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Coastal farmhouses are some of the more difficult places to decorate because many decorations are either coastal or farmhouse-themed, but not both. You live on the coast, or you want to feel like you do, and you need something that reflects that, so we've gathered some Coastal Farmhouse Ideas that should showcase the unique nature of your home or style.

1) Distressed White Wood Pendant Light

Distressed white is a popular color for farmhouse decorations because it looks like something you'd find on an old farm after the original furnishings had become worn. White is an excellent choice for a coastal theme since it's an airy color that makes an area feel more open, so distressed white decorations are excellent for coastal farmhouse themes. You can get a pendant light like this with a distressed white wood look and a curvy shape that's perfect for coastal decor.

2) Grays and Sandy Neutrals

Gray is a logical color for a coastal decoration or color scheme since sea winds strip paint off wood and siding and leave it looking gray. Neutral colors work for farmhouse decor, so you can create a color scheme with a lot of grays and sand- or tan-colored neutrals to make it look appropriate for a coastal farmhouse or coastal farmhouse-themed home. To get some ideas for using this color scheme, check out this article from The Inspired Room.

3) White Paint Upcycle

If you have furniture already but want to change styles or decorate a new room, you can reuse some old furniture even if it doesn't fit your new style. Try painting some of your old furniture white as Gulnara does in this video to create a whole new look. White is probably the best color choice because it's common in farmhouses, and it creates an open and bright look that's perfect for beach houses. A coat or two of white paint will blend any coastal or farmhouse decorations together into a single theme.

4) Blue Wood Bead Garland

Wood bead garlands, or farmhouse beads, are a popular farmhouse decoration, so you'll probably want to find somewhere to use them in your coastal farmhouse, but you can make ones that are more appropriate for a seaside theme. We even found a craft idea in which you can take farmhouse beads or make some from scratch, then dye them blue to make them look more coastal. Take a look through these instructions from My Wee Abode to learn how to make them.

5) Vintage Nautical

Farmhouse and vintage go together pretty well a lot of the time since people living on farms tend to collect things over the years and rarely throw them away. In a coastal farmhouse, you'll probably gather a lot of nautical decorations over the years and have vintage ones left over from previous years. To imitate this, you can get vintage nautical decorations or furnishings with vintage nautical imagery like this sofa lumbar pillow set from Amazon.

6) Blue Tealight Lantern

Tealights and lanterns are lovely farmhouse decorations since they reflect a time period when candles and lanterns were the only sources of light at night. You can use them for decorations at night or for light, and if they're battery-powered, you can imitate the way real candles look without the risk of setting things on fire. We'd suggest getting a tealight holder like this one from Amazon that's blue with a farmhouse design to fit right in with a coastal farmhouse theme.

7) DIY Make Your Own Furniture

It's easy to find farmhouse furniture, but not a lot of it's going to match a coastal farmhouse style, so you might have to build some of your own. Luckily, there are plenty of tutorials for building furniture online, like this tutorial from Home Decor Momma for a farmhouse-style console table or side table. It has the traditional wood "x" s of farmhouse furniture with the gray washed color that's common on the shore. We'd recommend using gray wash for any coastal farmhouse furniture.

8) Blue and Rust Pattern

Many farmhouse decorations made from upcycled furniture and farm equipment are rusty or made from galvanized metal, so a blueish gray rug with streaks of rust color should fit in pretty well. This runner rug from Amazon has that mix of colors, and it's designed to blend in and adapt to the environment it's in. The bluish color will go well with many coastal or coastal farmhouse decorations. At the same time, the rust and grayish hints will blend into the farmhouse aspects of your room.

9) White Metal Lantern

White metal is used a lot in farmhouses, and white is a good color for coastal areas because it reflects light and makes you think of clear, light-colored sands. To reflect both the coastal and farmhouse elements of your home, you can get pieces like this white metal lantern from Amazon. It has a rough, weather-worn look that'll make it seem more like a real vintage coastal farmhouse decoration. It comes with a tealight, but you can also replace the light with a battery-powered one if you want something without real flames.

10) Basket Lid Accent Wall

This idea is neat because it works for almost any farmhouse or bohemian decor, but there are ways to customize it to make it perfect for a coastal farmhouse. Jaclyn from One Thousand Oaks made a Basket lid decoration for her living room that looks beautiful and makes a unique little accent. Our favorite part of this is the way she made it fit a coastal farmhouse by putting a seascape in the center of it. You could even look for a lighthouse or coastal farm picture.

