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Peter Pan was the eternal child, making him the perfect theme for a nursery. A Peter Pan theme can stick with your child for years if they’re going to stay in the same room, and it gives them a chance to grow up with the boy who never grows up, just as you likely did! You’re perusing for ideas for your Peter Pan nursery, so we wanted to show you some fantastic Peter Pan Nursery Ideas that we found.

1) Adventures!

If you want your infant or young child to be able to go on adventures from their bedroom, Peter Pan is a fantastic choice. You can look for decorations that are all about the adventures Peter Pan goes on and encourage your child to imagine those wondrous explorations with Peter Pan. Try getting decorations like this one that has the lost boys and says, “today was made for new adventures.” After all, your baby is starting his or her first-ever adventure!

2) Black Decal

If you’re expecting a child, you might know that they won’t see color for a short while after birth. While you might not be concerned about this short period, you can add some black and white decorations to the nursery. This way, they’ll have some entertainment until they can see the rest of the decorations well. The contrast of a black decoration against a light wall will also be stimulating for any age infant. Try getting a black Peter Pan wall decal like this one.

3) Amsterdam Green

If you’re thinking about painting furniture or walls to make an immersive theme, Amsterdam green is probably the best color to go with since Peter Pan wears a similar green. While it might not be easy to find things that are already this shade, you can paint your furniture or walls. Try designing something like the dresser in this video which has not only that signature green but also handles that look like something from the Peter Pan world!

4) Never Grow Up

The idea of never having to grow up, just like the children in Neverland, appeals to a lot of children, so it could be a good thing to focus on in your child’s nursery. Your child might be too young to worry about these things, but they’ll probably appreciate it as they get older, just as you might have moments when you look down on your baby and wish they could be with you forever. If you like the “Never Grow Up” theme, you can get decorations like this fairy castle decal that says “Never Grow Up.”

5) Peter Pan Name Letters

Letters are common nursery decorations. Your baby can’t tell you their favorite colors and cartoons right away, so the easiest way to customize the nursery to fit them is to customize it with their name. You can write their name on the wall with decals or stencils, but wood letters are a higher quality solution, and if you make your own, they’ll be more personal to you. Try using these instructions to make wood letters and spell your child’s name or a phrase from Peter Pan, then paint them that signature Peter Pan green!

6) Never Grown Up Big Ben Decal

Children in Neverland never grow up. This is a big part of the wondrous fantasy of the world, and a major aspect of Peter Pan’s appeal, so you’ll want some reference to it in your magical Peter Pan nursery. We found this Big Ben decal that says “Never Grow Up” with silhouettes flying away from it amongst the stars. This is neat because it includes stimulating patterns alongside imagery from Peter Pan and that timeless message that so many people love.

7) Pixie Dust

Peter Pan is a story of magic, and so you’ll want your nursery to look magical. One way to do this is to include magical effects, such as sparkles or…pixie dust! We saw this video of a Neverland nursery and wanted to show you the way they painted pixie dust using a stencil and sparkling silver paint. That sparkle makes the room look magical and will fascinate your baby even as they grow up if they’re in the same room later on.

8) Simple DIY Wood Backing Mural

Murals probably seem too difficult for most people, but don’t skip this idea yet! You don’t have to hand paint a mural or hire somebody to do it for a lot of money. In this Disney nursery, Jennifer and Davide figured out how to get a mural using a large sticker and wood backing. This Peter Pan mural looks amazing, and the best part is that there’s no artistic talent required! Since it’s wood-backed, you can remove it more easily if your baby changes rooms or grows out of it.

9) Neverland Clock

Analog clocks went away in many homes, but they’re starting to come back with their tasteful old-fashioned look. So many people want their children to learn to read analog clocks, but the kids just aren’t getting enough practice. To create a look as timeless as Peter Pan and Disney itself, you can buy a vinyl Neverland analog clock like this one from Amazon. This will give your child practice reading analog clocks as they grow older, and the design is beautiful for them to look at now.

10) DIY Blocks

Your infant obviously can’t read yet, but you want to instill the wonder of books and stories in them right away with your lovely storybook nursery. Making story blocks like the ones in this Peter Pan nursery is one way to show them the wonder of books with pictures and text from an old, damaged Peter Pan book. The bits and pieces of a real book or printout of one will help them become familiar with books as they look at the wonderful stories in the pictures on the blocks.

11) The Sky

Peter Pan spends a lot of time flying through the skies, and almost all pictures of him have him in the air in his signature pose. If you want to make your entire nursery look like a landscape (or skyscape) or the story, you can paint them blue like the sky, along with light green and the happy yellow of the sun. These are perfect colors for Peter Pan to fly across if you choose to add decals or murals, as you can see in this Peter Pan nursery.

12) Neverland Map Poster

Since Peter Pan stories are set in Neverland, it only makes sense to make Neverland a significant part of your Peter Pan theme. This Neverland map is a neat way to show the spirit of adventure since adventurers are always using maps, and so many adventure books begin with a map. The 18×24 map from Amazon probably won’t be large enough to be a centerpiece, but it’s still a big enough piece to catch the eye and the imagination!

13) Curtain Frame

Curtains are an underutilized decoration. Most people look for curtains they like for a window and leave it at that, but there are so many more options in a child’s bedroom or nursery! In a theater, curtains are used to control the show, and we’re accustomed to seeing them frame theatrical performances like Peter Pan. You can use them to bracket your decorations and your crib as in this The Pike’s Place nursery. Try getting something sheer to create the ethereal look of a magical space.

14) The Jolly Roger

One aspect that you don’t see as often in Peter Pan nursery decor is the Jolly Roger. While this is the villain’s ship, it’s as much a part of the story as Peter Pan himself, and children are often fascinated by pirates. You can get decals like this to make the nursery into a complete storyboard and show your baby what a story can look like. This is an excellent way to introduce the concept of a story instead of just sprinkling characters around.

How are you decorating your Peter Pan nursery? We can’t wait to see or hear about your nurseries in the comments below!

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