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Red is the color of passion and love, while blue is a soothing color. This makes them the perfect combination to stimulate your child and show them how much you love them while also soothing them to sleep. That said, you’re going to need to do it right if you want the two hues to go together rather than clashing. That’s why we found these Red and Blue Nursery Ideas to help.

1) White With Blue and Red

Red is always an intense color, and if you favor a darker blue, you’ll need to find a way to keep the two colors from becoming overwhelming. Too many dark or vibrant colors make a room feel claustrophobic and overstimulating, but you can start with a white base and add your reds and dark blues from there as this family did. You can see how the walls in this nursery are white, but the curtains and smaller furnishings are red and blue, creating a tasteful overall look.

2) Blue Colorful Planet Night Light

Night lights allow you to see at night if you need to check on your infant, either because they woke up or due to parental nervousness. Either way, you can peek in soothe the little on, and slip back out without turning on harsh overhead lights that are probably too bright for either of you in the middle of the night. With a night light, you’ll be able to go back to sleep a lot faster since the light is easier on the eyes, so we found this cool red, purple, and blue planet night light.

3) DIY Mountains

Since blue is the more soothing of the two colors in your theme, you’ll probably want to use it for anything in the background and have red as the primary accent. We found a tutorial for painting simple and easy mountain murals because a pale blue mountain scene would look amazing in a nursery. You should be able to do this yourself using the video as a guide since the mural is simple with little artistic license.

4) Red Heart on Blue

Since red is the color of love, it only makes sense to include red hearts in this nursery. We even found a wood panel decoration with a red heart on a blue background that’d be perfect for a nursery with white or light-colored walls that you wanted to add blue and red to. The texture creates a unique look that’s different from the standard soft, cutesy baby room decorating style, and textures will provide more stimulation for your baby’s developing mind.

5) Vibrant Touches on Pale Blue

Red is an intense color, and while you probably won’t want to go wall-to-wall with it, you can use a lot of it if you do it right. We found this nursery on Apartment Therapy that illustrates this concept perfectly with light blue walls and a vibrant carpet, crib, and shelves. The red is vibrant in this room, but the pale blue balances it out and makes it so the space is still tranquil enough to fall asleep in. This design overall is an amazing nursery idea!

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6) Blue and Red Curtains

If you have white walls or even a light neutral, you’re probably going to start with white and add your other scheme colors on top of it. One way to add both at once is to get a set of blue and red curtains like these from Amazon. The sheer nature keeps them from being overwhelming, and the dark blue works better as an accent than a light blue would when combined with red. If you prefer dark blue and want to balance your two theme colors, this is a good option.

7) Red Caddy

Since red is probably your brightest and most intense color, you’ll want to use it as an accent rather than the main color. As a primary color, red can be overwhelming and make it hard to sleep. You’ll need plenty of storage near both the crib and changing table, so a red bedside caddy like this one from Amazon would make an excellent accent. It doesn’t take up much space so there wouldn’t be too much red color.

8) Blue Stripes and Red Patterns

Blue and red sometimes look their best when you use dark blue, but that also makes the blue more intense than a typical light baby blue. That means you have to figure out what to do with two intense colors, and one option is to use patterns. You can try designing your nursery with blue striped decorations like the walls of this nursery from HGTV and patterned red furnishings like the cushions they used in that same space.

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9) Red Carpet

Typically, you’ll want to use blue as your base color to create a restful environment that’s easy for your baby to fall asleep and remain asleep in. Then, you can use red as an accent. If you like red a lot, you can try large accents like this beautiful and bright red carpet from Amazon. It’s energetic and will be a wonderfully soft and exciting place for your baby to play, while a calmer, baby blue background will make the room soothing enough for them to sleep.

10) DIY Clouds

Clouds are standard symbolism for dreams and can help you create a dreamy atmosphere where your little one can imagine anything. The fluffy look of clouds brings to mind soft bedding and makes it easier to fall asleep. You can use this video from Clean My Space to paint a blue wall with clouds on it as a background for the nursery. Then, add red furnishings and decorations around the room to stimulate your infant when they’re awake.

