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Red and beige go well together, so we completely understand why you want a red and beige living room. It's a classy combination, but there's just enough potential for boldness...We love your idea, but you're having trouble implementing it. What shade of red is best? Should you use more red, or should most of the room be beige? We have some Red and Beige Living Room Ideas that should help you out.

1) Traditional Lattice

Beige and red is a traditional combination, so one way to design a red and beige room is to create a classic look. You can get started with a red rug like this one that has a traditional lattice design. It'd make an excellent centerpiece to tie a sitting room together, and it has just the right amount of plush comfort without being too high to look tasteful and stay clean. The floral border adds to the lovely traditional look.

2) Red Furniture With Beige Walls

Generally, you'll want to use a plainer or lighter color as a base and use the darker or more vibrant color as an accent or secondary color. In this case, beige will definitely be the plainer color, so you'll want to have a lot of beige with less red. One way to accomplish this is to paint the walls beige and get red furniture and curtains, as the designer of the living room in this Interior Design article did.

3) DIY Fall Colors

Red is a fall color, and both red and beige go with the traditional fall colors, orange and yellow. If you like fall, there's no reason you can't complete your living room with the other two fall colors, but you'll probably want to be subtle about it so that you can keep those decorations up all year long. One way to do that's to make decorations like this resin apple. It almost seems to glow, creating a perfect yellowish-orange fall decoration, but it's small enough that you could keep it out year-round, particularly if you have other organic decorations.

4) Red With Beige Embroidery

In many cases, you'll be getting things with red on beige, but you can also get red decorations with beige details as accents. For example, if you have a beige room with red curtains, you could get red curtains with beige embroidery like these to add an extra layer of texture. Full-length red curtains with beige embroidery like these would look wonderful and classy in your living room, and the embroidered flower petals will go with any natural decorations you have around the room.

5) Red, White, Black, and Beige

If you want a bold look, red, white, black, and beige is an ideal color combination. While the example in this article shows a bedroom, you can see how the red, white, and black island of furniture in a beige room creates a bold and modern look, but doesn't clash with the beige walls and wood floor. Make sure to use those colors in a few places around the room to tie the colors together so that all the color isn't concentrated in one place, though most of it can be.

6) Red Curtains

Unless you choose an extremely bright red or light beige, the two colors will be roughly equal in intensity, so you'll want to have nearly equal amounts of each color. Beige will almost definitely be the base color since it's slightly less intense than even a light red, so you'll want red accessories. Sometimes, it's better to get something simple that lets the color speak for itself, rather than getting things with different shades or decorations on them. We thought these solid red curtains would be an excellent way to create a simple look.

7) Coral and Gray

Beige can be combined with neutrals, but you'll have to pick neutrals that go with your shade of red. Gray and beige look good together, so if you like that combination, try using gray and beige as the base colors and adding coral red as an accent. You can see for yourself that the coral accent has a significant impact in a gray, coral, and beige room like the one in Wike Woo's Mad By Mood article.

8) Metal Flower

Painted metal decorations often have a dull tone that's perfect for a beige and red room. This isn't because the color combination is dull, but because the two colors create a relaxing room, and vibrant colors can take away from that. We liked the idea of a red metal flower like this one from Amazon that's the right tone to go in a beige room. It seems to have a slight shine that'd create a slightly different texture and make the room interesting without being too exciting to relax in.

9) Red Leather

Finding the perfect red tone is essential, so we found another way to do it: red leather. Red leather often has a dark tone that compliments a beige room well, so red leather furniture could look fantastic in a beige room. This combination can make the room feel snug, dim, and cozy, with leather furniture pieces like these that make the area look classier. You can even make it look like a cigar lounge or man cave if it's a secondary living room.

10) Cedar DIY Projects

Cedar is another excellent choice for a red and beige living room because it goes with both colors since it's a reddish wood. Making or buying cedar decorations will make the room smell good and add a natural element that so many people forget in their decorating. A lot of people don't feel comfortable in a synthetic and artificial environment, so adding a little bit of natural wood, flowers, or other pieces of nature is essential. We even found this video tutorial for a DIY project with cedar so that you can make cedar decorations.

