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You’re remodeling or decorating your living room, and you have one feature that just has to stay; the living room sofa. You love that orange sofa, or you can’t afford to buy a new one, so it’s going to be the centerpiece of your new living room! Whether you’re redesigning an old living room or moving into a new one, these Orange Sofa Living Room Ideas will inspire you. We can’t wait to hear about your elegant or unique room!

1) Cozy Corner

If your sofa is a floor couch or futon, you don’t have to stick with the typical American couch design. Instead, try using the floor sofa or cushions from your sofa to create a cozy corner like the one in this Decor Pad picture. This is the perfect opportunity for unusual furniture like a short end table or even an odd lamp setup like the one attached to the wall in this picture. You can add international decorations since floor seating is common in some countries. Try making it a theme!

2) Leather

Orange and leather go together well, mainly if you pick orange or light- to medium-brown leather. Try accenting your orange couch with leather chairs and poufs like this one from Amazon to create a theme with several slightly different versions of the same color. This adds dimension to the room since not everything is the exact same shade. You can even use orange-adjacent leather textures on walls and things that aren’t actually made of leather.

3) Copper

In some ways, copper is like a metallic version of orange. If you like the look of orange and copper together, copper can reflect light and make the whole room feel brighter and bolder. You can see in this GSM Roofing video how copper wall paneling transforms a room. Now, imagine that paneling on one of your living room walls, reflecting sunlight and completing your orange and copper color palette. One more tip; green goes well with both orange and copper.

4) White and Gold

Orange sofas range from rusty, almost-brown orange to a bright, almost-gold one, and the way you decorate your living room will depend on what shade of orange you have. Gold and white could make wonderful accents if you have a brighter, almost-gold orange like the one in this Decor Pad picture. You can see how the white fireplace and gold mirror in the picture go well with the bright orange couch, and the ornate fireplace design creates a fancier and cleaner look that brightens the entire space.

5) Yellow Accents

If you love how vibrant your orange couch is and want to take advantage of how bright and sunny that color is, then yellow is the best accent to use. You can get things like this yellow throw pillowcase from Amazon to add yellow accents to the room and make it feel sunnier and happier. The nice thing about this piece is that the pillow cover has some white in it that breaks up the yellow so that you won’t have an overwhelming amount of color.

6) Eclectic

Unless you really love the color orange, it can be a hard one to decorate with since there aren’t a lot of colors that go with orange and won’t create an overwhelmingly colorful room. While color is good, there’s a tipping point where it’s definitely too much. We saw this eclectic room by Megan Ellaby and thought the couch went quite well with navy blue walls and modern decorations, along with plants and other truly eclectic decorations. If you don’t want your room to be orange-themed, an eclectic design like this will make it fit in…by not fitting in.

7) Sheer Rust Curtains

If your couch is rust-colored or a toned-down orange that could go well with brown decorations, sheer rust-colored curtains could be an excellent idea. Rust is an orange color that’s similar enough to brown that it can bridge the gap between brown and orange decorations or even look good with orange furniture that has wood legs. By choosing sheer curtains like these, you’ll let in more light, which can be critical with a vibrant, sunny color like orange

8) Mixed Accents

If you don’t want to create an orange theme around your couch, either because it’d be too much orange or because you’re not actually a fan of the orange monstrosity, you don’t have to add any more orange. Think of several colors that go with orange, such as green or blue. Then, use those colors as accents for your room. For example, you can get decorations like these vases in various colors that go well with orange. This vase set has an orange piece, but you can also get ones with no orange at all if you want.

9) Dark Trim

If you absolutely love your orange couch and you’re designing the entire room around it, there are subtle things you can change that you might not have thought about. In a complete or partial renovation, you can repaint your trim or install new trim with this tutorial. A dark stain or dark brown paint would go well with orange, either creating a bold contrast to a bright sofa or adding a new tone to complement a rust orange.

10) Green and Orange

If you’re trying to decide what colors go well with orange, but you’re not looking for a bold contrasting look, green would be an excellent choice. If you choose a green tone that’s similar to the orange tone of your couch, the two colors go well together and create a natural look. You can see how the small bits of green in Bryce and Hailey’s living room go with the orange couch, and you can even go further and add a dark green accent wall. Try growing some potted plants, too!