11) Whitewashed Rope Swing Shelf

Whitewash is a good way to create a distressed white look for wood pieces so that they'll look vintage, and when we saw this rope swing shelf, we fell in love. It looks like an old rope swing but with a whitewashed look that makes it seem distressed. The thinned paint resembles something that's been worn down by winds and ocean waves, and the white will contribute to a lighter color scheme that best fits a coastal farmhouse.

12) Distressed Blue

Distressed white is a big part of the farmhouse theme because a lot of things on farms were painted white and then faded over time as they aged. Distressing furniture can give it a vintage look, so if you're trying to distress things and make them look coastal, you can try something like this distressed blue candle holder from Amazon. The blue terracotta looks coastal, and the distressed look makes it seem like something you'd find in an old farmhouse.

13) Burlap-Trimmed Blue Pillows

Burlap is something you don't see in a lot of farmhouse decorations, but it's a significant part of country life and has a place in farmhouse decorating without a doubt. For a more modern coastal farmhouse theme, you can get blue things to reflect the color of the ocean and the clear skies above but include small elements of farmhouse decor. These burlap linen-trimmed blue pillows are one option since the burlap will create a farmhouse look.

14) Whitewashed Mirror

Whitewashed decorations are typically good starting places for farmhouse decorating since they create a worn vintage look that makes it seem like they came from an old farmhouse. One thing we'd suggest is getting a few whitewashed mirrors to place around the house since mirrors will reflect light and make the house feel more open and inviting. That sort of open look is popular on the coast, and the farmhouse-style mirrors like this will create a more complete coastal farmhouse look.

15) Farmhouse Decor With Coastal Accents

One way to create a coastal farmhouse room or home is to design it with a lot of farmhouse decorations and styles and then add some coastal accents. In this White Cottage Company video, you can see a variety of farmhouse decor throughout the house. In the video, the designer adds a variety of neat coastal accents, from hanging baskets on walls to driftwood decorations, to make the house seem more like a coastal farmhouse.

16) DIY Beachy Mason Jars

Mason jars are a staple of farmhouse style decorating, but how do you incorporate them into coastal farmhouse decor? Do they still work, or do you need to make some modifications? Jane and Sonja from Sustain My Craft Habit came up with a brilliant solution by decorating mason jars with chalk paint and twine. It looks amazing with real mason jars with raised letters, so we'd recommend you try and find those if you can.

17) Jute

Like the color white, jute is a decorative element that works well in both farmhouse and coastal decor, making it ideal for coastal farmhouse decorating. You can use it in crafts if you like to make your own decor, or you can buy things like this jute rug that adds a new texture to the room in a way that matches the coastal farmhouse theme you're trying to make. You can even use jute for tiebacks for curtains and hanging wall decorations.

18) Blue and White Metal Clock

One way to combine coastal and farmhouse elements is to use white metal, which is found in most farmhouses and farmhouse-style rooms, combined with blue decorations of any sort, This works best if the blue decorations are aqua, teal, or other ocean colors, but clear blues also bring to mind the clear blue sky over the ocean. We liked this white metal clock with a light blue shiplap background because it has all those elements, and the Roman numerals make it more decorative and old-fashioned.

19) Old-Fashioned Blue Furniture

Farmhouses are generally old-fashioned, so if you're looking for a way to make a coastal room that still seems like a farmhouse, you can try getting blue or coastal-themed furniture that's old-fashioned like the furniture in this Shabbyfufu article. You can see how the old-fashioned blue pieces blend together to create a gorgeous room. If you're shopping at antique stores, you can even mix shades of blue and have an attractive, matching room since different blues mix well.

20) Aqua Traditional Throw

Aqua is one of the best colors for coastal decorations and furnishings since it makes people think of water and sunny blue skies, so you'll probably want some aqua in your home. If you look for antique, vintage, or retro items like this traditional-style aqua throw blanket, you can use the imagery that comes with that shade of blue to your advantage in a farmhouse or vintage room. This throw is also nice because it has a lot of texture that can add an extra dimension to your decor.

21) Gray Farmhouse

Gray is a common color on the coast since a lot of homes are stripped of paint and become weathered gray in just a few years if they're not painted regularly. To imitate that inside your home, you can get gray furniture and even get gray bathroom fixtures and tiles like the ones in the first photograph of this Idalias Salon article. Then, look for farmhouse furniture like the farmhouse-style sink and vanity in the second photo. It doesn't even have to be the same gray as the walls and other decorations; you can mix gray items with farmhouse pieces.