11) Bold Patterns

Beige doesn't typically create a bold look, but if you like the idea of something more vibrant than a typical beige room, you can get decorations and furnishings with bold red and beige patterns. You'll probably need to combine some other color, such as brown or the black in this patterned rug from Amazon. You can see how the color combination can make the rug a centerpiece for the room since the brighter colors will attract the eye.

12) Striped Contemporary

Stripes are another way to combine red and beige together. It can be challenging to create a modern room with a beige and red color scheme since they're traditional colors, but if you want a contemporary look, you can get a modern rug like this red and beige striped one from Amazon. Instead of straight stripes, which can be tedious, it has stripes that blend together to create a look similar to wood grain. This would make it excellent for a rustic beige and brown living room, too.

13) Red Ombre Accent Wall

Ombre walls are an excellent way to create the illusion of variety in a room with only a few colors. Red ombre is unique because it often brings to mind things like rust and other everyday items, making it excellent for an industrial or rustic room. Red ombre would be a beautiful break from beige walls, and the faded look of an ombre wall would keep the red from being as overwhelming as it could be.

14) Rust Color

Rust may seem like an odd decorating choice, but you can use red and beige to create an industrial look with rust-colored and -textured rugs or walls. Even if you don't have an industrial look, rust-red goes well with beige. A rust-red couch would look lovely in a beige room, or you could get a rust-red rug like this one from Amazon and add one or two other rust items in the room to tie everything together.

15) Red Flowers and Yellow Fairy Lights

Lighting can be a part of your decor, too, but in a room like this, you probably don't want red flights. Red lights are a bold choice, so if you're trying for a tasteful and calming combination of red and beige, yellow lights are your best option. Something like this mason jar decorations with red flowers and yellow fairy lights would look lovely in a red and beige room in the evenings, and the flowers keep the decorations from looking dull during the daytime.

16) Hardwood Floor

Among other things, you'll want to find floors that match your color choices. For a beige and red living room, you can get hardwood floors with a hint of red color so that they'll have a bit of both red and beige in them. Hardwood floors are easier to clean and don't trap dirt like carpets, making them ideal if your living room is the first room people come into from outside. Dark hardwood will probably be the best choice. Since hardwood is expensive, we found this guide so that you can install it yourself if you want to.

17) Vintage Abstract

Beige and red are both standard in vintage decorating. Red dyes were common in the old days, and beige is the color of old maps and photographs, making them both ideal colors for that style. You can easily create a vintage-style room with decorations like this abstract vintage rug and a few vintage prints or maps and red throw blankets around the room. You can even combine the red and beige with a little brown, like the brown in this rug, to create a richer look.

18) Framing

Decorating isn't just about what you put up but also how you do it. Watch this video from Kinwoven - Robeson Design to see how they transformed a red and beige room with simple things like the way they framed existing prints. You don't have to get rid of your collections; just reframe them in a way that fits your other decorations. The dark brown she used would look good in almost any beige and red living room.

19) Red Valance

Your living room will probably have a lot of beige with red as a secondary or even accent color, but this can be done a few different ways. You can have large areas of beige and smaller areas of red like curtains, but you can also have white or off-white walls and then get beige items with red on them. For example, you can get beige throw blankets with red embroidery or get beige curtains and add a red valance like this one.

20) Leather

Beige and leather are similar colors, so if you're trying to create a classy and high-end look, you can get leather pieces like this starburst pouf. The leather complements the beige and adds another color that goes with both beige and red. This will create a deeper texture and make the room seem more three-dimensional, which is essential in a beige room since beige can easily look flat and dull. The stitched starburst pattern adds texture to go with the slightly darker color of the leather.

21) Medium Browns

Red, brown, and beige go together well. Each color complements the next, creating a symbiotic three-color scheme that can make anything from a bold look to a traditional or even vintage style. You can get some more advice on decorating with red here, and you can see how the medium brown looks next to the red. The addition of a third complementary color also makes the room feel more three-dimensional, instead of looking flat, as beige rooms often do.