11) Wall Baskets

Normally, baskets go on tables and floors, but if you’re using them for purely decorative purposes, you don’t need to be able to store things in them. You can take flat baskets and hang them up on walls to create a natural and heavily textured decoration. They make a wonderful centerpiece, as you can see in this picture, and the light brown of a basket will go well with an orange couch, particularly in a bright room with sunlight reflecting on it.

12) Velvet

If you’re buying a new sofa, you don’t want to focus on just the color; the material is important, too. By choosing the right material, you add texture to the room and alter the way the color looks. For example, velvet makes an orange couch look shiny, reflective, and almost copper or gold. If you’re trying to take advantage of contrast by creating a blue and orange room or trying to create a vibrant and sun-filled space, a velvet couch like the one here would be ideal.

13) Green Accents

Green and orange go well together, but orange is already an intense color, so it doesn’t take much to accent it. You can try using a pastel or mint green accent like these throw pillows from Amazon to tone things down without choosing something that doesn’t match. If you’re trying to tone the orange down, avoid anything that has strong contrast since that’ll highlight your sofa instead of hiding it. By using lighter green items like this, you’ll make the space as a whole feel less intense.

14) Southwestern

Orange is an excellent color for Southwestern decorating since that decorating style has a lot of reds and oranges. You don’t have to worry that it’ll be too bold since you’re picking a traditionally bold style, too! This goes best with a reddish-orange or dark orange couch. You can just add a variety of Southwestern accents like the floor cushions and table decor you see in this picture. Try mixing in some authentic Native artwork to bring the room to life!

15) All Orange!

If you love orange enough to center a room around your favorite orange couch, this idea is probably what you’ve been looking for. It may sound simple to say that you should make the room all orange, but there’s a point where this color overwhelms even the people who love it. This room from Oh Joy is the perfect example of using bright and lighter oranges together to create a room that’s almost all one color. In this case, they mixed it with pink, which is similar to orange, as are red and yellow.

16) Boho Woven Leaf Decor

Orange is the color of autumn, and nowadays, you don’t have to hide the seasonal decorations away for three-quarters of the year. If you love autumns, you can get decorations that look good that time of year, but as long as they don’t say “Happy Fall” on them, you can use them year-long. For example, leaves make excellent year-round decorations. Things that look like leaves are even better since they’re another step removed from blatantly autumnal imagery. For example, these boho-style woven leaf-shaped decorations would match your orange decor, and you could hang them all year long.

17) White and Natural Greenery

If you want to make your orange sofa the center of the room, but don’t want the room to be thick with more orange, white can make an excellent base, and white, green, and orange go well together. You can use white for the majority of the room and add green accents or use white and orange together and add green accents like the ones in Brooklyn’s living room in this Brooklyn and Bailey video. The unique thing about green accents is that plants can act as accents for this color and almost no other.

18) Black and White

Believe it or not, black and white backgrounds work for an orange couch. They’re bold enough on their own that they don’t become completely unnoticeable in the background, but they’re also neutral enough that the orange sofa will stand out as it does in this picture. The sofa in this image is one of the most vibrant you’ll see, particularly since it’s made of velvet, and the black and white painted walls, trim, and accents only make it look more vibrant.

19) Make It A Centerpiece

Since orange is already a bold color, you can use it as a centerpiece for the room. Try focusing on the orange sofa and using colors like light blues that are opposite orange. The opposites will make the orange stand out more, and the light colors will ensure that the orange pops instead of the blue. You can also focus on orange by adding a couple shades on either side of your sofa’s range shade. To learn a bit more about making a room center around an orange object, go here and scroll down to the article on orange carpets.

20) Gray

Normally, you’d avoid using cool and warm colors together, but there are some cases that call for it. If you want a Western look, gray and red are a typical combination for Wester clothing, and gray with warm colors works in a Western living room. You can see how a gray base with orange decorations and orange furniture combines the rustic tones of the West with the vibrant colors that cowboys wear when they dress up. You can even use orange furniture to add a touch of the Southwest to a rustic gray room.