11) Red Flowers On Light Blue Walls

As a color, dark red can be just as passionate and loving as bright reds, but it gives a different impression and can be easier to fall asleep around if used in small amounts. That makes it perfect for adding a few splashes of color to a blue nursery. Try getting something like this dark red flower wall decoration and putting it against pale blue walls to make it look like it’s growing outside against a clear blue sky.

12) Blue and Red Wall Flowers

There are many red flowers, and while there are few blue flowers, people tend to gravitate towards them because of their unique beauty. Both red and blue are wonderful choices for floral decorations, so we found these realistic three-dimensional-looking blue flower wall decals from Amazon. Make sure to look at the actual size since the images are exaggerated, and look for red flowers that you can mix with them to create a lovely nursery flower garden.

13) Blue Ceiling

Normally, you’ll want to avoid using very dark colors on large areas, and on a ceiling in particular, but we think this could be one exception. Navy or dark blue can look wonderful with red, and it can be soothing to stare up at a deep blue ceiling when falling asleep. Since your baby spends so much time on their back looking up, the ceiling becomes a more important decoration, and painting it dark blue like this one could create a bold but restful space.

14) Blue and Gray Dream Decor

Decorations that depict sleeping and dreaming are excellent ways to create the impression of a sleeping space and make those in the nursery feel calm and sleepy. You can get gray and blue decorations like these sleeping elephant stickers to create a restful room, then add small accents of red to it. Brighter reds may look better than dark reds since the gray and blue are very light, and the wall should probably be an off-white, light blue, or gray.

15) Navy

Navy is one of the best shades of blue to use if you want a dark and comforting room and worry about it becoming too stimulating for your infant. Dark red and navy together is a great idea for a nursery as they would create the feeling of a comforting, enclosed space, and could also create a masculine impression if you’re having a boy. Try getting navy accents to go with some red decorations, all against a white or off-white backdrop. You can get dark wood furniture to continue the dark theme.

16) DIY Satin Roses

The use of texture is valuable in a nursery because it gives an infant more to look at and shows them some of the different ways things can look and perhaps feel. Letting your child explore various patterns and textures will help their brain development in the long run, so you can try making three-dimensional decorations to add multiple textures to the room. Try creating something like the satin roses in this video to add touches of red throughout the room. You can even make roses in both blue and red to create a feminine look.

17) Red and Turquoise

Red and turquoise can go together quite well if done right. You might love the look of this room from Project Nursery with turquoise walls and red, white, and pink accents. The turquoise is a light enough blue that it creates a soothing look with just a tiny bit of exciting green blended in. Then, the white makes the room feel lighter, more open, and more soothing. Finally, the bits of red add a dash of excitement and help keep the little one stimulated during the day.

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18) Blue Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatchers are a valuable thing to have in a bedroom since they catch bad dreams and promote restful sleep. In a red and blue nursery, you can buy a blue dreamcatcher like this since blue is the more soothing color. This one from Amazon is shaped like a moon with a star, just like you’d see outside at night, adding to the calming and sleep-inducing impression. This way, even daytime naps will feel like a good night’s sleep.

19) DIY Painted Crib Rails

If you want to incorporate both red and blue into some furniture, you might have to paint it yourself since there’s not a lot of red and blue furniture out there. We found these directions from Curb Alert on painting crib rails in multiple colors. You can use them to create blue and red or red, blue, and white crib rails. In the video, it’s done as a decoration, but you can do it as a decoration or do it to the crib you plan to use. Just make sure everything’s nontoxic.

20) Colorful Butterflies

Butterflies are one of nature’s greatest sources of vibrant color. They’re multicolored and beautiful, and these little creatures are some of the easiest things to bring into a nursery. You can make folded butterfly decorations or buy butterflies to stick to the walls like these. The neat thing about this set from Amazon is that it comes in a mix of blue and red, so it’ll fit your color scheme perfectly, adding natural sources of both red and blue.

21) Wicker Ball Mobile

Mobiles are valuable resources because they help distract infants or ease them into sleep. This mobile from Amazon would work well in a red and blue room because you can get it in blue and gray or red and black. The red would be wonderful for a changing table to help distract your infant while you change them, while this blue mobile would be ideal for helping them drift off to sleep since blue is a calming color. 

Did we miss any red and blue nursery ideas? What would you have added to the list? Please let us know in the comments below.

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