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You love the look of teal and brown together, whether it’s an old fashioned style or a bright mint chocolate chip look, and you want to decorate your living room with it. Should you do brown furniture with a teal background? What shade of teal even goes with brown? You need some teal and brown living room ideas to get started, and luckily, we have some for you!

1) Leather and Wood Furniture

Teal and turquoise are common dyes for leather furniture and clothing, so leather furniture works well in a room with teal decor. Since wood is naturally brown, wood furniture with leather upholstery and cushions is an easy and natural choice. You can get teal couches like these with leather and wood tables since brown leather is easy to find and attractive. This creates a high-end look. If you want a more glamorous style, get teal leather and dark-stained wood with brown, white, or teal furniture.

2) DIY Wine Bar

If you prefer a lighter color scheme, try light brown or tan mixed with teal. You can even combine shades of brown and tan with white and teal. One way to do this is to build wood furniture like this wine rack and use a light stain. This natural light brown wood will go with any light teal furniture, including distressed or retro furniture. Design a living room wine bar with teal stools or a teal painted cart and a wine rack underneath the bar.

3) Aquatic Resin Art

Teal is a standard color for water, so if you’re looking for teal and brown decor to match your color scheme, think about adding aquatic or nautical art. You can buy some artwork or even build easy DIY art pieces like this resin art. Watch this video by CraftStation to learn how you can make a diorama of warships in battle. The diorama is mostly teal, though you could put dirt at the bottom to represent the ocean floor and add a small bit of brown. Either way, it’s a great complement to the rest of your decor.

4) Brown Wall Art

If you want darker browns to go with your teal furniture and decor, you can get bold brown wall art like this modern art oil painting from Amazon. It’s 48 inches by 24 inches, so you can place it behind a large piece of teal furniture or frame it with two pieces of teal wall art to create large areas of both teal and brown color. If you have a teal accent wall of several teal walls, consider placing it in a wide-open part of one of those surfaces.

5) Glam

Teal lends itself to the glam look, and a teal and brown room can be an excellent glam living room. Brown or tan furniture like the pieces in this photograph are traditional and attractive, and you can easily make or get shiny and glittering teal art like the glass bowl and animal print pillows in the image. These decorations add the glam element to the room, forming a gorgeous teal and brown glam living room. Add some bronze to accent the brown on metal pieces like a metal and glass coffee table.

6) Navajo White

Navajo white is a light tan or off-white color. It’s lighter than typical browns and tans, meaning that you can use it on walls without being overwhelming, and you aren’t forced to paint your walls teal because the brown you choose is too dark. After all, you don’t want dark colored walls that will make the room seem dingy and dark, particularly if it happens to be a small room. This off-white color matches brown well since it’s essentially tan, and it provides a subtle backdrop for teal art.

7) Yellow

Teal is a mixture of yellow and blue. This means that it goes well with other blue colors or yellow decor. Yellow is great because it matches both teal and brown, since brown has some yellow in it, as well. This means that you can add yellow decorations like the painting in this image to a teal and brown room and have it look nice, just like the room in this photograph does. You can even get artwork with a little of both teal and yellow in it like the painting of the ocean in this image.

8) Vintage

If you have light teal furniture and decorations, you’ll want light browns to go with it. You may even want to switch to teal, brown, and tan as your color scheme since three-color stripes with those colors are common. These light browns and teal are great choices for vintage furniture. Get tan or light brown decorations like these retro pillows, and place them on a teal couch or on other teal or brown wood furniture.

9) Hydrangeas

Blue flowers are a great way to add blue decorations around the room. While the flowers won’t necessarily be teal, the blue will break up the monotony of a single-toned teal. Since blue flowers match somewhat with teal, you can add both blue and yellow flowers. Try growing hydrangeas, since they grow blue in certain soils, or buying them. You can use this guide by Kathy LaLiberte from Gardener’s Supply Company to learn how to make sure your hydrangea comes out the right color.

10) DIY Copper Patina Art

When copper develops a patina, it ends up looking bluish green. While it may not always be a perfect teal color, it’ll look similar when it has a patina. Use the method in this video by copperbyrob to learn how you can patina copper to use it as art. You can make catch-all bowls or other decorations you want using this method and even use oxidized copper for furniture to add hints of teal around the room. Use wood furniture to make all your teal and brown decor and furnishings seem natural.

11) Match Photographs and Wall Art

Photographs and wall art aren’t usually matched to the decor since people tend to pick their favorite photos to display regardless of the color scheme. You can actually make your pictures part of your decorating scheme, though. Get beachy or outdoor photographs and wall art so that even the art pieces will fit the teal and brown look. Beach pictures like those in this image are particularly good because they naturally include both teal or aqua from the water and tan or brown from the sand.

12) Teal and Gold Gallery Wall

While the majority of your decorations will be brown and teal, some of them will be metallic if you have metal furniture or if you’re trying to create a glamorous living room. One way to design a neat teal and brown decorating scheme with metallics is to paint picture frames for a Bohemian inspired gallery wall like the one Sarah Querido makes in this video. Teal and gold go well together, as do gold and brown, so you can use this gallery wall to mix things up so that your whole room doesn’t begin to feel monotonous.

13) DIY Shabby Farmhouse Furniture

One way to combine teal and brown attractively is to make distressed farmhouse style furniture. Build pieces of distressed teal furniture like this one by Lolly Jane to create a farmhouse look, and get pieces of brown furniture that look worn-out to add to it. The combination of worn, retro, or vintage furniture in both colors can create a farmhouse style, or you can stick with vintage and retro distressed furniture to design a vintage room.

14) Extremely Light Colors

While you can use dark browns and deep teals for your teal and brown living room, they can be overwhelming, or the darker colors can make the room seem smaller and more restrictive. Instead of using deeper and more saturated colors, try using the lightest browns and teals you can find to create a subtle and classy look like the living room in this picture has. The glass coffee table even reflects the art to give the table a hint of teal color without any teal on the table itself.

15) Coffee Stripes

Coffee stripes like those on this pillow from Amazon are a great way to utilize brown and teal together. They use a combination of brown, teal, grey, tan, and other colors to make a beautiful pattern that looks brown and teal. You can then add pillows like these to a solid white or light teal sofa to make a gorgeous and subtle teal and brown theme. You’ll still need more brown and teal in other places, but you can try using patterns like these in other areas besides cushions, too.

16) Teal Accent Wall

Teal is a bold color, and you might not want to paint all your living room walls teal if you chose a brighter or deeper shade. Similarly, you probably shouldn’t paint the walls a dark brown that will be hard to paint over and create a dingy and closed-in feeling for the room. Instead, paint a single accent wall like the designer of the room in this photograph did. Since it’s an accent wall, you can use a deep teal shade like the one in the photograph, or a lighter one if you prefer.

17) Cowboys

Teal is a common color for Western boots, or cowboy boots, and brown coats or cowboy boots are common in the West. If you like the idea of a Western or cowboy style teal and brown living room, you can get decorations like this lone star throw pillow from Amazon. The pillow helps bring to mind the Old West while matching the teal and brown theme and tying the colors together since they’re both cowboy colors.

How are you using teal and brown in your living room? Did any of these ideas help? Please let us know in the comments below.

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