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Windows are an important part of decorating a nursery because they’re the portal to the outside world, and many infants spend much of their early months indoors. Natural light is important, too, so we wanted to give you plenty of options to take advantage of this portal into another world. These Nursery Window Treatment Ideas should keep your baby entertained and help make the room look lovely.

1) Window Seat

People always think about the crib and changing table, and certain obvious nursery furniture, but many people forget that parents also need to be comfortable in the nursery. It’s important to create places you can relax and also bonding spaces where you can comfortably spend time with your little one. You can build or hire somebody to build a window seat like this so that you can sit in the sunlight and look outside with your little one cradled in your arms, or sit under the stars and watch.

2) Fantasy Realm

For an infant that spends much of their time in this nursery or in your home, the window is like a portal into another realm that they’ve seen very little of. To accent this, you can make the window look like a true opening into a fantastical space by getting fantasy window panels like this one. These curtains have a magical mushroom scene on them, and when you part them to look outside, the yard will look all the more fascinating.

3) DIY Wooden Blinds

It’s important to expose children to nature at an early age, even if they can’t spend a lot of time outside because of the sun, snow, or simply because they spend most of their time sleeping currently. Creating a natural nursery is a wonderful way to expose your little one to the outdoor wonders that they don’t get much of. Wooden blinds are one way to add more natural materials to the room, and they make it easy to let in light or close it off for daytime naps. 

4) Monsters Inc. Window Decal

If your nursery has a theme or you have a favorite cartoon, you can get window decals that depict the cartoon. You can even wait a bit until your infant starts to develop interests in different shows or pick your other children’s favorite movies. Whatever you choose, you can make the window look like it’s filled with friendly characters from all sorts of childhood media. We found this Monsters Inc. decal to get your collection started.

5) Aquarium Window Stickers

If you don’t want to make a cartoon nursery or don’t want your little one watching cartoons for a while yet, you can still make use of window stickers. These window stickers from Amazon will make the whole window feel like a window into an aquarium with all kinds of cartoon fish. It even has mermaids to make it look like an underwater fantasy aquarium! It’ll have a cartoonish look, but babies and little kids love cartoons, and they’ll probably love having an aquarium window in their room.

6) DIY Fish Scale

This idea can fit any nursery and fits even better for an underwater, aquatic, or colorful nursery. You can build box-shaped window valances and attach a polka dot or fish scale pattern like the one on these windows. This creates a splash of color and looks like fish scales if you do it exactly as it was done in this article, but you can also use multiple colors to make it look like polka dots. You can also try decorating your box valances with blue dots like these or with a color that matches your color scheme.

7) Nature

Exposing young children to nature is essential, and even more so at a young age when they probably don’t go outside much. We found this window film that makes the window look like a bamboo forest and adds some extra privacy for your little one. This way, you can leave the window open and let in light while exposing your baby to bits of nature. Since these are removable, you don’t have to worry about permanent effects on the window if you use the room for something else later.

8) Realistic Curtains

If you’re looking for the right curtains for a nursery, you’ve probably seen a lot of cutesy or thematic options, but realistic images might be better. Your little one will have a limited number of experiences, so instead of showing them unrealistic and cutesy images, you can show them a realistic image of something that they probably won’t see in real life for a while. For example, you can get a curtain like this with a realistic picture of a mama and baby horse.

9) DIY Easy Panel Extensions

This next idea is perfect for unusually long windows, but it’s also a creative way to work with a two-color theme. In this article, Rebecca Propes describes how she added on to existing curtains to make beautiful and long two-color curtains. These are an excellent way to make sure the window is completely covered since you know your baby will be sleeping during the daytime. They’re also a wonderful way to use multiple fabrics of choice on the same curtain.

10) Valance

Valances are a nice window treatment if you want to do something a little fancier than normal, and they help keep light from escaping. This can be essential in a nursery since there’s a fairly high chance that your infant will be sleeping during the daytime. They’re also a way to keep your nursery consistent with a theme or just add a little decoration that doesn’t take up any usable floor or table space. Try getting cute things that babies and little kids will love such as this jungle animal valance.

11) Arched Shutters

Arches almost always create a spacious fantasy look, but they can be hard to deal with if you want privacy since most curtains aren’t designed to cover them. You can use this video to see how arched shutters can make it a lot easier to control light, keeping it out when your baby’s napping during the day. Shutters have a more unique look than typical window curtains, so they’ll make the room feel fancier and may be a feature that your child remembers for a long time.

12) Double-Layer Blackouts

Since your little one will undoubtedly be sleeping during the daytime, it’s not a bad idea to invest in some blackout curtains. You can get double-layer blackout curtains like these to ensure that no light is coming in that could wake your baby early. These are neat because the second layer has a moon and stars to give a fantasy element to the room and make it feel more majestic. This would be great for a girl’s fantasy or princess nursery.

13) Tulle

Tulle has a unique texture that many people love, and one that befits a feminine girl’s nursery very much. The texture of a tulle curtain or valance like this will draw the eye of any visitors and create a feminine look, and it’s stimulating for your baby, too. Your little one will probably be fascinated with it as soon as their eyesight is developed enough to notice things at that distance. The many layers add to the girlish look and create an atmosphere that’d be perfect for a princess nursery. 

14) Be Practical

While you’re probably interested in aesthetics, it’s ultimately most important that any curtains or other treatments are practical, but what does that mean? This article from Francois et Moi goes over some tips for choosing a practical window treatment. Namely, make sure you can operate it with one hand in case you have a fussing infant in the other hand. You’ll also want to be careful when it comes to pull cords since they can be a safety hazard if they’re long enough for your baby to get ahold of them. 

15) Rainbow

If you love letting in sunlight but want some privacy for your infant, too, this idea is a good way to accomplish both goals. You can get a privacy film like this one from Amazon that creates a rainbow look when sunlight comes through it. This way, your room will have plenty of sunlight and decorative rainbows, but people won’t be able to look inside and see your baby or see breastfeeding or other private moments.

Did we miss any window treatment ideas? What are you thinking about using in your nursery? Please let us know in the comments below!

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