22) Vintage Floral

Beige and red are both good colors for a vintage room, and since red is found in flowers a lot, it only makes sense to get vintage-style floral decorations. Throw pillows like these ones from Amazon are an excellent way to introduce a vintage look and floral decoration at the same time, and they have flowers on them without having the tired floral patterns that you see everywhere. The details and vintage-style artwork will make them stand out on your couch.

23) Bright Red

Sometimes, when you add red, it brightens things up. In that case, you won't want a dull or dark red that goes with your beige room. Instead, you'll want to use a light beige and get decorations in bright red like this patterned rug from Amazon. The bright red will go better with a lighter beige, and it'll make the entire room more cheerful. This could be excellent for a basement living room that doesn't have as much lighting, in particular.

24) Brick

Beige is a neutral color, so if you're trying to keep a neutral look, you'll want to make sure you use neutral reds. Using nothing but neutrals can, of course, make a room look dull, so you'll want to do things like creating textures. For example, you can build a fireplace or faux fireplace around an electric fireplace insert or make a red brick accent wall. Red brick with light beige, like what you see in this video, can be much more interesting than flat red and beige walls and decor.

25) Distressed Rug

If you're trying to come up with a way to dull your red pieces down so that they don't overwhelm the beige coloring, one way to do it is to get distressed red decorations like this traditional rug. You can see that it has less color, but it still has an interesting design and creates a break from large swathes of flat beige that you might have if your walls and couch are beige. This is an excellent way to create a traditional or vintage look.

26) Metal Compass Wall Decoration

Metal decorations are ideal for a red and beige room because the most common red tone for metal wall decorations matches a beige room well. This means that you'll have a lot of options when you go to pick decorations, but we wanted to show you one that works very well in a farmhouse or industrial-style living room. This red metal compass decoration would be amazing in a rustic, country, farmhouse, or industrial room, because it looks like something you'd see in a farmhouse, barn, or factory.

27) DIY Faux Brick Wall

Brick is a great way to add red to a beige room because beige can become boring easily, and by adding red brick, you're introducing not only a new color, but a new texture, as well. We found a tutorial that you can use to create a faux brick wall, and if you like, you can even use their instructions to make a world map on the wall by fading the red color in some places. Either version of the wall would be perfect for a red and beige living room.

28) Geometric Patterns

A lot of old-fashioned or ethnic designs use red and beige or red and brown cloth and dyes, making ethnic or geometric patterned decorations ideal for a red and beige color scheme. Pieces like these decorative ethnic poufs would look nice as decorations or ottomans for putting up your feet. They'd create an old-fashioned or ethnic look, depending on what other furniture you have in the area, and you can even use them for an eclectic look.

29) Luxury

Beige and red can be a lot of things, including the color combination of a luxurious hotel suite, castle or other such place. You can design your living room to bring forward thoughts of luxurious places with rich red and beige decorations by getting decorations and furnishings like this embroidered curtain set with valances. The set falls to the floor in a heavy and ornate wall of fabric that'll make your living room feel formal and decadent.

30) Solid Red Accent Wall

Sometimes the simple solution is best. If you have a beige room and like the color red, you can easily introduce some red by painting a solid red accent wall using the instructions here. For something like this, you can use medium or bright red paint so that the wall will stand out and paint the rest of the walls beige. You can add some red decorations that match the wall around the room if you think it's necessary for your space.

31) Deep Red

A deeper red can create contrast with lighter beige walls and decorations if that's the effect you want to go for. Depending on how strong you want the contrast to be, you can make half the furniture dark red to make a bold look, or you can add just a few pieces like a red ottoman and a dark lamp in the same shade. Adding just a couple pieces would add some contrast for dramatic effect, but the room would still be mostly beige.

Did any of our suggestions help you figure out what you wanted? Did you find the perfect item to finish off your red and beige living room? Please let us know in the comments below!

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