22) Distressed Blue Wood Look Clock

Distressed decorations are usually pretty good for a farmhouse style since things on farms tend to stick around until they're too old to be used, and then they're turned into a decoration and used some more. We thought this clock that looks like it's made from distressed wood could be a beautiful addition to a coastal farmhouse room because it looks like it's made from worn teal wood boards. Since teal is a common beach color, this makes it look like somebody in a coastal home recycled their old wood into a clock.

23) DIY Dollar Tree

Dollar tree decorations can be helpful for people who don't have a lot of money, and one of the wonderful things about them is that they usually don't take as much time and effort as other DIY projects. You can make dollar tree coastal farmhouse decorations like the ones in this video by The Daily DIYer. Any decorations would make great table decor to place around the house, and they all include nautical and farmhouse elements to complement your theme.

24) White Wood Bead Chandelier

Farmhouse beads are popular nowadays, so we're always happy to find more wood-bead-related decorations. This chandelier from Amazon caught our eye because it looks like it was made from a series of farmhouse bead strings painted white. The white gives it a lighter look that works well for a coastal farmhouse, giving it an open coastal farmhouse look overall. You can even look for light bulbs that'll reflect against the beads to change their color slightly since white is reflective.

25) White Paint

White paint is a versatile tool for coastal farmhouse-style homes because white will look good with almost any coastal decor, and it's also a typical color for old farmhouse and farmhouse decorations. If you're trying to decide what colors to use in your house, we'd suggest you paint walls and ceilings white and then find colorful decorations if you want more colors. This gives you a good baseline, and afterward, you can add wood beams or farmhouse-style ceilings like the ones shown in this Home Bunch article.

26) Blue, Gray, and Tan Wood Headboard

Blue, gray, and tan are probably the best colors for a coastal farmhouse home because tan and blue make people think of the beach and ocean waves, and gray is the color of weathered wood from beach houses. Tan and gray are also typical farmhouse colors, so this color scheme will match almost any decorations in the house. For example, you can get a tan, gray, and blue headboard like this from Amazon so that it'll match just about anything else you put in the room.

27) Layered Chippy Paint

Chippy paint is common in farmhouse decorating because it makes things look like they've been sitting around on a farm for a long time. To make this trend seem more coastal, you can make decorations and paint furniture with layered chippy paint instead. On the coast, the sea winds wear paint away faster than in most places, so people have to repaint their houses a lot. Layered chippy paint will make something look like it was painted, wore down, and was painted several times again. You can use these directions to learn how to do it.

28) Coastal Farmhouse Light Fixture

If you want premade coastal farmhouse decorations that are a little more subtle, you can get things like this light fixture from Amazon. It still has the familiar barn door "x" pattern with a weathered wood look, but it's not a large or unusual-looking piece that'll stand out. This keeps with the theme but doesn't take over the room so that you can make something else your centerpiece without detracting attention from it. For example, if you have an amazing accent wall, you don't want the light fixture to be a distraction.

29) Teal, White, and Natural Wood

Teal, white, and natural wood are another color combination that looks good in a coastal farmhouse. Teal makes people think of the water and sunny blue skies, while the white creates an open and reflective look that resembles a bright and sunny beach or a cloudy coast, depending on where you live. Natural wood is great for a coastal area because it brings in nature, and lighter woods resemble driftwood or have the same color as the sand. White and natural colors are typical for farmhouses, so things like this teal, white, and natural wood mirror are excellent features.

30) Blue, White, and Cream Fireplace

Blue, white, and tan is a color combination that makes people imagine that they're on a sandy beach somewhere under a blue sky watching the ocean. A creamier color instead of tan helps make the area feel more earthy and softer than a regular coastal tan, so if you can find cream, white, and blue tiles like the ones in this Sand and Sisal coastal farmhouse fireplace, you can build an area with an amazing tile design, whether it's a fireplace like this, a bathroom floor, or an accent wall.

31) Turquoise and Rustic White

Turquoise is yet another amazing shade of blue that's perfect for coastal, nautical, or beach themes, so it's a good choice for a coastal farmhouse as long as it's not overwhelming. Since rustic and distressed white is used a lot in farmhouses, you can combine turquoise with distressed white like the inner part of this picture frame from Amazon. This tones down the turquoise and makes it fit a coastal farmhouse theme better than it would alone.

How are you making your home look both coastal and farmhouse-themed? Did any of these ideas help you to create a consistent theme in a unique way? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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