one object or on abstract pieces that will blend with the other colors throughout the room.

5) The Couch

Your couch is probably a central point of your room, so you’ll want it to match your color scheme perfectly. In some ways, the sofa will set the tone for your living room’s decor, as well, so get a grey couch with teal blankets like the one in this picture. You can also add teal throw pillows if you like, or reverse the colors and get a teal sofa with grey pillows and blankets. When the blankets aren’t in use, you can drape them over the back of the couch to make them a decoration.

6) Teal Accent Wall

When designing your living room, you’ll have to think about which color is darker; teal of grey. While it depends on the shades you’re using, teal is most likely the darker color. This means that you’ll want to paint your walls grey if you’re changing the wall color since lighter colors look better on walls. Then, make a teal accent wall that shows off your two-color theme. You can use the instructions in this video by Vanessa Rogers to help you make your accent wall.

7) Grey And Teal Rug

Instead of designing color combinations and worrying about having just the right amount of teal versus grey, consider getting a rug like this one from Amazon that has a mix of teal and grey already. This creates a bold but distressed look that will be amazing in a vintage, beach, or bold teal and grey themed living room. Since this rug comes in a variety of sizes, you can use it as a main living room rug or even as a small runner for a walk area.

8) Light Grey Walls

If you want your walls to be part of your decorating scheme, instead of decorating with a white backdrop from standard white walls, the best thing to do is paint the walls a light grey color like this one. The light grey will match your grey and teal colic scheme, but it won’t be overpowering, and you won’t have to repaint if you change your mind later. While you can use a darker shade of grey, this one will look best in a small room and make it feel airier and more open while providing a backdrop for teal decorations.

9) Teal Accents

You don’t have to have even amounts of both teal and grey to get a beautiful look that takes advantage of the intense teal. Instead, use greys as a neutral base by painting walls grey and getting grey furniture, then add vibrant teal accents like throw pillows. The lighter neutrals will make the small touches of teal stand out more like they do in this picture and create a classy but dramatic effect. Add a few permanent features like table decorations since throw pillows and blankets can get moved around and ruin the effect.

10) Three-Color Curtains

If you want to make your house look like a beach house, try getting three-color curtains like these. The curtains are white-, sand-, and teal-colored, so you can use them in a teal and grey room to create an open and airy feeling while making the room reminiscent of a beach. Mix teal, tan, and grey together around the room to give the impression of beachfront houses, with sand, water, and weathered grey wood. You can even get distressed grey furniture to create the weathered look.

11) Dark Grey with Light Teal

You don’t have to pick a dark teal and light grey. In fact, dark grey combined with lighter teal accents can create a fantastic and dramatic look for your living room. Try getting larger pieces of furniture in dark greys, like the pieces in the living room in this image. Then, get curtains, rugs, and smaller items like throw pillows and table decorations in a light teal. You can even paint the walls a darker grey if you have a large enough room that won’t feel cramped when painted a dark color.

12) Beach Look

Grey and teal is an excellent color combination for a beach theme. Unlike teal and tan beach themes, a theme that uses grey will focus on the weathered grey look that beach houses get if they’re not painted each year, and on grey and tan combinations that remind people of seashells and stormy ocean waves. Use these instructions to paint furniture in the perfect shade of teal for a beach look, then get a whitish-grey for other pieces.

13) Splash of Metallic

Metallics are a great way to add a cheerful shine to a room. Grey and teal can be monotonous if you only use those two colors, so adding a splash of brown, tan, or a metallic color is a great way to liven up the room. Metallic colors are great for this color combination because silver matches grey perfectly, and gold will go well with teal since teal actually has some yellow in it already. Get paintings like this one that has bits of gold in it that will reflect light and break up the monotony of teal and grey.

14) Dark Grey Walls

Light grey is a good color choice for walls because it gives an open feeling to the entire room, but if you have a big enough room, you don’t need to create that feeling. Instead, you can focus on creating the most dramatic effect, and a dark teal room with bold teal furniture and accents is ideal for that. Get a dark teal paint like this from The Home Depot, then find ways to fill the room with teal and matching grey furnishings and decorations. Try making slightly distressed, scuffed-looking, or patterned dark grey walls to add texture.

15) Vintage Patterned Rugs

Teal is a common vintage color, believe it or not. If you’re a fan of a vintage farmhouse look specifically, you’ll love the teal and grey color combination. Get vintage patterns like these vintage patterned rugs from Amazon in teal and grey or blue and grey. Teal can mix with a variety of blues if you have trouble finding a teal and grey rug, or you can get a grey and white rug and add teal decorations elsewhere. This rug will look good with distressed furniture to create a vintage living room appearance.

16) Sprinkle With White

You don’t want to create an entire room that only has two colors in most cases, though it’s possible to do so. Instead, start with a bold and dark theme like the one in this image using velvet or suede teal furniture and dark grey walls and carpet, then add touches of white in strategic places. Door frames and trim are a great thing to paint white and make the room look even more dramatic by highlighting the other colors. You can also mix white with grey to get the glamorous silvery look that the pillows in the image have.

17) Patterned Walls

An accent wall is a great idea if you prefer dark and bold teals or greys. This way, the color won’t be overwhelming. Another way to keep a bold color from being too intense while using it for an interior wall is to design patterns when you paint it. You can use the directions in this video by Eleni Nicolo to create a pattern on your accent wall. This will break up the color so that you still have a bold look, but with a little white or light grey mixed in to make it more attractive.

What kind of teal and grey look are you making? Is it a beach theme, glam living room, or something else entirely? Please tell us about it in the comments below!

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