21) Textured Accent Pillows Or Blankets

If you’re having trouble finding colors that go with orange, don’t focus on color. Instead, you can look for textures that’ll liven up the room and add variety, and just make sure they’re in a color that’s neutral or doesn’t clash. By focusing on texture, you can create an eclectic orange room that feels alive. For example, a white pillow like this won’t clash with orange since white is one of the best neutrals for an orange room, and the texture will make the room feel more energetic.

22) Earth Tones

People think of orange as an autumn tone, but few people recognize it as an earth tone. Orange combines well with earth tones since it’s part of the family of earthy and natural colors. Try blending your room and sofa together by using the palette suggested in this article, with an orange-leaning earth-tone color scheme. As long as you pick a color scheme like this that looks good and then use decorations in those colors, your room will feel coordinated.

23) Orange and Red Tulip Wreath

Many people see orange as an exclusively fall color, and if you want to get away from that, you can combine it with spring and winter colors that look good with it, such as red. Then, get traditional spring decorations that are orange. This mixup of spring decor with autumnal colors makes it clear that the theme isn’t seasonal. It’s “nature.” Since there are orange flowers in nature, adding more of those is an excellent way to spruce the room up and pull further away from an exclusively fall look.

24) DIY Navy Blue Fall Decor

If you want your orange sofa to make a bold statement and stand out, navy blue is probably the best color to use with it. While you usually won’t mix cool and warm colors, a color scheme like this is the exception because you’re combining opposite colors to create a bold look. The navy will highlight the orange if you use it on walls or in decorations. The other neat thing is that you can make navy fall decorations like these. Usually, navy wouldn’t be right for fall decor, but the orange decorations around it help maintain a fall theme.

25) Various Oranges

You might have heard that you don’t want to mix different tones because the room won’t feel cohesive, and while that’s often true, you can and should choose different shades. Using various shades of a given color adds depth to your room. The neat thing about orange is that those shades can also be browns and natural grasses like the ones in these filler balls. You don’t have to use a lot of different oranges, but you can use pieces like these to blend different shades of orange together in several areas of the room.

26) Nature

Orange is a natural color, and there are so many bits and pieces of nature that fit with it. For example, grasses, whether they’re green or dried wheat colors, will look good near an orange couch. A dark green plant will provide contrast and make the sofa look bolder, while tan grass will draw the eye between it and the orange sofa. You can see here how mixing different natural colors and textures in a room with an orange sofa can look wonderful.

27) Tasseled Throws

Orange only goes well with a few key colors, so if you’re not a fan of the colors schemes those create, you need to focus on texture. Heavy textures on white decorations or patterned white decorations like this throw from Amazon can accent an orange sofa, toning down the color without making it stand out any less. Tassels are one of the heaviest textures, and they match a fall theme or a Southwestern theme, both of which typically have orange in them.

28) No Flats

Flat oranges rarely look good to most people, so you’ll probably want to avoid them. Instead, make sure everything in the room has a texture, whether it’s the orange couch, the throw pillows, or the area rug. Heavy textures can make a room look a bit eclectic, but they go together well, and you can create a bold and lively room with them. Orange often looks better if it has some texture, whether it’s smooth and shiny or plush and fuzzy, so you can make texture the one thing that all your decorations have in common.

29) Pink

Pink and orange go together since they’re both warm and typically light colors. So, when we saw this colorblock pink, orange, and red living room, we thought the color combination could be perfect for anybody with an orange couch. If you love orange and love intense and lively colors, you could model your room after this one or add a few more subtle touches of pink. If you like the color combo but want something more toned-down, try getting pink flowers and adding a few pink decorations or an accent wall, at most.

30) Poppies

If you love flowers, poppies are bold orange flowers that’ll hold their own with the most intense and darkest orange decorations. They’re an excellent way to spread a little bit of orange color throughout the room to draw the eye around without overwhelming anyone. If you don’t like poppies, try orange sunflowers. You can get them in almost any color if you buy faux ones that can be dyed. We’d suggest fake flowers like these because you can display them year-round, but real flowers would look just as nice.

How are you going to integrate your orange couch into your room? Did any of these ideas help? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section below so we can be part of your decorating journey!

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